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Lilly 15-230
(Fostered in Fargo, ND)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
9-8-2015    6 ft required  8 and up Optional   Dog savvy cats
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Lilly joined RAGOM as a very pregnant Mom-to-be. A Good Samaritan found Lilly out in the country running in and out of a ditch. When she called out to Lilly she jumped into the delivery truck and fell asleep. Lilly was one very exhausted dog. The Good Samaritan took Lilly to a friends home in the country while she looked for Lilly's owner, but no one claimed her. This is when RAGOM happily offered to help Lilly. Lilly gave birth to 8 puppies on 9.18.15. Sadly one was stillborn, but the other 7 puppies are strong and healthy.

While at the Good Samaritans friends home we learned Lilly will catch free roaming chickens and that she can climb a horse gate. At my home she chases my cats so a home without cats would be best. I have a 4 foot chain link fence and and I'm sure she could jump that if she wanted to, but she knows her babies are in the house. A fenced in yard would be best because she likes to chase squirrels and when she does her recall gets lost as she's totally focused on catching the squirrel. Inside my home her recall is good and outside too if she's not busy with something else.

Lilly is probably a Lab/German Shorthaired Pointer mix. She is a petite dog. When she came into RAGOM it looked like she had a previous litter prior to getting pregnant again. She has the most beautiful and expressive eyes. Like most pointers she has energy and is always on the move checking out her environment. She loves to hunt for crickets or grasshoppers in the yard. It's so much fun to watch her jump like a cricket or grasshopper while trying to catch them. 

Lilly ​enjoys ​meetingnew ​people and gets along with other dogs. She did fine with my friends 9 year old child​​. She​ is house trained and I'm working on teaching her some indoor manners. Lilly does like to stand in front of you and put her paws on your chest. Because she does this it would be best for her to be in a home with children ages 8 and up at this time. Although I do want to note that she has not done this with children. Lilly does pull when being walked with a leash. I think this is because she has places to go, see and smell!!! I am working on this also. She's a very smart girl and will learn fast. 

Lilly will be spayed when her puppies are weaned and the vet says it's safe to spay her. She is a great mom!!!

What Lilly would like in her perfect forever home - 

- A lap to lay on. Lilly is a lap dog that likes to snuggle with her people.

  • Someone that likes to take long walks and will allow her to sniff at all the interesting things to sniff.
  • Right now Lilly is spending her nights with her babies, but she would like a nice comfy dog bed next to your bed or be allowed to sleep in bed with you.
  • A home that will allow her on the furniture.
  • A family that will take her to Obedience class for bonding and learning the finer points of being a well mannered adult dog.
  • I mentioned another dog in Lilly's home as being optional. Right now she is living with other dogs and she does like their company and will occasionally play tug with my larger dog. 
  • A family that will include Lilly in family outings, camping, hiking, vacations, etc. 
  • A fenced in yard would be nice so Lilly can chase a squirrel, rabbit or just take her time smelling all the areas in her yard. 

I'll get to know Lilly more as times goes on as she'll be spending less time with her puppies. I have a feeling she would love swimming in the lake. She has the natural hunting instinct in her background so a family that loves to take in the outdoors/country would be a family Lilly would like. 


Lilly continues to take such good care of her puppies. She's a wonderful Mom. Lilly has had 2 outings since she has given birth to her babies. First outing was with her puppies - their first time outside and walking on grass. She did wonderful and was very comfortable allowing her puppies to be held and allowing them to check out the new world outside. She even found time to eat treats and received lots of loving. Lilly is a girl that loves cuddle time. 

The second outing was 'just for her'. She had a few hours away from her babies to sniff, play and relax if she felt like doing so. Lilly time and she enjoyed it. I didn't take any pictures, but did take a video. You can see it here!

Lilly is a super sweet girl. Nothing has changed on her 'want list' for her forever home. If Lilly seems like the right dog for your family please contact your placement advisor. Even though Lilly will stay in her foster home till she's spayed after weaning her puppies she can still meet her forever family. 


