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Dodger 16-074TD
(Fostered in Minneapolis, MN)

Sponsored by:

Jackie Pagel and Family  
In Memory of Sadie and Marley Bear
"A Golden Heart never dies but lives forever in our hearts"

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 4/11/2016  Required Age 8+  Optional
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600


Dodger arrived from Turkey with the rest of the dogs on Friday and came to us yesterday. He's a big, adorable, rambunctious hunk o' love. Dodge's bio says that he is from Eskisehir in Central Anatolia. He was found on the street and spent time in a foster home, and they guess he is about 3 years old. Since arriving here, he also seems to be a very happy, social boy, who is a handful of energy. He can be stubborn--when he doesn't want to do something, he simply lays down, but if you keep walking away, he will follow. He loves to play and has spent a lot of time wrestling with the residents. He immediately jumped on the couch, the chair, and each of the beds, like Goldilocks trying to figure out which was "just right." He likes toys, ate his food right away, and loved treats; when one of the residents got too close when his treat was sitting on the floor, he gave a warning growl. He doesn't seem to know "house behavior"--he tried to climb over the coffee table, which was hysterical. He had one little accident in the house last night, but after the long trip he had, and all of the excitement of a bath, people swarming around him, new dogs everywhere, I can't really blame him. He did really well overnight; no messes. The only issue so far is he wants to chase the cat, and the cat wants none of it.

Big, happy boy looking for a home with no cats. Would love another dog, but not necessary. Needs exercise and obedience training. He's like a big, smiley polar bear!

Dodger seems to have a pretty high prey drive. In addition to seeming to have a HIGH interest in the cat, he's also interested in squirrels. He spotted one walking across the roof, and tried to climb up the side of the house to get it!

So, additional requirements in a home would be a physical fence (I think he would barge right through an invisible fence, especially if there were something like a squirrel to reward him....), and because of his size, which he seems unaware of, he'd probably be best with kids at least 8 years old or so. He does great with other dogs. And we just got back from his first walk, and the Gentle Leader worked wonders with this strong guy!



He went to the vet for his wellness check and got a pretty good report. The bad news is that he has two terrible ear infections. His poor ears were red and hot, and the vet said she really had never seen an ear as infected as his. But he got some medication and we're putting that in his ears, and he doesn't seem to be doing badly at all. He got his picture taken; everyone said how gorgeous he was. He got weighed--a whopping 81 pounds! The vet said he should be between 75-80, so he's not that far off. He's continuing to do just fine here with the other dogs; he still doesn't know his name, but we're trying. The poor cat is trapped in the basement, except when we kennel Dodger so the cat can come upstairs. But then Dodger gets all riled up in his kennel, so there's no winning with that situation. His prey drive is pretty strong. He saw a squirrel run across my roof yesterday, so then he proceeded to try and climb up the side of the house! He's a goofball. He loves to play with the toys. If he wants to go somewhere, he just goes--why not leap over that coffee table? If you want to get on the couch and someone is sitting at the end of it, just jump over the arm to it! Why not? We went on a walk yesterday and the Gentle Leader turned him into a perfectly well-behaved gentleman. So, as I continue to figure out this gorgeous boy, it's clear he needs a real fence, no cats (or other small pets, likely), and probably because he seems so unaware of how big he is, being around kids younger than 8 or so is probably not a good idea.


Well, Dodger is continuing to have a great time and is adjusting well. His ears are cleaning up with the help of the meds and his elbow is healing, as is his ear flap where he had one of the red ear tags that the Turkish system uses to indicate a dog has been neutered and vaccinated. He still seems to have some itching going on and some flaky skin, but health-wise, he's improving. The vet did find a small mass on his back and we're waiting to see what needs to happen with that.

He's such a happy guy! He is having a ball with the resident dogs. They have a non-stop wrestling match going on. He still wants to eat the cat, so the cat is living in the basement most of the time, but I have also starting letting him up when Dodger is in the kennel. In the kennel, Dodger gets a little too excited when he sees the cat, but the cat is pretty dog-savvy and just hisses at Dodger and goes his way. Dodger's prey drive is really strong. He's constantly after bunnies beyond the fence, birds, and even some cars and buses! He barks and races along the fence, but it's only with some trucks, so I am still trying to figure that out.

He's maybe beginning to know his name. Maybe. Or I'm fabricating that. He is responsive, however. I still have the leash on him around the house, except at night, but he's starting to come and will often stop doing something when he gets a firm NO. He's a great walker with the Gentle Leader, and even with the halter and leash on, he's pretty good. But he's a super strong, and super strong-willed boy, so he IS a handful at times. He will definitely need some obedience training and will need someone who is physically strong enough to wrangle him, as well as being a strong trainer for him. I've brought him with me to a few meetings and gatherings, and he loves people and behaves really well. However, this week, my sister dogsat for me and she had a surprise from him. She went to take a nap and woke up to find that he had shredded 2 pillows from my bed! I've never seen anything like that from him, but it reinforces that he still needs to someone to keep an eye on him! He's pretty much housebroken; he's only had two little accidents inside in the week that he has been here.

