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Finnbar 16-048
(Fostered in Shoreview, MN)

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Lisa B.
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 3/23/16  12+  Read profile and updates  Not tested  Physical fence optional  Low
Please read Finnbar's profile from the most recent to the oldest postings. This loving boy has grown up and matured and is ready to meet you and love you. Do not let his grim past discourage you. Today he is healthy, happy, loving and smart. He has never, not even once, made a mess in this foster's home, he loves walks, loves laying around, is always smiling, always wagging his tail and has many funny and cute expressions. Meet Finnbar, he is a lover!
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Mr Finnbar is an amazingly sweet boy, especially considering that his life before RAGOM was not good. He came from a neglect situation with 10 other dogs. He is 4 years old and very underweight. His energy is high considering his depleted state of health. To help his digestive system adjust to a normal amount of food he is eating 3 small meals a day from a muffin tin to keep him from inhaling it too quickly. Since he has been deprived of food, I am careful to keep it out of reach and feed him away from my other dogs. It may take a long time (if ever) before he can be trusted not to steal food.



He has been in my home for eight days and has adjusted really quickly. The first day he was all over the place investigating EVERYTHING! He is still easily startled by loud noises, but is getting along really well with my resident dogs. He and my resident boy have played together until they were both exhausted. 

He brings a new meaning to "counter surfer" he has leaped on to my dining room table multiple times, and there wasn't even any food there. He was just curious about what was up there! I crate him when I am not at home and confine him to my bedroom with a baby gate at night. He is pretty good about doing his business outside, but still has a slip now and then.


He needs to be neutered and to have a broken tooth pulled, so will not be available for adoption until that is done. He also has a condition called "happy tail". He has beat his tail against hard surfaces enough to split the end. It was bandaged when he came to me and has been re-bandaged for a while longer. The vet said that sometimes the end of the tail has to be amputated as it is continually re-injured by a wildly wagging boy.

He loves to play fetch and is VERY cuddly. His fur is super soft. He does not bark very much, only when my resident dogs bark. He has shown some puppy like behaviors (like playing with the really good looking dog in the mirror), and I wonder if that is due to his challenging start in life. I think that he will make a great dog for an active home. I think once he is at a normal weight he will want to go,go,go!
Keep checking for updates as he makes the journey to full health and gets ready to find his forever home.


Finn is full of energy and love. Since he came to me he has eaten an 18 lb bag of food and his ribs are no longer as visible as they were. I am continuing to give him small meals 3 times a day and he has had no digestive problems with that.

He and my resident boy Herky have daily wrestling matches which they both enjoy. Finn still has accidents in the house (one or two a week), so I try to get him outside after every nap and play session. 
We are working on his habit of leaping up on me in greeting. He runs at me and leaps, so I turn away from him. Sometimes it takes three or four turns for him to get the idea. It is wonderful that he has so much joy and energy, he just needs to learn how to redirect it. We don't know all of the breeds that are part of the boy, but I am pretty sure there is some kangaroo in there somewhere!
He will be going to the vet this week to get a booster shot and be cleared for neutering, which I hope to get done soon.
Thanks to Cait 16-045 and RD in SD for the butterfly gifts on Finn's page!

Mr Finn had surgery on Thursday. He was neutered and had his left canine tooth pulled. The tooth was broken and looked very painful even though he showed no sign of pain The vet showed me the tooth afterward and I was amazed at how big it was. There must have been about an inch of tooth in the gum.
They told me to keep him quiet for a week and then allow more activity in the second week. I could NOT get Finn to read the instructions. So far I have prevented Finn and Herky from playing rough, but that is about it. Finn goes from 0 to 60 and does not have a slower speed. Even the night of the surgery he was pretty much unaffected by the day he had. Not groggy at all. I have attached a picture of him in a Kong collar that I hoped would keep him from licking. It did not do the trick, so he is wearing a fabric cone now. 
He is taking antibiotics and pain medication and needs to go back to the vet in a week to get the stitches in his mouth removed. Once that is done, his status will change to available, and he will be looking for his forever home! 


