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Cleo 12-113
(Fostered in Richfield, MN)

Sponsored by:

Patti Struchynski

Your fellow RAGOM sisters, Jayden & Maggie
"We look forward to seeing you blossom as you learn to love your GOLDEN life."


Joan Clark and Susan O'Dell



March 30, 2012

Please give a warm welcome to Cleo. Cleo is an 8 year old purebred golden retriever that recently started her new golden life.

We don't know much about Cleo yet as she has been spending all of her time with our expert vet staff at the Richfield VCA. Cleo came into RAGOM with a severe laceration to her back left paw and the staff and surgeons at the vet clinic are trying to determine if amputation is the solution. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Because of the injury that Cleo has suffered, the vetting expenses will be hefty. Please consider sponsoring and/or donating to RAGOM to help with the care of these beautiful golden pups.



There are many people who think that we, the foster families of these sweet dogs in need, are heroes.  The truth is, it is our supporters that are the TRUE heroes.  We could not continue to save these dogs without you.

Our deepest THANK YOU to Patti, you are a TRUE HERO!


Miss Cleo-patra has now been in foster care for four days.

As you can imagine, this "inside" world is very new and scary for her as she gets used to the smells, the sounds and the feel of a solid surface beneath her feet.

She has her very own room here complete with a large crate, a big bed and visits from resident dogs, Jayden & Maggie - Jayden (09-023) has been trying to comfort her and let her know that she is safe now and that she too was once a pup that didn't get any human love from the start of her life.  Cleo seems to find a bit of comfort from Jayden.

After the first 24 hours in foster care, Cleo prefers to sleep on the cool tile floor vs. her plush cozy crate but still retreats to her crate for comfort now and then.

We are very excited to report that she is now going potty outside - yay!  The first time she went outside, we observed from the opposite corner of the yard and caught her with her nose to the sky.  We wonder if she's ever seen the beautiful blue sky before...?  It was a beautiful site to see:-)

Now for the medical update; Miss Cleo went in to see her friends at the vet clinic on Monday and Dr. Razz comfirmed that she will need amputate.  Originally it was thought she'd have to have the two middle toes on her paw removed but she only has to have one - HOORAY!  Because the two middle toes on a pup are weight bearing toes, Cleo would have had a harder time adjusting but she gets to keep one of them which will make walking and running (some day), a lot easier!  Her surgery is scheduled for next Monday so please keep her in your prayers as she endures the surgery and hopefully a speedy recovery!

Last but not least, Miss Cleo would like to thank her new friend, Devon for taking such beautiful pictures of her.  She says that some day, she will give Devon kisses;-)




Sorry for the long delay in updating Miss Cleo's profile.  I must say that we've been having a wonderful time watching her learn how to be a treasured family member.

On April 9th, Cleo went back to visit her friends at the Richfield VCA to have one of her toes removed and for her spay surgery.  She came through with flying colors!  She even got to come back to her foster home on the same day so she could rest on the bed with her buddies.

Then on April 23rd, she returned to the VCA to have her sutchers removed.  The vets were extremely pleased with her healing.  Only a slight pinkish color remained and she was happy to not have a bandage on her foot anymore.  If you didn't know she had surgery, you'd never know that she's operating with just 3 toes on her back left leg as she runs, jumps & hops with no issues!

She still enjoys relaxing on the porch bed in the sun snuggling with Jayden most of the time.

She also enjoys having some chew time with tracheas and getting some very gentle lovies from foster dad & foster mom.

But most of all, she LOVES romping outside!  She stretches and reaches her nose to the sky, taking in all the smells of spring and enjoying the cool grass on her feet.  She's even started to play with ropes - no tugging but she's chewing on them!

This sweet girl still has a long way to go but she's made some GReat progress in the last couple weeks.  She's even initiating play with the resident girls.  Sometimes she'll let out a few barks from the porch to let Jayden & Maggie know that she wants to play.  When the resident girls go to investigate, this is what usually happens: Cleo Playtime

Just a reminder of what Miss Cleo will need in her forever home;

  • A well adjusted medium to large resident dog
  • No kids under 10 years of age (preferably an adult only home)
  • A physical fence

Last but not least, Miss Cleo is so VERY thankful to her new sponsors Joan Clark & Susan O'Dell and sends BIG smOOOOchies to you!