Some pics that show he is king of the couch, pooped out after a day of wrestling with the other dogs, looking out off the deck trying to see Istanbul from here, and snoozing in the sunlight on the couch.



Dodger's looking forward to a little surgery next Tuesday to remove a small mass from his back. The vet sampled it and nothing came back looking bad, but she figured it's better to remove it since it didn't seem to be just a lipoma.

In other news, he just got schooled by the cat! The bloody nose took him back a step, but he needed that lesson. And he recovered quickly--he's back to his happy self after momentarily being stunned.


Dodger wants to thank the Jackie Pagel family for their sponsorship! He's grateful for all of the help as he is making the transition from the streets of Turkey to his forever home!

Dodger took a little road trip to St. Cloud this week. He's a champ in the car, as you can see from the pic of him supervising the driver. He continues to do great here. He's had a few little accidents in the house, but that has more to do with me not paying attention and getting him outside every couple of hours. I gave him a bath last week, and he was great--all fluffy like a little polar bear! He's settled down quite a bit in the house, but still lives to romp as much as possible with the residents. He can get a little mouthy when I play with him, but responds really well when corrected. He's going to do great with some obedience training--he's a really smart boy! He wants to respond when he sees anything move. He was watching the movement of some birds on the other side of some glass block windows--you couldn't see WHAT they were, but you could see a shadow of something fluttering, which fascinated him. He would probably love another canine companion in his new home, but that might not be necessary; he does so well with other dogs and they keep his still-puppy attitude engaged and out of trouble! Surgery on Tuesday is just a day ordeal, and once he recovers, he'll be looking for a home!


Well, Roger Dodger was supposed to have surgery today to remove a small mass on his back that had been biopsied about 2 weeks ago, causing the vet to decide it should be taken out. Last night, I found the mass and thought how small it was. This morning, however, we got to the vet, and I couldn't find it, and neither could the vet tech. When the vet got to him, she couldn't find it, either! So the good news is he escaped the knife today!

The not-so-good news is that she found that he still has a bad ear infection in both ears, and one of the ears has a ruptured eardrum. In the other ear, she found some "plant mass," and she removed a little spiky thing from perhaps a foxtail that he perhaps brought with him as a souvenir from the homeland? In any case, it has been there for a while, so that ear is also infected and that eardrum might also be ruptured. So Mr. Happy has got some meds to help clear up the infections and he'll go back in a week to see if the ears have gotten any better. Meanwhile, he's a little groggy and tired and he'll be sleeping well tonight, the poor guy. What a trooper!


Big weekend for Dodger! He went to the excellent presentation and reunion of Turkish dogs at the Eden Prairie public library on Saturday. So fun to see all of the Turkish dogs and how well they seem to be doing! Then on Sunday, Dodger experienced his first May Day celebration in Powderhorn Park! He did so well with the huge crowds, romping children, other dogs, and loud noises. His white face got a couple of lipstick stains from his various encounters, and he got serious interest and flirtation from the women sitting next to us. I was thrilled that he handled all of the chaos so well. When a helium balloon escaped someone's hand and floated up into the clouds, he took particular notice and watched till it disappeared.

His phenomenal prey drive (not to be underestimated!) was demonstrated on the way home. He spotted a squirrel and immediately went after it. I pulled him back on the leash, but then he leapt up on the retaining wall and tried to get through the bushes. Got him back, and then, as we kept going, he tried to dash up the stairs into the yard. Then again, up the wall... this boy is STRONG! And he puts his full 80 lbs into the pursuit of whatever it is he's going after! Which just served as a reminder that his future wrangler needs to be strong and needs to be prepared for his exuberance. I asked the vet if this was something that could be trained out of him; she said probably not, especially since he had been a street dog for so long, in search of his next meal. The cat has begun to train him here in the house, but I still would not trust Dodger alone with the cat because he is so strong and that prey drive is equally strong.

He's such a sweet, sweet boy. He jumps up on the bed to snuggle and he's really affectionate. He's mostly housebroken, but still has a few accidents once in a while. He hasn't quite figured out that I need to be told when he needs to go out. Because I often work at home, I put him out frequently, so there's no problem, but I am still looking for signals from him when he needs to go out.

He loves toys, bones, and wrestling with the residents dogs. He would probably do best in a home where he had a pal. He will look for mischief if he is bored; he seems to like shredding pillows, for example. And plastic bags. This past week, he had to spend a lot of time in the kennel because of my schedule. He did great at first, but on day 3, he put his foot (all 4 of them) down. I tried to lead him into the kennel, and he did his signature I-don't-wanna move, which is dropping to the floor and laying there. Tried to get him up, and he fought with all 4 legs. I can't blame him too much. He ended up doing okay, but long days in the kennel were not his favorite. Once I can know that he won't wreck stuff, I think he'll be fine. He and I both have some learning to do!

His ears seem to be doing better, but we go to the vet on Tuesday to see if he's ready to go!

Here are a couple of pictures of Dodger doing a sleepy wake-up on Saturday morning and then a few of him enjoying May Day.


