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Rest in Peace

Hemmy 12-197
(Fostered in Annandale, MN)


May 28, 2012
Please welcome Hemmy 12-197 to RAGOMland. Hemmy is a 10 year old Black Lab. He was surrendered together with Nala 12-196 due to the fact that the owner is moving.
Hemmy is in excellent health and up to date on vaccines.He weighs 104 lbs and only over by 10 or less lbs. He is scheduled for neuter surgery on 6/1/12. He is a very gentle and well behaved boy. No accidents in the house. He walks good on a leash but tires easily because he wasn't excersized before. We are working on that and up over a mile now. He rides very well in a car [did over 500 miles in 2 days]. Hemmy gets along well with all dogs we have met and is good with cats. Hemmy comes pretty good when called,will sit and lay down. He takes treats gently. He may not be good around small kids just because of his size. Hemmy is gaining energy the better shape he gets in.
Here's a summary of what I know about Hemmy 12-197 so far:
* Hemmy is housebroke
* Hemmy is very gentle
* Hemmy knows basic commands
* Hemmy gets along with cats and dogs
* Hemmy could be a only dog or with other dogs
* Hemmy walks well
* Hemmy rides in cars well
* Hemmy likes to be with his people
* Hemmy has no storm anxiety[unknown about fireworks or gun shots]
I've only had Hemmy for a week so there is much more to learn but he is a very good dog. Hemmy is available to be met and a pending adoption. Final adoption will have to be after he is neutered on 6/1/2012.
If you think this great gentleman Hemmy 12-197 would fit your heart and home contact your placement adviser.



Hemmy is mending from neuter surgery on 6/1/ 12 . He continues to build strength and stamina. He is getting some spring in his step and able to walk almost 2 miles at a time. That is up from a 1/2 mile[barely] when he first got here.

Hemmy has lost 8 lbs. or more since he arrived here 2 weeks ago and has better muscle tone. Hemmy continues to be a well behaved dog. He is getting "sit" down pretty well but needs work on coming when called.
Something I have noticed about Hemmy is that he doesn't shed horribly like most Labs I have had.

Hemmy continues to be very good around people and all other dogs we have met. Just a very nice easy dog to have.  If you think Hemmy 12-197 could fit you , please contact your Placement Adviser.


June 9, 2012

Hemmy here,

FD made Nala do her update so now I have to do mine.

I'll start when I came to RAGOM. I was surrendered with my roommate Nala in central Iowa. We got transported by some very nice people to St Louis park on a Sunday. FD saw that I needed a foster home and came and got me Monday afternoon. Poor Nala ended up going to boarding after having people fuss over her and follow her around all night.

FD brought me to his house where there were 2 other dogs a house cat and several outside cats.I met everyone with no problems at all. I tried to play some with the other foster dog, Murphy. FD didn't think humping was a good way to play for some reason.

FD started walking me with the other dogs and sometimes the goofy house cat, Itsey. I had a very hard time making it down the long driveway and back.I was really out of shape and very weak for my size. After 1 time he started walking me separate to keep the other dogs in shape walking their distance. The walking is very hard work for me but I really want to do it and get back in shape. Besides, I get a treat when we get back from the walks. The more walking we do the better I feel and more energy I have.

On May 24 FD left and came back with My buddy Nala. She was pretty groggy and not feeling good because she had spay surgery that day. Nala was just miserable the next day. She whined and barked and paced around most of the day.

On May 26 FD loaded all us dogs up and took us for a long ride to Nala's new FM and FD's house. Nala got kind of crazy and wild when we got there. We had a nice visit and then drove back home. I like riding in the Suburban. I can really sprawl out and relax even when there is 3 other dogs riding.

On May 27 FD loaded us all back up for another ride up to Nala's foster's house. FD said Nala was very unhappy and rather crazy there and needed to come back with us again.

On June 1st FD got us up early and took me to Minneapolis to MNsnap to get neutered. I was a bit groggy when FD picked me up but not too bad. Later that day my FB Murphy was adopted.  I didn't get to go for much of a walk for a few days after that to have time to heal.

On June 9th FD was up early and fed and walked me and Nala. FD left for a hour and then loaded Nala and I up for another ride. On the way he kept telling Nala that she really needed to behave well today for some reason.

We ended up in Blaine at Chuck and Don's pet food store for a RAGOM Meet and Greet Event.  Lots of nice people came and met me and Nala and told me how handsome I was. I loved every minute of it! Most people were surprised how calm and gentle I am. Several small children petted me.They seemed a bit nervous because of my size ,I think.  I had a great time and slept most of the way home.

FD continues to walk me twice a day and increases the distance a little every few days. I'm really getting stronger and even tried to run a little bit last night. FD says he is very impressed with how my strength and stamina has improved in such a short time. I'm feeling great and have lost a few pounds to boot.

