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Vincent 16-025TD
(Fostered in Minneapolis, MN)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 3.8.16 Required  Yes!  Required OK with cats! 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $800

I am so excited to introduce you to one of RAGOM’s newest family members.  All the way from the beach of theAegean Sea, say hello to Vincent!


Nail Clipping  

Vincent is a stunning 11 month old male golden retriever.   A Turkish volunteer got a call about a dying dog on a beach of the  Aegean Sea . When the volunteer got there, he was in such bad shape that she could not tell what type of dog he was, but knew he needed help immediately if he was to survive. Help came in time, and while Vincent is still quite thin, he was healthy enough to make the 5,000+ mile trip to  Minneapolis .  

“Vinnie” weighed in at about 52 pounds and has been given a clean bill of health from Dr. Rachel at  Minnehaha Animal   Hospital .  When Vinnie was rescued from the beach, he weighed a mere 27 pounds so he’s since doubled his weight and has a gorgeous cream coat.  We will continue to give him some extra food as he could still stand to gain another 5 –10 pounds.  

Vet Visit  

Vinnie has been with us now for a few days and doing very well with EVERYTHING!  He has only had 2 accidents which is no big deal considering what he has been through in his very short life.  Here are some of the things we’ve learned about sweet Vinnie:

·          Very friendly and respectful towards other dogs.

·         Likes to play with other dogs but also loves to play with toys independently.

·         Respects baby gates and closed doors.

·         No issues when crated during the work day for up to 7 ½ hours.

·         Snuggle bug, extraordinaire!

·         Great kisser!

Stay tuned for more adorable pictures of Vinnie and updates as we get to know this sweet boy better!  


Sunshine in the Yard




Hello to my fans!

Vincent here, to give you an update on myself since foster mom is so behind in updating all of you!
First of all, I got to celebrate turning ONE on April 8th.  It was a very special birthday for me because my rescue hero, Emel picked the date just for me.  Oh, and I got to have birthday donuts - with sprinkles on top! 
I have now been in America for about 7 weeks and I have to admit, I like it quite well.  I am fascinated by pretty much everything but what puppy wouldn't be?  Here are some new things that my foster family has learned about me and what I will need in my forever home:
* A physical fence - I am in awe of all the squirrels, bunnies and birds around here.  They get me so excited that I chase them...if only I could climb the trees!  Foster mom says I have a very high "prey drive", whatever that means.
* I am a very social guy and love to meet and play with other four-leggers of the furry type and I would like to live with one who will play run/chase with me, wrestle and tug with toys.
* I need to be on the furniture with my humans.  At the end of a great day, I just love to snuggle up on the couch (or on your lap), or take a nap on the bed with my foster sister, Jayden.
* I need a forever family who will be very understanding as I transition in to my forever home as I may have accidents in the house.  I haven't had any accidents in my foster home for about 5 weeks but a new environment and new people may make me a little nervous at first.
Foster mom says I am a big goofy puppy and I make her laugh every day.  I am hoping to find my very own family and see if I can make them laugh too.  If you think I would be a great addition to your family, please contact your placement adviser!


Hellooooooooo to my fans and followers! 

I have super exciting news – I’ve been adopted and have my very own family to love and spoil me for the rest of my awesome golden life!  I have a mom, dad and two super cool brothers, Finley (“Fin”) and Harrison (“Harry”).



The first night in my new house, I wasn’t quite sure where to rest my weary head after a long evening of running and playing with Harry but I finally found a quiet corner in the kitchen.  My mom actually slept with me part of the night on the cold kitchen floor and then quietly snuck back to bed when I clearly off to dreamland.



I am so excited to have found my forever family and life has been super exciting so far.  I have a “thrown” to keep watch over “all the land” so I can alert my family of any predators like squirrels, bunnies, birds, deer…and whatever else may wander in to my kingdom.



I have already trained my new mom to take me shopping for new toys and treats…here I am checking out the clearance bin…”I’ll take this, and this, and this – oh and, THIS!”



Fin and Harry tell me all sorts of stories about how great it is here.  Mom and dad will be bringing all of us boys to “the lake” and I’ll get to swim and ride on a boat -there will be endless adventures! 

This new life is SOOOO much better than being alone on the beach in Turkey.  Thank you to my angel rescuers who found me, nursed me back to health and gave me this opportunity to live an amazing life! 

Watch for me on RAGOM’s “Happy Endings” page! 


Vinnie J-B




Would love to share an update on Vincent's Happy Ending!!

Vincent is LOVING his forever home! He has more than enough room in our backyard where he spends his time chasing his brothers, balls, laying in his kiddy pool that Mom puts out on hot days, and trimming the grass!

Vinnie is the "protector" of the home, where he makes sure we are safe from all the squirrels, birds, oh & kiddos running around the neighborhood. 

One thing I have learned about Vinnie is he LOVES to swim. He doesn't need to chase a ball, but is SO content swimming back and forth, and back and forth for as long as we let him. It is like it is his happy place. Everyone who meets Vinnie describes him as "needy" (As he will paw at you or nudge you to keep petting him) "so chill" "what a sweetie!" "How old is he?? I swear I thought he was 10 years old" "He's perfect!" "He seems like he fits in so well here"

Our hearts are so full of love for this guy..All three of our goldens are so different and unique, but it is safe to say there is something really special about this guy! We will be forever grateful for RAGOM and their amazing efforts made to bring these guys to safe and loving homes here in America... I also cannot thank Jen E. and her husband Jim (Vinnie's forever foster parents) and his foster sisters Maggie & Jayden for giving Vinnie the love and care that he needed when he arrived here on American soil until he was able to find his way into our home!

I have plans for this guy... including but not limited to... Never ending snuggles for the rest of his life, a promise to always share my pillow with him, a never-ending amount of toys to shred, more than enough tennis balls to go around, always finding new adventures especially up at the cabin, super nommy treats, oh and lots and lots of belly rubs! We love you Vinnie!!