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Sandy 15-149
(Fostered in St. Louis Park, MN)

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 6/1/16 Optional  yes  Optional  dog savvy cat 
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Hey, all!

I would like to introduce my first foster Sandy! I'm not sure who enjoys our training more, but we both seem to get lotsa love and giggles in our learning experiences. If you are in need of a companion that's well behaved, adaptable, & eager to please, we just may have your perfect fit! Sandy and I invite you to follow our adventures as we discover "The Plan B Files".

To bring everyone current, Sandy was previously adopted out through RAGOM, however due to her persistent allergies she was lovingly surrendered back to us in hopes that her issues could be resolved. This is where my journey with Sandy begins. It was the beginning of May, about a month ago now, and I believe somehow she sensed I was a first time foster, so she was very patient with my training, and supportive when we didn't have quite the success with our Plan A's. That's how we came up with the Plan B files. These are notes that were composed of compromises that led to a positive result. We have learned through kindness, love, and understanding that any obstacle can be tackled with a bit of patience and respect. She has overcome some of the previous issues such as having accidents in the house. I have learned to watch for her signals to be let outside. She has learned not to chase after cats, as I have learned to be calm so no species involved felt the need to run. She no longer whines at night in her crate, I have learned that a nite nite kiss on the snoot and a Kong filled with midnight munchies in her crate led to a peaceful slumber for all. We really enjoy our walks much better with a gentle leader now, still plenty of sniffs and a couple tugs along the way, but so much better with each repetition. A true couch potato when inside, but if you are in need of eradicating a passing bunny or squirrel from your yard, Sandy takes on the responsibility of keeping your area free from these pests, however if you don't have a fenced yard or not leashed... be advised she will be off keeping the neighborhood free from these intruders! Sandy could be considered a mature girl at 9 years, she's not one to pass up a nice nap on the couch, and for the most part, pretty mellow. She has no issues (or accidents) with being crated for 8 hours if need be, but expect an energetic greeting when you come to let her out! I still have yet to figure out if she's more excited to see me, or to be let out to relieve herself. When it comes to walks or play time, she's all in and ready to go.

As a surrendered pet, we don't always know the history on how behaviors were remedied in their past so it's through trial and error that we achieve these goals. Sandy is an amazing teacher her love for humans and desire to please makes her so extraordinary. I am truly thankful for this opportunity to share her story with you in hopes that you or someone you know could possibly benefit and fill a void with a dog like Sandy... I know she'll do her part!



Sandy's original bio, posted 6/24/2015:

Welcome Sandy to RAGOM! Sandy came to us by way of a Good Samaritan in Minot, ND who got Sandy out of an unfortunate home situation where the owner was unable to properly care for her. Sandy is no worse for the wear! Sandy couldn’t be more well adjusted and just an all around happy happy dog. Someone has spent some quality time with her as she knows her name, has great recall, knows basic commands and is very much wanting to please you.

Sandy is up for anything and just wants to be with you. She is the perfect combination of exuberance, good energy and mellowness when she is hanging out inside with you. She loves car rides, long walks and I would not be surprised if she might make a good running partner. She is happy to go on very long walks or short walks, as long as she is with you. Sandy does have a big interest in the squirrels and especially the bunnies on our walks, but will redirect her attention if you ask her a few times. She seems to be interested in the chase, but I don’t know that she would actually hurt a fly. She can be a bit of a puller, but has much improved even from the first day I had her when she was pulling me like a freight train. We are now getting her used to the gentle leader and it makes an amazing difference even though she is not really fond it, she goes with it!

We were walking around Loring Park as they were packing things up from the Pride Festival.

She has been cat tested, and she was only interested in the cat when it jumped down and ran away, then she was interested. I think she would be fine with a dog-savvy cat who will hold there own and do not engage in a chase-me game.

