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Missy 13-061
(Fostered in Two Harbors, MN)

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Love from Jon & Jennifer Bishop and Lucy and Vivian
"In honor of Jerri Hall and in memory of Jake"

"A big thank you to the dedicated RAGOM volunteers who found Missy 6/4"

Jen Micek
"Happy Spring to Missy! She has come so far, I am so proud of her!"


A portion of Missy's medical care was paid for by a generous grant from the Golden Retriever Foundation's April Fund


Happy Spring! Happy Spring pretty girl! In memory of Buddy/ Ben 11-071


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2/24/2013  Physical fence required
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March 3, 2013

Welcome Missy to RAGOMLAND!  She was 'used' as a puppy breeder in a commercial facility, living in a kennel run outside, for the first six years of her life, and suffered quietly through it all without resentment.  She arrived at our home 7 days ago, a very scared, quiet but sweet dog, who pulled herself into a corner and would not move or look at you.  She would not eat or drink, either.  During the past week, Missy has slowly progressed and also surprised us at times by her courage.

Cutter, our younger male golden, noticed the first afternoon that Missy had plopped herself in a snow hole in the backyard and wasn't moving. He went over to her and somehow convinced her to get up. He allowed her to sniff him, and then, of course, he had to have his turn sniffing, and then he lead her back to the deck. It was like he was saying, come on now--it will be alright.
The next time she surprised us, was the second night when Foster Dad put a leash on her and she willingly went for a walk around the block with him and the other dogs.  We just about fell over, as Missy had not moved out of her spot for two days, except when she went outside, and then it was to another spot to lay motionless.  Since that time, She has begun going for two or three walks around the block daily, along with time in the backyard.
A couple of days ago, as Foster Dad approached her in the backyard with the other dogs following him, she jumped up from her snow hole and ran towards them, anticipating the walk. She almost reached them and then realized what she was doing, and veered off in the other direction. She quick dug a hole in the snow and put her head face down into it like an ostrich would. Foster Dad put a leash on her and she began willingly walking with him and the other dogs as seen in the photo. It was a touching moment to see her trying so hard to join the pack.
Yesterday, we took her for a walk on the Bay with our other four dogs, and a friend and his dog.  Missy actually wagged her tail as we went out onto the ice and had a fun afternoon.
We gave her a bath and spend some time each day gently brushing Missy and talking to her.  She has begun to look at you, and although lying down, her head and shoulders are propped up now, rather than cowering in the corner.  Here she is after her first bath:
We have been gradually getting Missy to eat and drink this week.  She has built up to eating a can of hearty chicken soup with a cup of kibble at a time, when we are not looking of course; we are transitioning her to regular dog kibble.  At the Vet, she weighed in at just under 60 pounds -- it will be awhile before we can determine an appropriate weight for her; she needs to recover from not eating or drinking during the days when she moved from the commercial breeder to our home.  Missy is up to date on her vaccinations and is physically healthy in all other respects.  She does have worms and will be treated for those during the coming week.  She will have her spay surgery in about a month.  We look forward to getting to know Missy better and will keep you posted. 


As many other volunteers have said, it is truly gratifying to nuture a frozen scared puppy mill dog and watch her begin to trust and blossom.  Missy is in the beginning stages of this process.  From the first time we laid eyes on her, both my husband and I had the sense that Missy is a 'good dog' -- a smart, kind dog that wants to trust but doesn't know how.  Here, Missy is outside on the deck in her 'safe spot.' But, she can't stand it, and walks to where she can see what the rest of the dogs are doing.

As you can start to see, Missy is a long, lankey beauty waiting to unfurl.  She could not move from her corner for several days when she first arrived at our home, and would not eat or drink.  Then, with some coaxing from the other dogs and Foster Dad, she went from walking around the block twice a day, to joining the rest of the pack with piling in the car and heading out to the woods for long walks twice a day.  She explores just like the rest of the crew!!  And, she eats all of her kibble.  Okay, we had to get her going with chicken breast and sliced turkey, but it didn't take her long to join the rest of the pack in anticipating meal time, and crunching down when presented with the opportunity.
She is very good about holding her potty until outside.  I don't think we had any accidents with her. Missy is a quiet, well-behaved dog.  She doesn't bark and does whatever we ask her to do.  She gets along with all of the other dogs, which tells us she doesn't feel the need to be the pack leader; just wants to get along.
It is soooooo gratifying to see her upright and moving.  With the deep snow, the dogs have made paths throughout the backyard and Missy loves to RUN down the paths!  We can't wait to see her when the snow is gone and the whole backyard is green grass and trees.
Missy has completed her treatment for worms; she will have a fecal recheck in one month to make sure they are gone.  We expect to schedule her for a spay in April, when she has regained her health from the transition from a commercial breeder to the Golden Life in a loving RAGOM home.
We LOVE volunteering for RAGOM, as there is an abundance of good-hearted people who give to benefit our rescue dogs.  Missy, without asking, has already received a sponsorship:
Love from Jon & Jennifer Bishop and Lucy and Vivian
"In honor of Jerri Hall and in memory of Jake"
Thank you, guys!!!

