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Diva 16-024TD
(Fostered in Sioux Falls, SD)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 3/12/2016 Required  Ages 10+
Optional  No
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600


Diva took a long journey from Turkey to Sioux Falls, SD. Her journey began when she was abandoned from an abusive situation. She arrived at a rescue with burns from cigarettes on her back. She had to be shaved and spent months having her skin treated for her wounds. She was shy and very afraid. She was fearful of sounds, hands, and everything that moved toward her. But she is not that way anymore. She does require slow introductions to new dogs. If she is barked at, she will bark back, but with my dogs, her tail was wagging and they were friends immediately.

She is young, healthy, and very playful. In her new home, she will need LOTS of TENNIS BALLS and no cats. She jumps up when she first meets people, so might not do well with small children if this behavior isn’t changed. She’s not very big and on the thin side for now. She is a puppy and is exploring her new environment and getting into things she shouldn’t---just like a puppy. To her credit, Diva quickly calms down and is a very sweet dog.

Diva has learned to sit for treats. She takes them nicely. She’s a smart girl learning a new home and language, since we don’t speak Turkish. She gets along very well with my two female dogs. She wrestled and chased with the big Golden and chased tennis balls with the Labradoodle. Then she found a small hole and made it bigger. She put her tennis balls there and climbed in. Diva wasn’t white anymore, but muddy and happy. She is making repeated trips to the toy boxes and finding more and more tennis balls. She isn’t fond of her crate after traveling so many miles. She does like her own blanket and takes it outside. She hasn’t chewed it up, but likes to carry it around.

Diva walks nicely on a leash. She obviously has had training at some time in her life. She seems very at home in a house. There have been no accidents. She is sleeping on the bed at night, on chairs and the sofa. She feels very much at home immediately. She does counter-surf and loves her food.

Toys are also very important, especially tennis balls. She can chew the cover off in no time. She loves to retrieve and just carry the ball around in her mouth.

Diva is a typical two-year-old Golden. Playful, funny, and very sweet. A lap dog from day one. If you have the energy to keep up with this beauty, contact your placement advisor or let RAGOM know you are interested by filling out an inquiry form online.


Wow, has Diva had a busy two weeks since coming to the United States! She arrived at her new foster home a little over a week ago. She sends kisses and wags to everyone who helped her get here.

She met our two resident dogs with a little barking, but everyone worked it out after an hour, and they are now playing together. She is very playful.

Hanging out with Carly and Bella.

On her third day at our house, a local TV station came to do an interview on the dogs from Turkey. She was thrilled with all the attention. With perfect timing, she even jumped up and gave one of our volunteers big kisses when she was describing how great Golden Retrievers are. In the middle of the taping, she even brought the reporter her shoe! She really does live up to her name.

The very next day, Diva attended her first meet-and-greet. She was a rock star! We had a great turnout for the afternoon, and she met a lot of people, kids, and dogs. She did really well with all the attention, especially when meeting kids. Miss Diva also managed to find the bulk treat bucket while we weren't looking and helped herself to a few. She was very tired after all of that excitement.

Meet-and-greets are hard work.

Here is what we have learned about Miss Diva the past week. First of all, this young lady is not shy at all. She loves people and just wants attention. She has not shown any fear at all. Diva still has a LOT of puppy energy. She plays until she collapses, takes a quick nap, and gets right up and goes again. Miss Diva is also a skilled counter-surfer and truly a retriever. She will bring you anything she can find on a counter or table, like a tape measure, a plastic cup, a marker, etc. She also is on a mission to destroy as many stuffed toys as possible. She knows "sit" and is learning "stay." We are working on walking a little better on a leash. The only time she pulls is when something catches her attention and she wants to check it out.

Diva loves toys!

Diva is a great dog that needs a little work on her obedience training. She is very energetic and very sweet. She is also a big cuddlebug and snuggles really well.


Diva will be at the Meet and Greet on Saturday in Sioux Falls! Your Pet Stop is the location.


Diva has been very busy the last few weeks and has wonderful news. She met a really wonderful family and went to her forever home! Diva will have two human sisters to play with and teach her new tricks. She will get to go on all sorts of adventure and get to experience new things. She is a very lucky girl. Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped Diva make the journey to her new life and to RAGOM for making this all possible.


Hello to everyone interested in reading about sweet Diva’s Happy Ending.  First and foremost, thank you to Antje and Jason for being SUCH an amazing foster family !!   Diva was in the best of care with such great love; and the communication was so thorough and helpful,  helping our family with the big decision to adopt – THANK YOU so much !

And thank you to RAGOM for proving to be one of the most professional agencies I have ever worked with – very impressive procedures, communication and passion for the dogs – beautiful !

Here are a few pictures of Diva’s move.

First – here she is watching out the window on the very long drive from S. Dakota to MN.

She traveled perfectly – no issues and snuggled a ton !  :)  It was a long drive so naps were a must

The first morning she awoke to 2 VERY happy human sisters – they already adore her !

We will send more updates  and pics - off  now to go snuggle and play – she is a treasure ! 


The M Family


Here is Diva at her very first soccer game watching one of her new human sisters play  :)


Running and chasing tennis balls with my human sister :)


On a long Mother’s Day hike – stopping for some kisses !  :)


Relaxing after a long hike to the park – my human sisters go to TONS of parks !!  :)

I LOVE to sit in the grass and gaze off after a long walk !! My vet is SUPER happy as I gained 4 pounds in mostly muscle from TONS of long walks every day !!! I get quite a lot of compliments :)

Ice cream for family – my favorite bone for me – after playing at the soccer fields :)


Off to the park we go !!

Chasing my sister - she's fast !!

I'm gonna get that stick !

Watching my human sister play soccer –
I want to go and get that ball !!!   :)


Big Sis taking me for a walk at the Nature Center :)


Running as fast as I can through an open prairie – SO fun !!

Oh YAY !!! I found a friend to play with !! :)

Me and my new friend - Let’s go down this path together ! :)


Resting in the shade after chasing Big Sis :)

My 5 year old sister likes to set up special comfy places for me with all my toys -
She’s so sweet to me !! :)


Diva’s first vacation – a trip to Duluth -
“Should I swim???"

"Oh my goodness – this is AWESOME !!! "

“I got the stick !! YAY !!”
…. and so she did….. over and over and over :)
She ADORES to swim – It was SO fun to watch !!


Loving Summer !!!    :)


Playing water volleyball with Big Sis!! :)


Diva goes to Goldzilla 2016!

Thank you RAGOM for being SO authentically invested in these dogs !!!! :)

Even after all this time – The Foster Families advise to have plenty of tennis balls on hand - still applies !! :)

I remember this awesome lady – I jumped up and gave her a BIG kiss during her South Dakota news show !!! :)


I swam for 2 hours retrieving tennis balls out
of a swimming pool – I LOVE my new life !! :)


Britain (Diva) just wants to say Hi to everyone at RAGOM;  We have been SO busy having an amazing new life – that we forgot all about sending pics to Happy Endings !

Happy Holidays to ALL :)


Britain’s (Diva’s) first real Minnesota snowfall !!! :)
Having a blast catching snowballs with my sister !!

Snow on my nose !! :) I LOVE it !!

I just LOVE this fluffy white stuff !!!! :)


Sleeping and snuggling – Ahhh – this is nice !! :)

My sisters up – but I’m still loving this warm spot !! :)