Lilly is still nursing and mothering her 7 puppies, though she is spending less and less time with them in their puppy room. I've started feeding the puppies regular food, too, so Lilly doesn't have to nurse them as much.  She is learning how to play with the other foster dogs in my home and it is great to see her discover that stuffed toys and balls that squeak can be fun!  She has two big foster brothers that love to run and chase and she has been getting involved in that game as well.  She has had a couple of outings away from her puppies so that she can run in a big yard without the munchkins chasing her and grabbing onto the milk spigots.

/pictures/Pictures2015/Lilly15230c1.jpg    /pictures/Pictures2015/Lilly15230c2.jpg

I have also started to gate off the puppies at night and letting Lilly sleep with me and the other 4 legged pups. She spends most of the night snoozing away but does ask to get in with her pups early in the morning. Lilly also loves her people and gives great hugs and loves to smush her cheek up against my cheek for kisses. True to her breed, though, she appears to be a pointer mix which means she probably has a hunting instinct and follows her nose everywhere. She is not a dog that can be trusted off leash at this time because she forgets what "come" means when she catches that wonderful scent that takes her brain away. I have not done any obedience training with her because I have mostly let her be a mom, but like any dog she would benefit from obedience class.


Lilly has so much potential and she is absolutely beautiful! If you think she is right for you, please contact your placement advisor.

/pictures/Pictures2015/Lilly15230c3.jpg    /pictures/Pictures2015/Lilly15230c5.jpg


I've been fostering Lilly for a couple of weeks now.  She's about 14 months old and a very good natured young dog.  She is affectionate and loving.  Lilly knows some commands like no, sit and lay down and is house trained, no accidents in the house. Since I don't have a fenced in yard, I use an 18 foot cable tie out.  She doesn't seem to mind being tied and that's a good thing because she is capable of jumping a standard sized fence. There is a squirrel who teases her and her reaction is pretty normal.  She does ok having the run of the house, but has been kenneled before.  She sleeps on her dog bed on the floor in my living room.  I let her on a blanket on the sofa.  She has never damaged anything.  I gave her a bath and she was very gentle about it.  No arguments.  I think Lilly is a darling dog.


Thank-you Smoozer for the Winter icon on my webpage and thank-you for helping me and RAGOM dogs! 


Merry Christmas from Smoozer! Merry Christmas from Smoozer!



It has been awhile since I gave an update on Lilly, sorry about that! All of Lilly's puppies have been adopted into great homes and now it is her turn. After the puppies left Lilly came into her own and her personality bloomed! One of her puppies was DNA tested and it appears that she is a Redbone Coonhound Lab mix and probably not a Pointer Lab mix. What this does mean is that Lilly's desire to run is natural and will not go away. She cannot be trusted off leash and a secure 6 ft fence would help her stay safe even though she would still have to be tethered because I bet she could still go over if she wanted. She is very strong and would easily be able to get away from young children. On a good note though she is very friendly and loves to hug her people! She is house trained and does sleep in the kennel when I go to work. She sleeps on my bed at night and I go home at noon and let her out for a potty break. Lilly plays well with dogs she likes and will chase and tree cats so her new home should be feline free. I have her in obedience classes now and it is going well.

Overall Lilly is a very beautiful girl and needs a family who is willing to be very active so that she gets enough exercise.


The weather is warming up and the dogs are having a blast staying out longer and wrestling in the disappearing snow. Lilly continues to do well in obedience class, but she needs another round so I will be doing it again when classes start the end of March. She is such a strong willed dog and is easily distracted by smells and motion so I am trying to work on tricks to keep her busy on the off times during class. She is getting stronger belly muscles to beg! Roll over is going to be more difficult. We are still working on her not jumping, but that is very difficult for her to understand because she just wants to look you in the eye and give big hugs!