FD says I am a great companion and could fit in most homes. Could that be your home? If you think it might be, contact your placement adviser to set up a meeting with me. FD also said that I will be in a parade [whatever that is] in St Louis Park on Saturday June 16 if you would like to meet me there.

Thanks for checking in on me,

Hemmy 12-197


Hi again folks, Hemmy here,

After my last update we went for another ride to St Louis park to be in a parade[whatever that is] FD, me, Nala and Ziggy must have walked 3 miles trying to find where the parade started. I was very tired so FD took us all back to the Suburban and took us back home. FD said next time he will get more info and check it out ahead of time.

We continue to walk twice most days but have cut the distance because of the heat and because I seem to tire easily. FD thinks I may have strained some muscles climbing stairs. I'm not real good at climbing yet and try to take 2 steps at a time. FD says he isn't sure how to teach me how to climb the right way. Maybe I will eventually catch on watching the other dogs.

I have a new housemate since the last update. His name is Tiger. He is an 8 week old kitten. He attacks my tail and climbs on me. I'm not bothered by any of it.


FD took us to a friend's house on a lake last week. There wasn't a beach so, none of us went swimming. There was a stairs going into the water and I'm not the best on stairs yet. Maybe this week FD will take us to a better lake with a beach.

This week FD took me and Nala to see Dr Sarah again. We both need Frontline flea/tick preventive and Heartguard heartworm preventative. We both got weighed. I have lost 20 lbs since the last time I was there. Nala and I have both been shaking our heads and scratching out ears, so we both had to see Dr Sarah. Dr Sarah was impressed with my weight loss. We both have ear infections and got drops to fix that.

Some of the things I would like in a furever home are:

  • Kids, dogs, and cats are all fine with me
  • Petting and rubbing a couple times a day is good
  • Daily walks to get and keep me in shape
  • Some comfy dog beds
  • To be able to be in the same room with my people

A few of my best traits are:

  • I don't shed very much, compared to most Labs
  • I've had no accidents in the house and can be left for more than 10 hours
  • I love riding in cars and trucks
  • I wouldn't even think of counter surfing

If I sound like the dog for you please contact your placement adviser

Thanks for checking in on me,
Hemmy 12-197


Hi Folks, Hemmy here again,

Since my last update my ear infections are healed and my ears feel much better. FD says I still have selective hearing sometimes.

We keep walking twice a day. Dr. Sarah told FD it could take 6 months for me to have normal strength in my legs. FD dropped the leash the other day when he was letting me out and I trotted across the yard. FD caught me easily but said that was the fastest he ever saw me move .I hope to be able to give FD a run for his money some day.

I got a new Foster Brother a little over a week ago. His name is Yukon 12-264. He is a very nice guy. I had to tell him a couple times to eat out of his own food bowl instead of the one I was eating out of. He did listen the second time and hasn't done that again.

Last night Tiger the kitten slept with me on the dog bed. Itsey ,his mom was outside all night so he needed someone to cuddle with.

We had a couple of visitor RAGOM dogs here for a couple days while a ride to their foster homes was put together. Their names were Shadow and Lucky. FD drove to South Dakota to bring them into RAGOM.

A couple of times I was outside when FD was playing fetch with Nala. I eventually go the ball away from Nala and wouldn't give it back to her but would let FD take it from me. Maybe when I get in better shape I'll get to play fetch.

FD tells me I am a very easy dog to take care of and I don't require or demand a lot of attention. I'm happy to just hang out with my people. FD also says I could fit in with almost any family. Is that family you?

FD just told me I will be having adopters coming to meet me this week. He says they sound near perfect for me. I can't wait.

Today I had people come to meet me. I turned on the charm and they said they will be back for me.

The adopters came back for me!!!. FD was sad to see me leave, but very happy for me that I have a new furever home. FD said he will be checking up on me.

Hopefully some one will adopt my pal Nala soon also.

Thanks for checking in on me,
Hemmy 12-197

FD here,

I'd like to thank the K family for taking Hemmy into their hearts and home. My best wishes to all.


Hi there...Hemmy here! I have been in my furr-ever home almost a week and boy, I'm having a blast!! I have my very own backyard and love to lounge out there. My family got me a new bed - it's got something called a chevron pattern?? They thought I would look handsome on it - what do ya think?!?

I had a bath my first day - I'll have to send that picture...I sat very nicely for it but really, I'm not a fan! I live across the street from a very nice park - we walk there several times a day...and I do mean SEVERAL!! My hind legs are weak from my previous life so my FM is helping me get stronger.

I've been very quiet until yesterday - I thought my FM should hear my velvety smooth bark...boy was she surprised!! I wag my tail a lot - especially when I see FM and my human sister...FM says I love them so much I can't take my eyes off of them (boy oh boy - girls can be silly!!) I live with 3 cat friends - they're okay - I don't care what they're doing most of the time. But one of them is a goofball - he likes to lay on me....especially my feet! Weirdo!!