Dodger goes back to the vet tomorrow to check and see if his ear infections have cleared up, and if so, he'd be ready to be up for adoption! He's such a sweet boy, a little mischief-maker. Things we have discovered:

  • He WILL counter-surf. Yesterday, he enjoyed a pricey little loaf of bread from Rustica Bakery meant for a special treat for someone; he thought the cherries and walnuts in the bread were quite good, if not good for him. All it took was leaving the kitchen unattended while I stepped outside for a minute.
  • He can be a little mouthy. He's got ample wrestling time here with the two residents, and when they are fully engaged, he will often opt to mouth the hand, leg, or whatever of the nearest human. Never roughly, but as if to engage them. When reprimanded, he responds.
  • He still has accidents in the house on occasion. I try to get him outside every couple of hours, and I want to believe that he is learning to go to stand by the door when he wants to go out, but I'm not totally sure if that's true or if I am trying to convince myself. As long as he gets out frequently, he does fine, but he does mess up once in a while.
  • The cat is still his Most Interesting Thing. And he wants to chase/eat it. The cat, however, wants Dodger to know that HE is the Mayor of the house and he will not be cowed by a Young Turk. He continues his training program of hissing and swatting, and the cat's bravado is somewhat remarkable; however, I think that Dodger will always want to eat a cat. He met a small dog on Mother's Day, and although I was apprehensive, he did fine with it.
  • He will try to climb trees to get to a squirrel. Or try to climb the side of the house to get to the cat in the window....
  • He does really well in the car and he seems to like going for rides.
  • He's almost learning to sit. He seems to know what "no" means. And he's learned his name!
  • He is doing okay with the kennel. At first, it was a battle to get him inside, but now he's doing pretty well; rewarding him with treats and lots of "Good boy!" exclamations seems to help.
  • He chases some cars or trucks along the fence line, but not all, accompanied by some marking, but not excessively so. I still can't figure out why some cars trigger him and others don't.
  • He really likes other canine company, especially dogs that are not scared off by his rambunctiousness.
  • He eats fine, sleeps well, and slobbers his water all over your lap after drinking. He loves people and is becoming a bit of a mama's boy. Other than the cat, and squirrels (and perhaps any other small running thing), he hasn't shown any aggression ever. He has given a slight growl when one of the other dogs has approached his food, but now they share bones and toys just fine. He's never growled at me, even when I have removed a bone or food, or tried to get him in the kennel.
  • He's got a lot of energy and is REALLY strong. He loves walks and needs them. He does great on a Gentle Leader and he wears a harness most of the time.
  • We're still working on some "trust issues" about leaving him alone in the house; he still gets kenneled. Several weeks ago, while he was unattended, he thought shredding some pillows would be fun. Since then, I have noticed that he will often pick up a pillow and toss it around if he is bored or alone. He will also pick up items of clothing occasionally (this morning, it was my pajamas) and would, I assume, shred them if he could. He will chew on things that he finds (like that electrical cord last week--!!!!!), but if someone is around, or if he is playing with the other dogs, he doesn't try anything like that. But he's not above it....
  • He's a really funny, sweet, smart, affectionate boy. And he's so darn good-looking! He needs training and I think he'll do really well with obedience. He's a bit of a project, but that work that he'll require will pay off. He's smart and he really wants to please, and with some strong obedience work, he's going to be an awesome dog!
  • A physical fence is a necessity for this guy.


Poor Dodger. The weekly visit to the vet brought frustrating news. After his ears seemed to be improving, last week she said the right ear didn't need any meds since it was doing good, but the left one should still be treated. In one week, the right ear is as bad as it was when he first came in, and the left ear is still a problem. The vet looked at me and said again, "This is the worst ear infection I have ever seen." So now he'll be off to see a specialist to see if they can figure out how to help the poor guy. You wouldn't know anything is wrong from his behavior, and it's frustrating that we can't help him out. So, we'll hope to get him in next week to see if someone can help him.


Dodger had a big day today! He went to Pet Salon Bark Avenue and was able to take advantage of their generosity in offering him a free grooming session! He got a bath, got his nails clipped, got blow-dried and brushed out, and he looks gorgeous! Then it was off to the vet to get his vaccinations up to date and to check out a hot spot. Then he got to ride along to visit another foster who had helped to bring him from Turkey to Minneapolis! All very exciting for the blond boy.

Dodger went to a dermatologist last week to check out his ear infections. He's on two new meds that will hopefully help get rid of the nasty bacteria in his ears. We go back next week and hopefully get some good news.

Meanwhile, he's doing great around the house and with his pals. He's learned to sit, and he hasn't had an accident in the house for a while (knock on wood). He's such a happy boy and he's a delight to have here. He is happiest when he is stretched on the floor between the two resident dogs, chewing first on one, then rolling over to chew on the other. The cat still looks like lunch to him, but the cat also is not afraid to teach Dodger a lesson or two.

He's doing really well, and hopefully next week we'll get some good news about his ears. Woof!


Dodger decided to do a little raspberry picking this weekend. He's headed back to the dermatologist on Thursday, hopefully to find out if his eardrum was punctured and if the ear infection has gotten any better. He's totally bonded with the pack here and still thinks the cat is an awesome challenge, so he keeps life lively!


Dodger found the home he was looking for and is happy to be home!