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Chief/Finn 15-327
(Fostered in Minneapolis, MN)

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In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 7/27/16 Physical fence required
 Ages 12+
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


We've been getting to know Chief for a couple of weeks now and it's been a lot of fun. Chief is approximately 6 months old and is a Golden mix. His dad was a purebred Golden and his mom a Golden mix, perhaps with some Hound. He's an adorable little guy and a ton of fun to have around.

Chief weighs in at 34 pounds and is now up-to-date on his vaccinations, is microchipped, and has an appointment for his neuter next week (don't tell him that!). When he first arrived, he hadn't had any previous vetting, and his stools were very loose and suspicious for worms. He was treated with a dewormer, started on some pumpkin with his meals, and has had no issues since (yeah, Chief!). He is about 90% potty trained with having occasional accidents yet, but he's definitely improved since he came to us.

Chief has been getting along great with our gang here. He is best friends with our 1-year-old Golden, Denver. Those 2 love to play, play, play, and more play. Did I mention how much they like to play? He also gets along with and listens appropriately to our 2 older Goldens. So, living in a home with another playful dog would be awesome for him. Chief would also do well in a home with cats, as long as they are dog-savy. We have 3 cats and Chief will often try to play with them, but they know how to tell him when it's enough. With his questionable Hound background, he does like to chase, so if the cats run, it would be setting him up for failure.

Chief has excellent recall and is always the first one back in the house. I don't think he needs a fence, as he likes to be by his people and also prefers to be in the house. There are times when you need to encourage him to go outside, especially on those cold days! He loves to snuggle and is quite the bed hog at night. He is kennel trained during the day while we are at work, but has free roam otherwise. He gets into very little mischief for a young guy, but does like to raid the closet for shoes.

My youngest daughter is 13 and Chief does fine with her. I would recommend kids to be over 5, just because Chief does like to act like a Mexican jumping bean at times. He is learning to sit nicely and he is very treat-motivated. He doesn't do any of the typical puppy nipping, but when food is around, he is not the most gentle at taking it, but we're working on it.

Snuggling with my buddy


Finn (formerly known as Chief) is a fun boy to have around! He's not quite a one-year-old Golden Retriever mix (Dad was a purebred Golden and mom a Golden mix). Finn has loads of energy, but also is so happy to snuggle with his people anywhere he can. He is absolutely adorable and just full of love for his people and our resident dog, Guinness.

Finn loves to play with his fur foster brother (and RAGOM dog) Guinness 11-151.

He rarely barks, and loves to run and play outside in our fenced-in yard (that would be ideal for him). He is working with Foster Dad on learning how to behave on daily walks; he is easily distracted by every smell, bird chirp, and wandering squirrel. Finn definitely shows that he is still a puppy!

Finn is a sweet, oh-so lovable boy! He cuddles like he's a lap dog and just loves to be with his people. We have not seen any resource guarding or negative behaviors to other people or dogs. Because of his energetic nature, a home with children aged 5+ might be best, but his surrendering home had a two-year-old that he did absolutely fine with.

Finn will make a wonderful addition to your family and home!​


Finn is doing so well! He is settling in to our home and routine quite well; he was a bit skittish the first couple of days. He is full of so much love for his people! Where you are, he will follow! He's learning his manners and very treat-motivated for his behavior. He sits so well now and waits for his treat when he comes in from the outside and also waits patiently for his dinner. He does like to jump (did we mention he is still in the puppy stage?), but responds very well to a gentle command of "down." He hasn't been too destructive, but there was a tennis ball that he had issue with, and let's just say it's no longer able to be used for ball-chasing duties.

He loves to sleep with us and can curl up like a cat without taking too much bed. If you need him to move, he moves without complaint. He likes to give gentle kisses to wake you up and is always so happy to be with his people!! Our RD has not been a very hospitable host, refusing to play as often as Finn would like to play, which is constant.


He is working on behavior for his walks; FD is in charge of this training. He is so easily distracted that he needs consistent training for his walks. We have a large fenced-in backyard, which we would highly recommend because he loves to RUN! He will run and run and run around the backyard, pause for minute, then start the process all over again. He has started to bark more as he is becoming more comfortable. Most of his barking is directed at people or animals that dare to walk by our house, or at the dogs next door, or at our RD when he doesn't want to play with Finn. He has a very soft mouth and easily gives up toys, balls, shoes, or whatever he has in his mouth. He does not have any resource-guarding issues that we have seen. We haven't had much of a chance to work with him on retrieving, because he and RD are in battle for every tennis ball thrown in our yard.

We can't say enough wonderful things about this sweet boy! He will be a fabulous addition to someone's home and family!! Don't let this adorable Golden mix slip by!


