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Rocky 16-004
(Fostered in West St. Paul, MN)

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Rocky, from Layla, Kara, and Doug
"Happy New Year from Layla!"


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This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Rocky is a 13-year-young Golden mix who weighs 55 pounds at our last measurement. His main issue, other than his age, is that he's mostly blind. He has the most trouble in the dark and seeing black items (chairs, gates, etc.), and it helps to have things well lit for him, or to wrap bright fabric around them. He also needs his home free of clutter to reduce the number of items he could run into.

He moves very well for his age. He loves to go on walks, can run, and he handles stairs with competence. In his original home, he was with other animals and got along fine. His current foster home has a Great Pyrenees and he uses it as a seeing-eye dog on walks, and he likes to wrestle it even though it is twice his size. He has no interest in sitting on furniture and prefers his dog bed, or the top spot on the staircase, or wherever he feels like lying. He used an open crate at his temporary foster home, though has no interest in the current foster home. He gets to wander freely when home alone, whereas the Great Pyrenees is kept out of the kitchen (look up "counter-surfing").

Rocky is fully housebroken and lets his humans know when he needs to go out. Unlike his Great Pyrenees foster brother, he doesn't like the cold and will head inside once he does his business. He's mostly quiet and barks only when he hears someone at the door. His hearing, unlike his sight, is quite sharp and he comes when bidden. He loves a good brushing and a snuggle, and ESPECIALLY tummy rubs; though he growls if you try to put your hand under his tummy when he is lying down on his stomach. He is a happy boy and loves to be around his humans. We don't know yet if he likes to swim. He was surrendered to RAGOM in late January. He is very easy to care for and always has a smile.



Rocky has been taken to an eye specialist, who said that nothing can be done to improve his vision. He is given medication for his eyes to prevent glaucoma, though he hates it and runs and hides. However, the vet found it hard to believe that Rocky is 13 and said he acted and looked more like half that age. That said, he moves very well for his age. He loves to go on long walks, can run, and handles stairs with competence. He also likes to play with a big ball (like a soccer ball) and tug-of-war. Just be careful what you put in front of his mouth since he can’t see well. But he is being trained by his foster not to bite hands and has caught on.

He has become buddies with his Great Pyrenees foster brother and has made himself at home. He may be fine on a tie-out cable when left outside, but he really doesn’t want to be outside for long. He often comes right back in unless he needs to do his business. He could be left home alone for a longer workday, but his ideal home is with another dog. Because of his poor eyesight, he needs a clutter-free home and consistent layout to reduce his running into things.

He was taken to a local park with his fur-brother and kept up fine. They both, however, sniffed every tree in sight.


We can’t believe Rocky is 13, and neither can the vet, but his surrendering owner said he was, therefore we are going with it. Rocky has made his foster home his home and is best buds with his Great Pyrenees foster brother, Moses, who is also a rescue. Rocky loves his walks and keeps up with Moses. He is ready for meet-and-greets. He has been friendly to every stranger who has met him and loved being petted by them. He loves his tummy rubs and doesn’t growl when touched anymore, now that he’s settled into his foster home. He’s learned a few tricks from his foster brother, like counter-surfing, which led to our closing the gap under the kitchen gate. He helped himself to a corned-beef brisket that was on the counter. He also has a big ball to play with. His foster brother is an AKC Good Canine Citizen, and we have started his training at home. Right now, he is just working on heeling and sitting, which, with a blind dog like Rocky, require a different approach.

We discovered that Rocky needs a muzzle when having his nails trimmed. Next, we will attempt to answer another question: does Rocky like baths?


Nobody believes Rocky is 13, but he is. He is the youngest 13 we’ve ever seen. He went on a hike a Sunday with his fosters and he outlasted the three-year-old Pyrenees.

The energy this guy has for his age is incredible. He is low-maintenance and a cuddly guy. He is not shy about challenging his foster brother to a wrestling match. He’s as great a dog as they get.


