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Rest in Peace

Bella 12-253
(Fostered in Chanhassen, MN)

Everyone loves Bella! From Sharon

July 16, 2012

Bella is another one of those sweet, gentle and loving dogs.  We think she is about 11 years old.  She came from a loving owner who surrendered her because she went into a Memory Care facility.  Along Bella's journey to becoming my foster, everyone who met her absolutely fell in love with this girl, they made the point of telling me so. 

She's so happy and friendly, very easy going and comfortable.  She trusts everyone, smiles, wags her tail, naps on the floor near me.  Loves to ride in the car.  She jumps in all by herself.  I take her on 2 short walks a day. She needs the exercise and she enjoys walking so much.  She walks a little ahead, has a cute spring in her step and doesn't pull on the leash at all.  Bella has excellent manners.  She is completely house trained, no resource guarding, counter surfing, doesn't get on furniture, she has the run of the house.  She has such a great disposition with other dogs and even my cat likes her.  She could easily adapt to a home with or without children. 

Bella is on Thyroid medication and a pain medication for arthritis in her legs.  She is overweight, but the weight is coming off because she is on a good diet and she's getting the daily exercise that she enjoys.  She wants to play and have fun!!  I will be taking her to the vet this week because she needs to be micro chipped.    



I can take Bella anywhere, that's how good and polite she is. My parents are elderly and are normally a little nervous about having a dog in their house, but they are very comfortable with Bella because she has excellent manners, she's friendly, happy and has a mellow personality, a great disposition.  She just finds a place to lay down on the floor so she can hang out with us.

There is good news from the Vet too.  Her blood work profile came back and she is in great health.  Her organs are in good condition and I can see that she feels wonderful.  She just needs to loose weight.  Bella is getting exercise and she eats 1 1/2 cups of Diamond Lite lamb and rice dry dog food twice a day.  Her Thyroid and Arthritis medication goes in the bowl and she gobbles it all up.  Since April she has lost 9 lbs.  Good girl!!  She likes being active.  I've taken her to public parks and lakes where she is a delight to walk on the path and wade in the water.  She plays with the tennis ball, jumps around the yard, rolls around on her back.  She is a very cool dog.  Look at her beautiful eyes. 





Bella will steal your heart.  We've had a very pleasant couple of weeks since her last update.  It's been so hot during the day, we have our neighborhood walks in the morning.  Then in the evening she jumps in the backseat and we drive to the lake where she walks and swims.  Funny to see her face when she realizes her feet aren't touching.  Maybe swimming is a new experience for her. All of this exercise is paying off.  Today she is down another 3 lbs since July 19th.  Wish I would have taken a picture of her at the Vet when we stopped in for her to be weighed this morning.  She sat down on the scale and we praised her for her weight loss.  She gave us a huge smile, her tail was wagging and she raised her paw for anyone who wanted to shake it.  No kidding, that's how cute she is.   High 5!!  Good girl!!!


Bella loves her daily walks by the lake.  Many people greet her and nobody can resist her sweet disposition.  She's a very easy dog on the leash.  She's still tracking good on her weight loss, about a pound a week!!  I'm so proud of her. 


Bella is a joy to be with. She gets very excited about our walks on the nature trails. She is happy, gentle and loves every person and dog she has had the pleasure of meeting. I can tell that she is feeling good. Bella is a very sweet dog.


Bella was adopted today by a wonderful couple who are true dog lovers. Her last years will be her best by far. They will spend their first week together bonding at the lake home. Lots of windows that go to the floor so she can lay down and look out at the lake. She will be walked everyday, which she loves to do. I am so happy for her and the nice people who will love her and be loved by her. Thank you RAGOM for taking Bella and letting me be a part of her life as her foster mom.



Our sweet Bella went to the rainbow bridge on May 18th, 2014 at 13 yrs 3 months.

Bella was born in Iowa on a farm, and at 2 yrs old she went to live with her loving New Mom Wilma.  Wilma lovingly cared for Bella for 9 years.  Ragom acquired Bella in July 2012.  Bella was fostered and greatly loved by her FM Sharon.  We adopted Bella on Nov. 20, 2012.  Her spirit and unconditional love enriched our lives greatly. I truly believe she was the dog of a lifetime for us.  I wish we could have had her longer.  We look forward to adopting another senior after we heal from the loss of Bella. She would really be happy if we did that.

Thank you Ragom for bringing her into our lives.


Kirk and Beth