Life for Miss Cleo is very slow going but progress is made every daySmile

That's probably why I haven't made too many updates as she's still afraid of humans, terrified of her leash and still won't take yummy treats from our hands even though she's VERY food motivated.

We've finally got her to eat next to her foster sisters in the kitchen.  For the first month, she wouldn't even set foot inside the house from her cozy spot on the porch.  Once the weather got a bit warmer, we would bring her in from the porch and shut the door so she would experience the interior of our home.  She would pace and pant but we would let her back out to her safe spot after about 15 minutes.  She is now coming into the house on her own and even found the bed in the guest room is as cozy as the one on the porch!

Cleo still LOVES to go outside and romps and runs with her foster sisters.  If you didn't know her age, you'd think she was two!  Here are her current stats;-)

  • No kids under 10 - preferably an adult only household
  • Cats are OK!
  • She will need a physical fence
  • At least one other medium to large, well-adjusted dog to continue to show her the golden life
  • A patient family willing to let her blossom slowly and gracefully and love her even if it takes a long while for her to let you snuggle with her.
  • She is accident free with the exception of an occassional accident when startled.  For examle, now that she's comfortable in the house she still paces but does not retreat to the porch.  However, if we accidentally bump in to her and she gets startled, she may piddle a litte.  We find ourselves talking to her while we walk around the house so she knows when we're coming around a cornerWink


Miss Cleo still has a long ways to go but she is happy in her new life and would be even happier to find her very own forever family.  Could that be you?  We promise you won't regret it as she is one of the sweetest dogs ever.

Cleo's beautiful smile

Now for the REALLY important stuff - Thank you so much to Karen P. for the beautiful butterfly!  Cleo sends her love to Karen and her family!



Okay, here it goes…oh wait – okay, I’ll start again.  Oh, this is tough.  Foster Mom thinks I’m ready to write my own update this time.  After all, it’s been 79 days since I’ve been relieved of my ‘baby-making’ duties in the not so pleasant commercial breeding facility.

The big news is that yesterday, I turned nine.  I never celebrated a birthday before so Foster Mom says we're going to celebrate my birthday - EVERY day - for NINE days straight.  I guess birthdays are a big deal around here…even for us dogs!  I got to have a Bison bone, straight from the freezer which was sooooo good since it was soooooo hot yesterday!

I’m told we’re going to have some Frosty Paws tonight – not sure what that is but when Foster Mom asks Jayden & Maggie, “do you want a Frosty Paw?”, they go WILD!

So, since Foster Mom insists that we celebrate my Birthday for the next eight days, won’t you consider giving me a ‘spring icon’ for my birthday?  All of my fellow RAGOM doggies would love one too.  Actually, the best present you could give me is to donate a ‘spring icon’ to one of my fellow RAGOM siblings…from ME!

"One of my MANY presents from my Uncle Jeff!"

Thanks for reading about me…I’m getting braver every day and really, Really, REALLY starting to enjoy this GOLDEN LIFE!

Before I sign off, I want to wish my sister Khloe, a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  She's as 'young' as I am and I can't wait to CHASE her some day:-)







Hello Cleo fans.

Time for an update on what miss Cleo has been doing lately. Well lets start off with foster mom had a vacation trip planned so Cleo needed to have a little vacation of her own at another foster home.

So Cleo moved to another Ragom foster home right here in Richfield,MN for a couple of weeks. So all she knew changed, but we get good insight into how Cleo is coming along with learning how to be a treasured family pet. So the move is made and she meets the new dog crew and new two legger. She met the furbutts fine and decided she was going to pick resident golden Charlie as her new BFF pooch. She was fine meeting both dogs including my female Zoey.