Missy is doing well.  She is eating and drinking normally, going on regular walks, and spending more time upstairs hanging with the rest of us.  She likes to watch what is going on and to explore the furniture and rooms.  One night we brought her into the tv room with us and all of the dogs.  She kept getting up and staring at Mollie, who was sleeping in her favorite overstuffed green chair.  It was like she was having trouble comprehending exactly what Mollie was up to (or maybe she wanted to join her, I don't know!)

We find that puppy mill dogs don't know what a treat is about, so the other dogs have to clue them in.  Missy still won't try a treat, but she does act interested when the other dogs do, because she knows something is up.  Here is Missy on the right, with foster Gypsy (12-414) in the middle, and our resident Jack, carefully watching Foster Dad's every step, since he had food.
Missy is scheduled for her spay surgery next week.  I always look forward to our unspayed fosters reaching this milestone, as it signals an end to a life of being used as a breeding and nursing mom, and onto feeling better and living the RAGOM 'Golden Life.'  Missy is still often hunched with her tail between her legs, but I did catch a shot of her completely outstretched and lost in the view outside the windows.  Isn't she a beauty?  After she regains her health, her fur will likely grow out and shine!



Missy has been with us for six weeks now and, slowly but surely has continued to progress in exploring the world outside of a commercial breeding facility.

Last night, we enjoyed watching her try to eat popcorn.  She followed the scent of a bowl of popcorn being carried down the hallway.  With a few kernels on the floor, she went over to sniff, but didn't eat them.  After coming over two or three more times to sniff, she decided to try them.  It reminded me of a cat trying to eat a bug, never fully crunching down, but using its teeth to separate the sections and then shaking its head, and having the bug parts fall out onto to ground to explore some more.  Missy was exploring, but not eating, but we're glad she did!

Physically, Missy is in good health.  She was spayed last week and bounced back pretty quickly from the surgery.  She weighs 61.5 pounds, and has been gaining about one pound per week over the last month; her ideal weight is likely 65 to 70 pounds.  It is hard to describe, but I have always sensed that Missy has a strong identity.  It is like she knows what she likes and what she trusts, and she will gladly get out of your way and do what you want her to (learned how to survive in a commercial breeding environment), but inside she remains strong.  Her character gives me confidence that she will gradually work her way out of some of the emotional baggage she carries from her past.  She has always exhibited gentleness with other dogs and people.  She is a 'good dog.'



Sometimes I walk Missy with our biggest, calmest Golden, Jack, and no other dogs.  Jack walks in front,  I am in the middle, and Missy walks behind me, as she always does.  We walk all over the neighborhood on the sidewalks, in the street off to the side, through the park; and, we do it every day, so that Missy gets a chance to gradually explore new places, dogs and people.  She feels safe, because it is a routine and she can see that Jack is thoroughly enjoying the walk, sniffing and peeing on things.  She has begun sniffing and exploring -- she sniffed a lone pinecone that somehow wasn't covered by the snow the other day.  Last week, we ventured up to Petco in the middle of the afternoon.  It was quiet; we walked up and down the isles and Missy took note as Jack's nosebrain explored by sniffing everything.  He pulled hard when we got to the dogfood isle, and Missy was interested, too.  She did flinch going in and out of the automatic entry/exit doors, but then I am always a little careful when I go through them, too.  

Foster Dad sometimes takes the dogs out on the bay (ice) for walks.  Twice now, Missy has run ahead with the other dogs enjoying herself, then realizes what she is doing, and goes back to walking behind Foster Dad.  Some day she will learn that it is okay to have fun, even when humans are present.  I've included a photo of Missy getting out of the car -- she loves car rides and gets in/out with no problem, but lays on the floor where she feels safer.

Here is a photo of the dogs waiting at the backdoor to get into the house, after patiently watching Foster Dad shovel snow.  Missy is on the far left with the red collar.  She has begun playing with Cutter (dog closest to the door) fairly regularly, including inside on the livingroom rug.  Mollie, a RAGOM dog we adopted last year is second from the door, and Jack is the big one, closest to Missy.
The last photo shows Missy leaning against the couch and sleeping, while I am reading.  Her safe spot in the livingroom has been on the floor next to a chair on the other side of the room.  Missy has joined me next to the couch several times now.  This tells me she is feeling safe being next to me (but I still can't touch her).
Missy is a former puppy mill mama and is learning to trust humans gradually.  She had a set-back last week, which is common.  The PM girls take baby steps, sometimes forward and sometimes backward.  After consulting with her vet, we decided to try giving her an anti-anxiety med, to help her relax during transition from life inside a commercial breeding facility, to the 'Golden' life as a RAGOM dog.  Potential adopters will need to have the patience and willingness to nurture Missy slowly -- it will take time.



