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Sam 15-151
(Fostered in Apple Valley, MN)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
February 10, 2017 Physical Fence Age 10+  Required No cats- he is afraid of them
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Welcome Sam back to RAGOM. Sam spent the first years of his life in an outdoor kennel with his buddy, Golden. Sam and Golden came into RAGOM together. They were adopted out separately. Sam transitioned into inside life. However, one issue arose, which resulted in his return to RAGOM. He didn’t like to be left alone. We now know he has some eye sight issues. We saw a specialist today and learned that Sam has cataracts in both eyes and retinal degeneration. It is unlikely that the cataracts will get worse. If they do, he may need eye drops to block the inflammation at some point. Surgery is not recommended. As to the retinal degeneration, it starts at around five years of age and is indicated by reduced vision in dim light, which Sam has. There is no treatment specific for retinal degeneration in dogs. Vitamin supplements are used to slow the progression. I started Sam on Visibili-T, and the specialist confirmed that I should continue.

Based on this information, it makes sense that Sam relies on his resident dog and humans. What I have learned is that Sam is great with his humans and new human introductions. He is also good with a few dogs at a time, however a pack of dogs rushing at him is overwhelming. So, he is not a good candidate for a dog park or dog kennel situation. Sam can also become frustrated when he is left home alone. So, he will need a companion resident dog. It is also preferable if he has humans that work from home, so he is not left alone for extended periods of time. Sam dislikes kennels, which is understandable due to his eye sight issues. However, Sam is gate respecting, so I gate him in the entry way with our resident dog when I leave for short periods of time.

Fortunately, Sam loves to go with me and waits patiently in my vehicle with the resident dog while I do errands. He also prefers to watch people, instead of being parked in a quiet area.

Sam is respectful of my time, when I work from home. He either plays independently, plays with the resident dog or sleeps quietly. Sam will need a fenced yard to run in. He also really enjoys his morning and evening walks before settling down for the day or evening.


Sam's initial (2015) bio:


Sam is a beautiful 4 year old, 71 lbs Golden Retriever.  He is currently in foster care with his equally handsome brother Golden 15-152.  Sam and his brother ended up with RAGOM after a relocation with their family.

Sam will be getting neutered on 7/6/14.  After that he will be available for adoption.  He also has Lyme’s disease and will be getting checked out at the vet on 7/3/15 to make sure he is doing ok and to get some booster shots.  He is currently on monthly heartworm and flea and tick maintenance.

Sam is a people pleaser.  He loves his humans once he warms up.  He was a little hesitant until he felt comfortable with me and boy is he a little lover!  He gets along with both his foster sister and foster brother and of course the brother he has known all his life, Golden.  Sam has the most beautiful curls in his coat.  This foster mom would love to have his curls!!

We would LOVE for these two boys to find their forever home together.  They are very bonded and will eat and drink out of the same bowls at the same time.  It is very heartwarming to see how they have each other and just how close they really are.

I would suggest that Sam go to a home without cats.  He has not been cat tested but he does have a high prey drive in that he will chase rabbits and squirrels out of the yard.  He is on patrol for sure if he hears anything rustling in the trees!

Sam and Golden have lived as outside dogs so we are currently working on housetraining and of course these two are smart boys and they are doing really well.  They will crate when I am unable to tether one or both of them to me.  I have been able to let them roam the kitchen and dining room without incident on day two with close supervision.  Neither of them have even attempted to lift a leg which makes foster mom very happy.  As time goes by they will earn more trust and I will expand their inside “world” to more parts of the house.  As each area is added to their “world” they will learn that the house is their crate, not just the actual crate. 

If you are interested in making Sam a part of your family please let your placement advisor know.


Sam had his neuter surgery on 7/6/15 and is doing great.  He is still a big lover and handled his recovery like a champ.  He was also seen by the vet and he is current on all shots and monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative.

Sam has been doing well learning how to go into and out of his crate.  It is still a new thing for him since he had lived as an outside dog only before becoming a RAGOM boy.  Inside he still stays on leash when not in his crate.  He does great and will settle down and take a long nap on the living room floor.  It’s always so nice to hear the big sigh when he is comfortable and ready for a nap.

