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Sebastian 16-072TD
(Fostered in Cedar Rapids, IA)

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In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date AvailableFenceKid FriendlyAnother DogCat Friendly
5/3/2016   Physical fence optional 12+  Can live with other dogs   Cannot live with cats
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Welcome to Minnesota, Sebastian!  This handsome 7yr old Yellow Lab arrived in mid-April with the most recent RAGOM crew from Turkey.  Sebastian is as friendly as they come - and is appreciative of his new friends and new life.

Here's what we know about Sebastian so far. He is HANDSOME - look at the blocky head and beautiful blonde fur! He is friendly to all - including young kids and the many dogs he's met. He is food motivated. We're working on taking treats gently. He loves to hunt. His favorite backyard activity is sniffing the hiding places for Spring critters.

We have seen improvements in Sebastian's health after only 2 weeks in foster care. He came in with skin and ear infections, which are healing nicely. He does have sore hips, and we are seeking veterinary advice for how to proceed.

This boy is a charmer - he is going to make a family very happy!

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Sebastian enjoyed meeting everyone in Eden Prairie during the Turkey presentation. He had a wonderful outing with several RAGOM volunteers on Sunday, while I hosted a retirement party for one of my brothers at my home. First time I have ever had a party without dogs here and it went very smoothly - never thought of that before.

I have an appointment with Dr. G on Tuesday morning to see what our next step of the plan is for getting Sebastian to walk easier without pain, and see if he can slowly gain some weight.


Dr G. estimated his age at 9 or more. He had x-rays and they showed he has arthritis in his shoulders, both knees, and elbows. Nothing is operable. He still has double ear infection, and He is now on heavier dose of pain meds, and she also added 2 more drugs.

He could use a donation of glucosamine and chondroitin, for his joints, and pepcid for his stomach because of what all the heavy pain meds. can cause. Sebastian loves everyone, and needs a few soft beds to lay on and he will be happy.



Just a few months ago, a wonderful Turkish volunteer made his daily visit to one of the forests in Turkey to feed the stray dogs that call this place home. That day, he saw a new addition to the group of dogs. This poor, malnourished, hobbling senior boy had recently been dumped in the forest and left to fend for himself. Knowing he would not survive in his condition, he was taken home and cared for by the rescuer, who dedicated himself to finding a loving home for him to live out his twilight years. Sebastian's journey of hope for a new life began with that rescuer and continues in America with RAGOM.

While we do not know how he came to arrive in the forest that day, we do know that his life before that was not easy. It was obvious he had not been cared for for quite a while. And yet, his love of people and life still shines brightly from his eyes. He greeted our volunteers who met him in Chicago after his long flight with kisses and tail wags and it seems that his happiness and contentment grows each day. He is just such a happy boy and appreciative of everything given to him. He is a laid-back, go-with-the flow kind of guy, never demanding attention but soaks it up when given to him. He loves all people he has met, young and old. He is very gentle with the kids in his foster home and has become great friends with an 11 year old boy who lives next door. He is fantastic with all dogs, although, due to his medical needs, he is not much of a player. A soft bed, regular meals and some loving attention is all Sebastian wants.

Knowing that he had some trouble walking, one of his vet visits focused solely on his mobility. It was found that Sebastian has severe arthritis in both of his knees and both elbows. It appears likely that at some point in his life in Turkey, he suffered two torn ACLs that were never fixed. This is most likely the cause of the severity of his arthritis. At this point, surgery is not an option and the focus will be on pain management. We are hopeful that his current medicines will provide much relief for him. He is also on joint supplements and fish oil to help. The goal is to get him walking for short periods of time and doing simply physical therapy, such as sit and stands, so that he can begin building muscle mass again in his legs. Ultimately, this would help tremendously in easing the pressure on his joints. We'll update when we see how he is progressing, but are very hopeful we will soon see improvement. Due to his arthritis, he is going to do best in a home without many steps.

While Sebastian will never be a running partner for someone, he will be such a sweet, loving addition to any family. He is looking for a home where all of the joy and happiness that were so missing for most of his life, can be packed into his twilight years. America has so far been very good to Sebastian, but the absolute best thing would be for him to find his own forever home where he knows he will be loved and cared for.


