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Wendy 16-069TD
(Fostered in Olivia, MN)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 4/10/2016  Required Age 10+  Required  Yes 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600


Wendy arrived in Olivia on Saturday  around 5 PM  April 9th, all the way from Turkey. She is a lovely petite long hair cream female at 2 years old. Wendy learns very quickly and is already this first day going outside and playing with the other dogs all by herself. She will need some training on walking with a leash and hopefully an increase in appetite. Wendy is very picky eater so far with food and takes a long time to eat-possibly the change to American food. She does like cooked chicken liver, cheese, raw hides, chews on bones but won't eat rice or eggs and barely nibbles on dog food. I did find one dog food she likes but she doesn't eat very much of it and she seems she could gain some weight, but will see after the vet visit.

She finally did her business outside the first night on arrival. She also looked toward the east this morning and did some barking and a few howls. Possibly to let other dogs in Turkey know she has found a safe and wonderful place in Ragom in America. I have included a picture. She did bark a little at her reflection in the patio door too.

Wendy is more of a submissive female and will roll over for belly rubs and loves pets and attention. She did reprimand my other foster (Rusty) that she needed space by a growl and a snap after he was constantly almost on top of her after arrival. He did take the hint and waited for her to relax and everything is fine with them as you can see in photo after a run both are relaxing. Rusty will also eat dirt sometimes and she is watching wondering what this crazy American dog is doing in another picture.

Wendy loves to run outside and play with Eamon the other foster in my care and have included pictures the playing chase.

Wendy would love donations to help pay for getting all the dogs to America and started on their new life with Ragom. ContactRagom now to donate for one or all the Turkey dogs.

Keep watching for when Wendy will be available for adoption as she will be a great gal to add to any loving family.

Barking to the others

Favorite spot

Nice roll on American soil

Just what are you doing?

Chillin' out after running

Playing with Eamon

More playing with Eamon


Hello everyone. Wendy had her checkup on Friday late with the vet. She had her hind dew claws clipped as very long. Her ears, heart, lungs, teeth checked out. I was concerned about a spot on her belly that wouldn't go away and she checked it and said Wendy has a bacterial skin infection and has put her on antibiotics. So far I haven't seen any lessening of it. Her spay is tentatively set for April 26th. Wendy weighed 47 pounds, a lot more than I thought with her eating habit.

Wendy had another thorough bath today in the shower stall. She stood up and put her feet on the side bars and actually made it easier to wash her and rinse off. She was rewarded with treats after doing such a nice job.

She is still having problems with eating dog food even when mixed with cooked chicken to get her pills down. She is a very slow eater and the same with going potty, it takes a long time. Wendy is more interested in laying down and getting attention. She now jumps up on the bed at night for pets and rubs.

I am including pictures of her after her shower while shaking off and one laying down after shaking off.  I dried her with towels and she actually dries off really fast compared to my other dogs.

She is still unavailable at this time, so keep watching. Donations for her care can be given by contacting Ragom.


Wendy would like to update everyone on how everything is going with her. She did go to the Eden Prairie library when the Turkey Dog Presentation was done there for her first outing. She did well at first with meeting the other dogs and people and when more people came out she became scared and had to have another dog help get her back to the vehicle for the trip home. Once inside the vehicle, she was in a safe place with her other companion dogs and settled down right away. She is a very submissive dog and will lay down and not move when she is frightened. I also took her to town and walked her with the other dogs on a leash and she didn't spook or mind traffic around her.

Wendy has finally overcome the bacterial infection she has and less itching now.

In the home Wendy has finally come out more and is playing with Eamon my other foster who is younger. I thought he could run fast and she can out run him with lightening speed. Sometimes she will run very fast and stop and look around and smell the air and then proceed with play. She stands if she is posing for a show. I included a few pictures. She will go so fast, sometimes she will tip Eamon over. Wendy has also shown if left alone outside, she will dig a hole in the dirt and lay in it. Sometimes I have noticed her eating dirt or even grass. She loves to just lay outside when not playing and enjoy what is going on outside around her. Wendy will bark at people when they come or even cars and trucks she can see out on the highway as I am up on a hill and about one and a half miles from Hwy 71. Sometimes at night she will bark at things outside when looking out the  window or the patio door, which could be a number of things as there are deer, raccoon, cats, pheasants, turkeys and many other animals around my property.

