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Brutus 15-206
(Fostered in Richfield, MN)

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The "R" family
"Welcome to RAGOM, sweet boy. In honor of our own gentle Golden boy - Brutus"


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This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Let me introduce you to Rufus (aka Brutus 15-206). Rufus is an eight year old boy who has spent the majority of his life in a dog run having minimal interaction with humans or other animals. When being surrendered to RAGOM he was noted to have a 'nervous condition' of running in circles and not to be house-trained.

I call him Rufus because he is not a Brutus and it sounded similar enough to not be too big of an issue and he took to it right away. Rufus is a very sweet dog and seems to have no issues with people, other dogs or cats. The issues he does have are: running in circles and excessive water drinking with subsequent frequent urination.
The running in circles intensifies when he is nervous/excited, demonstrated with faster turning and smaller circles. He does settle down after some time and lay quietly and he sleeps on my bed at night without moving until I get up.
His other issue of not being house-trained is related to the excessive water he drinks and not being in tune with his signals to go out. I think I have finally figured out his signal and have not had any accidents for quite some time. It took me a while but I finally realized there was an increase in the intensity of his circling when he needed to go out.
He was recently seen by a behaviorist who feels this is not a severe problem. She felt it is different from the typical obsessive spinning she has seen in some dogs. She gave me suggestions for working with him and recommended some lab work. Depending on the lab results she felt medication could be beneficial.  
Stay tuned for further news about Rufus. I wanted to get him on the site because he is truly a great dog and is going to be a fabulous addition to someone's family. He is gentle and quiet and not demanding.


Rufus was seen by a neurologist in early January who feels the circling behavior is likely due to a brain lesion. To determine a more definitive cause would require exams such as an MRI and spinal fluid tap. With the lack of progression of his symptoms over the previous months it's very possible they will remain static (neither worsen nor improve). 

Despite his circling Rufus is a joy to have around! He is the sweetest dog who loves attention but is not demanding of it. And he is the quietest dog I have ever come across. His quality of life seems to be good. He loves to play and is able to relax. Although the circling can be disconcerting for some, this is easily managed. He responds very well to just being held on a leash or putting on the Gentle Leader. These seem to calm him and stop his circling. 

Although not required, I think Rufus would really like to have another dog in the house. I took care of a couple of dogs (at different times) and Rufus did great! He loved the other Golden we had for a few days. They played great together! After the dog left Rufus' anxiety seemed to spike a bit with his circling intensifying a bit, and urinating in his crate. This was perplexing to me because he sleeps on my bed, without moving, for 8+ hours a night without any problems. I recently started leaving the radio on during the day and for the last week have come home to a dry crate and calm dog. 

Stay tuned...I will try to post at least weekly from now on.

/pictures/Pictures2015/Brutus15206b1.jpg           /pictures/Pictures2015/Brutus15206b2.jpg


Rufus experienced his first Meet & Greet on Saturday and did so great!! He wanted to meet all the other dogs and people. Everyone he met commented on what a sweet boy he is and one couple seemed to be quite interested. They have a setting that would be absolutely ideal for Rufus! Someone that is home during the day and another dog for company. Although he doesn't have another dog with me, I dog-sat another RAGOM boy for 5 days over Christmas and Rufus loved it! They played so great together!

Keep your paws crossed for Rufus and hopefully we'll hear from those wonderful people!


From Joy's godmother - Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Christmas full of love and hugs. - In loving memory of Joy 12-418  From Joy's godmother - Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Christmas full of love and hugs. - In loving memory of Joy 12-418



This is a long overdue update on Brutus, or Rufus as I call him. Rufus has been doing great and he is the sweetest dog!

His circling continues but the intensity of it has diminished. Although he moves continuously when he is on his feet, he often lays down and relaxes. He has a favorite toy that he loves to carry around with him, indoors and outdoors.

His consumption of water has also decreased and with it the need to go outside so frequently. He has actually gone full work days with no accidents!

He does fine in a crate but I no longer crate him. He is confined to a couple of rooms and a hallway. He also has another dog to spend his day with and he really seems to like this. The other dog is one of the hoarder dogs, is not real playful and Rufus respects any signals she gives off.

Rufus is definitely a dog worth taking a look at!


Rufus with his favorite toy.

Rufus is doing fantastic! He is circling less and less as time goes by, although it is still accentuated when he gets excited. 

He recently spent three weeks with a sitter and she had nothing but positive things to say about him. She said he was a wonderful dog to have around and volunteered to take care of him anytime I needed a sitter. She is wonderful with him and I am so lucky to have found her!

Rufus is a joy to have around and an easy dog to care for.

Rufus relaxing after his return from the sitter

Rufus relaxing after his return from the sitter.
Rufus hanging out with foster sister Jenna 16-052


This is a picture of Rufus with his foster sister Jenna, who was adopted a couple of weeks ago. I used the split lead with them because they were almost impossible to walk on two separate leashes with Rufus doing circles around me and Jenna going in all directions. The double lead not only made it possible to walk them together, it seems to have cured Rufus of his need to circle on walks. He still does it when he gets excited but most of our walks are just strolling along with Rufus going straight forward.

He also appears to be housebroken at this time. He's gone a few weeks with no accidents and this included some long days, 9-10 hours without going outside.

Rufus is such a great dog!!

Rufus is on the left


"Thank you for fostering." -Michele Snyders

"Best wishes." -Anonymous friend

Rufus is one happy boy! He just loves being with his people, not demanding of attention but just likes to be in the same room. He has come so far since he joined the RAGOM family! He is so much calmer and while he still circles when he gets excited it is not nearly with the same intensity as when he first arrived.



In honor of our boy Tonka (#15-209 TD) and his first Christmas with us. We are so grateful to RAGOM! In honor of our boy Tonka (#15-209 TD) and his first Christmas with us. We are so grateful to RAGOM!