Finn is all healed up and ready to GO! He has been cleared by the vet. He is back to playing with Herky and feeling "perky". He weighs close to 50 pounds, so is only about 5 pounds under what would be his ideal. He is learning to sit and since he is so food motivated, he will be good to train. He had his first introduction to children since I have had him and a loud 4 year old boy made Finn nervous. I put Finn in the house when I saw his reaction. I think he would be more at ease with 10+ years old. He is sensitive to loud noises and climbs in my lap when he is startled by them. 

Due to his background, I think that changes in his environment may be challenging for him. He can adjust, but might take longer than a dog who had a better start in life. He has been through a lot of changes in the last two months and has adjusted each time. He just needs time and patience. 

To let you know what a lover he is, there were two staff members at the vet who wished their home situation was different so that they could adopt Finn. He is a very sweet guy and looking for his forever home with someone who wants a loving dog who wants to be with you all of the time!


Finn is doing well. He and Herky continue to have wonderful play times with lots of tugging and wrestling. Finn is a very smart boy and learns quickly. I had him sit once or twice before I put his food down, and now as soon as I am ready to do it, he sits on his own. Food is a strong motivator for him.

Someone came to meet Finn this weekend and he reacted by barking at her and looking stressed. When she gave him treats he took them nicely from her, but continued to bark. I let my dogs outside to be with him and he seemed better. We then took a walk with Finn and Herky and he really calmed down. He met another person on Sunday and was better, but still occasionally barked loudly at her. I think that Finn has gotten used to the quiet life at my house and needs more experience with novelty. It also showed that he feels more confident when my other dogs are with him. He will need another four footed sibling in his forever home.

Finn will need lots of love and patience to help him build confidence. He is so smart, he will be fun train.



have started giving Finn some puzzles to work on to keep him busy and burn some energy. I froze some dry dog food in a kong and put him in the crate to work on it. At first he did not understand where the food smell was coming from. He wasn't expecting the kong to have food inside of it. I gave him a couple of hints to check it. Once he figured it out he went to town and was happily occupied for at least 30 minutes. He was quite happy to be in his crate while he worked on it. 

I have a large plastic cube that holds dry dog food so I gave him both of his meals in that today. He is a bit confused about how it works. He loves finding the pieces of food that fall out of it, but is reluctant to flip it over to make them fall. We will keep working on it as it makes food time more fun and lasts longer.
This morning I noticed a red patch under his collar on his throat. He seems to be having some allergies although I rarely see him scratch. When he is in the house I take his collar off as I think it rubs that patch and traps moisture. I washed the area with special shampoo the vet gave us for allergies. I have also given him benedryl twice today. I will be keeping a close eye on it so it does not get infected.


Sorry that it has been so long since I have updated this page. 

Finn is doing well. I no longer have to give him benadryl and the itchy spot on his throat is all healed up. He does have a yeast infection in both ears, so he gets drops twice a day and ear cleaning once a day. He goes bonkers after I clean his ears. He runs around, spins, jumps on the bed, rubs and generally lets me know that I have totally WRECKED his ears! Happily, this does not last long.

He has become a master at the buster cube and needs no help getting the food out. He was so good at it that he broke one cube in half. I got a new cube and a buster ball which I think will be a bit harder for him to break (at least I hope so!).

The RAGOM behavior services manager did a thorough evaluation of Finn yesterday. I asked for this as he has gotten more aggressive with my resident boy Herky and when new people come to my house, Finn barks and barks and barks at them. Finn has a very big bark, so sounds scary even though all he has done is bark at people. She said that because of his background, Finn is highly reactive. Every new thing or person frightens him, so he barks. She showed me some training techniques to use with him to stimulate his brain and help burn some of his energy. She also gave me suggestions on how to get him more comfortable with new people and experiences. 

He is a fast learner, and very motivated by food. An ideal placement for Finn would be with someone who is patient, active and interested in training a smart dog who got a bad start in life through no fault of his own. The home should have no children or cats. Finn could be placed in a home with another dog, but it would have to be a good match. He does fine with my girl Zoey, as she puts him in his place when he gets pushy. A dog like Herky who is submissive would not be a good match. If the home has another dog, there should be multiple humans so that both dogs can get attention at the same time. 

I started training with Finn today and see a change already. I will update you on this progress as we go on. "Finn"gers crossed!