Since coming to Olivia, Wendy is a fussy eater and had diarrhea and would only eat cooked chicken at first. This was one of the major issues to be solved for her. I had to try several different  kinds of foods to control her stools and finally found one that worked with Diamond Naturals Chicken dry food. She still will only eat when she feels hungry and is not always at the  regular feeding times of other dogs. Wendy prefers her food on the floor and if you put it in a dish she will overturn it and then eat. Sometimes she will even spread the food out on the floor before eating and pick out what she wants, even though it all the same food.  She is a very slow eater and can take up to 15 minutes to eat and also wants someone near her. Of course, being a slow eater and submissive my other fosters would steal food if you weren't near to keep them away and she would get up and leave. I have also found she likes raw hides, bones or other meat as treats. Too many treats though and she will refuse to eat her regular food and only want treats.

Wendy will lay and let you brush her and when she is done she will move away to another spot. When she first came, she would run and lay in front of your feet when you were walking and once I almost  fell over her. I  would only pet her when I would approach her and not when she would lay in front of me. This has helped to solve this problem and now she will actually sit or stand instead of lay down in front of me. She does get excited once in a  while when she wants attention and will  jump up for a pet.

Wendy rides very well in the car and will lay down or just look out the window. She is very good if you have to leave to run into the store. She will jump into the vehicle herself and back out when you come home.

Wendy has started to play with toys and needs to be watched as she chews eyes and noses out of them sometimes, but doesn't play with a ball as yet.

She does come on the bed at night, but being Eamon also jumps on the bed she will leave when he comes up. She sleeps on dog beds on the floor and the only time on the couch was when she wanted to bury a rawhide for later.

Wendy would do well with another young confident dog to play with and keep her motivated. She would do well in a house without a lot of commotion and children who are older-7yrs and up.

Wendy would  bark at the cat or growl if near when eating and sometimes try to chase him. Lately, she has pretty much ignored him. She would have to be watched if being introduced to new cats, until she was comfortable with them and should be fine.

Wendy does not like flies. She actually jumped up on the coffee table by the window to try and catch one that was in the house one day. Quite a surprise to me at the time, as happened so fast.

Please keep watching as though unavailable at the moment, in the next month she may be ready to find a forever home if everything goes well the rest of this month. Anyone wishing to donate to Wendy or the other Turkey Dogs may contact RAGOMat their website. Thank you for watching.


Hooray, Wendy is now available for all those who are waiting for a dog for their forever home. There has been a few changes as Wendy no longer needs another dog in the home. She does need a fenced yard as she can run very fast, when she wants too. She would also like play time with another dog from time to time, maybe at a dog park or a friends place.

Wendy is eating pretty regular now. She still takes a long time to eat-30 minutes and if she is not hungry she will just lay by the dish. She will sometimes stand when eating now, as before she preferred laying and eating. Wendy has to be kept on same food as if changes are made, she will refuse food all together. Sometimes when I mix another kind into dish she will pick out what she likes and leave the rest.

She is also enjoying rawhide and bone treats on occasion and takes them very gently from you. She loves her bed to just hang out and watch what is going on around her. The best place she likes is just laying in the grass and smelling all the new smells and taking in the scenery. Things Wendy doesn't like are large crowds or a lot of noise, that is why young children not recommended for her forever home.. When vacuuming she will head upstairs until I am done. She did let me trim her nails and loves to be petted and brushed. Wendy has even been spotted once in a while now playing with a toy. However, if they have eyes, nose, or other attachments they are the first to be taken off by her.

Wendy does well when she is on a leash and so far has refused going into the pool, but will drink water from it.

Rides well leashed in the car and also lets you know by going to the door when she needs to go out.

Please contact placement at RAGOM, if you are looking for a mellow dog to hangout and share some love. Wendy has gorgeous color and eyes to melt your heart.


Since being put up for adoption, Wendy will soon meet her first possible adopter after they fill out their application, have a home visit, and come visit with her. They sound like a great fit for Wendy. The family has had other mixed Golden retrievers and are excited to see Wendy. I am hoping this will be a new beginning for her in a new country filled with love. Thanks all the offers for Wendy.

So keep watching to see if all goes well for Wendy.


Wendy came to America for a new life through RAGOM and she met her forever family and will now be residing in the Roseville area. I know her new family will shower her with love and give her a wonderful home. It was a wonderful experience to foster Wendy and help her find a forever home, I wish you many happy years in your new home.


Here are of few pics of Wendy at her new home and enjoying every minute. I was told she loves to chase squirrels.


Thought you might like a current photo of Wendy (Turkish rescue). She has become a real social butterfly.