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Cassie 12-117
(Fostered in Olivia, MN)

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Lola, Maddie & Gandolph

From one Missouri girl to another-I'm so proud of how far you've come! Love, Betty 12-101  From one Missouri girl to another-I'm so proud of how far you've come! Love, Betty 12-101


This dog came into RAGOM from a commercial breeder and has not been adequately socialized to humans. RAGOM requires that any adoptive homes contain a physical fence (due to the risk of escape); another fairly confident medium to large sized dog to role model from (everything is new and scary for them); no children under 10 years old in the home (normal kid behavior scares these dogs). Our goal is to find the forever family for these dogs and our experience leads us to use these criteria.


May 9, 2012

Introducing lovely, gorgeous RAGOM Puppy Mill dog 2 1/2 year old CASSIE 12-117 with pictures to show progression since March 25th when she arrived in MN. She is being fostered in Olivia, MN and has come a long way already.

Adopters will need to realize she will need patience and love as she continues to progress as well as:

  • Another medium to large dog in the household to help her learn and shadow as they trust a dog at present more than a human.
  • A fenced yard as noises they are not familiar with will send them running and afraid to come back.
  • Socialization as she is not used to being around more than one or two people at present.
  • No small children as they could frighten and make her feel cornered and this could lead to nips or bites to get away.
  • Two long leashes attached to be able to catch her in new settings, until adjusted.

Now to let you know she is pretty much potty trained to go outside. There have been accidents when she drinks too much water at night or during day as she doesn't know how to ask to go outside. Cassie did have a bowel movement when new people came in house first time as frightened, which is normal, but have had people in later and she just lays on couch. She is starting to ask now sometimes by coming up to me and placing her paw on me. She is now going in and out and using stairs without a problem with resident foster dog. In a new setting Cassie may need leashes on for a while to adjust to new surroundings. She has been spayed and stitches came out on Monday. Cassie has had her shots, is on heartworm and frontline.

At the present she gets sick from car rides (throws up after) and drools heavily and this may go away or reduce as she becomes more confident in the car. Also withholding food before a ride may help from getting upset stomach. She does go in the car and vet office with the resident dog with no problem. When frightened at present, she hides her head under the resident dog for protection and security.

Cassie has let me trim the long hair on her feet and the vet trimmed nails with no problem. I have picked her up and placed her in the porch sink for two baths without any problem. She is also stopping on entry for foot wipes with resident dog when raining and returning in the house. Cassie doesn't eat when resident dog eats, but bowl is placed in her kennel and after resident is done we sit in her area and she eats. Cassie is a slow eater and sometimes gets it on the floor but will clean up unless my food oriented resident foster dog doesn't beat her to it. Another reason she is fed in a different area. Cassie takes treats very gently, and likes cheese and peanut butter on nylabone. Also like almost every dog she loves ice cream for a treat. I have been using a harness on Cassie as when frightened they pull and fight back as collar tightens and chokes and this has been good when going in the car and to the vet.

In the last few day Cassie has found the couch and decided to sit by me for pets. She also likes to stretch out by herself and both front and back feet are from one end to the other sometimes when she sleeps alone on the couch. At night she sleeps on the floor on her bed after some pacing, which is also normal for PM dogs.

Cassie has also decided now to come to me for pets instead of me reaching out toward her. Cassie will play tug with a old stocking hat I had and sometimes grab a racquetball and play with it, but doesn't bring them back. She is also learning her name and coming to me when called. She is becoming more confident as time goes on in her new surrounding.

Cassie has also met two resident cats and they even rub against her and she doesn't try to bite or chase them at all. She is curious and watches them when they play and will go up to them and smell them. 

More pictures and updates coming soon.

This photo shows how scared she was and cowering
in her kennel afraid of human and their touch.

Cassie's first bath.
She now likes to have toys around her bed.

Chilling out on her bed

Cassie canters around yard free of leash

Cassie playing with her friend Nora

Cassie's strut when saying "come chase me!"



Cassie is learning every day and becoming a new Golden Girl. She now can jump up and sleep on the bed at night and has warmed up to me nicely. She is still afraid of other humans and hoping that will improve with more contact.
Her getting sick in the car is improving with more rides. She is good now for short rides of 15 miles with another dog in the car but gets sick over that amount at this time. She has learned to get along with other dogs and play ball and with toys. I have included pictures of her playing with other dogs, playing ball, tug of war with friend, and relaxing with a cool drink after play. Cassie eats slow and sometimes drops food on the floor but will clean it up. She must be feed apart if another dog is more food oriented as she will leave and quit eating if another dog or person approaches. I have been able to take toys and food away from Cassie without any problem.

She gets along with cats yet and no chasing. She will need a home with another large dog as when afraid she hides under the other dog. Also follows the other dog as trusts dogs more than humans yet. She will need a fenced yard as she will run if frightened by any human contact she is not used too.
Cassie can do high fives and loves to run for exercise in the yard and loves running through long grass in my fenced pen for sheep. Of course, the sheep aren't here yet. Cassie did spend time with me outside on a harness with the leash attached when company came on the weekend with children ages 5 to 15 and did very well just sitting under table or chair viewing what was going on around her while visiting. Children could pet her without problems. She did get scared if they tried to walk her on the leash, so when she had to move to another area, I took her.

If not on leash, she will run and hide in the house or if outside will stay off in the distance and not approach. I'm sure with time and trust of humans this will change. She will need someone with patience and Cassie will be a wonderful Golden Girl.