They say Sandy is around 8 years old, and if she is around 8, she is a young, healthy 8 year old with no apparent health issues and sparkling white teeth. She currently weighs 75 pounds and I would say that is pretty close to a good weight for her. She appears to have recently had a litter, so there might be a few pounds of baby weight to shed. She is now spayed so there will be no more babies in her future! She appears to be mostly yellow Lab, but with a hint of a second or third breed. My best guess would be a bit of a hound dog, but I really don't know. She so deserves to have her very own stable home, committed to loving her and including her in the family activities.

This was day 2 with Sandy after we walked around Lake Harriet with a friend. We went to Sebastian Joe's for coffee and this was her just hanging out with us.

Sandy has already met many many dogs. She has met new strange dogs on our walks around the lake or neighborhood and she just needs to be monitored a bit because she wants to come right up to say ‘howdy!’ and there are some dogs that may not appreciate that. She has also met many of my friends dogs by going on walks together. Once she gets a proper sniff she is good to go and ready for her walk! I have not seen any concerns in her interactions and not even close to a curled lip. It appears that she does not have a mean bone in her body.

Sandy has been busy since she came to me last week and among other things, I was able to take her to Pet-A-Palooza and hang out in the RAGOM booth. As expected she did well, received all the pets she could get and conked out when things were slow.

We have heard a few rumbles of thunder since I’ve had her and she didn’t show any concern, so I’m optimistic that she doesn’t have any storm anxieties. I left her home for the first time for a work day and I wasn’t sure how she might do for that length of time as she will whine when you first leave. I distracted her with a yummy treat as I walked out the door so she did not whine as I left. Report from the neighbor that they heard some whining for about 20 minutes and that was it. She has free roam in the main area of my condo and when I came home from work not one thing was touched and she met me at the door but I could tell she had been napping. What a good dog!!

I can’t say enough great things are about Sandy. I love her already and I’m committed to finding the perfect home for her for the rest of her life.


Greetings to all as we share wonderful news in Sandy's July update!  Sandy has been enjoying the summer weather, and now even more so as we can say although not cured, certainly her allergies seem much more under control which leads to a happy, and now "Adopt Me" dog!  I can go on about how wonderful a dog she is and so deserving of a forever home, however that was pretty much covered in the previous update and it just continues to improve with every day. Most important in her update is to discuss her battle with the itchies. The specialists at McKeever Dermatology and RAGOM have worked relentlessly on developing a serum that would help Sandy become de-sensitized to the cause of her allergies. We seem to have the magic potion in vials to which at present she receives a small injection every other day, to which she doesn't even seem to notice. These injections will taper down eventually to once per month, then depending on her comfort level, may even drop to less with an occasional prednisone if needed. Her allergies included being sensitive to Human Dander, and Cats... Yep, our pets can indeed be allergic to us as well as us getting less then favorable effects from them. I am learning so much from my time with Sandy, and she continues to expand my knowledge. 

The 4th of July with all its firecrackers, whistles, and booms did not even phase her at all. Loud sounds don't seem to be an issue, and I am assured she can hear very well. Sandy knows the sound from the rattle of the bag, in which her treats are contained.

We continue our walks around Fish Lake. Pets are not allowed where the swimmers are, but she can get a little dip to cool off where the boats are launched. Typical retriever, loves the water, and always lookin to hitch a ride on the boats as they dock. 

With the Pokemon craze, we decided to jump on the band-wagon and now spend our walks hunting these little creatures. I try to tell her when one's approaching, and even though she may not see them, she's always willing to play along. Does she have a choice? ;)

Contact RAGOM and start the process to have Sandy share your adventures! Till next time ~


Greetings and Happy August To All!

Just a little update on how wonderfully Sandy has progressed with her allergies. Since this will be part of her future care, I thought I'd go into a little more detail about this treatment. Her de-sensitizing injections started at once every other day, to every 10 days, and currently will be once every 20 days. To report, she's doing great! Sandy is completely off her spendy Apoquel and only has an occasional prednisone to keep her itch free. Her dermatologist at McKeever says that these injections may go down to as few as 4 times a year, it all depends on her. The serum they make is made from natural antigens and since they have the recipe, no office visit is needed to get the prescription filled. However, they do enjoy Sandy's "good patient" qualities, as well as being able to tell the story of her success rate.  So if you're ever in the area of Eden Prairie, I'm sure they would welcome a visit for a tail waggin' hello. Her new family will have to administer these injections, but they are easy to give, and Sandy doesn't mind them at all. She's such an "in-tune" dog, that it wouldn't surprise me that she knows they are the cure in helping her lead a much more comfortable life.

