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Angel 12-201
(Fostered in Bloomington, MN)

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You are so pretty, Happy Easter pretty girl  You are so pretty, Happy Easter pretty girl! Joan W



In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date AvailableChildrenOther DogsCatsFenceEnergy Level
7/6/17   NO children in the home Can live with other dogs   Can live with cats Physical fence optional  Medium 
Bella is as stunning as they come! She is beautiful on the outside and gentle and affectionate on the inside! As a Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix, she is sweet and will also guard your house and family! 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Meet Bella (fka Angel): A beautiful, gentle giant!  Bella is a 6 year old female Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix living in Bloomington, MN .  She currently weighs 84 pounds and is one big, white, furry bundle of love!

Bella is completely housebroken, has no counter surfer issues and has generally good manners.  She is currently being treated for ear infections, but has no other health issues. (Other than the vet said she could lose a few pounds!)

She lives with another older Golden Retriever and gets along very well.  Over the Holiday weekend, Bella had the chance to spend time with 3 other dogs and a puppy.  She got along with all dogs and even played gently with the 11 week old puppy!

For her size, she walks well on a leash and LOVES her daily walks. She is very affectionate and likes to be in the same room as her people. Her big, droopy eyes will look right into yours when she wants attention and some petting. She would do well in an active home as she is very smart and likes the interaction and stimulation.

Bella does like to roam, so a fenced-in yard or secure tie out is a must. If she gets loose, she is more interested in her new adventure than in having good recall. Bella also likes to protect her people from strangers and will bark at someone unknown walking down the street. Her barking was excessive the first few days in our home, but it has lessened considerably.  

If you are looking for a big bundle of love and affection, and you are able to provide her with attention and exercise, and are patient while you redirect any barking, Bella could be just right for you! She is truly stunning and as loyal as they come!

If you think Bella would be a good fit in your home, please submit an "Inquiry for Application" form. If you have already filled out an "Inquiry for Application" form, please send an email to with the dog's name, RAGOM number, the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application form under and a sentence or two why you feel you'd be a good match.

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Original Bio March, 2015

Angel now known as Bella was lovingly surrendered back to RAGOM after her family went through some changes. Bella is a beautiful Golden\Great Pyrenees mix and has just turned 4 years old. Bella is white with gold spots. She is spayed and weighs about 85 lbs. She is UTD on shots, HW preventative and frontline.  Bella is free to roam the house and has not been crated but respects baby gates. She is great with children 8 and older. Cats are unknown. She has no guarding issues.  Bella has met my resident dog, also named Bella, but really isn’t interested in playing. She would much rather spend her day cuddled up to her foster parents soaking up all the attention. She really likes the spot between her eyes rubbed. Bella has been on several car rides and rides very well although she is not a fan of getting in the car. I’ve had to help her into the car but once she’s in she’s fine. Also, she does not like storms and will go where it is quiet.

Original Bio June 11, 2012 

Angel is safely in fostercare now & all I can say is Wow!. Angel had a rough start in life, & was recently taken away from her previous owner by Animal Control, after apparently being beaten with a tableleg. Poor thing! For all that she's been through though, she will now be able to live out her life in comfort knowing that she will always be a RAGOM dog! 

Angel is a beautiful Golden Retriever & Great Pyrenees mix & is approximately 1 1/2 years old, weighs in at 51 pounds & is underweight yet. Angel's coat is very white, her ears are a cream color & she has the thickest butt & tail feathering ever, & still has her double dew claws on her back legs. She is great with our 4 dogs (2 males & 2 females) & our kids (ages 9, 15 & 18) & even the cat. She is up to date on vaccines now, microchipped & heart worm negative. Unfortunately though Angel had worms & was treated for that, but will be getting 1 more course of treatment next week & is currently on antibiotics for a respiratory infection. She is 90% potty trained, having the occasional accident when we aren't paying enough attention to watch for her signals. She is very quiet, giving just a rare woof here & there. She could use some work on the leash yet...she walks fine when another dog is with her but if she gets tired or scared she will just plant all fours & refuse to budge. She does NOT like riding in the car, but I think it's because she hasn't been in one other than to come here & to go to the vet. We needed to lift her in, but once inside she was nervous but then settled nicely. Angel is a very submissive girl, following the cues of the other dogs, so I would really like her to go to a home with another dog to help her blossom. I thought she may have an issue with men, but no problems there. We also haven't noticed any separation or storm anxiety, but the vacuum cleaner is not her best friend. Thus far she stays out of the garbage, doesn't chew anything she shouldn't, is getting better about begging for food & is learning to sit & take treats gently. She LOVES to snuggle, has the sweetest, gentlest personality & makes a great foot & lap warmer! Angel is just learning about toys & balls, & really enjoys chewing on her nylabone too.