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Elsa 16-094TD
(Fostered in Maple Grove, MN)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 5/23/16 Not required
 Not tested
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600


I am extremely excited to introduce Elsa to the RAGOM family! Elsa traveled all the way from Istanbul, Turkey, on May 20th.

Elsa is a 5-year-old female Golden who is as sweet as sugar! She was living on the streets of Turkey when a small vet took her in and cared for her until it was her turn to come to America. She was completely black from dirt when she arrived at the shelter; after quite a few baths, her beautiful cream-colored coat began to show, and they knew she was a Golden.

Elsa and I headed to the vet on Saturday where she got a clean bill of health, other than some skin allergies we are currently working on relieving. She had two oatmeal baths when she came in, along with a long grooming session with Foster Mom, which helped ease a lot of her itchies. After our trip to the vet, we began to give her an antibiotic, along with a special shampoo to use for a week to help with her allergies. In addition, we rub coconut oil on her irritated spots, and she absolutely loves it!

Elsa is one of the most trusting and gentle Goldens I have had the privilege of fostering. From the second I met her, it was like she knew we were here to give her the Golden Life. Here are a few things I have learned in our first few days together.

  • Elsa gets along with other dogs and likes to lounge around with them.

  • Balls and bones are her favorite toys; she likes to make little piles with them.

  • She loves a good treat and is motivated by them!

  • She does not mind the bathtub and absolutely loves being groomed and pampered!
  • She does well in car rides; you could add plane rides in there, too. ;)
  • She walks well on a leash; she has the most adorable trot.

  • She sleeps in her crate all night; she even chooses to take naps in there herself. Wherever there is a soft spot to lay her head, Elsa will find it.

  • She is housetrained and will signal when she needs to go outside.
  • She loves to cuddle and get belly scratches (it brings out her inner Thumper).
  • She does well going down stairs, but sometimes loses her balance going up. She is getting better each time she tries it. She needs to gain some more muscle strength in her hind legs.
  • She is the most loving and gentle soul I have met. There is not an aggressive bone in her body.

We are still getting to know Elsa and are working towards clearing up her allergies, so she is unavailable at this time. However, we are optimistic that with some TLC, her allergies will decrease, and she will be ready for her forever home in no time.

Elsa will also be making an appearance at the Saint Paul Saints game this Thursday! I can’t wait to see what Elsa thinks of her first baseball game.


Elsa has had a very exciting few days! Thank you to everyone who came to visit miss Elsa at the Saint Paul Saints game. She had a ton of fun and enjoyed all the snuggles and attention. She met a few children at the game and was very gentle with them. I think Elsa would be a great therapy dog; she just would need to learn English first!

Elsa’s allergies have completely cleared! She is still taking a steroid and an antihistamine, but has not had any problems with them. She does have a broken tooth that was discovered, and we will have it extracted within the next week.

After the game on Thursday, Elsa rested up, because first thing on Friday morning, we took off to the cabin. I was anxious to see what Elsa thought of the lake and was extremely surprised when she went right in and started to swim. I didn’t know how much strength she would have to swim due to the lack of muscle in her hips, but she did great. She loves to splash and likes when others go into the water with her. Elsa followed me around in the shallow end, as well as following my parent’s dog Belle a little deeper while she fished. Who knew Disney princesses could also be lake dogs. ;)

If we weren’t swimming, she loved laying on the wooden swing, just taking in the nature around her. Elsa also started to sleep in my room at night instead of in the crate. She could also be named Sleeping Beauty, because she sleeps all night long without making a peep. I don’t think she will have any issues with having free roam, but I still crate her during the day while I am at work, as I am still getting to know her.

Elsa continues to let out her playful side and is an incredibly happy girl. She is so excited when her people come home and she picks up a toy to prance around the house with. You can just sense that she is so thankful to be in a loving, warm home. And I am very thankful that I get to be a part of her journey.

If you think Elsa would be a fit for your family, let your placement advisor know!


Elsa has hit the jackpot with her furever family. She will have a furbrother and a new mom and dad that will love her like crazy! She will also have her very own pool to swim in and lots of parks in the area to explore. She is even going to work on her obedience so she can be a therapy dog. Elsa already has the unconditional love for the job; she just needs to work on her commands a bit more. Elsa was a special girl to me, and I already know how special she is to her new family. From the streets of Turkey to her new loving home in Minnesota, Elsa traveled thousands of miles to find her family, and I could not have asked for more for her! :)