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Amber 12-420
(Fostered in Hastings, MN)

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Happy Valentine's Day, Amber! You are a sweetheart. Hope you find that forever home soon.  Love, Bob and Judy Happy Valentine's Day, Amber! You are a sweetheart.
Hope you find that forever home soon. Love, Bob and Judy


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 12/17/16 Required   Yes Optional  Yes 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Amber 12- 240 is a 6 year old female who moved into our house and made herself at home - charming us immediately. She bonds with people quickly. In fact, she looked longingly out the door as the transporter couple drove away – it seemed they liked her and she liked them.

Her ancestry is a mystery, although she has some Husky like qualities as well as a typical Golden personality. Her story is a heart breaker – she was in a shelter in Kentucky with her sister and their time had “run out” when she was rescued and brought to RAGOM.

She is returning to RAGOM after living happily in a family for several years, but lately she was escaping when a door was left open and would bark at people. Her family had several growing children and making sure she was on leash, in the fenced yard or in the house was becoming a problem. She is sweet, affectionate, allows you to examine her, does not resource guard, made friends with our Resident (RD) hound dog, will do anything for a treat, sits, comes, shakes, shakes other hand and high fives! She bonded with both of us and, although she came with her dog bed, she prefers sleeping with an adult - which we don’t mind, but she would be easily directed otherwise.

One thing is clear – Amber does not like the mail carrier. She will begin barking when she sees the mail truck just turning the corner into our street. For this reason she needs a secure fence and to be on a leash at all times when out of the house or not in the fenced yard. But, given this really her only issue, she is a gem.

She is a petite 40+ pounds and checked out all OK at her first vet visit. She is UTD with her vaccines. No health issues and no medications except heartworm and tick and flea preventative. She fit into our house with our RD who is about the same size. So if you are not picky about breed, but want a sweet girl who will love you forever, Amber would be the one.


Sometimes I like a project. Sometimes I like a product. Sometimes I like to buy from I*ea and put stuff together. Sometimes I like my cabinets pre-made and installed. Sometimes I like to make a meal from scratch (as long as my kids do the dishes), and sometimes I like to go out for a yummy steak dinner prepared just how I like it.

Some RAGOM foster dogs are a project, they take incredible time and effort, but they turn out great and when I finish, and hand them off to their forever homes, I know my work has paid off. Some RAGOM foster dogs are like a product, they come all ready to go, prepared just how I like them, and all I have to do is sit back and enjoy the process.

Please welcome Miss Amber to RAGOM, otherwise known around our place as the Whole Package. She is the product! She's smart, pretty, gentle, well-mannered, a great snuggler, good with kids, potty-trained, interested but not obsessed with cats, likes other dogs but doesn't rely on them, playful but not demanding, eats like a dainty princess, doesn't shed too much, doesn't chew inappropriate items, is too short to counter surf, walks nicely on a flat collar and rides great in the car (and yes, she is COMPLETELY worthy of a run on sentence!). She has been in my house for less than 24 hours, and you'd think she had been here for her first two years...

Here is what I know. Amber came to us from a shelter in Kentucky with her friend Ginger 12-419. Both of them were out of time, and a fantastic rescuer stepped in and contacted us to see if we could save them. It was the start of a long journey to the Midwest, which culminated yesterday with a trip from a temporary foster in MN (thanks Gretchen!) to our place in Iowa via members of our wonderful transport team (thanks Mary and Cindy!). For the last part of the journey Amber rode on my 10-year-old niece's lap so she could get some good scratches and enjoy the view! She has met kids from 6-16, three Golden Retrievers, a St. Bernard, and a cat and gotten along great with everyone.

She appears to be 2-3 years old and is some kind of mystery mix that might or might not include Golden Retriever. The vet says she has recently weaned pups, has a cracked canine tooth (he'll pull it), and is being treated for an ear infection, but otherwise is in excellent health. Amber has adorable white patches on her neck and belly which you can see from her pictures. She is a compact 45 pounds and has the cutest pitch black whiskers on her nose. She is quite simply a treat!

She will be spayed this week, and then will be ready to go to her forever home! If you aren't too picky about the breed, and want a fantastic ready-made young friend, Amber could be the girl for you!


Hi everyone! It's me, Amber! You'd never know it from my accent, but I'm a southern girl... I came all the way to Iowa from the great state of Kentucky. I wasn't too sure about it to start, but now that I'm here it seems like it might work out just fine.