Missy has been doing real well.  Foster Dad and I have both noticed that she is getting more relaxed than she has ever been.  When taking walks, she has been going in front of us and playing around with the other dogs, rather than trailing behind us.  She is also allowing us to pass by closer to her before she moves in the other direction away from us.

One thing for sure, when it comes to mealtime, she is no slouch.  Here she is running inside after lunchtime was called.  She always goes to her same spot to lie down and patiently wait for her food to be served.  Then, she will wait until you leave before she partakes.

Thank goodness for the first sun-drenched day we have had this year.  The dogs enjoy hanging out together on the steps, where they can see any action that might happen both in the front side entrance, the back entrance, and the backyard.  Missy takes a lot of comfort in her foster siblings.  Her fur continues to grow out and shows that she is a curly girl.

Missy has been taking an anti-anxiety medication temporarily to help her learn to trust, and it seems to be working.  She is a wonderful, kind-hearted soul who will continue to blossom.  Her forever home should have a quieter environment and at least one confident mid to large size dog for her to lean on.


Hello everyone, it's me Missy and boy do I have a lot to share.  I know the last time you heard from me I had been adopted and was living with a wonderful family in Northern MN.  I sure liked this new family and they really loved me but one day I got really scared and ran away from them.  That was the beginning of a huge, scary adventure for me and for my new adoptive family.  It all started when I got frightened when the door to the house banged against a metal garbage can and I slipped out of my collar and took off running.  My new folks thought I would come back on my own and I did stick around for a couple of days.  They saw me on their property (they live on 40 acres) and they even camped out waiting and watching for me to come home.  They set up trail cameras and saw me a few times at night, even set up a big kennel run for me and I did come into it to eat some food but I ran off when my dad tried to get me to come to him.
For the next 4 or 5 days no one could find me and everyone feared the worst.  The area I was lost in, has wolves, bears, mountain lions, bobcats and not very many humans.  Everyone was very worried about me.  My adopters spent day and night looking for me, driving, walking, hiking and praying they would find me.  Finally early one morning a postal delivery lady saw me in someone's yard......14 miles away from where I was last seen!!  My adopters set up a live trap with food for me as well as the trail cameras.  Sure enough, they saw me on the trail camera that night and I spend time trying to get the food out of the live trap.....I set it when I was messing with it but did not go inside it. They were very happy to see me and knew where I was and that I was ok.
Over the next couple of days some other folks saw me and they put out lots of food and another live trap.  I was pretty smart and would go into the live trap just far enough to get the yummy food but not far enough to get trapped.  This earned me the nickname of "smart cookie....or just cookie".  Another volunteer called me "stinker". Several RAGOM volunteers including my first foster dad drove and walked all over trying to find me and they even brought their dogs with hoping I would come out of my hiding spot and let them catch me.  Nope, I did not do that but did let them see me on the trail cameras!!  I was happy to get some good food to eat but no way was I letting anyone catch me!!  I only came out at night and hid during the day.
Finally a RAGOM volunteer built a big live trap and some wonderful volunteers transported it all the way up north so they could try to catch me.  They set the trap using a grilled steak and some broasted chicken.  That night I could not resist the steak and chicken (sure beats the road kill and grass I was eating) so I entered the trap and I was caught.  I started barking and the resort owner heard me and called my adopters to come and get me.  I was finally safe by 2 amand my adopters took me home with them.  They decided that they needed to surrender me back to RAGOM as they were too afraid I would run away again and they just wanted what is best for me.  So now I am living with a new foster mom and her resident dogs.  I lost about 10 pounds during my adventure but am doing ok.  I had some tummy troubles at first but am ok now. I had tons of ticks on me but foster mom removed them.  I am getting used to foster mom and my foster siblings.  So far, so good.
I really want to thank everyone who helped search for me and prayed for me.  I know my adopters did everything possible to find me and lost a lot of sleep and some weight looking for me.....they never gave up on me and drove more than 1,000 miles in the 13 days I was missing.  Lots of other folks helped bring me home safely and I want to thank everyone for helping me on my journey.  I think I am very lucky to have landed in RAGOM and know there are very many people who care a lot about me and the other dogs.  Well all for now, have to go take a nap and then one more trip outside before bed time.  I will update you in a few weeks and let you know more about my journey.
Your friend, Missy aka "Cookie".  


It has been about two months since Missy was captured up in the Northwoods.  First thing I noticed is that she did not respond to her name  so I played around with sounds to see if I could get a reaction from her.  I happened upon Jojo....something about those sounds gets her attention every time so she is aka Jojo.  She is still  very fragile to work with and all  movements need to be slow and predictable.  She needs her long line on her when outdoors and a short one in the house.  She now gives me full eye contact and has only had a couple of accidents in the house the first week here.