At home she and her foster brother Brando are pretty much inseparable. They are always dancing and chasing and wanting to play with the same toys. Like most siblings they squabble a little sometimes, but they always work it out. She does pretty good with most dogs with proper introductions and would really like to have a buddy to play with in her forever home.

I took Lilly to my friends house and she has a 6 foot vinyl fence and I do believe that Lilly would not be able to jump that kind of fence unless there was something leaning against it for her to launch off of. I would still keep her on a long tether though just in case she is successful. Lilly needs an active home with a family committed to helping her get enough exercise every day and committed to continue her obedience classes. I keep her kenneled during the day when I am at work so she is ready to go in the evening. Lilly is such a sweet, loving girl and so beautiful too!


Lilly is still in the house!!!! My biggest question is why because there has got to be an active family out there that would love a running partner and a snuggle buddy to keep them company! As a Redbone Coonhound Lab mix she does have a strong prey drive so she does need a secure 6 foot fence and even then should probably be tethered in the yard because she is very athletic and likes to climb. I have her on a 30 ft tether and she does fine. Here are some things to be aware of with this beautiful girl!

Lilly likes other dogs with proper introductions. Dogs bigger than her can be a bit threatening, but with proper introductions it can happen. Her best friend is a German Shepherd mix! Little dogs in general appear to be just fine!

Initially I thought cats were a no-no but if the cat is very dog savvy it could probably work. She just likes to stick her big nose up to them to sniff but will chase them if they run!

  • Lilly is house trained!
  • She is kennel trained! (She is only kenneled when I am at work and she sleeps on my bed at night)
  • She likes people and kids though she could knock little kids over very easily.
  • Lilly loves to run so she could become a great jogging partner.
  • She is a work in progress in obedience classes. We are in our second round of classes.
  • Unfortunately Lilly cannot be trusted off leash. Her recall command disappears when she is off leash and running!
  • Lilly loves car rides. 
  • Like most dogs who have lived outside prior to coming into RAGOM she does get into the garbage and she does counter surf.
  • She is very loving and loves to give her people hugs!

Now that the weather is nice I will be taking her out to the country to do some running and as you can see by these new pictures, she loves the great outdoors! If you think Lilly is the dog for your family please talk to your placement advisor!


Hey all my Lilly fans, I am still waiting for the perfect family to let RAGOM know that they just can't live without that beautiful black Redbone Coonhound Mix that is listed on the RAGOM Available page!!!

I know that I have a lot of energy and that because of my breed. I can never be let off of a tether or a leash because I would love to be a world traveler and I am fast! Foster mom thinks that I am just being a stinker when I do that, but I am actually communing with nature and am trying to zero in on all those raccoons that I just know are hiding in this neighborhood. If I can't find a raccoon I will tree foster Mom's cats on the really tall scratching post, sorry! So a home without cats is the best forever home for me.

Now that the weather is warmer I get to stay outside longer to soak up the sun, but mom brings me in when I start barking at the new neighbor's dog. She is just a little thing and we have met face to face without any problem, but for some reason I still bark at her through the fence. I am sure that I like that little dog, but there are some dogs that do take me a little longer to get use to and like. I am trying to get more exercise because foster mom says that I got a little tubby. I have a secret to tell, shhhh, I found out where the stray cat food was in the garage and I was getting in there and eating it!

I like everyone that I meet and I just love to give everyone hugs! I would love to find my very own active family this summer who understands that I do need a lot of exercise and another obedience class wouldn't hurt either. I am a good girl that loves to snuggle with foster Mom at night in bed and play with the other foster dog in my Foster Mom's home.


Lilly is still looking for her very own active family who has a secure 6 foot privacy fence which will help to keep her safe! She loves to run and she cannot be allowed to run free because she will run away and not come back. She loves our runs in the country on her 30 foot lead! Here is a video of Lilly exploring the tall grass for rodents and other surprises is right up her ally!

