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Rest in Peace

Kattie 12-183
(Fostered in Deer River, MN)

May 12, 2012

Kattie is a gorgeous 4 year old PB female, dark red in color and we believe spayed (will find out at vet next week). Kattie was surrendered because the owner has had many tragedies happen in her life in the last couple years and is moving back to Germany where she is from. It was a very tearful surrender for all of us, she is heartbroken she has to leave her behind. I reassured her that Kattie is in good hands with RAGOM and myself and I will do my best to find her the perfect furever family and that is what I intend to do... It was so adorable when the owner gave her a hug goodbye she was talking German to Kattie and you could tell Kattie understood everything she was saying.

The owner told me a lot about Kattie:

  • She is a great dog
  • She has free roam
  • She does not bark much
  • She loves kids (was living with a 7 and 12 year old)
  • She loves water
  • She loves to go in a boat
  • She is house trained (yes she is, she does not say when she has to go out but when you let her out she will go)
  • She is not sure about getting along with other dogs or cats
  • She loves to play ball (yes she does, she is having a blast playing ball) you will see in her pictures she ALWAYS has the ball in her mouth
  • She is great in the car (yes, did great on way home)
  • Not used to crate (don’t need it)
  • Would not require a fence (I have one but believe she will be fine without one)

The one thing we need to work on with Kattie is her weight, she is very overweight and needs someone dedicated to helping her with this. We are taking things slow as we went for our first walk on her first day here and she almost did not make it back, so shorter walks to start out with and we will build up. Also just getting her outside and moving around and throwing the ball has helped her already.

I would love to see a family take her that maybe has no other dogs, (just because she is used to being the only dog) and that has a lot of time to spend with her. Not gone for long hours during the day (she is used to having someone around), she does fine free roam and alone but I want her to feel very loved and to be with people all the time so she feels like she still has her old life with her former humans somewhat similar.

 So if you're that special family and would love to meet her let us know.


Well Kattie just had her vet visit!! She did awesome but that is no surprise as she is a very mellow, gentle dog!! She did get a work over.
We know she is spayed (scar), so that is good she won’t need that
She had a cracked toe nail that was causing her real issues (even bleeding) , so they cut and sauderd that. So she is on antibiotics for this.
She weighed in a 111 pounds!! WOW, I was guessing 100 so she is VERY much over weight. But the good news is we found out why. She has Thyroid issues and she was on medication for this last year but for some reason they stopped giving it to her and she gained a lot of weight. Vet records show that she weighed 81 pounds last year
which is a perfect weight for her, so now that she will be taking her meds she will slim down soon and feel much better! Bad news is she will need someone dedicated to making sure she gets her meds 2 times a day for the rest of her life. Good news is it does not cost that much for the medication.
Other than that Kattie is doing well and very healthy girl! She is just a doll, as you can see in her pictures, I do not get very many pictures without the ball in her mouth.

She LOVES to play ball, just has a hard time running right now with all her weight. But that will soon change! That is all for now.



Sweet Kattie has found her furever family!! I wanted to find a family that was kinda similar for her, that she was used to and I think I accomplished that. They  understand what Katties needs are and are more than happy to make sure she gets what she needs. They have a cabin they go to in the summer so Kattie can  swim and go boat riding as she loves to do. Kattie will have a best friend named Gracie (sister), and get all the attention as an only dog. Thank you to her former family that I know misses her very much! And thank you to Mike, Lisa, Gracie for giving Kattie a new home that will feel a lot like her past home and mostly just giving her the love she needs.


To all of our RAGOM friends, we feel like the luckiest family in the world to have Kattie join our family. Kattie and our daughter have become fast friends as you can see. We know Kattie came from a home where she was loved and taken care of. She is an amazing dog with a wonderful personality and we are so happy to have her.

To Bobbi Jo and all of the volunteers who make RAGOM work- we thank you for all of your efforts to find homes for our furry friends. Having adopted- we feel like a part of a bigger family. Just last week when out for our walk we met another RAGOM family who had the same foster family- small world.

Kattie is doing well. She has lost five pounds and is active as ever. She loves walks, has scared every bunny out of the yard and has developed an interesting relationship with the squirrels who live in our trees. The vet is happy with her weight loss so far and we can tell that she is feeling better everyday. We look forward to many happy years with her as part of our family.




We had to say goodbye to Kattie who we adopted from RAGOM three years ago today. Kattie had developed mast tumors, she made it through surgery last fall but the cancer had spread and the tumors could no longer be contained.

Kattie was an amazing part of our family for the past three years. She was a friend to all and will be greatly missed. We are forever grateful to Ragom for allowing us to adopt this amazing dog and to Bobbie Jo for choosing us to be her forever family.

Today it is too quite in the house - we mourn the loss and remember so many amazing memories.

Our hearts are heavy with the loss but we know that our Kattie is now free to go over the Rainbow Bridge where she will forever be able to run and be free without pain.

The J Family