Gaining Jojo's trust each day has turned this cutie into a tail wagging, play bowing and barking fun machine.  FM runs around the backyard with Jojo chasing just a couple of feet behind, after I stop running she turns and runs ...tail out, watching if I will chase her....of course I do and then the pack joins in.  She now runs for the ball, loves her squeaker toys....digging holes ....barking at the chickens....all in all she is coming along.

Jojo had a trip to the cities a few weeks ago for a weekend at Auntie D's house.  She got to play with four other dogs, one was a retired Puppy Mill rescue mom just like her.  She also had a little golden puppy to play with, although when she came home she had a small scab on her lower lip that I think was due to one little puppy wanting to play.  I think she had a good time and it was good for her growth to be out of her element for a few days....thank you Auntie D!

Jojo's  rehabilitation is a slow process but so far she has not gone backwards.  Not going to happen.  She loves the pack and each one plays a part in her rehab.  One is her steady rock, one is the goof ball and one has a few quirks just like her, adopted RAGOM dog,  Buddy/Ben 11-071.

Part of her rehab is going in the car each day for a ride down to the lake and a walk.  She loves the car but tends to RUSH to wherever she is going so we are working on waiting until she calms down and then go through the door or the into the crate or out the gate.  If she is anxious we just wait and then she settles down and we move on.  She is teaching me great patience and I am grateful to her for that. She has been down to the ore docks, heard the train, the tug boat whistles and the taconite being loaded on to the ships.  Each time she gains a little more confidence.

Each foster dog teaches me something new or helps me to be a better foster.  Jojo is teaching me to wait and not rush her ....she really wants to please.

I want to give a big thank you for Missy's sponsors.  It means so much to have people not only care with their hearts but also to give of their fiances to help these golden treasures.  Thank you so much!


It has been four months since Missy/Jojo went missing for 13 days in and was caught in the live trap in Finland  and things have been slow.  We have not gone backwards, always forward slowly, some days painfully slow.  But.....all the patience and a predictable routine has paid off.  It has been two weeks now since she has had to drag any kind of long line around.  It started to get caught up on the legs of the other dogs when they run together and play. it came.  She will come to me 100% of the time now when I get her leash out. She dances and barks and waits.  She will come within arms length and I clip on her leash and off we go.  She loves to walk ....loves the car and go for rides.  If I take one of the other dogs out of the yard and walk out back out of her sight she will bark at the fence line.  Is she barking because I took one of her pack members or does she miss me :) so I brought back her fur brother and went out of sight by my self.  Oh my.....she carried on barked jumped up on the fence until I came back into sight and I could see her tail wagging from 150 feet away.  It was me....yippee!

Jojo will now let me walk by her while she is laying in the family room and not get up to leave.  If I lay down on the sofa she will come up to smell me.  Now when the other dogs get a treat if she wants one she has to take it from my hand which she does every time now.

If someone comes to the gate she will run up to greet them just like the other dogs and she will come up to the fence and smell their hand.

Jojo still has a long way to go in her rehab but she has shown me so much in the last two weeks that I am so excited to start the next part of her rehab.

Thank you to everyone for all their thoughts and prayers when the girl was on the run.  Jojo is a remarkable girl!


Missy/Jojo had a wonderful foster sister 13-314 Rooney, to play with the last couple of weeks before she was adopted.  They loved to play tug-of-war and wrestle.  Those two girls could not have been further apart in how they were raised and cared for in their lives. Rooney  was well socialized and was born and brought up in a home with lots of love and exposure to people, places, dogs....the world was open to her.  The result is a well socialized, confident dog.  Jojo on the other hand was born into a life without socialization and used only for the sole reason of profit. How many litters can we get out of her before we get rid of her, seems to be the MO for these places.   These dogs are bred, used up and basically thrown away.  Jojo did not deserve what she was forced into. She never had a say in her life.  Dogs used like this will never be like Rooney but they deserve more then any dog a wonderful life. A  life without fear, dread and confusion. can I explain how precious she is.  No, she does not come running from across the room to lick your face. But she does cautiously approach now to get chin rubs.  She can not wait to into the car to go for a ride and take her walk.  She runs after balls, picks them up ....not sure what to do after that, but her tail is wagging and she lets out little barks like she has a cold..... hoarse barks.  Could she have been debarked?  Maybe..

Unfortunately there seems to be more Jojos then Rooneys.  These are the dogs that need more patience, more love, more structure and more laughter in their lives.  Every time she catches a flying piece of popcorn I can't help but laugh like a little kid and she seems to smile back.  Slow going Jojo?  Sure it is but these Puppy Mill dogs are so worth all the extras we give them.