A lot of people who have expressed interest in Lilly have wanted to take her to run in a dog park. Unfortunately Lilly takes a while to meet and like other big dogs so this is not a great idea for her. She needs proper introductions with bigger dogs. She does meet small dogs much better as long as they don't mind her big nose getting up close and personal.

I will be taking her through an obedience class again starting the end of September. She is still very loving with her people and is much better with her foster kitties. She recently was treated for an ear infection and this is clearing up nicely.

I just know the right family is out there for this beautiful girl!


From Ginger 07-705


Hey everybody, Lilly here!  It has been awhile since I last checked in.

I am still staying with my foster family in ND while I wait for that perfect home for me!  I have been told that there has been some interest in possibly adopting me but those families didn't have a secure 6 ft fence without horizontal cross boards for me to climb up and over on.  Foster mom says that I am the biggest fence climber that she has ever seen!  Once I get over that fence I am off exploring the neighborhood!  I can hear foster mom calling for me but it is just too much fun to run so I ignore her.  The only fence that I have not been able to clear is her friend's solid vinyl fence that you see in the background of these pictures.

/pictures/Pictures2015/Lilly15230k1.jpg           /pictures/Pictures2015/Lilly15230k2.jpg

/pictures/Pictures2015/Lilly15230k3.jpg           /pictures/Pictures2015/Lilly15230k4.jpg

I can never be let off a leash so running free on a farm or in the country or at a dog park does not work for me.  My foster mom has tried to work on recall and I do pretty well in the backyard but once I get free I no longer have a recall.  This could be why I was found in the middle of nowhere in the country.

I do love to go sniff around in the country but I am ALWAYS on a 30 foot lead!  I also love to wrestle with my foster brother Brando but it takes me awhile to like new dogs.  I am back in obedience classes and I am not that fond of the other big dogs.  I do like little dogs and I will also chase cats.  I am used to my foster felines but it took a long time.

/pictures/Pictures2015/Lilly15230k5.jpg           /pictures/Pictures2015/Lilly15230k6.jpg

On a good note, I am very loving and love to give everyone hugs!  I try to show off when foster mom tells me to sit by sitting on my back haunches like a bunny!  She tells me to lie down and I roll over on my back for belly rubs.  I am kennel trained and house trained but sleep on my foster mom's bed at night with the other foster fur balls.  I am very strong and when I get excited I do like to bark.  Some raccoons were in the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago and boy did I get excited!

If you think I would be the dog for your family please let your Placement coordinator know.


I want to thank Ginger 07-705 for the paw icon and your continued support of RAGOM!  As an alumni of this great organization, you know how important that is!  Lilly gives you a big old WHOOOOO WHOOOOO Coon Hound howl!

Winter in ND has brought us a lot of snow and also bitter cold temperatures. Since Lilly has short hair I bought her a coat so she would be a little warmer when outside. She isn't too sure about wearing a coat. I don't know if she was trying to rub it off against the garage door or just had a spot that needed some itching. Silly girl!! Here are three video's of Lilly outside in the snow.

Lilly Playing 1 Lilly Playing 2 Lilly Playing 3

I've started Lilly in her 3rd Obedience class. Next update I'll let you know how she is doing in class and hopefully I"ll have some pictures to share with you. 


 Merry Christmas Lilly! From Annie 12-425, John and Mary.  Merry Christmas Lilly! From Annie 12-425, John and Mary.



Lilly is doing well in obedience class. She can get distracted and silly at times, but she does want to learn. If you feel Lilly might be a good fit for your family and would like to know more about her let your placement advisor know. I'd be happy to talk with you about Lilly.


After 20 months in foster care it appears that Lilly was home all along!  She is inseparable from her foster brother Brando and since her foster family just moved she has a huge fenced  yard to run in and so far has not jumped the fence!  For the rest of her life she can survey her world from her bay window.