Sebastian had a couple of new photos taken by a nice RAGOM volunteer. He has gained some weight, and the pain medicine is making it easier for him to get around.


Sebastian recently came to stay with us for a short vacation while his foster mom went on vacation. I only have two words to describe him: Gentle Giant! He is the sweetest boy you could ever imagine. He was just as infatuated with my nine-month-old as she was with him. He is most definitely your typical golden with that velcro personality. He just wants to be where you are and be a part of the family. I've also never had a dog that just ate his pills in his food. That was amazingly easy!

The only "issue" was our cat...he was VERY interested in him the first few days and would get very excited and engage in chasing. He did not respond at ALL to verbal redirections, I had to physically just go block him from the cat. Then, he'd just walk away. By the end of the 4th day, he wasn't as interested in the cat.

I can't reiterate what an easy going boy he is and what a treat it was to watch him. If you want a gentle, slow-moving, extremely loving and loyal dog (not to mention handsome), then there's NO DOUBT, Sebastian is your guy!!


Sebastian, or as he has been nicknamed, Bash, arrived at our home last weekend after spending a week with his temporary foster family.

Here are the things we have learned about this great guy:

  • He gets excited about going for walks, but he has difficulty walking even short distances.
  • He loves his meals and treats.
  • He enjoys the companionship of our resident Golden.
  • He shows no signs of resource guarding or anxiety.
  • He rides great in the car, but is unable to get into a vehicle on his own.
  • He has great difficulty maneuvering on steps.

Bash seems to adapt quickly to new situations. He loves people and nudges you for more attention. He is independent at times and other times he likes to be a Velcro dog. He has free roam when we are away and does great. His energy level is very low due to his arthritis, but he plays with toys and chews on tennis balls and stuffed animals. He could probably be an only dog, but he seems to enjoy interacting with our resident and he follows her lead in many situations.


Bash had his vet check-up yesterday. He will be on pain meds for the rest of his life, as well as joint supplements and anti-inflammatory meds. His hot spot is doing well - we clean it daily, but his ears and nose seem to cause chronic issues for him. He is very good at taking his pills and is very patient during his exam.

Bash is wonderful boy - so sweet and good-natured. He is looking for his forever home where he will be given the Golden Life he so deserves.



Bash is the most gentle and patient soul. He has some issues we are trying to get a handle on – his nose infection and reoccurring ear infections. And we continue to work on pain management of his arthritis. He never complains and always wags his tail, even when the look in his eyes says his is not feeling so good.

We bought a big green wagon (the Bashmobile) in hopes of taking him for longer walks, but so far he isn’t as excited about it as his FM. He gets in, but doesn’t want to lie down and be pulled. He loves going for walks, but he is unable to make it very far. Our resident wants to walk for miles, so we thought the Bashmobile would be the perfect solution for everyone. We will give it a few more attempts.

Although Bash has some health issues, he is the sweetest boy ever. He loves everyone he meets and would make a wonderful companion for someone who could give him the TLC he needs and deserves.

Hi RAGOMland - Bash here to say hello.  I can't believe how much my life has changed since coming to America.  I am getting healthier, gaining much-needed weight, I have the meds I need to help with my arthritis pain and clear up my nasal infection and I am safe and loved.  None of this would be possible without RAGOM and the donations received from so many caring, thoughtful and generous people.  Goldzilla is such an important event for RAGOM.  I hope you will come to Goldzilla to meet me and help make Goldzilla a success by making a donation.  Here is my FM's fundraising page , where you will see a picture of me. Thank you for making a difference in my life and the lives of so many other dogs like me!


Sebastian continues to enjoy his life in America. He loves mealtime and gets so excited when it’s time for his walk. We walk him regularly, but he poops out pretty quickly. He definitely likes to follow our resident Golden’s lead. He will wait to go outside until she comes with him, and although he seems very confident, he looks to her in most situations. Bash loves all people and dogs. He had a visit from two 8-week-old puppies and wagged his tail the entire time. He is a happy and super-sweet boy.

