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Yukon #12-264
(Fostered in Edina, MN)

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I'd like to introduce Yukon to everyone. He came into RAGOM on 7/22/2012. He was surrendered because his SO no longer had time for him with their busy schedule.

Yukon is a 12 year old [DOB 7/19/2000] Purebred male Golden Retriever with papers. He weighs in about 80 lbs. He is in very good shape and has the energy of most dogs half his age. I take him to the vet on 7/30/12 to get UTD with vaccines, general check up and blood work.


Yukon was an outside dog all his life. He has had no accidents in the house to date since I got him.

Yukon met my resident Golden ,Ziggy, 2 foster dogs [Nala and Hemmy] and my house cat and 9 week old kitten with no problems at all.

Yukon had laid in a very stinky mud puddle earlier in the day that I picked him up so a bath was in order. He was very good about getting washed outside with the garden hose. I lathered him up twice. He smelled much better afterwards. His fur was matted very bad so I started brushing the mats out. The stink has come back so another bath will be in order once the mats are gone. Yukon loves being brushed.

I took Yukon walking while it was still near 90 degrees and we walked over 2 miles. He was barely panting. [can't say the same for me] He is in very good shape.

The first night Yukon was nervous, as most foster dogs are the first night. I had him contained to my bedroom and bathroom. No potty accidents overnight.

The second day went well. Still no potty accidents. That night we had thunderstorms. The SO told me that Yukon had some storm anxiety and had tried to get in the house. Yukon got very nervous and jumped up on the bed and paced. I'll be working on what can be done to calm him during storms.

Yukon is said to love water and swimming. The SO said he will run and jump off docks.

Yukon has been raised around kids of all ages with no problems at all.

Here's a summary of what I know about Yukon 12-264 at this time:

  • Yukon is good with kids and people of all ages
  • Yukon is good with all dogs and cats/kittens he has met
  • Yukon doesn't resource guard with people or other dogs or cats
  • Yukon has taken to housebreaking very good
  • Yukon is very active and loves walks and fetch
  • Yukon takes treats gently
  • Yukon knows basic commands sit, lay down, come and shake hands
  • Yukon loves to be in the same room with his people
  • Yukon doesn't counter surf
  • Yukon seems to be a very good mannered and affectionate dog.

Some things that need to be done yet are:

  • Yukon needs to be vetted and brought UTD
  • needs to be neutered before he can be adopted but can be met and "Pending Adoption"

Does Yukon 12-264 sound like the dog for you? If so, contact your placement adviser.


Hi folks Yukon here,

FD thought I should do this update.
Things have been going great since FD came and picked me up. I'm getting along great with all the other dogs and cats.

I did have some trouble during the thunderstorms the other night. I paced and panted all night because the storms lasted all night. FD stayed up with me all night! Once the storms were over we both slept.

FD says I am a bit of a "Velcro " dog because I want to be close to him all the time. I think I just love to be close to people.

I got yet another bath. FD says I smell better but still have something around my ears that stinks. He said Dr Sarah will find out what it is ,on Monday 7/30, when I go to see her.

Speaking of Doctors, I go to get neutered on Thursday 8/2/12. FD says the great people at MNsnap will take very good care of me. I will be able to be adopted a few days after that. FD says I will have to be "Inactive" for a few days to heal up.

I am able to meet potential adopters now.  Any adoption just can't be finalized untill I am healed from neuter surgery. FD says I can have a "Pending Adoption".

Just to sum up my great qualities again, here's a list:

* I am good with all people[ I lived with a family with 3 kids from toddlers to 10 year olds]

* I get along with all dogs and cats that I have met

* I have had no potty accidents in the house

* I don't counter surf

* I know commands:sit, lay down, speak, shake hands and I come when called

* I love water[FD didn't think I should try and sit in the water bowl]

* I ride very well in the car

* I very rarely bark

* I act much younger than my real age

* I love walks

* I love grooming

 Do I sound like the dog for you? If so please contact your placement advisor


Since my last update I have good news!

I had my vet visit with Dr Sarah. Another New RAGOM dog Xochi came with me. Dr Sarah said I was in very good shape and at my ideal weight.  All the senior blood work came back perfect. No worms, no heartworm and not positive for Lyme disease. The only bad thing was minor ear infections which are very normal for Golden Retrievers.  I found out on Thursday that I wouldn't be going to Mnsnap to be neutered. I'll be going to VCA -Richfield to get that done sometime soon.