She does not counter surf but will try to steal canned cat food if left in dish. She stays down in car when left alone with another dog and goes right in to car with another dog. Cassie would make a good companion to another large dog and would learn more from the dog.
So far Cassie doesn't like the water but I can put her in the sink for baths without a problem. She can be brushed and is getting to like pets and belly  rubs. I can clean her ears and trim her feet without any problem.
Cassie has never even tried to nip or bite any dog or person since she arrived here. Want to help a dog finish her life to becoming a great dog, just contact placement to get an appointment to see Cassie.  She is waiting for calls.




From Dennis and Joanne From Dennis and Joanne


Hi everyone, Cassie here to update you on my wonderful summer. Oh yes and Happy 4th of July.I have been learning many new things and have pictures to show you.

I am riding better in the car and get along and play with other dogs as shown in the pictures. I have learned how to behave around chickens and sheep, which were both new to me. The chickens are all gone now and in freezers. The sheep will stay until the fall so have plenty of time to see them. I even get up close and smell them, but when they stomp their feet once in a while it scares me and I run away. I also get along with cats and a picture of me on the couch with the cat.

I went to a church festival last weekend with the other foster dog to introduce me to more public places and I laid under a picnic table and observed everything going on there. There were children and adults moving about playing bingo, auctioning off things, playing games and talking and eating. My foster mom thought Nora and I were both very well behaved all day.

I was also introduced that day to another dog named Cosmos who belonged to my foster mom's sister and he even came to my home in Olivia and stayed for a week vacation with me. I really loved playing with him. While he was here it was hot and I was introduced to a wading pool. I was really scared the first few times in it and sat down and really got wet. The other dogs just stood in it to cool off and drink water and I learned to do it finally too with out sitting down. Guess what! I find this pool thing very refreshing in the heat were having and love to stand and play in the pool now. I also love ice cream to cool off it tastes great!! You should try it there are many different tastes or you would say flavors.

I still will need a large resident dog when adopted out but when I get to know them, I am just a honey and love to play and run around. I eventually warm to people and love to be cuddled and petted. I have this thing of poking with my nose when I want something. The more I am around people, the more I get to trust them and my foster mom sister found that out when I finally went up to her for pets. It works best for me in a fenced yard as I know my name, but don't always come when called and will think you are playing when you come to get me and run around.

My favorite spot to sleep in the livingroom is behind the chair and upstairs in bed at night. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and just get a hold of placement if you would like to meet me. See you later.


Cassie is 2 1/2 years old and improving every day-she is better around people and hasn't been sick in the car for some time now. She went to the lake with my sisters and their family but since water was high she couldn't get in the water by the shore because of weeds growing, so stayed on dock as much as possible and watched Nora play in the water.

Cassie will need a fenced yard, another large dog to play with, someone with patience until she adjusts to new surroundings and people, she doesn't resource guard food or toys, can clip her nails without problem, walks great with a harness and also walks now with a collar and leash, she is a beautiful girl and will cuddle on the couch and sleep on the bed at night. No young children as they frighten her with moving fast and she will run away.

Things she loves to do-play and run outside, play in the pool, take toys out of basket and play a little with each one, treats like ice cream, macaroni and cheese, rawhides, Kong filled with treats or nylabone with cheese and peanut butter.

If you are looking for a great companion dog for your resident, she will fit in nicely and is such a lady. Just give placement a call to set up an appointment to see Cassie.

Cassie and Nora on dock with friends


Cassie is a puppy mill dog and progressing with the help of other dogs and loving her life of play and learning to be loved by humans.

Cassie is 1 1/2 going on 2, so is learning a lot of new things at present, working on sit and can do shake or high fives.

She eats slowly and would be better feed alone.

So far with every dog she has met she has done fine.

She has no separation or storm anxiety.

Cassie needs another large dog in household to take cues from as she learns from them. She will hide under the dog if afraid or scared.

No small children as she becomes confused with noise and some behavior at this time. Also sometimes out in public she can be frightened of new noises, but has been doing great so far.

She walks on leash or with a harness very well at this time.

She will leave the room when vacuuming. Will lay on floor in kitchen when cooking or if you watch TV. Cassie loves to cuddle on couch and be petted.

Cassie needs a fenced area or will roam as she loves to run. She will race around yard to release any pent up energy.

Car rides are going much better and she hasn't been sick for some time and sometimes will get up and look out the window or just lays down on seat. Cassie has been on rides 40-50 miles one way and does fine.

Cassie is used to stairs, hardwood floor or carpet.

Cassie is a beautiful dog as you can see by her photo below.

Interested in adopting or have questions, contact RAGOM placement.


Cassie is doing well working on sit and is enjoying the cold weather and running in the leaves. Cassie loves to be cuddled, energetic, gets along with other dogs and cats, needs a large companion as she is a puppy mill dog, a fence would help from her wandering. no resource guarding or food guarding. No small children as they would scare her at this point in her life as she frightens easily with small people.

Please contact placement if you are interested in Cassie.


Cassie wants to thank her sponsors LOLA, MADDIE, and GANDOLPH for thinking of her as she continues her journey to love people as much as dogs.

Cassie has now learned to sit on command and will be working on stay next. Watch for sit pictures coming soon. So proud of her and her accomplishment. She continues to share her love with me while awaiting adoption.


Cassie would like to thank her sponsors Lola, Maddie and Gandolph - she really appreciates them. She would also like to thank her Missouri friend who gave her a mitten, Betty 12-101.

Would you believe it is already December and it seems I just took Halloween pictures. I am enclosing one to show you how I sat so nice, even with spider thingys in my face. Then of course I had to include one with reindeer ears and wish you all a Happy Holiday.

Today a potential adopter is coming to see me and what a great time with the snow that I love to run and play - it will be a fun visit.

Let you know what happens.



Cassie has been adopted and will be going to her new home the end of December to play with friend Duke.