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Max 05-240
(Fostered in Minneapolis, MN)

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In memory of Tazz from Mary and Carl
"Max, we wish you all the best!"


June 27, 2012

Due to a change in circumstances Max has returned to RAGOM. Max is a youthful and lanky 8 year old male. He has no health issues. It is clear that Max was well cared for in his prior life. He has a good temperament, is very responsive to commands, and is very versatile. Max enjoys fetching, playing, walking, running and swimming, yet can lay comfortably at my feet for hours. Max is very intelligent and learns new routines quickly. He is perfectly house trained and can be trusted with free roam. A bonus is that Max will pick up clothes off the floor. However, I am still working on getting him to put the clothes into the drawers. Max loves to play with or hold tennis balls, toys and tug ropes. He does not destuff his toys, which is a plus. Max loves car rides. He dislike crates. He greets new dogs appropriately. Cats are a-okay. Kids should be older and dog savvy.



In honor of our golden Reno on his 11th birthday, and in memory of Barney #11-408, who touched our hearts. The love of a senior dog is a precious gift.  From Laura Kreun


It has been quite a summer for Max. If Max's summer had a title, it would be "Max's Misadventures." He had a lot of chaos and change during the last two months. He was always safe and Ragom took care of him, providing the best resources available. He had some problem finding the right home and foster parents. As a result he ended up in a boarding facility for a while. Max did not like that much, even though there were loving employees who showed him kindness and Ragom volunteers who checked on him regularly.

The great news is Max is now in a foster home. He is loved, appreciated and being allowed to rediscover all the good traits and training habits he learned as a younger dog. Here is a list of a few great qualities his foster mom has seen in Max.

  1. He is obedient. He knows sit, stay, down, heel and wait. He is really smart and teachable.
  2. He gets along exceptionally well with my resident cats.
  3. He is loving and forms a close bond with his people quickly.
  4. He is completely house trained and can have free roam of the house. He is fine being left alone for a few hours.
  5. He loves riding in the car, walking, jogging, playing fetch and swimming.

That is all for now.

Just a teaser for anybody looking for a mature adult dog with a lot of love, life and pep. If things go as planned Max just may participate in the parade at Goldzilla, September 22, 2012.


Max is a very smart dog. Like many seven year olds, this week he started school. This photo was taken day one at the Canine juggling school. Three tennis balls and a bone. I am so proud of the big guy!




Max has been with me for three weeks. I have gotten to know him and he is showing more of his wonderful personality each day. Based upon his history here is the kind of home I believe Max needs to thrive.

Max has always been the only dog. He plays with dogs we meet out of the house appropriately. However, I think he would like to be the one and only canine in the home. No small children. Max does not understand them and their quick movements and curiosity towards him make him uncomfortable and defensive. He will not attack, but I have seen lip curls. Dog savvy teenagers maybe.

Max gets along with both men and women as well as cats. The key to meeting Max is to let him come to meet you. Once that happens he is super willing to let you pet and love him all day long. He leans into people. When people meet him the comments I hear are that he is a gentleman and a really handsome dog.

Max loves loves loves to chase squirrels. When walking with Max you will see him focus on squirrels much more than other dogs or even people. He also will chase chickens. There is a city chicken coop across the alley that he discovered today. OMG. It was fenced and secure, but those hens will not be laying any eggs today. So when Max is being walked, his people need to be aware that he has some prey drive. We go to the park and he runs chasing tennis balls and frisbees in fenced areas. He really needs to play every day. I believe he is more motivated by play than treats.

Max lived on a farm and was used to having a lot of area for roaming free. He is now a city dog whose main form of exercise is being taken for walks and play twice daily. He has a fairly large fenced yard. No attempts at jumping or running away. He really does not like to hang outside unless his people are there with him. Max can absolutely not be tied out on a lead and left alone. Max adores car rides. He will jump in any car with an open door. He needs to be calmed down and training to control his excitement about going for a ride will make his peoples' life easier. He is teachable. As much as Max loves car rides, he should not be left in the car alone. This makes him anxious. So we have a dog that loves to ride in cars, but needs training and patience in order to make him the perfect travelling companion.

Thanks for reading about Max. He truly is a big hearted mellow dog. He has a few rough edges, but brings the gift of joy to any home where he resides.


Foster mom learned how to get photos from her phone to Max's page.