As not to give you every lil detail in those two weeks we learned these things about Cleo with an eye to her futureforever home. She settled in fine.  She ate well the first night, slept thru the night and did her business out side on a new schedule. She even surprised temp foster dad by joining the resident dogs up on the bed one night. Thankfully they did leave room for me. Most of the time she made use of Charlie's dog bed. She hung out gated in my Kitchen during the work week with her new pal Charlie and after a few days with a noontime break did full work days with out issue. She also initiated play with Charlie and you would never believe she just turned nine. Perhaps that's a plus as she is pretty calm in the house. She really takes cues from the other dogs with surprising results. My dogs do a little barking and hard tail wagging when I come home. After a few days I noticed a third voice in the chorus. Yep, Cleo picked up on that. You have to listen hard as she is not very loud and that tail of hers was wagging. Only time she ever barked in her time with us.

She also had her first bath at home,her first green beans when T/foster dad had too many, he called in the pooches to help.  That also scored her a pancake & a piece of steak mum good. Note she is well behaved when the two leggers are eating.  Cleo fit in well. It was a little hard to say farewell when she went back to her regular foster home. Zoey was sad her chipmunk patrol wingman ? wing woman was gone and was a lil sullen last night. Her presence was missed here.

Foster mom's next project is to work on getting Cleo comfy on leash so she can start attending Ragom events and meet her fans in person. She will be shy and until she attends an event we will not know how shy? Perhaps a better way to meet her is contact Placement and ask to meet her in her foster home. But from a first hand report you will fall in love with the "lil peanut" and she will adapt. Perhaps that's what we learned in this...She will adapt & steal your heart. Temp foster dad singing off.



Hello Cleo fans it's me Cleo! I'm going to give this update thing a try. I'm visiting again at my temp foster home again with my pals Charlie & Zoey...Whoops and TFD "temp foster dad" too.

Temp foster dad has been on a mission working with me on my leash walking. I stay hopeful he will give it a rest. I feel a little sad for him cause I'm playing hard to get. Since he is SO determined I will relent and give it a try and its not that hard.  Wow I should have done this before as TFD is so proud of me and gives out tons of praise...Oh and extra treats too!

TFD left the toys out this time cause I don't have issues with my foster brother Charlie who thinks all the toys here are his. I found this goose toy I really wanted to chew on but,Charlie is right there the moment I start to play with it.  Good news I was watching TFD this morning and when Charlie was still out in the yard he put the goose toy in my bag to sneak home. Charlie will let me chew on a bone with out bothering me thankfully.

TFD has been stalking around with his camera again too so I will include a few photos in MY update so you can see how pretty I am. If you would like to meet me contact Placement.



Hellooo Cleo fans!

Just a quick update on what Cleo has been up to of late. Well we took the walking out of the back yard and ventured out into the world. She walks at your side and keeps her head up and looks up at you while walking. She stops and starts a little but with a little "lets go Cleo"we move forward. She has a dog pal along who is most of the time plowing ahead with Cleo at your side or slightly behind. So far she has yet to attempt to catch up with her escort dog and just likes her chosen spot in the formation.

We have also started working on more car rides and getting her more comfy with those. So far she does not hop in on her own but is content to jump out on her own. And she is such a nice size only 48 pounds so she is easy to lift into the back seat for now. We have also done a few solo walks and car rides and she does OK. 

To assess where she is at with her comfort zone last weekend we loaded her and a foster sibling in the car and drove to a local pet store to just hang out on the sidewalk and see how it went? Well with car alarms going off and two leggers everywhere and cars pulling up right next to where we were sitting  she was stressed to the max and we ended the test after only 10 minutes.

So for the time being we will shelve the idea of her event debut for a while until she has more exposure to things at a slower pace. It was time again for another bath and this time it was cake, she knew the drill and was a very good girl. After her bath I placed a towel out on the spot she likes to lay in the green room. Well she very much liked that idea until she got up to get a drink of water and upon her return found out her new and improved comfy spot had been taken over by her foster brother. Boys! She plunked down and got an elbow on and that was all. After a few minutes she plunked her head down and snuggled in next to Charlie and caught a quick forth winks.

Still more Cleo news including her encounter with "Sydney" and her foster sister's unfortunate run in with a pesky Wabbit in her next update. As always if you would like to meet Cleo in person? Placement is just an E-Mail away. Thanks for reading about our lil peanut Cleo.