The other day I went and hung out at a place called The Vet. I'm not quite sure what happened, but I got really tired all the sudden, and when I woke up from my nap I was missing some bits! Oh well. All the important parts still seem to be in working order, so I guess I won't spend too much time worrying about it. Lucky for me the nice people at The Vet really liked me. We had a little sleepover, and then the next day I put my sad eyes on and convinced them to let me have free roam while they worked. I hung out all day helping them with the clients (that's a fancy name for fur-kids) and showing them that I know all kinds of tricks including high-five, shake (both hands!), and speak.

When FM came to get me they told her I had decided to stay and live at The Vet. But, that wasn't exactly true, 'cause it was more like they wanted me to stay and live there! I guess it wouldn't be a bad deal because they have some great smells and yummy treats, too. But -- FM says I can do better! She says there is a special family out there looking for a sweet, petite mystery-mix like me. Even better, she thinks she might already have found them!

That's right! A special family is going to drive all the way to Iowa just to meet me! When they come I'm going to show them what a great snuggler I am, and what a nice soft mouth I have, and what an awesome addition I could be for their family. If I get lucky, and they are the ones for me, I will have my very own two-legger kid to play with! How cool is that?!? So, cross your paws that everything works out and they decide I am just the gal for them!


Sweet Amber (Ambie, Amborghini) is doing fantastic! She is off restriction from her spay and thrilled to be in there wrestling with the big boys again. The more we get to know her, the more impressed we are with her personality and behaviors. The only issue she seems to have (and it is relatively minor) is barking... She "referees" when the boys are playing without her, and follows Clyde's dubious lead when it comes to letting the neighbor dogs know they are outside. Of course, our block is semi-circular (so by definition not a block I guess!) and the back yards of 13 houses basically meet in the middle. And wouldn't you know it, the 13 houses have 14 resident dogs.... This block was made for barking, and that's just what we'll do... The good news is that in addition to her voice, Amber came knowing some other great tricks! Follow the link to her video if you want to see her in action! 

Ambie is biding her time until a family comes to meet her in a few days. We'll get her all gussied up with a bath, nail trim and brushing (though she has a beautiful coat that seems virtually shed-less at least at this time of year) so she is at her darling best for her private Meet and Greet. Paws crossed this is the family that is meant to be hers!


So, I was hanging out with my peeps and my pups the other day when some visitors stopped by! They came right in and started talking to me like I was the one they were there to visit... They wanted to scratch me, and give me treats, and best of all they had a small human (about my size) with them who really seemed to like me! When they got ready to leave I figured, "Hey, I know a good deal when I see one!", and I hung out by their coats and shoes hoping they would get the hint that maybe I should go along and they could be my forever family. No luck, though. I figured I was going to be stuck here with my foster family for a while...

Then the most awesome thing happened! The very next morning they showed back up! They did some paperwork stuff with my FD, and then they got out a leash. By that time they had my full attention and I was all ready because I love to G-O!

I guess they got my hint the night before, 'cause they decided to be my forever family! Whoo hoo! I hopped in the car and off we went without a backwards glance. It's like I've been waiting for them my whole life...

A huge thank you to my temp foster Gretchen, my transporters, and everyone who supports RAGOM to help pups like me! I am one lucky girl!


Amber has settled in to our household nicely. She likes to be with the people and is one of those dogs who follow you around no matter where you go – waiting outside the bathroom…..

But we have both fallen in love with her because she is just so sweet. It is hard to explain, she is just there in this gentle loving way... angling for treats, of course, but not any trouble. She and the RD do like to bark at things that are just not right outside. But they will stop when ordered…eventually. They egg each other on, so I really can’t blame her. They both think they have the job of alerting FM and FD to danger on the periphery. They also like to tear around and chase each other and will “take it outside” if it gets to be too much. The majority of the time she is quiet and peaceful.

Here is Amber told to sit in front of the Christmas tree.


New Year’s Eve and a little buffet for the people – who could resist those eyes!


Here are a couple more pictures of sweet Amber. After her groom, she shines in the sun.



Merry Christmas, Amber, in honor of our children, & grandson, <br>Grady, Griffin, Rachel, Erin, Dan & Wesley.  The Hughes Family  Merry Christmas, Amber, in honor of our children, & grandson,
Grady, Griffin, Rachel, Erin, Dan & Wesley. The Hughes Family



Amber has been with us, her new foster home, for about 5 days now and we LOVE her. She is so incredibly sweet. She loves being close to us, sleeps with us on our bed, along with the cat. She and the cat get along great. Amber loves to go for her walks, and takes treats gently after giving a "shake" or a "high five!"  She is a big ball of fur, weighing about 50 lbs. She does like to talk to us and bark at strangers outside. So far we have not seen any unusual behavior or aggressiveness towards people or other animals...she is a total sweetheart!