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Bevo 12-266
(Fostered in Elk River, MN)

August 3, 2012

Please let me introduce Bevo (He is named after the mascot, BEVO, at the University of Texas), who just arrived in Elk River Minnesota, after a very long transport from Sioux Falls, SD.  Bevo came to us at 5pm and other than a little panting by 8pm he had settled into our pack so seamlessly you wouldn’t know he hadn’t been with us for several weeks.  This was even after the first order of business – BATH – Bevo did not want to get in at first but once we coaxed him in the tub he stood perfectly still until we were finished, very well behaved in the bath.

Bevo is a purebred 6 year old GR weighing in at 62 lbs. He is such a sweet boy and just loves to be petted. Has the golden nudge down pat, but does listen when you tell him, “That’s enough go laydown now”.  He will go and lay down but will be back in a few minutes trying again for the petting, takes 1-2 more times but he will go laydown and wait until he sees you get up, then will gladly follow you from room to room, just in case you decide you have some more time for petting.  What is so sweet about Bevo is once you lay your hand on him he stands as still as a statue taking in all the loving you are giving him, it is clear he is starved for human contact.

Prior to arriving in RAGOM to begin his ‘golden life’ Bevo was kept outside with very little contact except for feeding. In spite of this, Bevo is very well behaved and is responding well to commands. Bevo loves to go on walks and seems to have the energy of a much younger dog. He is completely enamored of the kong, especially with just a little peanut butter in it.

Bevo was just recently neutered, is totally UTD on his shots, micro-chipped, and on tick and heartworm preventative. Bevo’s coat is a beautiful golden red color. See pic below where Bevo was posing then was distracted by squirrel chatter thankfully we were able snap pic quickly and still get a good shot.

Stay tuned for updates as we get to know this very sweet boy.


Bevo continues to settle into our pack very nicely.  As we get to know this young man we are finding based on his isolated existence prior to coming to us he is much like a puppy in many respects.  Has lots of excitement and forgets his manners.  You wouldn’t know he was 6 soon to be 7 in September especially when people come to visit.  He practically spins on his tail he is so excited and pushes his way through the other dogs to get to the person so they can pet him and only him and if they try to stop petting and step away he will try to jump on them to get their attention.  We are working on what down means and he usually understands and responds but he is sometimes so wound up because of his excitement he doesn’t always hear so well. 

Bevo would benefit greatly from attending an obedience training class, with his forever family to help cement the bond, but also to help him to hone his understanding of various commands that he does not appear to have been exposed to in his former life.   Bevo would also be most successful in an adult household or at least high teens if there are children.  It does seem the lengthy isolation in his previous life may have caused him to startle easily if you wake him from a sound sleep or come up from behind and he is not aware you are back there.  There has not been any negative behavior from this but this could pose a challenge for younger children.   

Bevo was not potty trained when he came to us, likely a result of having been kept outside for the last 4 years.  Bevo is making good progress and has moved from one accident a day to going several days without an accident. Way to go Bevo!!

One area Bevo excels at is walking on a leash.  He will usually walk beside you and in a straight line.  If he gets a little ahead of you it will only be to just how far the leash stretches without pulling.  We live in the country so no sidewalks but Bevo does very well at walking right along the edge of the road and does not deviate from that straight line.  In fact, there are several areas where there is a white line painted along the edge, we have begun to notice Bevo marching along the white line and in the areas where weeds grow out over the white line he will angle out just enough to miss the weeds and then right back to walking on the white line.  Also, the only other time Bevo will deviate is when he needs to take care of business, off just enough to do so then back to walking in a straight line.


We are so very happy to announce Bevo has found his forever home.  Bevo has gone to begin his ‘golden’ life with Peter, who clearly demonstrates his love of dogs, especially Bevo, who is a special little guy.  There is quite possibly a lot of spoiling in Bevo’s future!