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Amanda 15-079
(Fostered in Hutchinson, MN)

Sponsor Amanda

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 1/16/2017 Preferred Yes - Age 10+  Required Not tested 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Hey everybody! So glad to meet you! I'm Amanda, (Have gone by Honey for a while but Amanda is my real name) and I'm so glad to meet you. I'm 2 years old, full of energy and looking for someone that can keep up with me.

I was adopted once, but I lived on a farm and was chasing the horses, my mom was really afraid I might get hurt so I'm back here again.

I have what's called Separation Anxiety, whatever that is, cuz I kind of rearrange things when my peeps leave me. Like yesterday, my foster mom and dad went to church, and then to get groceries, you know? And I brought most of their shoes upstairs, into the family room. I didn't chew them up or anything, I just thought they looked better up here. And there was a bag of dirt. Really. In the house. I opened it, thinking my foster mom wanted to plant stuff, and I spread it around the dining room and living room, on the oak floors. Nobody saw that as a good thing, either. I heard some grumbling about "good thing it wasn't on the carpet" and such, but nothing REALLY good. I don't know if they appreciate me enough.

Anyway, I have this fur sister here, and I love her SO much! She's a golden doodle, so about 2x the size of me. We play so hard outside! We run, and dig in the snow, and roll, and bury our noses, and dig some more, and chase each other. And then when we go in the house, she doesn't want to do that anymore. They say it's cuz she's 10 years old, but....oh well. When I get adopted, I want a brother or sister all of my own, that will appreciate me for all my good qualities, like playing and jumping and stuff. I love kids, but sometimes I get a little rambunctious and might knock little kids over. I'm still a puppy, my foster mom says. So I will probably need older kids. I love being outside, and would love a big back yard that I can run, and run, and run in, to use up my energy. I don't know if I like cats. What's a cat? If it's something to eat, I guarantee I'll love it. I eat a lot.

If you're reading this, and like small dogs with big hearts, maybe we should meet and see if we like each other. You think so? I would love that!

Until next time,



Original initial bio (3/31/25)

Cuteness personified!!  This is Amanda, a new RAGOM puppy.  It's hard to believe one petite little puppy could be so sweet. There's little information about her but she is a Golden mix, approximately 13 weeks old, from Alabama.   We visited the vet last week and she weighed in at 13 pounds.  She is being treated for intestinal parasites.  She also has been treated for mange and will be checked again when she has her next round of puppy shots in about two weeks.  She will be microchipped and spayed on April 23rd .

This adorable little girl has a great personality.  She is shy, sweet, warm and loveable -- and has lots of puppy energy!  She loves stuffy toys, squeaky balls, tummy rubs, playing with my resident Golden, and loves to be held and cuddled.  She also likes to run and chase.  Right now potty training is a work in progress.  She does NOT like to be crated -- we're working on that too.  I haven't heard her bark yet, but for being such a little girl, she surprisingly has a very loud yelp when she wants to get out of the crate.  Amanda will need lots of attention, patience, and training.  Lots of love will help too, and she'll give that right back to you over and over again.  If you'd like to meet this sweet little girl, please contact your placement advisor.


Hello Everyone!

I know it's been a while since I've invited you into my world. But I'm still here, and waiting for you to find me.

I've been busy keeping the yard, house, sky, trees, driveway, and air free of villains. I growl at anyone or anything that looks suspicious. For instance, there is this round thing with 12 numbers, and pointy things that go around, and around....It just NEVER stops moving! I growl at it sometimes, just to remind it that I'm watching. Funny thing is, this house has 3 or 4 of them! 

My foster mom went away for more than a week. My foster dad took good care of me, but he doesn't sit in the same chair that lifts the feet up and makes a good place for me to lay and nap with them. My mom does that, and we take good naps. She said she's never had a lap dog before. Neither have I, I don't think. It's fun, that's all I know.

I love my foster sister. She's bigger than me, but I'm tougher. We run, play, wrestle and share toys. My rules, though. Cuz of all of the above. I'm tougher. She's a good sport!

Take a good look at my profile and see if we might be a good match. And maybe, just maybe, we can meet up (if I can find a day that I'm not all muddy from this awesome weather!). I really want my OWN mama and dad, and sister or brother. I'm a good girl, I really am!

Til next time,