Max is getting quite a fan club. He sends tail wags to all the people who are inquiring about him and showing an interest in meeting him. Max, like a lot of dogs rescued by Ragom had some experiences that have influenced how he sees the world. He respects baby gates, but can not tolerate being in a kennel. He can not be tied out on a lead. He is extremely reactive when the doorbell rings or somebody knocks on the door and tends to be overly zealous about keeping people out of his territory. He becomes anxious in small spaces and makes it very clear that he will not tolerate being cornered. He will not be happy being left alone all day all week while his people are at work. Some body who works from home or who is away from the home on a part time basis would be best or an active retiree. He certainly is fine being left alone sometimes and can be trusted with free roam. Max needs love, patience and an experienced owner who can help rehabilitate this beautiful, smart and playful animal. Max deserves a forever home where he can heal and relearn to trust.

Max plays well with his friend Emily.
They are pooped after chasing balls all over the tennis court.


Max here. I am having my Foster Mom write to thank the wonderful Max lover(s) who bought a paw for me on the Goldzilla fan board.

Last weekend I went to the biggest dog party ever. It was called Goldzilla. I had never been around so many dogs before. It was exciting and a lot of fun. I thought maybe it was a dog family reunion because a lot of those dogs looked like me. We shared sniffs, tail wags and I came home so happy I talked to my FM. I got a new toy, lots of doggie treats and was even in something called the "Foster Showcase." I was #1, first of all the fosters to march across the grass in front of a stage where an announcer talked about me, Majestic Max. I was so excited, I ran across with my beautiful long loping run. I was long gone by the time the announcer finished talking about me. I hope people noticed that I was one of the tallest Golden's in the parade as well as how much enthusiasm I have.

There were a lot of people at Goldzilla also. They were ok, but why did they just keep coming up to me and putting their hands on me without asking for permission? I am Majestic Max and I appreciate manners. If a person lets me come to them I will be friendly. I do a great Golden lean and will sit still for petting as long as the human wants. The little people FM called children were the scariest. They just move so fast and came upon me so quickly I was very startled and nervous. I want to live in a forever home without those little people.

Goldzilla was a marvelous social event for a guy like me. Thanks to all the people who worked so hard to make it possible.


A Haiku for Max

Mr. Majestic Max loves his walks.
He navigates with confidence exploring the world.
He can be fearless sniffing the leaves and bushes.
He enjoys walking alongside a human, at peace and a part of his surroundings.
Mr Majestic Max is calm and balanced when he walks, even in the rain.


Super exciting news for Max. He has sponsors. Foster Mom and Max both send a huge thank you to Mary and Carl. We think you are wonderful, caring people. Max says that he went out this morning to the park and chased squirrels to honor Tazz. The photo below is in appreciation for Max's sponsors. Here a special peek at our boy. He took time out from looking up in the tree to give pose briefly.


Happy Birthday to Max. November 4 Max turned 8 years old. He still has plenty of steam and spunk. He bounds, leaps and lopes when he is off leash. He chases tennis balls and will bring them back to me if I bribe him with treats. We walk twice daily. Between walks Max is content laying around with his stuffed toys.

He also is determined to keep any squirrels or rabbits out of the yard.

Max is a unique character. He needs acceptance, love, patience and stability. His gifts to his forever family will be respect for you and your home, gratitude for making him your special dog. Max loves to be pet, gives and accepts affection. He also thinks part of his job is to protect you and your property. Contact placement if you are intrigued after reading Max's bio.


The first snow and Max was just so happy and excited. He wanted to stay outside and play all day. I have been fostering Max almost three months. This was one of his happiest days. Catching tennis balls, rolling in the snow and hiking brought this Golden grin to his beautiful face. Eventually, the snow did ice up between his paws and we were able to go inside. Now the snow has all melted, but I know Max was grateful for this preview of a Minnesota winter.

Max has a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. He is more secure and less anxious. He has developed several trusting relationships both with people and animals. He is starting to relax and be less zealous about guarding the door. When I come home he often can be caught napping. I walk right into the house and he no longer barks at my arrival. 

Max and my 12 year old grandson, Michael are interacting on a regular basis. They are now comfortable with each other. Part of the reason may be Michael sharing his people treats with Mr. Max. I see Max around the table more when Michael is in the house.

I took Max for a bath a couple of weeks ago. He walked right up the ramp and into the tub. His behavior during the entire process was absolutely perfect. There were both strange dogs and strange people in the area. He did not bark or growl at all. On the contrary, he let a stranger pet him while he was in the tub.

