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Bobby Bones
Bobby Bones 15-193
(Fostered in Columbia Heights, MN)

Sponsor Bobby Bones

Sponsored by:

Lisa B.
"In Honor of Bobby's Foster Moms & Dads - Thank you!"


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
Physical fence required (either a privacy fence or a six-foot chain-link)
Ages 14+
Needs to be the only dog
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Bobby Bones is a young, very handsome Hound Dog/Springer mix. He will be 2 on Halloween, 2016. Bobby Bones was initially adopted out to a family with young children, and was returned to RAGOM after he dashed out an open door when he saw a small child with an off-leash little dog. Probably prey drive, but the little dog did require stitches. After several months in a new foster home and working with our Behavior Manager, we now have a clear understanding of what Bobby Bones will need in his forever home, and he is ready to find that home now.

He is responding extremely well to training. He looks to his humans for direction and responds very well to that direction. Bobby is eager to please and treat-motivated. He has done awesomely with training and is quite good at “sit,” “wait,” “stay,” “come,” “shake,” “down,” “off,” “leave it,” “quiet,” and he comes to a whistle. He will play fetch with a tennis ball, dropping it nearby for another throw. He is completely housebroken, doesn't counter-surf, can have roam of the house, and only plays with his own things. He is kennel trained, although when we are gone, he stays nicely in our laundry room and respects the gate that blocks the doorway. He also is a very good travel buddy in the car; he likes his car rides! He is a super-affectionate love bug. He loves to be petted and get belly rubs. Bobby Bones needs a secure fence, as he loves to run around and use his Hound Dog's nose to sniff out critters, especially chipmunks. Bobby Bones would do best in a home where he is an only pet, as he has a very strong prey drive, and he hasn't been friendly to other dogs. Bobby Bones does just fine with dogs in close proximity with his human on his leash. He can walk or stand near other dogs, but doesn't want to be approached. Bobby would do best in a home where there isn't a lot stimulation and where someone can supervise any interactions with other kids and dogs. He can have some reactive barking to new things, or things that make him feel anxious. He responds well to calm concern: he just wants to know it is OK. He will bark at someone coming, but once the human tells him how nice it is to have a visitor, he is all about tail wags, especially if they have treats. Bobby would love a new family of dog-savvy humans that love to walk and hike for mental and physical stimulation. Bobby is very good at his newfound skills and needs a family that will continue to work with him every day at being the best boy dog. He has become a very happy Hound Dog, and with the right placement, it can only get better!


Bobby Bones is having fun adjusting to foster care. He has, however, discovered he is allergic to something, most likely in his food. He developed a rash, hair loss, and vomiting. He has been switched to a grain-free diet and is back to normal. It is nice to have him wanting to eat again! It leaves him with more energy to hunt for chipmunks.


When your foster mom is a dental hygienist, you get to have your teeth brushed!?


Sunny afternoon and Bobby is chilling in his pool. That sun is bright. This hound can use some shades. So much fun when this pup gets a break in the middle of a workday!


Are you the one Bobby Bones is dreaming of?


See all that fine garden produce. It would not be here without the help of Bobby Bones and his keen interest in chasing the critters out of the yard! Of course, he has no interest in eating any of the vegetables. He definitely would prefer meat! (See the fuzzy thing on his backside. That is his happy tail that keeps wagging!)


Foster Mom and Dad took Bobby Bones camping, and the camping trip went very well!

As foster parents, we have been working with a behaviorist to help Bobz avoid situations that cause him to have reactive behavior, which mostly means avoiding other dogs and uncontrolled greetings. We have also been doing exercises to help him look to us for direction and help him trust that we will be there for him and keep him safe. By doing these things, we are hoping to reprogram his reactive behaviors. As you can imagine, camping could be a tough exercise, but it is awesome to know that we could do it successfully and all have fun! For a first time going camping with Bobby, we chose a walk-in site at Jay Cooke State Park. This kept us out of the busy center of the campground. When we went hiking, we chose less-used trails. We still came across people and dogs, but it allowed us to either avoid the encounters with distractions, or make the encounters safe and very positive. Bobby travels awesomely in the car, and he learned the tent is a great place to hang out. He slept well with his dog bed in the tent. It even rained one night with lightning and thunder, and it wasn't an issue at all. He does very well with a screw-in-the-ground tie-out and quickly learned how to not get tangled and how long the lead was. He learned his food and water bowl travels with him and it is fun to eat outdoors.

He also learned he loves to hunt for red squirrels! That was a favorite pastime while tied out at the campsite. We didn't have to worry about pesky critters getting into any of our stuff! Who knew red squirrels were more exciting and a welcome distraction from a campsite somewhat near us with people and 2 dogs. And, who knew you could have so much fun camping with a Hound Dog!