Please think about opening your home to one of these incredibly sweet, kind souls.  If you think a Puppy Mill dog is more then you feel you are able to adopt, please consider sponsoring one of these "not" forgotten dogs.

I know Jojo can trust and will someday find her forever home.  She is smart, beautiful and kind.  Everything a Golden Retriever should be.  I am proud to be Jojo's foster mom.


It has been six months since Missy/Jojo was caught in the live trap in Finland where she was missing for thirteen days.  She was started on medication for the last 30 days  to help her with her anxieties and I think they have helped take the edge off.  The Doctors thought it would be best to try her on a one pill every other day now so that has been going on for the last couple of weeks.  I have not noticed a her anxiety levels increasing  so I think that is a good thing.  Our hopes is that in time she will be able to be taken off the medication. 

She is now starting to walk around the house more on her own.  She loves bones and the other day when I got home from work I gave all the dogs a bone.  I sat down on the sofa and she laid down about two feet from me with the bone.  I was able to get up walk past her to the kitchen and back again to sit down and she never even looked up. Trust.....such a small word.....seems to take a very long time but is coming.  She now knows the word "cheese" and comes running.  When I put her food down in front of her she leans back but does not back away from the food and starts to eat as soon as my hand leaves the bowel.
It is a full house here and I think Jojo likes that.  She doesn't even mind when my fourteen year old cat Jesse, climbs in her crate with her.  
Stay tuned for a new and improved Jojo Banana Pants in 2014.
Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year to everyone!


We all have cabin fever here as most of us are in the deep has put a kabosh on getting Jojo out for more exposure.  With 40 plus inches of snow makes walking tough for everyone.

Several things have taken place since the last update.  One is that she now comes to me for her dinner...waits for me to put it down and I can stand by her and she continues to eat and take treats from my hand.   Cheese is still her treat of choice and is what I am using for counter conditioning.  Keep feeding her small pieces of cheese and it helps her get through what ever I am attempting to do with her.

When I come home from work, she is so excited to see me.  Paws on the baby gate, whining and wiggling with the others.  She looks like a regular dog in the pack. When I reach out to her she lets me scratch under her chin.  If I push it she will back away but she is still wagging her tail and wiggling.

Santa brought Jojo her very own bed, not a hand me down.  Her first very own bed.  It took her until about a week ago to lay in it.  Of course all the others, including the cats tried it out first.  It was so cute, she would go and lay by it, right next to it but not get in.  Then one day she crawled in and I could hear her snore.....that was a thing of beauty.  She didn't even have one eye open to make sure no boogieman got her.  Both eyes shut and she was out!  Isn't she just precious...


A BIG thank you to the Hunns for Jojo's Valentine!

Oh my, what can I say about this sweet girl.  Missy aka Jojo banana pants is really starting to be a dog.  She comes up to me every day now to get some pets. Coming from a back ground of never been petted it is hard to know if it even feels good to her because it is so foreign.  She can't resist when the pack all come up for attention she does too.  She hangs in the back but then works her way to the front for some chin scratches.

I usually brush her when she goes to bed in her kennel in the bedroom but the other day I decided to walk toward her with the brush to see what she would do.  She was laying in her bed and I walked slowly up sideways and she got up and I thought she was going to leave the area but she surprised me and came towards me...... when she got to me she stopped and I reached out to let her sniff the brush, which she did and then backed away.  That was enough for now so I laid the brush on the coffee table and she got up and went over to investigate and then picked it up.

She is like a seven year old puppy, just starting to get naughty.  She will grab anything now she can and take off with it.  I just make a noise to get her attention and she will let it go.  She even chases squeaky toys  and her and foster failure Ben wrestle everyday.

It has been really hard trying to walk her as we still have three feet of snow and expecting another seven inches tonight.  But, when we do get out like today she just loves riding in the car and going on walks, sniffing with the other dogs.  When we meet someone on the trail now she does not pull back if we stop to chat.  She does step behind me but that is fine.  Today a lab was off leash and ran up to me and my three dogs, everyone was polite no rushing just polite dog sniffing ...the owner came up the hill to retrieve his dog.  It was a good experience for Jojo.  She was startled but nothing bad happened so she can put that in her memory bank.



Well Jojo is pretty upset with Foster Mom for being so late with her update.  She is doing very well.  She is such a sweet girl.  It is hard to see the baby steps these sensitive dogs take because they are so slow and happen without you really seeing them.

Jojo continues to go for her daily walks, meets people and other dogs and all the tourists in town.  She does not go up to them but does not hide either.  She will lay in the middle of the room now and does not get up but waits to get petted.

Jojo has been with me a year now since she was trapped in Finland.  She does come up to me when I call her and I can pet her under her chin, she barks and wags her tail when I get home from work and seems "normal", but she is not nor ever will be like a normal dog but she is sweet, playful and requires so little.