I am still treating Finn for the yeast infection in his ears. He may need a return visit to the vet if it is not cleared up this week. He has gotten resigned to the ear medication, but still thinks that squirting cleaning solution in his ears is really RUDE! He carries on after it is done, but always lets me do it.

Finn was continuing to show occasional aggression toward Herky, so we decided to put him on Prozac to reduce Finn's anxiety. We just started it last week and it will take awhile for the results to show. I have also been walking Finn and Herky together every day. He shows great improvement in his walking manners. At first he would zig zag in front of me and stop suddenly. Now he walks in a straight path and moves more predictably. He is getting along well with Herky during the walks. I have been avoiding other dogs and people on the walk so that Finn is not given more than he can handle. Yesterday we met another RAGOM adoptee who is also named Zoey. She is an older, mellow girl and so I let Finn approach her. He was just fine, sniffing and nuzzling her ear. So it seems that Finn has a fondness for senior Goldens name Zoey!
We continue to work on Sit, Drop, Wait and Look as his obedience work. When he is calm and focused he responds well to all of these commands. It will take more work for him to handle them when there are distractions. An interesting distraction is Finn's reflection in a mirror. When I have him sit in front of a mirror he keeps glancing to see if that other dog is sitting too! 

Finn is a sweet, affectionate, intelligent, active boy who will make a great companion for the right person. Could that be you?


Finn went to the vet for a recheck on his ears as there was still debris accumulating in them. The yeast infection is better, but not gone so he has been switched to a new ear medication. The tech at VCA commented on how nicely he sat for the deep ear cleaning that she gave him. He was a little anxious during the appointment, but well behaved. When he was at his most anxious he would come to me and try to climb in my lap. He is so sweet, but a little big for a lap dog.

He has made good progress with meeting strangers. I had two different people come to the house and he barely barked at either one. He now just expects every visitor is here to give him treats, and that is a good thing!

He has also been better behaved with Herky. We have had a stretch of days with no aggression except a low growl once or twice. I don't know if the walks and obedience work has made the difference, or if it is the Prozac. Either way, I am so happy about the change!



Happy Spring!  Happy Spring Finnbar! Love, your fur sister Cait 16-045!

Happy Spring!  Happy Spring! So glad you are a Ragom Rescue now! Thank you SFHS for your efforts! From RD in SD



I am so proud of the progress that Finn has made. I have been able to let him have free roam when I am gone during the day. He no longer needs to be crated. He does very well on walks with Herky and Zoey. I use a Gentle Leader on him as he pulls when he sees a rabbit or squirrel. He is really ready to join a new home. He is smart and affectionate and so sweet. 

His ear infection is gone, so he is in great shape!


Finn's ears have continued to be a problem, so last week he had a deep ear flush by the vet. He was sedated so the vet could work deep in his ear canals. There was a lot of packed in debris that prevented the medications from getting rid of the yeast infection. For the next two weeks Finn is on prednisone and two different ear drops. The medication is to reduce the inflammation and kill off the yeast. He is very tired of getting ear drops and now it happens four times a day. He doesn't fight it, just slinks away and looks depressed when he knows what is coming. I hope this will be the end of the ear trouble. 


I am very proud of Finn. He is much better about dealing with strangers and new situations. He has been in a number of new situations lately and has handled them well. He has met new people without barking at them, been for a walk around Lake of the Isles with no fearful reactions to people or dogs. One dog lunged and barked at him and FInn was calm. 
His ears are doing well and we go in for a recheck on Friday . Finn really hopes that he will be ear drop free after then. He is very submissive to the ear drops, but obviously does not like them. He always knows when I have the drops and he hides. He does not hide too well (frequently in the same spot). When I find him he just pretends that he is not there and that I will go away. That has not been working for him, but he keeps trying it. 

This boy is super sweet with people and very smart. He will make a GREAT addition to some lucky home!


I had to travel for work last week which meant leaving my dogs and Finn at home with a couple of pet sitters. I was worried as Finn has been know to bark at strangers. I am VERY happy to say that he behaved very well with the sitters. He met them before I left town and was calm meeting them. There was a big storm while I was gone and Finn was calm for that. He has definitely made progress.