The other good news is that we had more thunderstorms here and I stayed calm. FD thinks I am much more comfortable here now and that being in the house, together made the difference. FD was very happy about this.

We had a couple big new RAGOM Golden boys [Shadow and Lucky] stay with us for a couple of days untill they could get a ride to their fosters. I got along great with them!

FD says I am totally housebroke. I haven't had any accidents in the house. So , Am I the dog for you? If you would like to meet and find out, contact your placement adviser.


Hey Yukon checking in.....I've moved. To the big city! Edina to be exact.  It is very different from my country home with my Foster Dad...I do have a Foster Mom now and that is good. Plus a Foster Dad and very little bro. He isn't Golden but I'm working on teaching him the "golden" ways of dogdom.  He needs some lessons in nice! He growls at me, imagine that! Me the mellow sweet golden that I am.  He also should show some respect for my age and wisdom. 
I am settling into a new routine. Enjoying my walks, fenced yard and tennis balls.  Had a bath in the tub this morning...hopped in like a 5 year old and let them rub, scrub and rinse.  It felt good!  Now some brushing to remove some mats. I am beautiful!
On Monday I will be have my neuter...not sure what that is, but FM said it will be Ok and she will take good care of me. H-mmm! 


Just me Yukon Jack checking in again....OK, now about the picture! I really didn't want to send it, but Foster Mom thought I should. Easy for her to say she isn't wearing Foster Dad's under shorts!  Well, guess I better explain....Yes, I had surgery it was called a neuter and required so I can find my forever family, so guess it is worth it! I also had a cyst on my derrière as Foster Mom calls it, I looked that up and in simple butt. We also found a growth on my shoulder. We are waiting for reports from the doctor.  So that explains the licking allowed and sometimes I forget!  I am older you know. So enough about the health stuff.
I am doing well. Couple of accidents when I first came, but I have them trained now.  I do have trouble hearing, and sometimes that is OK...all the city noise. I am a country guy. I like my walks and unlike my foster bro, I don't tug and pull. Really how rude! If your human takes you for a walk...behave! Oh well, maybe foster bro will learn some manners from me.  He is just a youngster.
Well, I will keep in touch. 
Y J....

At least they don't have hearts! 


YJ again...short for Yukon Jack!  I am doing a little happy dance cuz I have good news!  Report came back on the cysts and they are,that's not right.... they are benign on my behind! That is what the doc said. Happy dance, happy dance....twirl and raise your tail high!!!


Hi Everyone -

Yukon had a nice stay with us while his FM and FD took a little trip out of town.  Yukon was so easy and settled in right away.  He loved all the kids in the house (ages 8,10 and 12) as well as all the people coming and going.

He certainly loved my husband and followed him around a lot.  Yukon doesn't hear very well so our loud house wasn't an issue - phew.  He slept through the night, all 3 nights and got up when we got up.  We have a fenced in yard and he was happy to be out there with a tennis ball but also happy to come in when we went inside.  We took lots of walks of 1/2 mile to a mile 2 times a day and he did beautifully.  He has a little pep in his step and then slows down a bit, then speeds up and then slows down.  It's cute.  Yukon seems to be super healthy for a 12 year-old dog.  My 5 year-old golden is on more medication and he isn't, so don't let his age be an issue for you.

He is ready to play, but we didn't do much since he is still recovering from his neuter surgery.  He would have loved to chase the tennis ball.  He found many in our yard and just liked to carry them around in his mouth.  If you just want a super sweet cute pal to be by your side Yukon is your guy.  Yukon liked the idea of a resting place next to my husband in the photo you see here.  He always had a big smile on his face.


What a beautiful be a dog! Little Gopher football with FD, nice walk, lying on deck catching a breeze!  Ah, life is good and would be perfect if I was heading to my forever home. Foster care is good, but not like having your own place forever. Sigh! So, I would like to meet you...I will be at Goldzilla this coming Saturday, September 22. Look for me, I will be watching for you! I will be the one with the golden coat, big brown eyes and toothy smile...Oh, I guess that decribes a few other dogs too. Visit me in the foster tent from 11-12:00. Ask for Jack!


