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Tucker 12-143
(Fostered in Forest Lake, MN)

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Ryan Sims

Good evening, Tucker here. My foster mom asked me to send in an email letting you all know how I came to RAGOM. RAGOM got a call saying I needed a foster home because I was outside alone and not being fed or watered on a regular basis. Not much was known about me so my journey started on Saturday April 7th when I arrived at my foster mom's house.

I had a long ride and was very thirsty so my foster mom had a big bowl of water waiting for me. I drank a lot, then went into the house which was all new to me. I had a rough time at first because I wasn’t housebroken and was a little nervous so I had some accidents. As soon as I knew where I was supposed to go to be let out everything was fine and I have not had an accident since.

My foster home is very active. They have four pugs that are pretty lazy, a cat that I do not bother because I don't really care for cats so I just leave him alone. My foster mom also has a husband who is good to me and gives me lots of ear rubs and belly rubs. I like that!! They also have two kids:; a 13 year old boy and a 16 year old girl. The boy plays with me alot and I even fetch the ball for him. My first night went well; my foster mom gave me a sleeping bag to sleep on in their family room. I fell asleep about 10:00 p.m and did not get up until 6:00 a.m.

My second day went well too because my foster mom found I love to walk. I walk very nicely on a leash and she now has a walking partner. I know basic commands and I listen well. I'm getting used to the crate because my foster mom gives me treats when she leaves and I usually don't have to stay in there too long. I love to be by my family. My foster Mom also lets me sleep on their couch in the evening. Well I have to go now the couch is calling my name. More later.


Hello Tucker here....... my foster mom asked me to write another update.  I realized that I forgot to mention in my last update. Before I came to my foster mom I went to a professional groomer to be shaved because I was matted so bad that they could not get a brush though my coat.  It feels pretty nice not to be so hot and my foster mom says my fur is coming in real nice.  I've had a nice week. I went in on Thursday to get fixed I did not like that so much but I did like the van ride and foster dad came and got me and lifted me into the van and took me home...... he is a real nice man. I love my foster boy too he likes to walk me and play fetch with me.  I love all people and I love this nice weather! Mom spends a lot of time outside with me in her flower garden I love to be outside with her and chew on a bone.  We've had a busy week and now I'm ready to go outside with mom for awhile.  Take care and I'll write again soon. 




Hello all Tucker here.  I have had a pretty good week!  Great weather, lots of time outside and I love being by my people outside.  Something else great happened.... foster mom got me a new dog bed and she put it on the floor of her and foster dad's bedroom.  Best of all foster mom says I have been so good at respecting the baby gate that I no longer need to be crated when she is gone which is usually only about three hours! I love my new dog bed.  I also still get to sleep on the couch but I really love my dog bed.  I'll write more next week.


Good morning!  Tucker's foster mom here.......Tucker is a little tired this morning so I decided I would write.

Tucker has been with us since April 7th he is a wonderful dog.  He is so well behaved, knows basic commands and does not let his age slow him down.  I can't believe someone has not adopted him yet.  Like I said he is well behaved, loves walking and being outside with his family and is so easy going.  I believe he would fit in well with any family.  We are a active family and he seems fine with our routine and just being with us. He has enjoyed going to a few of our son's baseball games, seeing all the people and getting all those pets.  Could Tucker be that pet you have been waiting for???  Come visit him and see!



Hello All Tucker here-

Well it sure has been exciting at my foster home, the kids last day of school was June 7th, also meaning foster mom's last day of work.  She is off all summer and I'm loving it. She takes me on two to three walks a day and we spend alot of time outside working in the garden.  My foster mom's foster pug got adopted last week so now it's just me and the three pugs.  The one pug likes to walk with us so we can't go as far when he is with but that's ok I just love being outside.  I'll write more later but I'm off for a walk just me and foster mom.


Hello, Tucker's foster Mom here wow how time flies did not realize until this morning that it has almost been 2 weeks since I have written a update on Tucker my little snuggle bug.  Tucker continues to do great. We all love having him around.  Tucker especially liked this week FD had some time off of work so that meant FD could spend more time with Tucker, Tucker loved being able to sleep in in the mornings and then getting all the pets and attention from FD. Tucker continues to be a mommy's dog but thinks FD is pretty cool.  In fact last night we were outside and we saw FD car pull in the driveway and his tail starting wagging.  It's really neat to see how well he likes his FD. 

Tucker would be a great companion for any family or even a single person.  Tucker has been with our family Since April 7th and or family can not believe someone has not taken him to his furever home could you be the right family for Tucker.  Things Tucker would be looking for at his furver home is someone who would give him lots of love and attention.  Take him on walks and play with him.  Tucker is a very easygoing mellow dog and just loves to be with his humans.  Come take a look at him you won't be sorry.  Will update more next week.