We are trying a new medicine for his ears as they are still producing too much wax and debris. The drops were put in on Friday and now we wait 30 days for the result. Fingers are crossed. Finn is relieved as there will be no other ear medicine during this time.

On Friday Finn got my iphone and bit the screen. At first I thought the phone would have to be replaced, but it just needed a new screen. He had never showed much interest in it before, so I think he was registering his annoyance that I had not called once while I was out of town. I was getting email updates and photos, but he wanted to know what I was doing!


Finn is doing well. He is enjoying our daily walks and is meeting other dogs and people with no problem. He wags his tail and is friendly. He is always interested in any squirrels and rabbits on the walk. He would dearly love to chase them. I don't know what he would do if he ever caught one, but he really wants to try.

Finn was gated in my bedroom yesterday while I was gone for a few hours. When I got home he had pulled a paperback book off the shelf and shredded/ate it. He is obsessed with paper, but this is the first time he has eaten a book! It was a thin book and I looked all over for the remains as there was not much that I could find. Finn must have eaten most of it and shows no problem with digesting it. I figured he was part kangaroo/pin ball and now I add bookworm!

Finn will be at Goldzilla, so if you want to meet him in person, come and visit!


Finnbarr recently speant a few days at another volunteer's home.  Here is what they say about Finn.  He is a pleasure to have around, he doesn't bark very often but does have a deep bark when he does, usually it's when/if another dog barks before him to try and egg him on. He played a lot and he really followed the pack at our house when he was here. It didn't take him long to get comfortable in his kennel when he was as being fed, he is definitely food motivated and will pretty much do anything for a treat, but he takes treats very sweetly and also sits when he gets his treats or when he sits at your feet. He also likes to follow you, definitely likes to see what is going on and is very inquisitive for sure. I can't say enough how nice he is to have around.

He does have some anxiety; I think the medication that he takes helps him. If there are going to be other dogs in the house, it probably would be better to have them be a dominant personality because then he will back down. He didn't pick on any of our guys, in fact he liked to follow our dog, Finnegan, around and wanted to play, very cute. He would also do fine, I think, in a house where he is the only dog around. That would allow him to completely focus on his people. His behavior training papers indicated that this anxiety is very possible to treat and also with patience, he will get used to a calmer atmosphere. He's a love and will make someone a great addition.


Well, this is the first update of Mr. Finnbar since he came to our house two days ago. As you can see from the first picture, he has already found a bed to be comfortable on with one of our resident dogs, Finnegan. We also just cleaned the bathroom, well...I can say that I cleaned the bathroom and he watched!!! He is very curious and wants to know about everything. He loves to be outside, but he also loves to follow you around and make sure he does not miss anything or miss anybody. We have three Irish Setters and there have been no tussles yet, true only thing that I could foresee is that maybe over a toy, but that is something that I monitor and make sure that everyone has one to play with and sometimes even in separate corners. I will tell you that when we are watching TV or doing something in the living or dining room, he is usually right beside us and as I am typing this, he is standing under the table and is just chilling out. He is a sweetie, now he has parked himself on the floor. He loves to eat and owing to the fact that he was in a hoarding situation, he (and our resident dogs) are all fed in their kennels, that way it is safe for him and he doesn't feel threatened. He has gotten a lot better about eating as well, he does tend to gobble his food so I use one of the bowls that have pockets so he can eat slower. He likes being around his folks and also around the action!! I'll let him talk to you a little bit.


/pictures/Pictures2016/Finnbar16048f6.jpg        /pictures/Pictures2016/Finnbar16048f7.jpg        /pictures/Pictures2016/Finnbar16048f8.jpg

Hi folks, Finnbar here. I just got to the H house a few days ago. There is a lot of action around here as there are three other dogs in the house as well. I get along with all of them, but the senior female kind of ignores me anyway. We get along though. I get my own kennel and my own bowl and the other three dogs are great. There are two males and a female and we all get along. I know it takes awhile for everybody to get used to each other. I will tell you, that because I was from a really crowded situation where I came from, sometimes I need some reassurance that it will be okay. I get a little anxious, but I take some medication at night and after I take it, I get a treat so it's all good. We're going on a walk today, it's a nice day and it should be really fun. Well, that's all from here now, more in a few days.

