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Ruffus 16-076
(Fostered in Blaine, MN)

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In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 8/20/16  Physical Fence Required
 Considered  No
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Hi! I'm Ruffus! I'm five years old and a big boy at 93 pounds. I'm a yellow Labrador Retriever with a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and unconditional love. In my free time, I love going on walks, swimming, and chasing balls. I also love to snuggle with my foster family and work on training exercises. I know a ton of commands like:  sit, look, wait, no jumping, loose leash walking, leave it, drop it, down, come, stay, gentle (I take treats super nicely!), shake, and on your mat. I even learned how to react when someone rings the doorbell or knocks at the door. I am also muzzle trained, and I voluntarily put my face in the muzzle for you! 
When I dream of my forever home, I dream of a big, fenced in, backyard out in the country. It would be awesome if my family enjoyed  being by the lake as much as I do! I love to swim and be in the water. In my home, I would prefer to be the only pet. I don't get along with cats, but I have learned how to live peacefully with my foster sister, Daisy. With the right dog-sibling, I think I would do well. I would also not be comfortable with children in my home. They scare me, too! I'm kind of an anxious guy, and I like peace, quiet, and a steady routine. My foster parents give me a pill covered in peanut butter (I love peanut butter!) to help me with my anxiety. I used to have mini seizures that only lasted about a minute or two, but I haven't had one since early May. Great news!
I love my foster family, their close friends, and my trainer, but new people really scare me. I don't like it when strangers come into my house, and I need space from them to be successful. I've been working really hard to not be so scared around new people. My foster family says that my behavior is improving, and it is manageable, whatever that means! All I know is that I have improved a lot since coming to my foster home, and I practice every day to build up my confidence.
I'm embarrassed to tell you that I have nipped at strangers twice. I didn't want to hurt them, but I was so scared that I didn't know what to do! My trainer and foster family have found ways for me to meet new people without making me so anxious. We have a whole routine to make sure I do the right thing and everyone stays happy and safe.
Overall, I'm a really sweet guy. I have my issues, but who doesn't?! My trainer and foster family are willing to work with my forever family to make my transition easier. It's hard for me to be moved from place to place. Once I get to know, love, and trust you, I will be your best friend for life! I'm a loyal dog who craves attention from his human companions. I love snuggling with you in bed! My foster mom says I'm a bed hog, but I don't know what she's talking about!
Till next time! 
Love, Ruffus


Hello Ruffus here!

Sorry I haven't posted anything for awhile but I have been learning to improve my manners. My foster folks are really pleased with my behavior on walks. I used to be "go,go,go". Now I walk with them and though wearing my muzzle doesn't thrill me I am excited to see it come out because it means I am going on a walk! It also means company is coming over. Because I get a little nervous when company first comes over so I go into my ""safe" room for awhile and then come out with my muzzle on for awhile until I feel more at ease.

I still get along with my foster sister Daisy but honestly I would rather have a forever home and it's attention all to myself. I am an attention hog and I don't mind saying so! I will take all the love and attention you can give me! I have a lot to give back!

Till next time!

Love Ruffus!!!



From John and Amy Borg



Time for a Ruffus update.

Ruffus is a yellow lab who sometimes has a hard time believing that he is 93 pounds. If we are sitting on the couch he invariably comes over and tries his best to be a lap dog. Of course all he can do is manage to get the front half of his body onto the couch and plop his head in our laps and look up at us with the saddest look he can for attention.

We think that Rufus may not be the biggest fan of Halloween because he would not go out for walks while there were decorations in our yard and throughout our neighborhood. He is going on walks again once he’s sure that the decorations are gone.

He loves pull toys and playing tug-of-war and playing fetch when he can. Most of all he loves to be loved and will take any and all the attention he can get.

Ruffus is a bit of character though and needs special consideration. He’s used to things a certain way and when the normal routine is broken he gets nervous which can lead to tense situations. Therefore a home with no children or young adults is needed. He also would require a fenced in backyard. When company comes over, we lead him to his “safe” room where, with a peanut butter stuffed kong, he is content to stay for the duration of the company’s stay. On walks or in situations that require it, he tolerates a muzzle very well.



This is Ruffus checking in for the holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Sadly, this will be a very busy holiday season for me. My foster couple lost their resident dog Daisy last week. She got very sick very fast. They rescued her through RAGOM almost 6 years ago. She was a great companion for them and my good friend. We all miss her very much. Now it's on me to give them the doggie love they need for the holidays. I've got my work cut out for me but I'm not gonna let them down.