What Jojo needs in a forever home is:

  • A quiet home with no children.
  • At least one confident dog as she loves to wrestle.
  • Cats are fine.
  • A physical fence.
  • A very patient and kind owner.  One who will let Jojo just be Jojo,
  • Daily walks.
  • Daily play time with a ball she loves me to throw it and she will pick it up and wants me to run with her.
Jojo will never be a "normal dog" but she is so grateful for every for every small thing.   She makes me a better foster for her being here. I love my Jojo banana pants!


Another month has passed and Foster Mom is way behind as usual. Jojo had a few houseguests this past month and I am so proud of her. She did not leave the room or go behind the sofa, but stayed in the room and took treats from total strangers! Jojo is enjoying her walks and her funny play with FM.....I run (sorta), she chases me......she runs....I chase her. The other day she barked at the fence when someone walked up on the road and alerted the pack to a stranger. When my brother comes over, she runs up to the fence to get pets. This may not seem like much, but to those who truly understand how sensitive these puppy mill dogs are, these are big steps.

We have another foster dog, Tuffy 14-071, and Jojo really wanted to be friends, but he preferred the boys in the pack. I think Jojo was just too pretty for him and that made him shy around her. She is always so welcoming to new dogs and continues to be a sweet girl.

Jojo (left) and foster sister, Tuffy


Missy/Jojo here.....FM has been so behind in getting an update on me that I have taken over.  First I want to give out a BIG thank you for remembering me  with Blue Paws on my webpage.  A big shout out to Pam and Janet and their RAGOM pup Jessie and for the anonymous paw print......thank you so much for thinking of all of us Puppy Mill ROCK!!!!

I have been thinking about the last 16 months since I was captured in the now famous "Missy Trap" and how far I have come in trusting people.  I never had a problem trusting other dogs or cats, they are so honest in their approach to life.  My fur siblings, Magic, River and former RAGOM foster dog Ben/Buddy 11-071 have helped me so much in learning to relax around humans.  I even like the cats here.  Tried to play with one today and got a smack on the nose.  She did not try to hurt me just let me know that putting a paw on her was not part of the game.

Life is so much fun now.  I have not one but two soft beds with my own blankets,  I come when called because that always leads to a treat.  My favorite is a piece of cheese.  Foster Mom says my waistline has gotten bigger like that is a bad thing?  Winter is coming and a girl needs a little extra to keep warm.  I love routine and FM is so excited because for the last couple of months she doesn't have to prop the door open and step away because I trust her and will walk right by her.

The other day I went outside and when FM came out she looked at me and guess what I had hanging out one side of my mouth......a bird wing....yep I found a wren in the yard and it was so small that the whole bird fit in my mouth but the one wing.  Well, FM saw it and she thought that was not a proper breakfast so she came toward me and I backed up and she came toward me and I backed up and she came toward me and I backed up......anyone who has had a Puppy Mill survivor knows that is how we survived by always keeping our eyes on the human, never turning our back and walking backwards.  FM says I have a rear end like a quarter horse all muscle like that is a bad thing?  FM just would not give up she kept walking towards me and I kept walking backward this went on for about 3 minutes.  I think all that nonsense is out of habit because just like that my ears went down my face got soft and I let FM open my mouth and take out the bird.  Maybe these humans aren't all bad.  She did not get mad at me but told me what a good girl I am and that she was so proud of me for being so brave.  I think people might be OK after all.  It has taken me a long time to get to the point where I wag my tail and do a happy dance when I see FM.  I love to go in the car and take walks.  We meet people on the walks and although I do not approach them I do like to sniff the air once they have passed.  FM takes things real slow with me and I am responding with spending time laying next to her chair and chewing on a bone.  I like to spend time closer to her now.   Oh, oh....what is that I smell? to go.................


Sorry for the late response on all of the wonderful Mittens and Holly for beautiful Missy/Jojo.  A big shout out to Byron, Larry, Brody and Betsy Bruhn for the mitten and to Santa for his mitten!  A big thank you to Kathleen G. for the Holly! 

Nothing new to report on Jojo really.  She is very comfortable in her foster home.  She knows the routine and what is expected of her and she does well with it.  Her and Buddy/Ben 11-061  love to wrestle after they have breakfast.  Jojo just does not let up and when Ben tries to get away from her she comes up behind him and bites his back legs until he turns around to play some more.  They are good friends.  Ben has some insecurities  of his own so if Jojo needs some reassurance she will go to my Irish Setter Magic.  She will stand behind Magic when someone comes in the house but she no longer goes away.  She will show interest.  

She enjoys her walks.  It has been way too cold lately to go but we still go for rides in the car which she enjoys.  Hoping for a few warmer days above zero so she can get out there and sniff all the things that have happened since she was last out.

Here are a couple of pictures of Jojo and Ben in their morning routine of wrestling.