Bash is scheduled for a rhinoscopy procedure next Tuesday. The vet hopes to find the cause of his nasal infections and discharge.

Bash is looking forward to his first Goldzilla next weekend. Please stop by and say hello to this very special guy.


Bash had a great time at Goldzilla. He was so tired, he slept the entire way back to Cedar Rapids. Bash felt like a celebrity – so many wonderful people stopped to say hello and ask how he was doing.

The results of the rhinoscopy procedure he had last week show a tumor in his nasal cavity. Fortunately, it is not cancerous, but it is an aggressive-growing polyp-type growth that needs to be removed. Hopefully, this surgery will make Bash feel so much better and resolve his nose issues once and for all.

Please check his page periodically for updates about this sweet boy. He thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers.


With the exception of his nose, Bash has been doing well. His adorable personality continues to develop and shine. He makes the funniest noises trying to communicate, barks a little now, snores very loud and does a little happy dance when he knows its meal time. He is always eager to go for his daily walks, but still poops out quickly. He loves his toys and comfy bed.

Bash will be having a CT scan to determine the extent of the tumor in his nasal cavity, and then surgery will be scheduled to remove it. We will continue to provide updates as soon as possible.


From an anonymous friend

From John and Amy Borg

"Enjoy your Golden Life." -Lucy

"I love your gentle soul." -Michelle Hauser



On Monday, October 17th, Bash had a CT scan and surgery to remove a mass from his nasal canal. The surgeon sent tissue samples to the pathologist and we recently received the results. There is great news and not-so-good news. The great news is NO CANCER was found. The not-so-good news is his nasal canal is (and apparently has been for a very long time) harboring Pseudomonas aeruginosa and fungal matter. Pseudomonas is a very resistant bacteria which does not respond to most antibiotics, and the one antibiotic it does respond to is extremely expensive.

When these results were provided to RAGOM, there was never a question or a moment of hesitation as to whether they would do whatever it takes to make Bash well again. They approved these expensive meds and Bash started his treatment today. He will need to be on the antibiotic and anti-fungal meds for at least two months, and during that time, we need to take extra precautions to keep our family and our resident Golden from the being infected with this bacteria.

Bash is recovering well from the surgery now, after having an infection in his incision. Through it all, Bash continues to be the sweetest, most patient and loving boy. We are certain Bash does not know what it’s like to feel well, but we are so hopeful that someday soon he will get to enjoy the real Golden life without pain and infections.

Bash sends out a huge thank you for the wonderful sponsors at the top of his page, and to everyone for their thoughts and support. When you donate to RAGOM, you are directly helping special pups like Bash, and for those pups and their foster families, we are so very grateful.


Hello RAGOMland - Bash here with an update all about ME!

I’m feeling so much better now that I am recovering from my surgery. I can breathe again; I can smell again; I no longer choke on my food; Foster Mom (FM) says I don’t snore quite as loud (I think Foster Dad is the one snoring), and I have no more green stuff coming out of my nose. I used to be super awesome at taking my pills with my meals, but now that I can smell again, I spit them out – they really don’t taste very good. FM hides them in tasty treats now, so it’s a win for me.

My incision is healing and the hair on my face is growing back just in time to keep me warm in the cold weather. FM says we still need to be very careful not to infect anyone (humans and furry friends) with my bacterial infection. I have been on the special antibiotic prescription for 30 days, but I have at least another 30 days to go.

The next step for me is to have 2 blood tests to determine the level of Aspergillus in my body and the presence of antibodies to fight the Aspergillus. Since I have such a unique issue, several veterinarians have been doing research on me, and they have determined the Aspergillus (fungal infection) is the primary issue and the Pseudomonas (bacterial infection) is the secondary issue. The vet is very confident the antibiotic will clear up the Pseudomonas, but believes the Aspergillus will be much more difficult to kill. They do not want me to be on anti-fungal meds the rest of my life, so these 2 blood tests will provide more information about how my body is fighting against this fungal infection. By the way, FM wrote that last part - I’m getting much better at English, but there is no way I can pronounce Aspergillus and Pseudomonas . . . . And they think Turkish is difficult to understand?!

