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Oscar 12-120
(Fostered in North Branch, MN)

April 3, 2012

Hello everyone my name is Oscar. I am one of eight puppies from Ava 12-097. We are all very lovable goldendoodles. We play rough and love to dig. We had a long drive from MO to MN. We have been with our foster family since March 25, 2012.

We all love to play with our mom and foster sister. They tell us when we are being to rough and keep us in check.

If you are interested in me or one of my siblings (Lyric, Trapper, Hawkeye, Dino, Katie, Fynn (Charity), or George) please contact your placement advisor.


New pictures for Oscar!


Oscar was adopted today by Kelly G.  Congratulations, Kelly and Oscar!



My name is Alfie (formerly Oscar 12-120) and I am one of Ava’s goldendoodle pups. Ava (12-097), along with my siblings and 20 other dogs came from the big Missouri rescue in March 2012. After the rescue I was brought to the most wonderful foster family. My new mom said one of the reasons that I am such a good pup is because of this family. Thank you to Trish and her family for giving me such a great start.

I have been so busy since I joined my forever home. I went to puppy classes and got my AKC STAR Puppy certificate. Next was Level 1 obedience class which was so easy for me. I am so smart that my new mom said she would like me to become a therapy dog. She is going to wait until after I turn 1 year old before those classes. (Apparently, I am super smart but I still have too much puppy excitement when I attend classes.) I love my new fur brother, Buddy! We are good pals even though Buddy is much older than me. He has been the best mentor that a puppy could wish for. I was a little obnoxious when I first got here but I learned that Buddy was here first (and kinda old) so that I need to be respectful. I am cool with that because Buddy is the best!

My favorite things to do are going to Woof Dah Doggy Day Care, going to the dog park and taking walks. I go to Woof Dah one day a week to keep me well socialized with other dogs. They have an indoor pool, outdoor fountains, a fabulous staff and lots of fun dogs to play with. So fun for me! I am quite popular at the dog park, too. Everyone knows me because I play so well with others. Big or small – I love them all. And my mom loves to go for walks all the time. (I am curious if this will happen as much in the winter. Hmmm.) Anyhoo, my mom says that a tired dog is a good dog. Works for me!

Also, I love people! I have two nieces and lots of neighbor kids that always want to spend time with me. My mom says that that may cool off since I am no longer a little puppy. I highly doubt that because I am so adorable and that isn’t going to change!

Finally, I want to thank all the volunteers who were involved in the Missouri rescue. You are truly heroes in my book. We need more people like you in this world.

All my best,
Alfie (Oscar)

P.S. I hope you like the pictures. A tired dog is a happy dog!

Me and Buddy hanging out on the deck
when I first came home to be his new buddy.

Me really tired after flying around the yard on Halloween.
Me and my RAGOM neighbor Jack (formerly Cheeto 09-230)
snoozing after a play date.

Me napping after a long day at Goldzilla.


On February 12th, Ava's (12-097) pups had their first birthday! Alfie (formerly Oscar 12-120) celebrated at Woof Dah!

Hugs and kisses to Ava and the wonderful team who brought them home from Missouri!