I don't really hear that well at all so I do check for my family a lot - since I can't hear them in the house. But I'm about as happy as an old guy can be! We took a trip to the vet today - all looks pretty good! I need to lose 8 pounds (FM says she does too) and judging by all the walking we've been doing, I should be on the cover of Just Labs soon showing off my new masculine shape!

Okay - time for a rest! Talk to you soon!



Well hi there --- Hemmy here!

I'm settling in my new home quite well, actually, I'm doing AMAZING!!  As you can see from the pics my mom sent (my family is picture crazy!!) I'm adjusting quite nicely! I wasn't too hip on the shower, but a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do and I have to say, I'm looking mighty handsome.

I continue to go on many walks a day - some short, some long - and I've met quite a few dog friends along the way.  I have to admit, I miss my dog friends so Forever Mom is thinking about bringing me to doggy daycare once a week to get a little time with the guys.

I love to go on drives and my family takes me on many errands. And I do very well when they leave me too - have even graduated to free roam when they go - I make myself right at home. I can even get up on the bed - it's a low one, but I can get up there nonetheless! It's quite comfy! I have plenty of company - Tiger the cat love love loves me and as you can see, would like me to be his bed.  Grey the cat tends to get snippy with me and yet, he likes to be close to me  - not so sure about him.  And BooBoo the cat is a fun, little guy - chats with me now and then.

I show off my sultry bark now and again - they think I'm so cute....again, girls can be silly.  I have to say I am spoiled rotten...and loving it! 

I love to chase bunnies and squirrels - and by chase, I mean trot slowly after them! Now and then, I get some speed though, I think my legs are getting a little bit stronger --- YAY!!

Oh, my Forever Mom wants to say a few things...

Hi there Forever Mom here...

We are so lucky to have Hemmy here with us - he is an amazing dog and we couldn't love him more!! He's sweet and cute and funny and just easy to be around - the perfect "jeans and t-shirt" sort of dog! What can we say - we are in love with Hems!!!

That's all for now - take care!!


Hi there! Hemmy here – well sort of….I'm on the floor relaxing while mom is taking dictation from me to update y'all :-)

Thursday marked one year in my forever home! I love it!!! I have had a fabulous year – and I'm really enjoying my golden years.  I am down to 77 lbs and and feeling pretty darn good.  My legs are still weak but I give it all I've got whatever I'm doing…or sometimes, I just decide it's best to lay down (I'm no dummy…!)  I still go on quite a few walks a day, much shorter now since I get pretty tired, but I still love my walks! I bounce like a puppy when I see my leash and bound for the gate to freedom (the park) where I usually see a furry friend or two.  

My days are spent with my mom and my three cat brothers…walks, treats, sleep, eat, sleep, walk…no sleep walking though :-)  Everyone I meet loves me and they know me at my favorite park – I feel like a celebrity, but I keep my cool and don't let it go to my head.  I continue to be the easy going, handsome, distinguished senior that I am…

We go for walks to our local Chuck & Don's about 3 times a week – we pick up cat food and I get a treat each time, which is my favorite part! I try and carry it all the way home but I usually never make it out of the parking lot without devouring it – YUM

I just wanted to give an update because it looks as though my mom hasn't done it in a very long time – we've been super busy this year! I'll bug her a little and see if she can update more often…

Take care of yourselves!

Lotsa love to all of you who helped me get here – I'm super happy and healthy!





This is my sweet Hemmy...affectionately called Hems, Hemingway, Hemmy-bear...

It breaks my heart to say he crossed the Rainbow Bridge today (Jan 15, 2013).

We adopted him from RAGOM on August 8, 2012 and he was nothing but a joy to have around. He had one job, and as we know, a dog needs his job! His job was to keep me company, no matter what - and he did just that. He followed me everywhere, and quite frankly, was smitten with me, which warms my heart just thinking about it. I often told people he was the only man who couldn't take his eyes off me! This is a big thank you Barry K. and RAGOM for rescuing this magnificent, friendly, loving "pup" so that I got the chance to love him up somethin' fierce. I will miss him so much…always.

Hemmy had been on the decline for a while – losing his balance, falling down because of his weak hind leg, losing control of his bowels, and honestly, seemed to be in a lot of pain. We walked when we could but mostly,we have been just hanging around together. He sat at my feet each day for the last 17 months while I worked, followed me wherever I went, slept on his comfy beds on the floor next to my bed – and was just happy to be with me, as I was with him.  The past few days he seemed a little disoriented and lost and oh so tired – and then yesterday he suffered a seizure which nearly broke my heart. He seemed to be in a lot of pain and he looked at me and I knew, it was time to help him cross the bridge. I lay with him, head to head and rubbed his ears just like he loved while he crossed…

He was so loved at our home and he so loved it here. I will miss him dearly. Thank you Hemmy-Bear – you were a joy to love…

Chrissy K