Bobby Bones is supposed to be practicing "watch me" and "stay" as part of his behavioral training. As a foster mom, I think I might be overstepping it a bit when I use this to make Bobz pose for pictures. I think I can detect just a little bit of irritation in those eyes, but they are watching me! Don't worry, in just a short time, he got a treat and was running around the backyard looking for critters.


Bobby Bones loves to be outside. He loves it more if you are out there with him. He really likes these gorgeous October days and real beef bones! (We wonder what he will think when the snow and cold comes.)


"Be good, be kind, and chase chippies." -Sheila White

"You'll find your family." -Lucy



Bobby Bones is 2 years old! Bobz is celebrating his birthday month. He has had visits from some of his favorite people, gone for walks in new places, and enjoyed lots of tasty treats. He loves having his people in the yard with him as he helps with the fall leaves; he loves to sleep in and get belly rubs on the bed; and he loves getting birthday presents. It is pretty fun celebrating a birthday!


The Bobster is loving the cooler weather, because this means he gets to go with anywhere we go. We do not have to worry about a car getting too hot. He loves his backseat suite. Notice the fuzzy thing? That is his happy hound dog tail!


Bobby is a dark dog. This time of year, the large backyard is dark. Bobby Bones spends most of his time bopping between trees and bushes looking for critters, and he can be hard to find. Foster Dad came up with this idea, and it works awesomely! It is fun watching a glowing red circle travel quickly from area to area. (If it stops moving, there is a good chance his business was done.)


Bobby is continuing his training, especially in regards to his fear of strangers. We have learned a lot of strategies to get him more relaxed when seeing new people. Good thing he still needs to gain a little weight, because he is getting loads of treats. He is tipping the scales at 54 pounds now and should probably gain another pound or two.

He really loves the outdoors and being active. I think he would make a great running partner for someone. He can really fly!

With the days getting colder, he has not had as much time outdoors, so I’m a bit amazed at how he settles down and is very calm indoors.

If you love a dog that likes to be around you and gives lots of kisses, Bobby may be the companion that you have been waiting for.


Bobby got this hand-me-down dog coat and he doesn't mind wearing it at all. He can stay outside longer with his coat on. He loved playing in the new snow. He would run like crazy, stick his nose in the snow, and eat the snow, too. He managed to find a mouse nest that was in between some stacked plastic pots. It was fun to watch him so determined to find that prize. There was only minor disappointment when there wasn't a mouse in the nest to chase.


Bobby Bones says, "Thanks for the holiday wishes, Annie 12-425, John and Mary!" He is kicking up his heels with JOY!


Bobby Bones is enjoying the holidays. (See the happy tail?) He is practicing having visitors, which is a bit of work, but successful! Happy Holidays to all from Bobby Bones.


The holidays gave us opportunity for travel with Bobby Bones. He travels well. Once we hit the highway, the hum of the wheels put him right to sleep. Of course, his favorite bed was helpful, too! He did well at the hotel. There were a few woofs with strange noises on the first night, but he quickly learned the routine. When dealing with a dog that has reactive tendencies, we have learned to be prepared, too. We go out the door first to make sure nothing is too close. We got a room near an exit that wasn't heavily used. We carried high-value treats with us to be readily available if needed. We had the television on to hide noises and we tried to make our home away from home as routine as possible. He quickly learned where our room was and he would sit and look to us for his treats at all the different doors. He found a hotel bed could be pretty comfortable, too.


Bobby is learning how to enjoy being... a dog! He is finally consistently playing with toys. He loves to have them tossed in the air to catch. He loves to grab a toy from his toy basket and run, and apparently snuggle up with his toys, too. (Aren't they sweet when they sleep?)


 Merry Christmas Bobby Bones! From Annie 12-425, John and Mary.  Merry Christmas Bobby Bones! From Annie 12-425, John and Mary.


Enjoying a lazy, sunny Sunday. Bobby is resting up for our morning walk in the park. We are all enjoying the February warm weather.


We tried to replicate the picture of Bobby Bones from his original intake picture. He has some muturity now, but still as cute as ever! You can tell he is watching me. He has gotten very good at looking to us for direction and enjoys that interaction. We love all the affection he loves to give us. The Bobster is such a sweet dog. A special thanks to Lisa B for sponsoring Bobby!




Bobby Bones has settled into home life well. We have created a very handy guide to how we have successfully learned to manage his reactive behavior. He is growing up to be a sweet, affectionate, wonderful hound dog that thrives on direction and the desire to please you. Please take a look at our "Meet Bobby Bones" guide and enjoy reading about our days together.