I am so happy to be spending my first Thanksgiving in my new country, in my warm house, with a full tummy, and my foster family surrounding me with love. Thank you RAGOM for making it all possible. Much love to all, Bash

P.S. Here are a few pictures. That's me resting comfortably on piles of blankets, and me again with my resident sister Bailey and my friend Schroeder 16-212.




Thank you so very much Mary and Carl for your thoughtful and generous sponsorship of Sebastian. Remembering Tundra makes it even more special.

Sebastian experienced a few more firsts this month – his first snow and his first Christmas. Like his FM, Bash is definitely not impressed with snow. He does his business and is happy to get back inside to snuggle up and snooze.


The Christmas commotion may have been a little much for Bash at times, but he enjoyed all of the extra attention, and struggled to keep his eyes open so he wouldn’t miss anything. Since he is always such a good boy, Santa brought him a new bed, new toys and treats.

The results of Bash’s latest blood tests and the evaluation from Dr. Reierson seem to be very good news. The titer test showed Bash has the antibodies needed to help fight the fungal infection, and the aspergillus pecipitin test results indicate the anti-fungal meds are working. He will be taking the antibiotic one additional month, and he will be on the anti-fungal meds another four months. The anti-fungal meds are very hard on the liver, so Bash will have more blood tests to make sure his liver is staying healthy. Bash has come so far in the past few months, and every day we see signs that he is feeling better.

Bash’s Turkish passport shows his birthday as 1/4/2006, which would mean he will be turning 11. We will never know his exact age, but he will have a special birthday celebration. Because of RAGOM and all of the wonderful people who support pups like Bash, we have so much to celebrate.


Bash wants to send a huge thank you to Daisy 16-067TD and Nicole for the Birthday wishes icon, and to Sharron T. for the Happy New Year wishes icon.  You are the best! 

Bash continues to do well on his road to recovery.  We received good results from the liver blood test.  This test will be repeated every 5-6 weeks while he is on the anti-fungal meds.  He will also go back to the vet for the titer test and the aspergillus pecipitin test in March.  He takes his last Zeniquin antiobitic on Monday – YAY!  He will continue the anti-fungal meds and the pain meds. 

With each passing week, Bash seems to be feeling better.  He is more playful, he sleeps a bit less and really gets his happy dance going at meal time and walk time.  It is so heart-warming to see the progress he has made over the past 3 months, and to know he is conquering every hurdle towards a healthy life.  Thank you RAGOM for saving this sweet guy!

A few things to remember about Bash - he has complete freedom in our house with no issues.  He loves his toys, meal and treat time, taking short walks and long naps.  He loves the companionship of our resident Golden.



Happy Birthday Sebastian! I'm glad you're doing better!! - Daisy 16-067TD Happy Birthday Sebastian! I'm glad you're doing better!! - Daisy 16-067TD

Happy New Year, Sebastian, from Sharron T. Happy New Year, Sebastian, from Sharron T.



Bash passed his liver function test again, so that is very good news. We are counting the weeks until he can discontinue taking his anti-fungal meds. He will need a few more tests in the next few months.

Bash continues to show signs of improvement. It’s wonderful to see him enjoying life. He is so much more playful now – he loves to play catch, shake his toys and throw them up in the air. We take him on walks and he tries so hard to keep up with his fur-butt sister, Bailey. FM and FD take turns walking Bailey a long distance and Bash a short distance.

I noticed we have a lot of ‘sleepy’ pictures, so I will try to include some ‘awake’ pictures with our next update.



We are seeing continued progress with Sebastian's health. He will be retested later this month to see where we stand with the fungal disease, so please keep your paws crossed for good results.

Bash shows many signs of feeling better and enjoying life. He talks to us now in his own sweet language (not sure if it's Turkish :o), he barks when it's meal time and even shook hands with Foster Dad yesterday.

As you know, Bash suffers from severe arthritis and is unable to walk farther than a couples houses down the street and back. His spirit is so willing, but his body doesn't cooperate. We are so happy to report that we found the perfect Bashmobile. Bash can now take long walks with his foster family and his best friend, Bailey the resident Golden Retriever. It took a few treats the first time, but he eagerly gets in now and enjoys every minute of his walk (ride). He loves all of the attention too, when people do a double-take realizing there is a handsome furry boy in the stroller. As you can see in the pictures, everyone loves to walk with Bash - he's a super-star!