Sam could easily live with another dog or be an only dog.  I am sure he would love getting all the attention and love from his human(s).  

If you think Sam would be a good fit for your family please let your placement advisor know.  He would LOVE to meet you!!


Sam is doing so well!  Unfortunately, he developed a pretty nasty infection after his neuter, but he is healing perfectly now.  Since it is not as irritated and painful anymore, he is no longer constantly trying to lick.  As a reward, he has earned time off each day from the dreaded cone when he is with me and I can watch him.  He still wears his cone at night and any other time I can't keep an eagle eye on him.  

Personality wise, Sam is just the sweetest boy around.  He loves all attention - human and canine - and is just so darn happy all the time.  He is becoming very reliable on his potty-training (only one accident in the last 5 days!) and has earned quite a bit of freedom roaming when we are at home.  He even found a new perfect place to spend the night - in our bedroom on the floor (or once we are dead asleep, he sneaks up on the bed).   While we did not plan to move him out of his crate at night so soon, he forced the issue one night when he barked for what seemed like hours on end.  In hopes of getting a few hours of sleep, I leashed him up and brought him upstairs.  I kept him on a leash throughout the night, but he did not move much and I woke up to find him on his back, legs completely splayed sound asleep on top of the air conditioning vent.   Ever since that night he comes up with us and does great - I do still keep a leash looped around my wrist to make sure he doesn't wander, but he has been great. 

One thing we have discovered is that Sam is definitely a ladies man and while he does love his people,  nothing is as fantastic to him as a female dog.   He is completely, totally and, dare I say, obsessively in love with one our resident goldens - Sammie.   He follows her everywhere she goes and  needs to be by her at all times.   He does not do anything inappropriate, just  needs to breathe the same air as her, be as close as possible, check her ears and clean them in needed and stand watch over her while she sleeps.  Sammie, unfortunately, does not return the affection, but puts up with it.  Because Sam keeps his distance if she lets him know to back off (he is fantastic at reading other dogs signals and immediately backs away if they ask him to), she just ignores his looks of adoration and goes about her business.   Sam's obsession with Sammie kicked in when Golden went to another foster for a few nights.  Golden is now back with us and Sam still prefers to be with Sammie over Golden, however, today he is really beginning to hang with Golden again.  


Sam watching over Sammie

Because these two boys have had numerous placements since they have been in RAGOM, I am hoping that with some adjustment time, I can get a better picture on whether Sam and Golden absolutely have to be placed together or if they just each need another dog.  Right now, I am leaning towards them staying together, but will update if anything changes as they both settle in.  While they don't play together (I have not seen either of them really play at all and I am not sure they ever learned how to) they do follow each other around.  If you could open your heart to a beautiful, sweet pair of goldens, let your placement advisor know.  These two are very special boys!  They are going to be making their RAGOM debut this Saturday in Shakopee - come out and meet them and I promise you will fall in love.


Sam had a very busy weekend.  On Saturday, he attended his first meet and greet and he did great.  He loved seeing all the dogs and soaked up all the human attention .  Then, Sunday he got to attend a big dog party and he was in heaven!  He met dogs of all temperaments and ages and did so well with all of them.  Initially,  being the ladies man that he is, he headed right to the female dogs and followed them around like a lovesick suitor.  

Since they basically ignored him, he went in search of a new friend and found one in Happy Jack, who was so good with his awkward attention.   Having never really been given the opportunity or the freedom to run and play with lots of dogs at once, he is a bit of a social geek.  He wants to greet every new dog and hang out but he doesn't know what to do other than just follow them around with his tongue hanging out and tail wagging a mile a minute.  Well, finally, he got in the swing of things and romped and played chased with some of the dogs who were there.  It just warmed my heart to see him having so much fun.  Because of his beautiful curly coat, he also received lots of human attention and was more than happy to leave his canine friends for a little massage therapy.