I can see Max is making progress adjusting to live the Golden life he deserves.


Max has been under the weather. He woke up one morning with unexplained pain. After a day or so he was in such excruciating pain he could not lower his head to eat. Movement was painful. Max yelped and cried trying to do any normal activity. Max went to the vet and behaved very very well. He allowed the exam, staying quiet and docile. He told us very clearly the exact location of the pain which was in his neck, radiating down his shoulder all the way into his leg and paw. The most likely reason for Max's pain seems to be a pinched nerve. Please keep Max in your thoughts and prayers as he moves through this chapter of his journey.


Max is improving, but still on bed rest. He says he is starting to get bored and is anxious to be able to go on walks again soon. He asked me to send a big huge holiday thank you to Stitches, Priya and Madison. He loves your generosity and the gift you sent him. Max told me he is wishing all health and lots of happiness.


Hi everybody, it is me Majestic Max. I feel so popular since I received another surprise. A kind person called Anonymous donated me a mitten. That is great. However, including me in the senior group? Baah humbug! I can outrun and bounce higher than your average dog. I love toys. Very few grey hairs in this beard, even though I am eight years old. Thank You though so very much.

Foster mom says I can act like a grumpy old man. I am glad all that Christmas party stuff is over. It is fun to get new stuffed reindeers and eat special food. I thought nine people in my house was a lot. They were all over and I wanted to be in the middle of everything. There was hardly any room for me. I do like my peace and quiet. I am still recuperating. No walks yet is making me want to chase the cats. January 6 is the day I will be able to hit the street again and I am really looking forward to me. I will be jumping for joy, just like in the photo here. Ears flying and having fun.


I apologize for not sending a Max update in almost a month. Winter colds and just plain cold weather got me down. Today the sun is shining but it is still less than 10. That is +10 not -10. Max now can go outside and walk. His neck and pinched nerve are much much better. Our walks are not as long as we would like, but we are working our way slowly to the duration we had before Max was injured. If you follow Max's story, you know walks are one of the areas he excels. He does such a good job of heeling, staying by my side. Additionally he oozes happiness at being outside enjoying all the smells and any treasures left behind by those who have passed by previously. They say that when a dog smells things on a walk it is like a doggy e-mail. Max reads all the e-mails he can find and answers some of them immediately. Max also loves to be pet and brushed and cuddled. He thinks he is an 80 lb lap dog. Here is a goofy photo showing him having fun with foster dad.

Max, you're the best! From Karen
From Stichez, Madison and Priya From Stichez, Madison and Priya
Merry Christmas to the Golden Seniors! From Anonymous Merry Christmas to the Golden Seniors! From Anonymous

I found a new friend. We met and it was love at first sight. Ella es mi nueva amiga.


From Max with love at Valentine's. Outside taking care of business with the stuffed raccoon.


Max began a six week course with the Canine Coach. The course is for socialization. It is all about making Max more comfortable around people. It will also make him more confident and secure. Foster mom will learn how to be a better advocate for Max. The teacher says we will learn to speak the language of dogs. We have homework and the training is based on positive reinforcement. Max is getting a lot of treats.

We have learned so far.

  1. A wagging tail may not mean the dog wants to be friendly.
  2. A little tongue flick is a sign the dog is nervous.
  3. Rapid panting without the tongue sticking out is a stressed dog.
  4. A dog who is standing squarely is relaxed. An anxious dog is leaning forward like he wants to take off.

The photo was Max after school.


Week 2 at the Canine Coach, Max continues to be a star pupil. We practiced so many different things. Most of the exercises focused on the person handling the dog being aware and communication from dog to human. Max learned the stop/block/sit/stay exercise that will prevent him from reacting when somebody or something surprises and scares him. He was able to stay calm as people walked about the training space stopping in front of him. Max was the first to bark when the instructor knocked on the door..overachiever. The other dogs took their cue from him and joined in. Overall Max was nervous, but his behavior was appropriate at all times. He is enjoying the socialization of class.

There is a middle school by the house. Max has a hard time remaining calm when the kids come tearing down the street running, throwing footballs and shouting. Homework is walking by the school daily and working very hard on Max learning to react less and just observe. Yesterday he was able to sit and stay while they came down the street. I believe Canine Coach classes are helping Max learn to be a better pet. Max is smart, so by the time he graduates he is going to be a well behaved canine companion.