Bash here, with an update about me.

It’s hard to believe next month will be my one-year anniversary of living in America. So many things have happened to me since my days of living in the forest in Turkey. FM says she wishes I could tell her what my life was like back then, but I prefer to think about my new life and how happy and healthy I am now. Speaking of the healthy part, I overheard FM making another appointment with the vet for my blood tests. Blood tests aren’t bad at all, because I am super brave, but - and this is a BIG but - I do NOT get to eat my breakfast the morning of the test, and I REALLY like my breakfast ON TIME every day! Anyway, please keep your paws crossed for me. If these tests results come back good, I may be able to stop taking my anti-fungal meds soon. FM is also trying a new joint supplement on me to see if it helps my arthritis. I love to go for walks and hopefully I can make it a longer distance if my legs feel better.

Don’t forget these things about me: I am a sweet, older guy with a low-energy level, I met two cats and was a little too interested in them, and I like living with another dog. I will need to say on monthly medication for arthritis.

Here is a picture of me and my friend, Bailey.

Happy Spring! Love, Bash


Sebastian’s test results were very good. Our vet has decided to discontinue the anti-fungal meds and we will watch him carefully for any changes in his health. We are very encouraged with his progress – he has come such a long way in the past 8 months. The new joint supplement seems to be helping a bit with his mobility. We are still walking him short distances and using his stroller for longer distances.

While FM and FD were out of town, Bash spent 9 days with his good friend and fellow RAGOM Foster, Molly C. He was pampered, spoiled and loved.

Bash is a sweet older gentleman who loves his meals and treats and enjoys the companionship of another dog in the house. He is a little anxious during thunderstorms and does not do well with a lot of steps. He will need to continue on joint supplements and pain meds due to his chronic arthritis.


The past couple of weeks have been rough for Sebastian.  He began showing signs over Memorial Day weekend of the fungal disease returning.  After a trip to the vet, it was decided to put him back on the anti-fungal meds.  We have also discovered that fireworks make him very anxious and nervous.  We are doing our best to make him feel safe and secure.  He is such a trooper and deals with whatever comes his way with a wag of the tail and a twinkle in his eyes.


He is enjoying short walks and longer rides in his Bashmobile stroller.  He loves his comfy beds and blankets all around the house.  He enjoys sitting outside, when the weather is cool and there are no fireworks.  He tries to help his best friend Bailey keep the bunnies out of the yard, by doing his ‘fast walk’ chase.  He loves his meals and treats and loves meeting up with other dogs and kids on our walks.


Sebastian continues to be a very special, loving and happy boy, and we hope to see him completely recovered and healthy very soon. 

If you think Sebastian would be a good fit in your home, please submit an "Inquiry for Application" form. If you have already filled out an "Inquiry for Application" form, please send an email to with the dog's name, RAGOM number, the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application form under and a sentence or two why you feel you'd be a good match.



Bash has been back on his anti-fungal meds for over a month and he still shows intermittent signs of the fungal disease in his nose.  We are keeping a close watch on him and keeping in contact with his vet.  Other than his nose, he has been doing pretty well, especially since the fireworks have ceased. 

Bash attending a Meet-and-Greet in North Liberty, IA a couple weekends ago.  He enjoyed the many pets he received.  

We are continuing his short daily walks and weekend car rides; he loves his cool, early-morning siestas in the back yard, and enjoys socializing with all people and dogs.  He loves the comforts of his bed, blankets and any cozy spot he can find.  He takes his prescription meds very well, and loves meal and treat times.

Bash is a mellow, loving, senior boy that brings a smile to the faces of everyone he meets.

If you think Sebastian would be a good fit in your home, please submit an "Inquiry for Application" form. If you have already filled out an "Inquiry for Application" form, please send an email to with the dog's name, RAGOM number, the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application form under and a sentence or two why you feel you'd be a good match.