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Ariel 16-065TD
(Fostered in Edina, MN)

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Ruth Hinnenkamp
"Welcome to the USA!
In memory of Corky"


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 4.15.16  Physical Yes  Optional  No
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600


Ariel traveled a long distance to join the RAGOM family.  For most of her young life, Ariel lived in the  small Aegean sea resort town of Cunda.   When rescuers in Turkey first saw her, she was curled up lying in the sun, as though she had not a care in the world.

Sleeping in the sun in Turkey


Yet, in her left ear was a red ear tag identifying her as a street dog

While she was homeless, she was loved and cared for by the shopkeepers in the town.  When they heard that she could have a family and a home of her own in America that would love her and care for her, they asked the rescuers to take her and bid a sad goodbye.  

Shopkeeper saying Good Bye

On April 8th, 2016 Ariel left her native country of Turkey to begin a new life in America.

Ariel has been with us for a week now and she is a complete joy.  She is sweet, loving, and very laid back.  As she is settling in, we are seeing a more playful side to her.  She is not yet interested in playing with our other dogs,  but she loves playing fetch and playing with toys by herself - she can entertain herself for quite a while tossing toys in the air and catching them, rolling all around with them and then completely de-stuffing them.  She does have the cutest habit of walking over to one of the other dogs here and giving them a kiss and then walking away. 

Bath time

At her vet visit, this petite girl weighed in at 53 pounds, which is perfect for her.   Overall, she is in great health.  She does have an ear infection which we are treating and is receiving a de-wormer for parasites.  One thing we have noticed is that she is a little itchy.  The vet recommended that we try Bendryl to help.  I am not sure if it the Benedryl or the bath she received with hypoallergenic shampoo, but she is doing so much better I rarely see her itching any more. 


Ariel modeling the bath wrap

As this has been such a major life change for her, we are going to wait another week or so before posting her as available.  Each day, new sides of her personality emerge and I want to make sure that we have a very good idea of what her perfect forever home will look like.

Ariel and Geppetto 16-064TD

Ariel and all of her Turkish buddies would like to thank all the amazing supporters and donors that allow RAGOM to continue bringing these dogs over.  It is only with your support that we can continue and there are still so many more to save.

Ariel has now been with us for almost 2 weeks and she has easily transitioned from life on the streets to life in a home.  She enjoys everything about being in a house!  She will rotate among the various dog beds in the house, and always now begins the night on our bed.  We began leaving her out of her kennel for short periods of time when we are gone and she does just great!  We gate off part of the house and she just hangs with the other dogs and has not gotten into anything.  She still does like her kennel and we leave the door open and she will go in their for naps occasionally and she always ends up in the one in our room sometime during the night.  Because we work from home, Ariel has not yet been left alone for long periods of time.  Her whole life has been spent around people and I don't think she is used to being alone.  When we have left her, she is not anxious, but I did notice that when she was kenneled, she was digging and chewing at the blanket under her kennel while we were gone and I have heard her barking as I drive into the driveway.  I think that she could slowly work up to a long day alone, but it will require some patience and time.  The presence of another dog in the home will most likely make this easier for her.

Ariel also loves her walks!  She does not pull at all and is a dream to walk.  For such a young girl, however, she seems to tire easily on walks and we have not gone any further than 2 miles at a time yet.  One thing I did learn the other day is that you do have to be aware of critters on the walk.  Ariel has a huge prey drive and the other day she saw a squirrel and about took my arm off as I wasn't paying attention.  When I looked closer, I saw her attention was also on a cat that was standing in a window.  Ariel absolutely cannot go to a home with cats.  I have seen her reaction and we were also told by the shopkeepers that cared for her that she going after cats was a sport for her and unfortunately, many cats lost their lives due to her.  It kind of surprises me that this sweet, relatively mellow girl has this side to her - you would never guess.  However, as she has gotten more comfortable here, I see her prey drive on a daily basis in our back yard.  She can go from zero to 60 in her speed when she sees a squirrel or a bunny.  Due to her intense drive, Ariel cannot go to a home with an invisible fence - I really think she would run right through it in her quest to get a bunny or squirrel.

If you are not a bunny, squirrel or cat, Ariel will be your best friend.  She is the sweetest golden ever and absolutely adores all people.  She loves attention and will literally melt to the ground when being petted.  She is also a very accomplished begger.  As her life on the street required to beg for food from shoppers and tourists, she has the behavior done pat.  She will approach anyone for attention and then sit in front them as though waiting for food.  She also will jump up and beg for food while we are eating.  We are working on that and she is doing great.  She is a very smart girl and has learned so much already!  She is going to be a fantastic new family member for some lucky family!

Ariel will be at Chuck and Don's in Shakopee tomorrow  if you would like to meet this beautiful girl.

Ariel, now known as Lily, has been adopted by an amazing family.  A few short months ago, she was a homeless dog living on the street in a small town in Turkey.  While she was loved by many of the shopkeepers there and was given attention during the days, she spent her nights alone, sleeping in what ever safe spot she could find.  Her journey to America to find a family and home of her own has paid off.  This sweet, trusting girl now has her own family and a wonderful home.  She will never be alone again and will be loved and pampered for the rest of her life.  Congratulations to the B family!