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Walter 16-071TD
(Fostered in Fargo, ND)

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"Welcome and love from Craig, Laurie, Alasdair, and Berit"

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Happy Spring!  Happy Spring!  Happy Spring!  Happy Spring! Looking forward to meeting you! Enjoy your senior years, you deserve it!
In memory of our RAGOM boy Champion 09-041 and his predecessor Dexter. Bob and Carole S.

Happy Spring! Happy Spring! Welcome to the USA handsome boy. From Debbie and Smoozer

Happy Spring!  Happy Spring! Senior dogs are so special! From Wendy Strachota

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
4/15/2016   Preferred Age 10+  Prefers to be only Dog
Not tested 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Welcome to Walter's World!  Old Walt arrived in the USA on Friday, April 8th after a long flight from Turkey.  He has been at his foster home since the early morning of Saturday, April 9th.


Walter was rescued from a shelter in Turkey.  He spent some time with volunteers before his flight to America who lovingly cared for him.  Walter is a handsome blonde gentleman weighing in at 56lbs.  He has been instructed to gain about 10lbs by his new doctor.  He was treated for what was thought to be mange prior to arriving.  We are waiting on some tests to determine if he actually has mange, a food allergy or some sort of bacterial issue.  He has balding on his belly, hind end and small portions of his legs.  Currently he is receiving an OTC medicine for his "itchies".  He will be "unavailable" until we work out his medical issues.

Walter has also tested positive for Ehrlicia, which is a tick-borne disease.  We started Doxycylcine treatment today. With this treatment he should fully recover from this disease.

Walt is a very mellow old fellow.  He takes treats oh so gently, loves to be petted, and will come and sit down next to you and put his face in your lap. Walter LOVES dog beds!  We have not seen him lay on the floor in the house at all!  He is potty trained - not one accident. He likes to ride in the car.  We have helped him in but he jumps out on his own - he refuses assistance! He behaved like a perfect gentleman at our two vet visits and the entire staff loves him.  Walter also walks fantastically on the leash.  We have gone on short walks as he needs to build up stamina - he was having a hard time walking when he left the shelter.  He also loves to play fetch and have a ball near him at all times.


Walter is loving his new life and is hoping he just might get some sponsorships to help pay for his medical care.  He is a spunky guy with a zest for life and he only deserves the best to be a happy, healthy boy. 
Signing off for now but so much more to come on this sweet, sweet teddy bear.



Hello fans from Walter's World!  We would all like to thank the A Family for their sponsorship as well as Bob and Carole and Debbie and Smoozer for the Spring icons.  This helps Walter with his much needed medical care.

Walter was back at the vet on Thursday, April 21st for a quick check up on his progress and a blood draw.  Walter was anemic at his previous visit and no changes were noted this Thursday .  He started prednisone for hopefully only a short while.  He will be back to the vet on Thursday for another blood draw.

Now for the GReat news - Walter is looking fantastic!  His ear infections are clearing up and the hole in his ear where he was tagged has healed.  His skin is getting so much better - not nearly as itchy as he was when he came.  We are still waiting for the results on the skin tests. 

Old Walter is loving his walks.  Each day we go a little further.  He's still a perfect gentleman on the leash and FM can walk both him & his Foster brother, Buddy, at the same time. The spunk really comes out after his walk - he wants his ball & to play a bit when we get home.

Walter does like to woof at passing dogs.  He woofed at bicycles and wagons when he first came but that has stopped.  His human sister thought it was strange he barked at the wagon - goofy boy!

Please enjoy Walter's photos and we will update again soon.  Thanks for checking in!

/pictures/Pictures2016/Walter16071TDc1.jpg    /pictures/Pictures2016/Walter16071TDc2.jpg    /pictures/Pictures2016/Walter16071TDc3.jpg   /pictures/Pictures2016/Walter16071TDc4.jpg


Greetings from Walter!  We have a lot of new things to share this week as we are getting to know Walter better each and every day.

You may have noticed that he has been changed to "Prefers to be only Dog".  After quite a few weeks of observing Walter and his behaviors it has become apparent that Walter is not the type of old guy that will be wanting to share his "stuff".  He resides with another older gentleman that has no interest in Walter or his "stuff" but Walter isn't catching on to that.  He likes to growl when that other furry guy comes near his balls or the beds his balls are near.  We have made the assumption that Walter also has no interest in playing with other dogs.  He is perfectly content with his balls, beds and human folk.  Therefore we have decided he would do best being an only dog in his furever home.

The last of Walter's skin tests came back from the lab and unfortunately he has Ringworm.  This is a skin fungus (similar to athlete's foot) that can be spread by both animals and humans.  He is taking an oral anti-fungal and will have weekly baths at the vet to clear this up.  He had his first bath last Thursday and everything went wonderfully.  Once he has completed all four of his baths and finished off his oral med another skin test will be performed.


FM spoke with the vet this morning and we are still waiting on the blood test results from last week.  We are hoping that his levels are in the normal range.