From Kathleen G From Kathleen G

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM: BYRON,LARRY,BRODY AND BETSY BRUHN Merry Christmas from: Byron, Larry, Brody and Betsy Bruhn

Merry Christmas from Santa to the Golden Seniors! Merry Christmas from Santa to the Golden Seniors!


Happy New Year Jojo! Love, FM , Buddy/Ben 11-061 Happy New Year Jojo! Love, FM , Buddy/Ben 11-061


Missy/Jojo sends a BIG thank you to Jessie 13-324 for her Valentine!!!  Yes, she will be your Valentine!

Jojo has been having a good winter and has started playing more with balls.  She has a favorite blue squeaky ball. Her and resident RAGOM dog Ben 11-071 loves to play.


Happy Valentines Day Missy from Jessie 13-324! Happy Valentines Day Missy from Jessie 13-324


Big Kiss to the Golden Seniors----Anonymous Big Kiss to the Golden Seniors----Anonymous


Missy/Jojo has been having a wonderful time with another RAGOM girl puppy Nala, 15-023.  We fostered the 6.5 month old for about 5 weeks and I have to tell you ......she got the party started at this house....Every morning she would wrestle with or play with all of the pack.  Nala would lay down show belly and Jojo would wrestle with her was fun to see.  Jojo being a former PM mom for many years knows how to wrestle with a puppy.  Now it is back to the quieter times  but she still enjoys wrestling with Ben a former RAGOM boy and going for her walks.  She is still fearful of strangers and at times even with me.  I just let her be who she is ....which is a lovely kind girl with some mischief in her eye.  I think she is waiting for another foster puppy to play with.


 Have a wonderful Easter! Love CJ  Have a wonderful Easter! Love CJ


Happy Spring to the Golden Seniors from Anonymous Happy Spring to the Golden Seniors from Anonymous


From Goldzilla 2015:

"Welcome to the Golden Life." -Kathy and Hailie W


First I want to give a big shout out to Kathy and Hailie W.  for the Goldzilla paw print!  It is out of the generosity of you and all the other wonderful people who care for our special goldens with their generous donations that make all the difference for the Misses of the world.

Quite a few things have happened with Missy/Jojo since her last update.  

First at the suggestions of her Veterinarian we started to wean Jojo off her anxiety medication for a month.  We went from every other day to one every four days.  Personally I am not in favor of anxiety meds but Jojo is a very severe case of puppy mill behaviors.  At the end of our experiment we found that Jojo regressed noticeably,  She went from coming in doors with the pack to staying at the back of the yard and slowly coming forward and a couple of times I had to bring her leash out as she loves to go for a walk just to get her in the house.

Fast forward two months to being on one pill everyday.  She not only is back to herself but the last two weeks she has allowed strange people to pet her on walks and even took a treat from one!  That is huge!!   She is totally engaged with her pack of three dogs, runs to the fence and barks.  Comes running to the door to meet me at the baby gate all wiggles with tail wagging and even licks my hands.  She is now coming up regular for pets and massage.  It just melts my heart.

Today my 22 yr old nephew came over and was playing with all the dogs in the backyard and she came up to him and smelled his hand and he reached out to scratch under her chin and took a treat from his hand and waited for the ball to be thrown.  It was amazing.....she has only met him a handful of times.  

I am so proud of her I could burst!!!!

If I ever doubted that anxiety meds could help a dog......I have no doubts now.  These last two weeks have been real breakthroughs for her.

Until next time......


Missy/Jojo wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  A very special thank you to Curt and Betty Gumbrell for Missy's Christmas Tree and for Santa's special Christmas gift!

Missy has been doing well in her foster home.  She is now on one pill for anxiety every other day.  This formula seems to work best for her.  She continues to love to play with the three resident dogs and take her daily car rides and her walks.

Missy is still very leery of strangers and will not approach them or let them approach her.  She does come to me several times a day for pets and love.  She has started to lay in the kitchen by my feet when I am cooking which is new for her.  

Santa brought her a new Kong with frozen peanut butter inside.   She knows how to get the last little bit out!


Happy Holidays to Missy and her caringfamily - from Curt and Betty Gumbrell Happy Holidays to Missy and her caring family - from Curt and Betty Gumbrell

Merry Christmas from Santa to the Golden Seniors! Merry Christmas from Santa to the Golden Seniors!



Happy Valentine's Day, Missy/JoJo! How far your have come! A true representation of what rescue is all about! Rona and Tim! Happy Valentine's Day, Missy/JoJo! How far your have come! A true representation of what rescue is all about! Rona and Tim


I want to give a very late but thankful shout out to Tim and Rona for Missy/Jojo's Valentine.  Rona you were the first kind hands she had on her in her entire life and I thank you for that.

Missy has been in foster care for a very long time now but somehow an angel named Jen Micek became Missy's third sponsor!!   It is so touching as a foster with a very damaged and fragile dog that she is still touching people with her story.  Thank you so much as that makes it possible for RAGOM to help other victims of the puppy mills have a good life.  Missy's life may have started terrible but it is ending well.