We have found other reasons to go for car rides now. She always likes to go for a ride and travels very well, but I was feeling bad there for a while when each trip resulted at a vet's office. It seems our trips to the drive-thru bank results in treats where she doesn't have to submit to being poked and prodded.



From John and Amy Borg

From an anonymous friend



-- Season's Greetings from Sandy!

So nice to see Sandy was able to visit Santa this year and go on a little meet and greet thanks to one of her "Uncles" in the RAGOM family! The report from the day was very favorable as she demonstrated her well-behaved self, and showed the proper love and attention to all she met. As we now have cold & snow, she still lets us know when she has to go out, but she is a little quicker to finish her business, and get back inside to the warmth. We keep a towel by the door to rub her down with when she enters. She seems to like this part of the routine, so will sometimes wait by the door to be let out, but only to turn back in again and sit by the towel. We have some of the seasons decor around the house, and was wondering how much would be left in tact  when I'd return home from work. Sandy didn't touch a thing, but I like to think she appreciates the additions. My resident cats however were the culprits to blame.  The chew marks on some of the items were from much smaller teeth than the mouth of an 80lb dog!

Sandy's wish to Santa... "May everyone have a wonderful holiday season, and since I been extra good.. a forever home"!

Peace to All!


Hello Sandy fans!

Sandy continues to be the sweet girl that we have always known her to be. She attended an event this week and showed her true colors to her visitors. A shout out to her uncle Scott for taking her to this event! As you can see, Sandy is very social and very open to any affection you have to give!

We continue to work through her allergy issues and we get glimmers of hope that we might finally find just the right combination to help our Sandy. She has been so patient in this process and we are so thankful for her happy and easy going demeanor while we figure it out!

If you are looking for a little older gal and are committed to continuing to helping her with her allergies while she gives you endless love, please inquire about this sweet girl! She is looking for her angel and I know she will find that special family that she so deserves. To know her is to love her.


Merry Christmas, Sandy, in honor of our children, & grandson, <br>Grady, Griffin, Rachel, Erin, Dan & Wesley.  The Hughes Family  Merry Christmas, Sandy, in honor of our children, & grandson,
Grady, Griffin, Rachel, Erin, Dan & Wesley. The Hughes Family



Sandy is a wonderfully adaptable dog . She moved from her foster home to Stone Mountain for boarding for a short time then to her new foster home in St Louis Park . When we picked her up from boarding she was like okay , what's next ? her tail wagging constantly.  Now settled in her new foster home with her 4 year old fur sister, also a RAGOM dog. Sandy delights us everyday with her sweet personality.  

She doesn't counter surf, hasn't had any incontinence episodes or aggression.  Loves the neighborhood kids, is gentle with them. Walks well using a Gentle Leader but pulls if just using a collar.

She has a long history of allergies with itching and scratching. The allergies are under good control now but not without cost.  She gets a weekly shot of desensitizing serum which I give her without any problem. In addition she has gotten a monthly shot at the dermatologist's clinic.  It appears that she may not need this on an ongoing basis if she is doing as well as she is now.  The monthly costs for treatment have been over $100.00 but at this time are about $50.00 .She eats Natural Balance dry kibble which is low in allergens.

I can truthfully say she is worth the cost.  If you are looking for a sweet senior girl to be your companion Sandy is the one.

I'm always smiling.
Maybe you have a treat in your hand...I love treats!


Sandy has found a forever home with a young couple from Omaha . She will have  a 3 yrs old fur brother and a 3 legged cat as companions. We  will  miss this sweet girl.