"Go, Chief!" -Anonymous friend


Finn was returned to RAGOM just before Christmas, and his last foster home welcomed him back. Finn loved his family so much, he became a bit overprotective of the youngest child (a toddler) and would bark/snap at a visiting adult male who came close to or wanted to approach the young child.

Finn is a young boy who has a lot of energy, and he also seems to suffer from some stress/anxiety. Since his return to RAGOM, the vet has started Finn on anti-anxiety medication, which is proving to be helpful for him. He loves playing with our RAGOM resident dog Guinness (11-151), but what seems to give Finn the most happiness is being with his people. He will go where we go, snuggling on the couch or in bed with both FM and FD. FD has begun to use a Gentle Leader on walks with Finn, and he does very well with them. They are also beginning obedience classes to help Finn gain some better social skills with humans and other dogs.

Finn needs daily exercise and would fit best with an active family. Due to his protective nature, we are recommending an environment with no children under the age of 12. We cannot stress enough what a sweet boy Finn is - we are all head over heels for him and want to find him his perfect forever home! Please consider this sweet boy for your new puppy - you won't be disappointed!!


Happy New Year, Chief, from Mary C.! Happy New Year, Chief, from Mary S.!



Have we mentioned what a snuggler Finn is? He will take the tiniest spot, and make his flexible body fit in to be able to snuggle right up next to his people.


He did have a visit with a potential forever family who fell absolutely head over heels in love with him (because, c'mon, he's adorable!!). Unfortunately, they did not have a fenced-in yard, which is something that is important for Finn's forever family to have. He doesn't seem to be a runner, but given his energy level (i.e. NONSTOP!!), he needs a safe, enclosed space to be able to run, and run, and run several times each day.

This sweet boy is so ready to be with his forever family. He has lots of love to give to his people and is really a well-behaved puppy. We continue to work with him on manners and commands, and the Gentle Leader has made a world of difference in his walking behavior. He is not only treat-motivated, but also very motivated to make his people happy. If you are a family with older children, or someone looking for a constant, loving companion, please take a moment to consider meeting Finn. He is a keeper!!


Finn is such a sweet dog, desperately in need of a family to give him lots of love and direction with training. He needs a firm hand with some obedience training, and he will give so much love in return!! He likes to exercise, play, and be with his people. Wherever his people are, he will be!!

Please, someone with a little bit of patience, take a chance on this sweet boy - you will not regret turning over your heart to him!!!

Finn (front) and his friend Guiness


Finn thrives on human attention, as shown in this video.


Finn is enjoying spring just like the rest of us. He has had a couple of adventures that shook up his routine a little. The first was he went to the vet. He seems to have some seasonal allergies. We found out because he was shaking his ears and licking his tummy. The vet found nothing serious. Seasonal allergies are most likely from all the buds, leaves, grass, and weeds that are just bursting out in May. A little Benedryl and an ear wash was the prescribed way to help Finn. Finn was switched to a grain-free food recently. This seems to be helping some GI issues. A good-grade food without too many ingredients should keep this boy in top shape.

Finn's second adventure was he went to visit friends with cats. He went to an apartment building. Finn rode in an elevator with a perfect stranger. The stranger became his friend by the time the elevator had made it to floor 5. Finn showed no nervousness or anxiety during this "ride." Inside the apartment live two cats. They hid before we even opened the door. However, Finn quickly sniffed one out under the bed. He was curious, but polite. No attempt to go under the bed where the cat was. Once Grey Cat came out, Finn continued to act like a good houseguest. He turned his head politely away from her. She jumped onto the clothes hamper. After she gave permission, Finn politely smelled, then just walked away. Next, Black Cat came out. Finn and Black Cat walked next to each other, touching, with no problem. The action moved to Black Cat sitting under the coffee table. Finn gave a play bow and barked, asking if the kitty wanted to play. Black Cat hissed back, not now. I took Finn's leash and led him easily away. He settled down because these cats were not much fun. Finn can adjust to a life with cats.


Hello! Finn taking over here. I heard my new foster mom was looking for a quiet dog to live with her in the Cities, so I volunteered to relocate. So far, it's been great!

I get free roam while she is away at work, so I usually take a nap on her bed and watch a few episodes of Friends that she leaves on the TV for me. When she gets home, we go for a long walk, which is the best part of my day! I stay right by her side, but I do like to say "Hi" to all the dogs we see. She also takes me to Chuck and Don's frequently to pick out new toys and treats. Here I am below with my new favorite stuffie!

For the long term, I'm looking for a home with a nice yard and a physical fence. Another dog would be nice to play with, and human siblings work too as long as they are older and bigger than me.

That's it for now! FM will be home soon, and we are planning a car ride to Caribou for a puppuccino this afternoon! I'll check back soon!