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Esmerelda 16-063TD
(Fostered in Bloomington, MN)

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Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 4/22/2016  Not required Ages 10+
Not tested
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600


Esmeralda arrived with the other Turkish dogs on April 9th. She is approximately 8 years old and is being fostered in Bloomington, MN. Esmeralda arrived so timid and shy it was heartbreaking. She was not able to look at us, and it seemed that she was not used to much human touch. Since staying with us, she has perked up just a little bit and now looks at us with her shy, big, brown eyes, and we even get a tail wag or two! She likes her favorite blanket and enjoys staying close to it. She walks on a leash very well (but very slowly!). She has a heart of gold. It will be fun to see this sweet girl blossom as her new life in America welcomes her!


Mellow Esmeralda has been wagging her tail so much more this week! She especially shows she is happy when the food bowl comes out! She has learned the meaning of “come” and has responded very well each time we call. She tries to please us, and it really seems like she is starting to understand more and more English. Esmeralda has a heart of gold. She is one of the most laid-back dogs I have ever met. She enjoys her napping time, but is ready to go on a walk or just be outside anytime we open the door.

Esmeralda was at a gathering of other Goldens this weekend. In true Esmeralda style, she laid down and let everyone come up and pet her. She had no interest in jumping or running around with the other dogs. She was content to just be mellow! What a sweetheart!


Esmeralda continues to shine! She trotted around the block this week with more of a spring in her step! She looks like she is smiling more and more as well. She had her second trip to the vet to get some routine blood work done. She is 54 pounds now, gaining 2 pounds since arriving in America! Her fur is very soft and healthy now, and even the vet commented on how nice it looks! Through her blood work, it was discovered that she has been exposed to a tick-born disease (Ehrlichiosis), so she will be receiving antibiotics to treat it. She will also most likely need and get a good teeth cleaning after her round of antibiotics.

Esmeralda comes when she is called, rarely barks (one of the quietest dogs I’ve known), walks very well on a leash, does not counter-surf, and spends most of her day sleeping or observing every move her humans make. It seems she is always watching us in case we decide to hand out treats! She is a very quiet and mellow dog with a very shy and sweet personality!




Esmeralda enjoyed her first trip to the cabin! We wondered if she would enjoy swimming as it seems she is part Golden and part Lab. She chose to watch from shore this time around! She did so well traveling in the car. Although car rides aren’t her favorite thing, she does seem to be more comfortable the more we do. She adjusted to her new environment well and seemed right at home! She observed all that went on around her and eagerly went for walks down the country dirt roads. She was petted by 11 different family members visiting the cabin and she soaked in all the attention! She has excellent recall and has become a very good listener!

Esmeralda will be visiting the vet this next week to get a recheck on her blood work. We are hoping that her blood work will show that she is no longer anemic and that her gum infections have healed. We will also schedule her teeth cleaning and have a few of the infected teeth extracted. Hopefully soon, with all this behind her, she will be available for adoption and she will be ready to find her forever home with a very lucky family! She is such a sweetheart!


Esmeralda had a good vet appointment. We believe she is part Lab and part Golden Retriever, and she weighed in at 54 pounds. Her blood work showed that although she is not 100% in the normal range, all of her red blood cells counts and white blood cell counts, as well as her platelet counts, are moving in the right direction following her antibiotics. Her energy level has picked up considerably and she seems happier all around!

Esmeralda also had hip X-rays to determine why her back hips seem weak and sometimes painful. We decided to proceed with X-rays because Esmeralda seemed to tire easily on our walks. We were not sure if it was because her blood count was low, or if she had an issue with her hips. What convinced us to proceed with X-rays was that she had been limping more as we were finishing even short walks. One day, she laid down and needed to take a long break before being able to continue. She would try to run, but not be able to. The X-rays showed that her ball and socket were just fine in her hip. That wasn’t causing the weakness. The vet determined that it is either arthritis or muscle weakness from her ehrlichiosis (tick-born illness). There is not a guarantee that this will improve, although it might. The vet recommended canine pain medication when it seems to be particularly bothersome. After using this for a week, we really saw no improvement in her back hip weakness. Her inner joy wants so badly to run, but when she tries, her back legs just won’t let her. What a trouper, though! She is so happy and smiley even though she can’t run and her walks need to be kept short.

Esmeralda is also scheduled for several extractions of infected teeth in July. She already has a wonderful smile. This will only add to her comfort! When at the vet, she air-snapped at an approaching, overexcited dog to give it a warning. On occasion, Esmeralda will give a warning curled lip if a dog is overly assertive and comes too close too quickly. We believe this is an initial reaction if she is afraid. After this sometimes, initial reaction, we have seen her warm up to other dogs. In fact, there were 4 other family dogs at our cabin that she had never seen, and they got along beautifully all weekend. This seems to be an uncommon, but occasional, behavior if she feels threatened or afraid.

As I said, she is such a trouper! Even though she has had all of this going on in her life AND just come from Istanbul, Turkey, she has a personality that wants to please, is well-behaved, easy-going, agreeable, and LOVES affection. She has learned the Golden Lean and the Golden Nudge! Her big, brown eyes and gentle disposition makes anyone’s heart melt! She has no separation anxiety; however, she is very afraid of thunder and loud noises. She is very nervous during car rides. She is consoled somewhat when you hold her next to you in the car. She is fully potty trained, does not use a crate, and has free roam of the house. Although she has free roam of the house, she never leaves our kitchen/dining room. We are not sure why this is, but she stays in these areas of the house when inside. She has no problems going on the deck or being outside, but must feel more secure in a select few rooms. She sleeps well and eats well and has no counter-surfing issues.

Esmeralda would make a great family dog in a quieter household. She would not do well with small children and roughhousing, as she enjoys the rest and peace, typical with an older dog. She does very well with our mellow 12-year-old resident dog and takes her cues from her.

If a mellow, quiet, gentle sweetheart is what you are looking for, Esmeralda may be just the one!


Esmeralda has found her forever home!! She will be living with her new wonderful mom and dad and two beautiful Golden sisters! Esmeralda has come a long way since her lonely days on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. She is healthy, happy, and full of love for people around her. We are so happy for her and her new family!