Here is the little sweetheart in her bed after a hard day sniffing out all the critters on her walk.


I got an egg...I got an egg....I got an Easter Egg foster Mom!!!!!  Did you see? Did you see?   My first Easter Egg and I totally missed seeing the Easter Bunny lay it!!  But I see the bunny' s initials are RD so the bunny should be easy to find! Thank you so much!! Love you RD! Jojo


Missy/JoJo lost her best friend and confidante this past week.  Buddy/Ben 11-071 crossed the Rainbow Bridge last week very unexpectedly and even though she still has two resident dogs her rock, Ben, is gone.  We have all been trying to adjust to the void but JoJo has taken it hard.  Per her veterinarian we have bumped up her anxiety meds to one everyday.  I know as time goes on she will adjust (we all will adjust), it will just take time.  At first she did not want to come in the house and when she did come in she would just go in her crate instead of with everyone else in the family room.  I have closed her crate so she has to follow the other dogs into the family room.  It will take time but she will adjust, as she is a survivor.

JoJo had her yearly check up at the doctor's two weeks ago and Ben was with her to give her courage as he had so many times before. Her senior blood panel came back in good shape.  She did test positive  for Lymes despite being on Frontline plus.  The doctor said it could have been from when she had multiple ticks removed from her after being on the run from almost three years ago.    

Here is the last photo of JoJo and Ben playing in the snow just a couple of weeks ago. Ben on the left, JoJo on the right.



Happy Spring! Happy Easter JoJo from RD in SD, you are a true "golden" girl!



You are a beautiful and brave girl, Missy!" -Beau 14-117 and the Myers Family

"Best wishes." -Anonymous friend



Missy wants to give a big thank you to Beau 14-117 and the Myers Family for the Goldzilla paw! Also a big thank you to Anonymous for the Goldzilla paw! In the spirit of the Holidays, thank you to Anonymous for the Christmas Holly! It is in the spirit of giving and generosity of RAGOM friends and family that on behalf of all the Puppy Mill Mamas a deep and appreciative thank you!

Missy/Jojo still does not trust people and will never get over some of her trust issues. Her anxiety meds do help her. She can never be off leash or if she got loose she would have to be live trapped but she does pretty well with a regulated day.

Missy would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


A big thank you to Annie 12-225 and John and Mary for the Christmas mitten!!

Missy enjoyed having a friend to play with - an 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy! Missy must have been a wonderful mom because she knew just how to play and love on the puppy.


 Merry Christmas Missy! From Annie 12-425, John and Mary.  Merry Christmas Missy! From Annie 12-425, John and Mary.



Nothing new to report on Missy. She still takes an anti-anxiety pill every day. She enjoys her walks on a daily basis. Missy does enjoy the snow now that the temps are not so cold.



Still have some snow, but should be gone in a week or so. Missy likes the snow - the melt brings new smells and she enjoys those on her daily walk.

I moved her crate about 15 inches back from where it has been and when she went to go to bed she stopped in the doorway and then ran back into the family room and would not go to bed. I moved the crate back and bribing her with a piece of cheese, she went to bed. She is so fragile that small differences shake her world. Everything needs to stay the same and be very routine and predictable for her to feel safe.


Today was bath day for little Missy aka Jojo pants.  It was a slow process getting her into the tub and once in she lays down ..... so let's just say she had a bath on one side and the other was not so good.  But she does smell better and her coat is very shiny.  

She has an appointment for her yearly wellness check this coming Tuesday and she wants to look good!




This will be the  last entry for my beautiful girl, Jojo.  It is with a greater sense of loss than my words can express, the hole left in my heart at her passing. Hemangiosarcoma has claimed another one of our Goldens.  I was there and held her sweet sugar face in my hands as she peacefully slipped away.  I told her to find her companion Buddy/Ben 11-071 she lost a year ago last April. I know he is waiting for her at the Bridge.

Missy touched many lives with her adventures on the loose in Finland, MN.  It was because of her unwillingness to be caught in a live trap that a wonderful volunteer Greg J invented the now infamous "Missy Trap" that has gone nationwide and caught untold numbers of lost dogs.  I guess you could say Missy is a legend!  But to me she was my girl....she taught me so much and helped me to find patience I never thought possible.  She made me a better foster and a better person.

Thank you to RAGOM for getting in this girl and giving her a chance at the good life. Thank you to all who sponsored her, read about her and loved her from afar.  Her life started out about as bad as it could have but her last four years were spent in car rides to the lake, walking everyday with her pack, helping each new foster dog, chewing on bones and perfectingly catching popcorn and of course being loved, which is what she always wanted.

Missy/Jojo you were loved beyond words and will never leave my heart.

One of my favorite pictures of sweet sugar face.