Walter goes on at least one daily walk.  We have gone as far as two miles (with short breaks).  He loves to be out and about and it is a joy to take him - his leash manners are fantastic.  When other dogs are near he looks and basically keeps trucking along however he will pull some when he sees those bunnies and squirrels moving fast!

There is so much to share about Walter but we better leave some for his next update.  I will say that Walter is very smart and his personality is coming out now that he is healing physically from his issues. 

Please enjoy Walter's photos once again and thank you for stopping by his page!




It is with much sadness that we are informing you all of Walter's sudden passing.  Walter went out for his evening walk on Saturday, May 27th with his FD.  He was doing just fine, did his business and then laid on the ground and would not get up.  FD carried Walter home and we rushed him to the ER.  He was suffering from splenic torsion.  It was decided at that time to do emergency surgery to remove his spleen.  Unfortunately, after many hours, he was not recovering and it was decided that Walter needed to be assisted to the Bridge.  FM and FD were there with him at this time.  He did not suffer and he went peacefully.

This entry may get a bit long and you may wonder how a family could fall in love with a dog in just seven short weeks, but trust me, it happens.  Our family was hoping that Walter could get to the next chapter in life, his forever home, but that unfortunately was not the way it was going to end.

As you read through Walter's previous entries you will see that he had Ehrlichia and Ringworm as well as being anemic.  As the weeks went by FM was praying each week that his blood levels would reach normal range however that never happened.  The vet reminded FM several times that "Walter is very sick".  Walter did not display any pain and hid his ailments very well.  After a couple of weeks Walter held his head high and we were sure that things were improving.   His FM spent a lot of time caring for him, making sure he had his medicine, was nicely combed, eating, drinking, peeing, pooping, going for walks each day, taking him to his vet appointments, taking orders from the vet and so much more.  His health and wellness were the number one priority.

Walter went to the vet on Thursdays for his lyme sulfur baths.  He loved them!  He came out smelling like charcoal.  From here on out that smell will remind his family of precious Walter. When he would travel to the vet FM would put down the backseat in the SUV for him along with a mat or dog bed.  He would sit and watch everything go by out the back window.  FM thought it was so cute seeing his head in her rear view mirror. 

Walter looked like a new dog after a few weeks of foster care.  When he arrived he was basically bald on his belly, hind end and hind legs.  It didn't take long and his fur was growing back.  FM combed him often and he loved it.  He was also very itchy and the itching had completely stopped. 

The night that Walter arrived from Turkey in the Cities FM & FD drove from Fargo to pick him up.  They were so excited for him. They fell in love with him the first time they saw his picture.  The dogs were confused and exhausted - crazy chaos going on.  Walter sat and watched all the goings on and FD said we better get back on the road.  As they walked past the office door Walter saw a ball and ran for it and took it along.  He was lifted in the back of the SUV with comfy dog beds, his ball and he started wagging his tail.  Oh how that made FM & FD smile!


Walter did not want his FB, Buddy, near his balls.  Buddy would have never taken them but Walter had to make it perfectly clear he was not touching them!  FM & FD never did take his balls away, that was what made him happy and they weren't taking that away from him.  Walter's previous life was unknown and he most likely had things taken from him.  It was his turn to enjoy those small pleasures.

Walter was able to enjoy having a human sister and a wonderful neighbor boy.  Neighbor boy went for walks with FM and Walter many, many times.  How lucky he was to have both a boy and a girl in his life.  Walter loved those kids.


A wonderful woman in Turkey took Walter from a shelter to her home.  He stayed with her while waiting for RAGOM to come.  She refused to put him in the pet hotel - he was very special to her as well as everyone else he met.  Walter stayed with volunteers from RAGOM for a bit before coming over to the USA.  His foster family is forever grateful to them for all of the care, love and especially the second chance at life they gave to him.  None of this is possible without volunteers and donations. 

So FM has had to ask herself "Why Walter? Why was he taken from us?".  This will never be known but everything happens for a reason, so they say. Walter had good food, water, warm home, vet care, medicine, kids to play with and most of all LOVE.  Walter's foster family gave them their all.  He survived the long trip and it only got better from there. So we have to think that Walter was just waiting to get "home" - he got there, he lived, he loved, he was loved and he could go in peace - looking like a million bucks, so regal, handsome and dignified.  Walter was a proud American and he will be forever missed.

Donations in memory of Walter would be greatly appreciated by his foster family.

/pictures/Pictures2016/Walter16071TDe3.jpg                /pictures/Pictures2016/Walter16071TDe4.jpg




RAGOM received the note and photo below from Bill and Kelley H this past weekend. It touched so many hearts within the RAGOM community that Walter's Foster Mom & Dad would like to share it with all of his followers.

I read with such sadness the passing of Walter the rescue from Turkey today. My husband and I were in the car running errands and saw this cloud.. I said, "I think it's Walter running over the Rainbow Bridge". I don't know who his foster mom/dad was but could you forward this to them if you can? Maybe it will bring some comfort. Bless all you guys do at RAGOM. Bill and Kelley H (Ace & Ruby's mom, dad).