/pictures/Pictures2016/Finnbar16048f2.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2016/Finnbar16048f3.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2016/Finnbar16048f4.jpg     /pictures/Pictures2016/Finnbar16048f5.jpg


Hey everybody:

Finnbar continues to do well at our house, we went for a walk on Sunday with Finnbar and Finnegan one of our resident dogs. He did very well and likes to walk, he walks well on a leash.  I think he likes to be outside period. Let me give you a heads up on a few things, he does have some anxiety and considering how he came into RAGOM from a hoarding situation, frankly I don't blame him. He does take medication for his anxiety and that works well for him, I don't think that his anxiety is a huge deal, it is just something that his foster or forever home will need to make sure they are patient with him and makes sure that he knows he is safe and secure. We have three other dogs and as of today, there has not been any major tussles, Finnbar did get in Casey's face(one of our residents) this morning, but Casey let him know that he did not like that and Finn backed down, I think if there are other dogs in the home Finnbar needs a dog or dogs that are a bit more assertive than he is, but he could also be just fine with being the only one in the house, I don't think he is bossy, he just wants to make sure everyone likes him. I really think that he loves to be around the action and he loves to be a shadow. He also likes to chew on socks, pieces of paper and I have found out that he also likes to counter surf, he is funny to watch and he is so sweet. I think that from being in a hoarding situation, he is afraid that his food will get taken away, but as he is fed in his kennel, he knows it is a safe place as well. Patience is a good rule with him.

Well, that's it from the H house at this point, more in a few days.

/pictures/Pictures2016/Finnbar16048g1.jpg           /pictures/Pictures2016/Finnbar16048g2.jpg


Finn is ready for Christmas and hopes to get a visit from Santa Dog! He would also like to thank Sam & Nikki for the winter mitten icon in memory of Hawk 08-372 , who recently went to the Rainbow Bridge. You know how to make a guy feel special!




Finnbar had a fabulous weekend out of boarding! He went to the RAGOM holiday sale, Meet n’ Greet, and on a trip to Starbucks for a “puppuccino”!


/pictures/Pictures2016/Finnbar16048i2.jpg           /pictures/Pictures2016/Finnbar16048i3.jpg

Finn is an adorable and very sweet pup! He is pretty small for 4 years old and his fur is soft as a chinchilla's. He is a Velcro dog that actively seeks out cuddles. Is house trained and walks nicely on a leash. Also very food motivated so is quick to learn. He did great around all the other dogs at the sale this weekend, too.

Finn would love to be adopted by the holidays. He is looking for a home with a physical fence, no cats and children 10+.  He's been waiting to find his forever family since March. If you are interested in adopting Finn, please contact your Placement advisor!

/pictures/Pictures2016/Finnbar16048i4.jpg        /pictures/Pictures2016/Finnbar16048i5.jpg        /pictures/Pictures2016/Finnbar16048i8.jpg

/pictures/Pictures2016/Finnbar16048i6.jpg                /pictures/Pictures2016/Finnbar16048i7.jpg


Finnbar left the kennel on December 15th to join his new Foster parent.  A new location for him was a challenge he adjusted to quickly because he came to a home where his new foster lives alone and has stayed with him most of the time.  He is only crated for 1 to 4 hour time periods when his foster steps out.  There are no other pets at his new home.  Finnbar adapts best to an environment that is less chaotic.

Finnbar acted happy and playful from the first minute in the car to his arrival.  He is extremely alert and curious. He must sniff everything and will check out every object in his surroundings where ever he goes.  He loves companionship and is part Vizsla and part Lab retriever.  Vizsla's are known to be "Velcro" dogs, meaning that they will stick next to your side.  At first, he did not respect my personal space.  He was always too close to my face and would lay on top of me when on the bed watching TV.  I have used a stiff arm and the "back" command and he is learning to not lick my face or breathe the same air as much as it was at first.

Finnbar enjoyed watching another Vizsla romp!

Finnbar is smart and learned quickly how to "shake" hands.  He is totally motivated by food due to his past when he had to compete for food.  He loves rawhide or chew bones and I give him one each morning.  If he doesn't get one, he will come up to you and ask for one by pawing at you.

/pictures/Pictures2016/Finnbar16048j2.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2016/Finnbar16048j3.jpg
Rawhide delight each morning keeps him content if not jumping for joy!