Good Morning Tucker's foster mom here.  Tucker still continues to do great.  He loves to be by his humans.  He loves the weekends when he can sleep in. He does not care about visiting dogs.  He loves his kiddie pool. We have been spending alot of time inside because of the heat but when we are outside he goes for the pool. He is such a loving dog - could you be his furever home?  Come take a look, you will fall in love with him.


Hello all!   Tucker here...... foster mom asked me to write as our household has been a little busy.  Mom has been dog sitting so I have had alot of dog friends this week which is fine because my foster family always has time for me.  It was nice when we had a few days when it was not so warm because foster mom and I went on longer walks.  With the hot weather back we have been going on early morning walks...... I like the special time with foster mom.  My foster boy has been real good about brushing my and my fur is coming back real nice.  Fierworks do not bother me because my foster mom said I slept right though them. Foster mom told me to tell you I'm a great dog and although I love my foster family I would love to find my furever home soon.  Come take a look at me.......I won't disappoint.  Foster mom is off for the summer and has a very flexible schedule. 

That's all for now Tucker.........


Hello, Tucker's Foster mom here...... sorry for the delay in updates.  I have been having computer issues.  But, anyways Tucker continues to do great.  We saw him act young this past week when we had a dog here we were babysitting and he actually played! It was nice to see!  You would never guess he is 10 years old. 

What Tucker would be looking for in his forever home:
*Someone who is able to give him alot of attention.
*Another dog for him to play with or a stay at home type person because he loves to play.
*Someone willing to take him on walks. Tucker loves his walks!
*Someone willing to play fetch with him.

Tucker is a very easy going dog he gets along with cats and dogs of all sizes.  He loves to go for car rides and he loves the kiddie pool. We have never taken him to the lake but I'm sure he would like that too. 
Are you the right fit for him?  Come take a look you won't be disappointed.


Hello, Tucker's Foster mom here.  Well, what can I tell you? Tucker continues to do great!  I have been dog sitting a lot this summer and I have been getting younger dogs in and Tucker loves to play.  He has been enjoying his walks and playing fetch with our son. He loves car rides and his people.  Tucker would do great as an only dog or with another dog.  He is so easy going!  Come and meet Tucker and you will not be disappointed! He is a lover, listens well and knows basic commands.  He would really love to be in his furever home.


Hello, Tucker foster's mom here, boy how time flies we all can't believe that summer vacation is almost over.  It has been so great to have Tucker here with us.  He is a very easy going dog, he loves his feeding time, his walks, playing fetch with his foster boy and being with his humans.  The cutest thing we have seen him do lately is to share his dog bed with our female pug.  They look so cute together but of course when I go to get the camera they move.  His fur is coming in nicely.  I will try to get some pictures soon.  Could Tucker be the dog for you? Come and see him - he will not disappoint you. That's it for now. Tucker is waiting to go on his evening walk.     


Hello, all Tucker's foster mom here, sorry for the delay in updates but it has been crazy at our house with the start of school and me now back at work but I have a few minutes so I wanted to update everybody.

First, Tucker still is doing good.  He had a visit to the vet and we found out some interesting things.  Tucker has the start of arthritis and he also will be going to see Dr. Razz to have his laryngeal paralysis (at least that's what we think it might be) and for his well being we are going to have it checked out. He is a sweet boy and does so well.  I find myself waking up in the night just to take a peek at him.  The love of a golden, there is nothing better.  I will write more after he sees Dr. Razz.


Hello, all Tucker's foster mom here.  I just had to take a moment to write and let everyone know that Tucker now has a sponsor, a 13 year old boy that wanted to use his bar mitzvah money to sponsor Tucker. His name is Ryan, he is 13 years old.  Tucker loved meeting him, his brother, and Ryan's mother.  Ryan, Tucker says thank-you for the rawhide he enjoyed it this morning while the pugs were still sleeping.  Tucker is so very happy to have such a wonderful boy to sponsor him.  I too say thank-you to Ryan for doing this I think that was a very sweet thing to do and very thoughtful to do.  It will certainly help Tucker - THANK-YOU!!


Hello All! 

I just wanted to write and let you know that Tucker has gone to his furever home. Tucker was adopted on Saturday by a women and her companion. Tucker will have a 10 year old golden to share their love with. Tucker is a great dog and I think he will be very happy with his new family. Our family misses him terribly but know he will have a happy life. We enjoyed our time with him.