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I've been Adopted!

Buster 12-211
(Fostered in Maple Grove, MN)

June 2, 2012


Hello! My name is Buster and I'm a SWEET SWEET senior boy, about 9 years old! I'm big too, about 90 pounds! Although, the vet said I could stand to lose 10-15 pounds :)

I am already neutered and UTD, so I am AVIDLY seeking my forever home! I used to have a forever home, but for some unknown reason, I "lost" them and was found by a FABULOUS family who got me into RAGOM! THANK YOU for my second chance!!!

Here's what I've told FM and FD so far:

  • I like all kinds of dogs
  • I don't mind cats, I don't pay attention to them
  • I REALLY like balls!
  • Fence or no fence would probably be fine with me! I am a very typical senior golden! FM said something about being very "velcro"...? I just like my people!
  • I know not to potty in the house
  • I kind of like my crate-I know ALL about going in there!
  • I have some hot spots on my skin that are kinda itchy...I couldn't tell FM why I have them, so she'll try and figure out what's going on.

If you'd like to know more about me, PLEASE contact your placement coordinator and I PROMISE I'll give you lots of kisses when you come see me! :)


Yesterday my foster mama took me on a big walk down to the ball fields. I had so much fun. When I got there, there was a little league team practicing. I had so much fun watching the boys play with all the baseballs! It got me so excited! My foster mom thinks I do great on my walks too so we go on a lot of them. I do a great job of staying by her side and not pulling on the leash. When other dogs and people come by I wag my tail to say high and if they pet me I give them lots of kisses!

After my walks I am pretty tired so I love to take a little nap. I like my crate or big fluffy dog bed. I like to go to my crate sometimes for some down time. It is my own secure comfy spot. I do great in my crate when my foster mom goes to work, I don't make any messes. I like having the relaxation. When she gets home though I love to be by her side, she says I am like Velcro, in a good way of course.

Today I got to go on a fun trip, Foster mom took me to Petsmart to get me a new Kong ball. I have a regular kong toy now and I love it so much. I also love tennis balls so my foster mom thought it would be a great idea to get me a kong ball. I did great on the car ride, I loved just hanging out. Once we got there I had so much fun playing with other dogs and getting to meet new people, I LOVE EVERYONE! Everyone seems to love me too, I get so many compliments on how cute I am and how well trained I am.

I have really enjoyed my first week at my foster home!


My foster mama learned some new things about me this past week. She learned I am afraid of storms. When I hear thunder I run to look out the window and I pace around the house. I calmed down a lot when my foster mama cuddled me close and talked softly. I laid in between her legs and passed out. I just needed a little lovin' and I was doing good :)

My foster mama is falling in love with me more and more everyday. I am a funny "little" boy who is so energetic and playful. I always have a goofy grin on my face. I go with the flow so easily. It really isn't hard to please me. My foster Grandpa is one of my favorites. Every time he walks in the kitchen I try and get his attention so he will give me a treat! I don't beg though, when my foster family eats dinner I sit close to them but I keep my distance and don't bark. I have great table manners!

Even though my foster home is so fun I am so excited to find my forever home!


The H family is adopting Buster. They have 4 kids and a dog named Easton. Easton and Buster have already made best friends and started playing toys with each other. Buster was instantly glued to this family. They will make a wonderful forever home for him.


Buster is officially adopted!!