He is so cute with those big brown eyes and his many facial expressions.  Finnbar never left my side for the first two weeks.  If I left the room, he followed, always.  In the last few days, he has started to leave the room on his own and come back 5 to 10 minutes later .  He absolutely loves to lay on the bed with me as he did with a previous foster who had him for six months.  He can sleep on the same bed or will sleep quietly in his crate which is in the bedroom.  He also enjoys long walks and acts very calm outside while using a harness leash.  He is an adorable, playful, happy and energetic dog that wants to please you and wants to love and be loved.

Finnbar's many expressions will melt your heart.  He is just a lover.

Those are the positives.  Finnbar's adopter needs to be aware of his history and learn that he is a reactive dog that has triggers that can cause him fear or anxiety or discomfort and that causes him to hide or growl.  He has been on anxiety medication and RAGOM personnel are trying to determine his long term needs.  Finnbar is unpredictable when meeting new dogs and new people. He seems to make his own choices on whom he will accept or be afraid of.  When he is afraid, if he is allowed some time to process his situation, he can settle down and become nonreactive. It's best to let him approach a new person instead of having them approach Finnbar. Limiting close range eye contact may also be helpful during a first encounter.  As stated previously, he is a fast learner and his domestication and social behavior are progressing each day and week as he grows and matures.



Merry Christmas, Finnbar, from Sam and Nikki in memory of Hawk 08-372!  Merry Christmas, Finnbar, from Sam and Nikki in memory of Hawk 08-372!



Finnbar had his 5th birthday on March 12th and has now spent one year in the RAGOM family.  It is a miracle to his current foster that this beautiful boy with the silky soft coat and adorable floppy ears has not been adopted.  He is everything any dog lover wants in a loyal, well behaved friend and household guardian.  He barks when the doorbell rings or when it's heard from the TV.  His bark is very loud and assertive.  He is very loving, wants to be by your side and gives affectionate kisses.  He does not have separation anxiety and is very comfy in his crate.  He enters his crate freely when asked, so his foster can run errands.  He sleeps in his crate at night and never complains or ever asks to be let out.  He respects his foster's personal stuff.  Finnbar loves to chew rawhides and it is his favorite treat.  During the day, he loves to lay on his foster's bed but has never jumped on the living room furniture.  Finnbar is great on a leash during his walks but should be kept under control when other dogs approach.  He gets excited and his playfulness is not always accepted by unknown approaching dogs.

Finnbar should be placed in a forever home that has a fenced yard, with no more than one other dog, and where children under ten years of age are not present.  Finnbar is a very curious dog who is always smiling and wagging his tail.  He will be easily loved and fit in well with the proper applicant.

Finnbar has had a very active and diverse winter.  He continues to meet new people and other dogs.  He is showing less and less anxiety in meeting "selected" males that he formerly would fear.  His selection criteria is unknown but he appears to be losing his fear more each day and week.

Finnbar met his sister, Janette 16-052, (renamed Alice by her adopter) in February on two occasions in a private, fenced-in dog exerise area along with her adopter and male friend.  After both visits, it was apparent that Finnbar is more advanced in his socialization than Alice.  They both accepted each other at first sight and there were no visible negative memories of each other from their hoarding house experiences before both were rescued in March, 2016.  This was great news and Finnbar looks forward to seeing her again soon.

Finnbar shares "treat time" with two female Goldens living in his foster neighborhood.  He has always accepted female humans and felines but has had acceptance issues with "selected" males (dogs and humans).



Finnbar meets his sister, Janette 16-052 (renamed "Alice" by adopter) and takes a kiss from his sister!  Alice is from the same rescue, SD-11, and is believed to be from the same biological parents but it's not known if they are from the same litter.


Finnbar and Alice pause, pose, and put paws down for a photo shoot.


Finnbar spent 18 days with two larger GR males as his foster went away on vacation.  He passed a major hurdle by showing he can get along with other male dogs.  He did display "mounting tendencies" and was slow to get the message from these two strong self-defending males.  Nobody got hurt and Finnbar's socialization has taken a huge step forward.


A very lucky dog lover will be blessed if approved to adopt this sweet, loving, smart dog.