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Lady 12-194
(Fostered in St. Cloud, MN)

June 7, 2012

Hi, my name is Lady, but FM calls me Lucky Lady, cuz she said I'm so lucky to be in RAGOM. I used to live in WI, so if you are a Vikings fan don't hold that against me. I'm 2 years old this month, I weigh 51 lbs, I have fur that really isn't a doodle or a golden. It's not curly, but a little longer and wavy and is a beautiful red color. FM says if she could be a red head this is the color she would choose. I have a feeling back in the day she might actually have been this color....if ya know what I mean:) Moving on.........

I LOVE LOVE LOVE CHILDREN, and met a 3 and 6 year old on Sunday and was very gentle and allowed them to pet me, walk me around and love me up. I walk, well prance actually, on a flat leash, love to run like the wind, will chase a tennis ball and maybe not bring it back to you:)

I love little girls

I think I love you

I was free fed so am learning to eat twice a day, I have NOT had any accidents in the house, I sleep in my kennel when the fosters are gone and at night. The last couple nights I have 'voiced' my displeasure with this arrangement at night, but alas no one acknowledged it. I object to this outrageous arrangement and feel sleeping on the bed by FM or FD's side would be much more agree able!! I was not pleased with Miss Faith's (12-075) childish nippy greetings and begging for play when I first arrived. I was a lady ( lady/Lady, get it:) though and gave appropriate warning growls. After a couple days I just gave up and put up with her and she is being more respectful. I like resident Jax and foster bro Laker 12-200 just fine, but would prefer to sit in the recliner with FM or FD. Again, they aren't cooperating on this idea. I met a female lab on my walk with Laker and did very well.

So, I have been brought up to date with all my shots, and while being checked out we discovered a coupled things we are taking care of.

  1. I have whip and hook worms. I just started my treatment for 3 days, then it will be repeated in 3 weeks then 3 months. Meanwhile the Foster 'rents have to be very vigilent about keeping the yard cleaned up, if you get my drift.
  2. I have a yeast infection in both ears so FM cleaned my ears and I get drops in them both 2 times a day. I come when called and sit nicely while she does this.
  3. I have some allergy issue at the moment. I started to chew at my feed and my well, my butt. I have a bit of yeast and bacterial infection in the 'rear end' area. So now I will have a feet/butt bath once a day with a special shampoo and a different conditioner every other day. Aah they also did my anal glands and they were quite full, which then required a butt bath:(
  4. I just started on a grain free food, which often, in time, takes care of allergy problems. I'm not losing hair so that is good. Hopefully, within a week we will see an improvement.

Well, there you are. I hope no one is scared off cuz of the worm and allergy thing going on. It's not bad enough to require pills or shots, so that's good!! I would love to go to a home with children. My recall is quite good, so with supervision I wouldn't need a fenced yard, just continued training and praise on my recall. I could live with another dog that wasn't an in your face kinda dog, or I think I would be happy to just have all the adoration to myself. I would like to be around other dogs to socialize and I don't want to be crated for 8+ hours a day. I do require exercise, so please keep that in mind.

I hope you come back to check on my progress and that I will be able to report that I now am sleeping in the bedroom and maybe even have free roam. That might take a bit longer since I did steal one of FM's socks off the night stand........which is a dumb place to keep your 'sleep socks'. Really, I have some re-training to do around here.

If you are an approved applicant and think I might be a good family member, please contact your placement advisor.

Stay tuned for more updates on how the FOSTER training is going!!

Lucky Lady

Field Time

Lady and Laker

Nap time

The Troops
Jax - Faith - Laker - Lady


YES YES YES, I sleep in the bedroom now!!  I have the prviledge of sleeping on Barney's old bed with the new cover from the Bed Fairy.  Oops for got that picture.  Will have to add that in a separate email.  I have done my best to be allowed to sleep on the human bed, but keep getting told to get down.  Jeesh, can't blame a girl for trying.  It's ok, once everyone settles in I go lie down and sleep all night.  This morning I surprised FM by being cuddled up to her when she woke up LOL  Yep, there I was when she rolled over and gave her a couple good morning kisses!!  To be honest she wasn't all that pleased, ungrateful is more like it.
Faith 12-075 and I are best buddies.  We wrestle and play all day, love to run in the field togeather, and I have discovered those great soft toys I carry around can also be chewed on and you get this white fluffy stuff out of them.  Awesome!!  Laker 12-200 is still a bit shy, he plays with Faith but not me.  I'm working on him.  Meanwhile life is good.  I have trained the foster parents to put just a dab of moist food on my dry kibble, then I eat it all up.  (note from FM.  She thinks it's a big deal but the amount is like a 1/2 tsp but she's happy:)  There really isn't a toy, person or dog I don't like. Meanwhile I'm happy hanging with peeps and getting loved up.
From FM:
You can tell Lady was loved and socialized as she is so good with everyone and has made the transition into foster care very readily.  She has not chewed anything inappropriate, doesn't dig, plays well with Faith and has left the cats alone.  They boys are grateful for that.  Her recall is really very good, though if she really gets side tracked it can take a bit more time to get her attention.  She is very social and will fit in pretty much any where.  We are working on sitting and waiting for our food and sitting for our treat, I did find some special treats for her.  She is a puppy in so many ways, but cuz of her size you forget that at age 2 they are still a bit 'spunky'.  She has had no accidents in the house that we know of and been good in the bedroom, as long as there are no socks around.
If you are an approved applicant and would like to meet Lucky Lady, contact your placement advisor.
FM and the crew

Miss Lucky Lady loves the suffed toys

Who put those things in there?!!?!


My favorite bird!


Lady Katy here. Yep that's what FM is calling me. Know why? Cuz I'm being adopted and my new parents are going to change my name to Katy!! I am what they call 'adoption pending' as my new family can't take me til July 7th due to previous commitments and a cool vacation. So I'm gonna hang out here with my peeps and keep living life. My Furever Mom told my FM they have already bought me a new nyla bone, some treats, made a vet appointment and a grooming appointment. I will also have a fur butt sister who is 8 and also a Golden Doodle. She was really cool meeting me and then she met the rest of the zoo inmates here. Was bit overwhelming, but she did great. So there it is, I am getting my furever home!!!!

Stay tuned for my final update, or if anything BIG happens I'll let ya know.

Hugs and kisses from a girl who found her furever home and family!!!!

Probs with the camera so FM will have do pics later!!!

Lucky Lady Katy


Miss Lady (Katy) has left the building. Her new dad came Saturday to bring her home. I only got a picture of him and 'Katy' as her new mom had to run to get her new 4 legged sister from boarding. Miss Tess (fur sister) was pretty tired after her fun filled vacation, so it was giving Katy more time to settle in with the human parents. Hopefully Tess will be recovered soon and want to play with Katy. Meanwhile lots of human attention will do.

Faith 12-075 is really missing Lady Katy as they were the best of buddies and played all the time. Faith is now bugging Jax and Laker 12-200 !! My hope is Lady Katy will adjust to a new home, schedule and new fur sibling quickly. I cried when she left as she is such a loving pupper. Her new home will be more quiet and less hectic than life here at the Zoo, but she will get her walks and has a nice fenced in yard.

It sure is quiet without you, Miss Lady Katy, and we miss you. No one woke me up this morning with kisses:( Have a wonderful life and enjoy all the human attention that you don't have to compete with 3 other dogs for:) You were loved before you came here, you were/are loved while here and I know you will be loved and cared for in your furever home.

We miss you,

FM, Jax, Faith, Laker and not so much the 3 cats:)