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Charlie 12-370
(Fostered in Edina, MN)

Sponsored by:

Tom D.
"In honor of Moose (05-318)"

November 15, 2012

Charlie is a 13 month old Golden mix. Charlie was surrendered by a good samaritan who has been keeping an eye on him since he was born a year ago. Thanks so much to Denise and Joyce for their wonderful care of Charlie and their generous donation to RAGOM for his future vet bills! So very thoughtful of you both! Thanks to fellow foster Gretchen and her family for keeping Charlie overnight too!

This sweet boy came into RAGOM because he has some bad hips and maybe a bad knee too. Poor guy is in pain and has difficulty bearing weight on his back left leg. We have been in touch with our ortho surgeon who is recommending weight loss before determining the need for surgery. We are working on that already and Charlie seems not to mind the green bean diet! He is getting some anti-inflammatory meds for the pain and they help a lot.

Charlie is current on vaccinations and is neutered. He had an accident in the house but has since learned outdoors is a better place for that business. We chock it up to not knowing how to communicate with each other about those needs!

Charlie is still a youngster and after two days of free roam with the rest of the pack, he got bored and chewed up some items. So he earned himself a crate while we are at work. He gets a break when the dog walkers come and he goes into his crate easily when you throw a treat in. There are 4 other dogs in the house at the moment and Charlie met them all with perfect doggie etiquette! Even the crabby old girl Scout who snarks at every new foster. Not a mean bone in this boy's body! Charlie will go to the vet tomorrow for X-rays of his knees and the usual wellness exam. He has a bit of a road ahead of him but you must come meet him in person! He will be at the Chuck and Don's event this Saturday with foster brother Henri 12-347.


Charlie went to the vet this past week and had more X-rays taken. His knees are fine and so we confirmed the limping is from the left hip. We consulted with Dr. Rasmussen and she recommended a triple pelvic osteotomy. Charlie will have the surgery on the 26th and spend a few weeks rehabbing. After that we will get to see the true youngster in this boy! He so wants to play and run--and he does but has NO staying power with the faulty hip. This is a very expensive surgery so Charlie is really hoping that a special angel will step up and sponsor him :)

Charlie went to the meet and greet this past Saturday too and enjoyed all of the attention. Everyone thought he was a very handsome boy. We were trying to guess what he is mixed with. I thought Great Pyrenees but, hey, we don't check DNA! He looks bigger than he is too. He has a very thick coat right now but only weighs 75 pounds.

If Charlie's hips scare you off, I can share my own experience. My RAGOM girl Scout had this same hip surgery as a puppy and she is a very active 12 year old senior now! In fact, she is the dog that plays the most with my foster puppies. She can get the zoomies with the best of them. She is showing signs of slowing down but what would you expect?

Charlie is a sweet boy and gets along with all dogs. I am not sure about cats but I fully expect he would be fine and learn that they deserve respect too. I don't think he needs a fence and would be fine on a tie out or easily trained to stay in his yard. He is very responsive to training. He doesn't counter surf. He likes the teenager that comes to visit and loved the attention of a fellow volunteer's younger (10) child. I think he would be OK with kids.

Doesn't he sound just about perfect? He will be when his hips are fixed. Can't wait to see him run like a normal young dog!


Please keep your paws crossed for sweet Charlie! Tomorrow is his big surgery. Thank you so much to fellow fosters Kris and Barb for keeping him for me and getting him to the vet. Kisses from his foster Mom in New Ulm!


Sweet Charlie had his hip surgery and it was a tough one. The surgeon is cautiously optimistic that he will have full function without a limp. We are working hard on his rehab to make sure this is the case! He is quite painful so receiving pain meds. Right now he is not allowed to do stairs without support under his hind end. So we put a towel under his belly and walk him up and down the stairs to get outside. He patiently waits for the towel to be placed before moving out the door. Once outside he can walk without assistance but only on a leash--no running or jumping until it all heals in about 6-8 weeks. He will have follow up X-rays in 6 weeks to check progress.

Charlie also had a mass on his tongue that was removed and sent for pathology. The doctor doesn't have a guess about what it is but we are keeping our paws crossed that it was nothing! It would be unusual for such a young dog to have anything horrible going on so that gives me hope. We will have the report next week.

He remains as sweet as ever! Prefers to be in his crate most of the time but is eating well and giving kisses and tail wags. He has woken us all up each night crying which breaks my heart! I know that will diminish as the swelling goes down.

Keep Charlie in your thoughts and if you are considering sponsoring a dog, Charlie would be an awesome candidate :)


Charlie's tongue mass turned out to be nothing serious! Woohoo! It was embedded foreign material that is not uncommon in long haired dogs. Likely, it was a burr he was trying to remove from his fur that stuck in his tongue. Such good news!

He is feeling quite a bit better and I can tell this because he wants to run with the other dogs. He also spends less time in his crate and less time whining. I think he will always be a vocal dog. We are still supporting his hip for stairs but he is walking around more. He is more willing to let me do the range of motion exercises on his leg which will help in the long run. And of course, he still gives plenty of tail wags and but wiggles whenever you look at him or talk to him!


Charlie gives a big 'WOOF' and kisses to Tom D for sponsoring him in honor of Moose. Charlie read Moose story and so wishes he could have met him in person!

It is generous donors like you, Tom that keep RAGOM going and allows us to help sweet boys like Charlie. We can't thank you enough for your thoughtfulness!


Charlie loves, loves loves the snow! I feel so bad for him because he can't play in it yet. He tucks his butt under like he is going to tear around but the leash stops him. He play bows in it and tries to catch the flakes in his mouth. So darn cute! He is 75 pounds of puppy still!

He is feeling really good on his legs but it is still to early to let him go. We are still supporting his back legs with a towel but he is very sturdy on his feet and uses his leg. He doesn't bear full weight but I am sure it won't be long. Charlie will need lots of exercise to get the muscles in his back legs built up again. The muscles and keeping him lean will help keep the hip stable and minimize any pain he has.

Charlie will be moving to a foster in the metro so that a family that is interested in him can meet him. Keep your paws crossed!

A good shot of his leg

Is that red snow??


Charlie got an early Christmas present this year and found his forever home! He will get to grow up in a home with two little boys and a wonderful mom and dad. Because he is only a few weeks into his recovery from his hip surgery, we get to enjoy him until the middle of February, but I am so happy there is his own forever family waiting for him.


Charlie went home tonight with the most wonderful family. They have been waiting for him to finish his rehab. When his x-rays came back showing that he was all healed and ready to go, he was on his way to living his new life. The best part for me is that we get to see him again in just a few weeks when we babysit while his family goes on vacation.


Hope you are feeling lots better Hope you are feeling lots better! Love from your other non-Golden friend, Nugget