Sam and his brother Golden have now been with me for almost two weeks.  They have had time to settle in and I am now seeing their true personalities.  Both boys are very gentle, mellow and sweet.  They are fantastic with all humans and have not yet met a dog that they didn't like.   After caring for them for a while and watching their interactions with each other, I believe that it is their best interest to separate them and let them each find their own forever families.   Sam has a fun loving streak in him and would thrive in a forever home with another playful dog.  Golden holds him back from letting this side of him shine.  The dynamic between the two is such that Golden controls Sam's movements in very subtle (and sometimes more vocal) ways.  Sam is always watching Golden to make sure that Golden is going to let him do something.  I would love to see him lose this hesitancy and I believe the only way he can is to be separated from Golden.  I have taken him on walks both by himself and with Golden and he really is a much happier, inquisitive pup when he is without Golden.  I am excited for him to begin the next chapter of his life and cannot wait to watch him grow and play to heart's content.  He really is the most perfect boy and is going to make a very lucky family very happy.


Sam is doing great and making friends everywhere he goes.  He is such a happy boy who just loves people.  Because Sam had always been with his brother Golden 15-152, I just assumed he would need another dog in his home when the two separated.  And then, because he occasionally showed glimpses of wanting to run and play, I felt he would do best in a home with a playful dog, feeling confident he would learn to run and play.  While, I do think he would love some dog interaction on a fairly regular basis (and I think this would be really good for him), I believe Sam would be content being an only dog also.  He really does love to hang out with his people and will follow them from room to room.  He does enjoy his walks and is great on a leash, but otherwise, is just content to laze around the house.  I was thinking there was an energetic puppy in him waiting to break out, but have concluded he is just a mellow, go-with-the flow kind of guy.

The one concern I do have about him being an only dog is if his adoptive family worked a full work day and he was home for long periods of time by himself.  He does not like to be kenneled and will bark a whole lot when left home in one.  He is not destructive, but is very vocal in his dislike.  With another calm dog in the home, he does calm down and sleeps, but is still quite vocal for a bit.  I just don't know what he would do if he were home all by himself.  As I work from home, he is not left for long periods of time and I really have no way to test this.  I think with time, he would be just fine, but it will require some adjustments to a work schedule at the beginning with gradual increases of time alone.

Sam had a mini-vacation with another foster last week when I was out of town and he did great.  He was initially nervous about going to yet another home, but he had a great time.  Here is what they had to say about his stay:

"We had the pleasure of fostering this beautiful boy for the past 5 days. After we arrived at our house on Wednesday, the introductions with our 2 resident dogs- Ruby and Cody- went well and after that the three of them were exploring the backyard together. Although the three dogs got along fine, Sam never really wanted to play with them and he preferred to stay by my side, while the other dogs were running around, playing and fighting over sticks. Sam seemed shy the first few days, but by Friday he was finishing Ruby's food (she likes to wander around and leave some morsels in her bowl), dragging a blanket through the living room and he simply felt more at ease and happy in this new environment.  

During his stay with us Sam ate well, slept nicely on the floor or on a doggie bed in our bedroom and he really loved going for walks. The only thing he did not like was spending time in the crate. He would bark almost the entire time.  Sam was such a good boy that we only put him in a crate  for a few minutes when the dog walker came to pick up our dogs to take them for a walk and I just  did not want my daughter to have to worry about Sam. Sam loved to take long naps during the day and he had the cutest snore. 

In conclusion I think Sam would make a great addition to a family with or without another dog. He is polite, learns the rules of the house fast and just wants to be close to his people. We'll miss this sweet boy, but are sure he'll soon have his very own family who will give him the love he deserves."

Sam is truly the perfect dog and will be the most loving, loyal new family member you could ever hope for.


Sam loves sunny days and being outside!

Sam went on a weeks vacation to another foster home.  He had stayed at this foster home for vacation when he was previously in foster care. He enjoyed all the attention and love he received there.  He also enjoyed playing with resident dogs Ruby and Cody.  He absolutely loves being outside and will sit outside for hours, just watching. 




Ruby, Cody and Sam 

Sam loves to help teenagers with homework!


Handsome Sam!


Sam has been adopted!

Sam and his new sister, Emilie


All settled in!