As you can see in the photo Max enjoys working in class. Third class we practiced control. The dog does not go ahead of the person with whom he is walking. Dog does not go out the door before his person invites him out. Another exercise had six people Max did not know walk around him and pass him. Then Max and I walked around them and passed them. Six strangers and Max was calm around five of them. For some reason he did not like the sixth person. He signaled with a growl and showed teeth when this human came close and made eye contact. I guess dogs are like humans. We also have some people we prefer and others we just want to avoid. Max feels threatened by some humans because of incidents before he entered Ragom. His people are going to have to accept this aspect of his personality. Max needs a hands on human partner who will make him feel safe by controlling situations where he may become fearful. Then he can be a loving, playful, loyal part of your family.


Preston sent Max a gift and foster mom did not see it until today. Thank You so much to Preston and his humans. To Preston woofs, zoomies and a big paws up from one special dog to another.


Max is a successful Canine Coach dog. He is more confident and less reactive. We train every day and are having good outcomes.


  1. Walking out the gate to the sidewalk we were surprised by a man who suddenly appeared between two cars. I did the block/sit/stay/treat command and Max sat and let the man walk by. The gate was open and he did not lunge or growl. He was totally calm.
  2. Workmen in my house. Max on leash when I let them in. Block/sit/stay/treat. Normal barking, no growling. Since Max does not kennel well, I closed off a room with baby gates. He goes there and is calm while the workmen are in the house.
  3. Probably the most important; Max and one of my grandsons have a rocky history. Yesterday this grandson came to the house. I greeted him at the door with Max on leash. The same routine block/sit/stay/treat. Max was calm, went to the baby gated room. All three of us were able to enjoy my grandson's visit without anybody being stressed out.
  4. A huge thanks to Ragom volunteers Julia and Jen for coming to visit. Our training sessions with Max went really well. The more desensitization we can do, the more Max will become comfortable with visitors. Julia and Jen were the perfect visitors. Ringing the doorbell, sitting in the kitchen, giving treats and petting Max. Max loved them up and their visits were very helpful. Max sensed they were Ragom volunteers I think. He was so comfortable with them because he felt the love they exuded. Julia had a good tip about how people should leave the house. If they just ignore Max, he ignores them.

Jen told me her husband Jim gave Max his nickname Majestic Max at Goldzilla 2012.


From your buddy, Preston! From your buddy, Preston!


Here is a photo of Majestic Max enjoying his new JenE bed. He loves to lie upon it and think about love and peace.

Canine Coach class is finished, but Max's training continues every day.

Here are upcoming adventures for Max and Foster Mom, as we renew our lives this spring:

  • Max gets used to visiting the vet. He will become de-sensitized to the experience so less overreacting.
  • Foster Mom and Max are moving. Max will not get all anxious and jumpy because he does not have to worry. He is coming along to the new house. Max is part of our family until his perfect forever family finds him.

Max faces adjustments and growth in the next few months. I think he can succeed as he continues to learn the Golden life is a good life.


Nothing like stealing a smelly oven mit first thing in the morning...I smell BACON!

Foster mom thinks Max has a goofy side. How much fun can you have with an oven mit and a Golden Retreiver with a good nose?


Hi everybody...Max here. I am just resting with my buddy Dali the grey cat. We are exhausted from all the coming and goings in our home. Foster mom decided to sell her house and move somewhere new. Did she ask us? No she did not! We do not approve of all the commotion and strange things happening to turn our lives upside down.

For a couple of weeks, foster mom and I were leaving the house a lot for something she called "showings." When we returned there was the scent of strangers all over the rooms inside and outside in the yard. I did not even get a chance to bark at them or try to scare them away. Now the house is sold (whatever that means). I think it is putting things in boxes and a lot of things I can not control. I vomited on the kitchen floor this morning, because I am a nervous about how this will affect me. Foster mom says I am going with her to a new house that is all on one floor. That will be nice. I don't like the steps to come upstairs to the bedrooms here. People can be weird. I was really settling in at this home, now off to another. Majestic Max's travels never seem to end. They should have named me gitano or wanderer instead of Max.. I have lived in more than six homes in my 8 years. At least I get to stay with foster mom. She and I have really learned to understand each other. We cuddle and I like it when she sings to me.


Happy Day! Max has a forever home. It's official, Max is being adopted. Max is going to stay as part of our little band. Max enriches my life and all of us are lucky to have each other. New house, new life and new adventures in store for Majestic Max. Life will remain golden for this special boy. I promise to love you, keep you safe and appreciate you.