Rocky visited his first brewery this weekend with his fosters at Bad Weather Brewing Company near where he lives. He was very popular with the patrons there. Rocky also made his first visit to Ft. Snelling State Park, and his fosters discovered that he does indeed like to swim, or he would if they allowed him to. He did a three-hour hike and had energy to spare. At both places, he let lots of people pet him. You won’t find a “younger” 13-year-old dog.


Due to his blindness, Rocky is nervous and defensive around strangers, especially if neither one of his foster parents and Great Pyrenees foster brother is around. Once you earn his trust, he’s a happy boy. Keep that in mind if you’d like to meet him, always let him come to you.


Rocky and his foster brother hanging out at a picnic for his FD’s work.

They also love car rides. Rocky just lays down for them.


It's my turn to drive!


Rocky enjoys being an ambassador dog when there are lots of people and other dogs, like a picnic. He represented RAGOM at the picnic for the rescue group that rescued his foster brother, and for once, he was stealing their thunder. He was the only Golden among big, white, fluffy dogs.

Rocky making friends with a girl that looks just like his foster brother. The big pack of Pyrs accepted him as one of them.



Happy Spring!  Happy Spring, Rocky, and good luck on your training. From Griffin 16-006

Happy Spring!  Happy Spring! In memory of Fast Eddie. From Tara Walker



We tried to take a walk, but then it started thunderstorming.


Rocky going for a swim.

This old guy still has a lot of rivers to swim.


Rocky had a great Goldzilla weekend! First, he went to a RAGOM volunteer party at Urban Growler Brewing Company where he met his fellow foster dogs and RAGOM volunteers.

And then he was featured with his fellow fosters at Goldzilla 2016.

We discovered that Rocky thrives around other dogs. When other new dogs are around, he is also far more welcoming to new people. He approached lots of dogs and people at both Urban Growler and Goldzilla. The more dogs he gets to play with, the merrier.


Rocky must have a home with carpets or runners, and without chickens. He seemed fine with the one cat he’s met.


"You are an inspiration, Rocky! Enjoy your adventures!" -Beau 14-117 and the Myers famiy

From John and Amy Borg

From an anonymous friend



Rocky is doing great. He spent Thanksgiving weekend at his foster mom's mom's home.

And then he went for a hike at Effigy Mounds National Monument.


Rocky has fellow RAGOM dog Hercules as a guest this weekend, and they are having a great time.


Rocky is a Minnesota dog, so he’s used to winters. He prefers the warmth and comfort of home, but as you can see, he loves going for a walk on a sunny winter day. He still moves very well for a dog his age.


Fellow RAGOM dog Rufus (aka Brutus 15-206) has come to spend the weekend with us. Rocky thrives around other dogs, even ones half his age like Rufus are.


Merry Christmas from Santa to the Golden Seniors! Merry Christmas from Santa to the Golden Seniors!

This gift is in honor of Rocky 16-004. Hoping 2017 finds you in your forever home! This gift is in honor of Rocky 16-004. Hoping 2017 finds you in your forever home!
From Roberta Jensen and Gerard Breiter

This donation is for Rocky 16-004 in Memory of RAGOM boy Ole and Mozart ( who was also blind) This donation is for Rocky 16-004 in Memory of RAGOM boy Ole and Mozart (who was also blind).
From Laurie Risbrudt



Happy Valentine's Day, Rocky! We love you - The Granowski's Happy Valentine's Day, Rocky! We love you - The Granowskis



Rocky is enjoying the warmer weather and is still walking every day with gusto.


Rocky likes to nap here in what we call the “Blackie position” named after a previous foster who was also a senior dog. He also likes to sit here to annoy his foster brother and prevent him from coming upstairs; what we call “Rock block." Rocky is RAGOM’s answer to Marvel superhero Daredevil: he’s blind, red, and handles stairs with ease.