I'd very much like to be their resident dog and they'd love to have me, but we sat down and discussed it and we all know that, as good as this home has been for me, it does not have what I need in a forever home.

I really do need a fenced in back yard to run in and chase balls in. Good golly how I love to chase balls. There are also alot of people coming and going, these folks know alot of people, and I want a quieter setting. It's not that I don't love people, just not alot at one time. I would also need a home without little children. I must admit I'm a bit skiddish about them. Cute but not quite my type.

I must say, because I've heard my fosters telling other people, that I've gotten alot better behaving myself on walks and around strangers I might meet on them. I do notice but I realize they are not something to chase, like squirrels.

I have to admit I'm a bit high maintainence but I am also high love too. I've got alot of it to give. So if you have any pull with Santa, please tell him I would love a forever home for Christmas. Or make it the New Year, I've foster folks who need to lean on me a bit longer.

Happy holidays,



Ruffus here,

Well it’s been a busy New Year. I am adjusting very well, so I am told by my foster parents, to new people coming and going into the house. It’s fun to have them around. And, when the action gets a little too much for me, I have no problem heading to my safe room. Things are going well in other areas too. I used to have seizures every so often, but I have not had one now since May.

One thing I am real happy for is that my foster parents let a big guy like me snuggle in close to them because, more than anything, I’m a cuddler. I’m just a big ‘ol cuddler and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I am going on more and more walks with my foster Dad and he says I am much better at not pulling and not getting spooked by passing vehicles or people like I used to. I like the walks but I would still love a big fenced-in back yard to run and run and run in.

So, as much as I love my fosters, I would love to have a forever home. Uh oh! I see my favorite ball lying around. Gotta go!



In honor of our boy Tonka (#15-209 TD) and his first Christmas with us. We are so grateful to RAGOM! In honor of our boy Tonka (#15-209 TD) and his first Christmas with us. We are so grateful to RAGOM!



Time for another Ruffus update. It is amazing the progress this guy has made since joining us last year. With a little security Ruffus has let his personality shine through. He has no problem showing love and affection for his close family and has put his trust in more and more of our friends. For those he is not quite sure of, he is fine going to his safe room and spending his time there. He is quite fond of, OK wildly excited about, going for walks and, though he still pulls a little, has come along way in walking gently. He occasionally gets nervous and jumpy when cars, people or other dogs come along but, again these instances are getting farther and farther apart.

Ruffus loves being active and chasing balls and would love a home with a fenced in backyard. A quiet family life without little children or a lot of commotion would be the best for him. No cats either though he is good with our neighbor dog and was close enough with our resident Daisy before she passed that he picked up a few of her traits which he now delights us with.

Without a doubt, Ruffus would be a loving and loyal companion for anyone who would give him his forever home.


Rufus should get his name changed to "Snuggles". That would not describe his build but it would highlight his attitude. He loves being close to people and he loves attention. He also loves his walk and jumps around like a happy little kid at the mere mention of a "W". He loves to play tug of war and likes to chase balls. He does need a fenced in backyard though. He is not one to bolt at the first opportunity but a rabbit or squirrel or other such distraction could get him to run.

Rufus does get nervous and skiddish whenever someone new rings a doorbell or knocks or shows up suddenly but, after a few moments in his safe room, adjusts well. He loves our friends and family and our 14 year-old grandaughter, though he would not be the best choice for younger children.

All in all Rufus is a lover who would love more than anything, a forever home.


Rufus here, checking in again!

It’s been awhile since my last report.  Just got a grooming and was the other day and if I do say so myself, I look GOOD!!!! I feel good, too! I’ve been doing some obedience training and I am doing well.  I am learning to heel on walks and foster Dad must think I  am doing well because he’s constantly saying “You’re doing well”. I get a lot of treats for that!  I’m getting to know and get along well with my foster parents' friends.  I used to be uncomfortable around new people but now I’ve learned they are fun to be around!  More people to give me the attention I deserve!

If only my foster parents had a fenced in backyard it would be perfect!  They have no other pets or children and I prefer that, especially with the children, they are all right but they make me nervous.

Well, that’ all for now. See Ya!


Oh yeah, the two new pictures are of me after the bath and brushing, boy do I feel good!

/pictures/Pictures2016/Ruffus16076f1.jpg       /pictures/Pictures2016/Ruffus16076f2.jpg

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