Jack is a cool day in the neighborhood. I'm liking it! I have been out helping Foster Dad take down the screens on the porch...big job and I supervised, which means lying below the ladder and watching to make sure he is doing it correctly. He did a fine job. I will miss the porch. Such a perfect place...all screened, up in the trees for a good view and no bugs!

I am doing well....for the first couple weeks I was here I decided to mark the couch and chair...this was right after I was neutered. I now know that is not a good thing...and take this activity outside. Foster Mom was very pleased with this decision!

Barking...I don't. I did finally show Foster Dad I knew how...just don't think it is very polite. He sort of bark growled at me and I did it back to him. Yes, I know how to speak. I was keeping it for a surprise.

I love kids. I am very gentle and kind. I went to an assisted living facility. Lots of pats, hugs and "good boy" remarks. Sure liked that. I will visit again. Even the elevator was fun! We had a lot in common, age and gray hair.!

That is all from my house...still looking for a special family to love!



Jack checking in.  Well, we almost have all the fall chores completed...leaves raked, table and chairs stored, roses covered, tulips planted...OK, I will fess up! I watched and Foster Dad and Mom did the chores. I continue to be the happy, well mannered older golden boy. Some days I can't believe I am 12!  I feel so good and still go up and down stairs, walk for mile and enjoy life. I love my people, other dogs, even if they are crabby, and kids. No kids at my foster home, but I sure would love to have a few in my life. I went to a soccer game recently and three little girls put sunglasses on me, cuddled and snuggled. It was delightful. I was such a happy boy! Room in your life for me? I am low maintenance, just love pets, and your company with a couple of daily all I need. I do like to eat so some good dog chow is necessary.

Check me out!



Hey, Happy Day after Thanksgiving! I had a great day, family was here so lots of pets, little turkey and the smells in the house were awesome! Hope we are doing a repeat today...think I heard foster Mom groan! Guess not... but leftovers are good, Mom!

I am well. Like the warm weather we had this month and yet snow is fun. Had a bath couple of days before Thanksgiving when weather was warm. I am an easy guy to bathe. Hop right in the tub, stand an enjoy all the scrubbing and rinsing. Also like to be brushed....feels so grand!

Foster Dad wanted me to tell you about a play he and Foster Mom attended in Glencoe. It was "Annie" and there was a golden named Sandy in the play! Dad said as well behaved, low key and gentle as I am I should have auditioned for the part....ah, shucks me an actor?

Well, time for a morning snooze...take care.


Just the Jack checking in this week before Christmas. I received an early gift! A sponsor! Thank you Pat, Greg, Molly and Annie. Does this mean you are coming for Christmas dinner...? I'll share my treats and gifts if you bring a fur friend. OK, Foster Mom said no that is not exactly what that means.....I get it now! Thanks for caring about this older guy. I also have a mitten for my doggie paw from Anonymous. Not sure we have met, but I thank you for thinking of me at Christmas time. I do have four paws you know, so maybe..... Also a sprig of holly, which I understand after my Christmas do not eat talk, is just for looks...Thanks, Matt, Jenessa and Belle. Wondering if Belle is a people girl or doggie girl? I really like both. Foster Mom and Dad are taking Christmas pics of me and fur brother soon. Watch for them!

Jingle, Jingle...



Stockings are hung.... I am ready!

Do I smell cookies...?



From AnonymousFrom Anonymous

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas, Yukon! Matt, Jenessa and Belle

Merry Christmas to the Golden Seniors! From Anonymous Merry Christmas to the Golden Seniors! From Anonymous


Hey Jack here... been awhile since I have let you know about my life. I am good. Hanging out in front of the fireplace on these cold days. I don't like walking when it is so cold. My feet get to cold and I lie down, which does not impress Foster Dad! Tried boots but they keep coming off and I look like a duck instead of a dog.

Fur Bro and I having been playing some inside is called find the treats! We go in the bedroom and our humans hide treats for us to find. I usually find the ones in high places and Bo in low places, guess that is our size difference.

I am ready for spring and hanging out on the deck.

Stay warm and cuddle a human...


Warm bed and blazing fire....A-hhh


Hi Friends,

YJ...Yukon Jack checking in. I have GReat news! I have been adopted! See, us older guys can start a new life! I am going to a country home with the S family. I have a cute black Lab fur sister named Lily. My family likes to fish so I hope to go on boat rides and catch a few. Thanks Ragom for finding me a new family!