Are you ready for a GOLDEN quiz?  Well, Miss Cleo is going to give you one!

  • Do you love golden retrievers?
  • Have you wanted to adopt a sweet senior girl who acts like she's 5?
  • Do you have a household with children over 10 years old?
  • Would it make you smile to be welcomed home after work by one of the sweetest furry faces ever?
  • Do you have a fenced in yard?
  • Do you already have at least one well-adjusted, confident and PLAYFUL dog in your home?
  • Are you patient and possibly amused by stuffed animals randomly placed about your home?
  • Do you like to take slow, quiet walks with a sweet GR by your side?
  • Do you like GR smiles?
  • Are you an approved RAGOM adopter?


If you've answered "YES" to all of these questions, please - grab your phone and contact your placement adviser now! Smile

Cleo is ready to "go home"!

A GReat BIG THANK YOU to Devon for the beautiful pictures!


Hello Cleo fans!!!
Cleo has been turning the corner on a few things this last month. She surprised Foster Dad by
nosing in with her foster brother for some pets a couple of weeks ago. That has progressed to just Cleo deciding to come over for her own for a pet fest. Its so cute her tail is just a wagging hard
some times too.

And last Saturday with foster brother Charlie acting as guide and escort we went to "observe" a Ragom event from a safe distance 100 ft at an outdoor event in Roseville. Just to see how she has progressed. More on last Saturday coming up.

We had been keeping meetings to one human or so at a time on our walks and much to my surprise she let one of our neighbors after sitting down pet her. Her first meeting with strangers started with a Golden Retriever by the name of Sydney charging out into the street at us and getting right in Cleo's face to say HI. This was followed by three humans to fetch Sydney back.
Meeting Sydney was cake to being surrounded by new 2 legers and Cleo was stressed, but hung in there. We made a point to run into people on walks during the last month.

Back to Saturday we closed in down to about 40 feet people started coming over to us and there
were two dogs barking it up at each other. Mini melt down and we retreated back up the sidewalk for a time. But we eased back 10 or 20 ft at a clip until we were just 15 feet away. Charlie drawing people over to him and Cleo watching how happy he was... We just moved into the event area and stayed for the rest of the event. Cleo soaked up some pets too from the people and did well.

With the weather possibly taking a turn to the cold side? future events may be going indoors so we will work with Cleo to "charge" into a new places...As far as her being ready to be a family dog in a home she is ready now. So if you meet her spec's above contact Placement to meet her. And watch her Ragom page for future events she will be attending. The Photo of her on the sidewalk was at last Saturdays event... FD and Crew.

Cleo had her official Ragom meet & greet debut last Saturday afternoon in St Paul. Foster brother Charlie acted as guide. She did OK, we spent sometime outside the store as we had dogs  both inside and outside Saturday. About half way through our time we charged in the door and spent the rest of the time inside. I think Cleo did better inside as the cars pulling up right next to her made her uneasy.
Cleo accepted pets from a few people and Cleo's rule is you have to be sitting to pet her...I suspect that after she has a few more events under belt she may become more comfy and outgoing? Only time will tell.  Perhaps events are not her thing. Suffice to say, you will not meet the Cleo I see at her foster home everyday.

Let me tell you about the Cleo I see everyday in her foster home. And one bit of info on her foster home. I met Cleo for the first time at her first foster home back in June. Since that time Cleo has spent some time here with us on and off. But with a change in schedules Cleo packed up her stuff and moved to foster home # 2 last month full time.
Cleo's typical Sunday morning, she sleeps till I get up pretty much and tears out the to the back yard with Foster sister Zoey on a critter sweep and a first potty break. Back in for treats and some H2O. Then it's play with toys and or beat on foster brother Charlie. He has a size advantage but she has no pause and has surprised Charlie a few times with her spunk and gives him all he can handle at times.

Morning meal all the dogs eat together in the kitchen and then its a series of go out, play more with Charlie and chill out on the floor or couch and just enjoy life. And as mentioned get some pets from foster dad. Work days she hangs in the kitchen with or without a dog pal these days and does full long workdays w/o issue. Enjoys going for walks and is a pretty much a normal happy Golden girl in her foster home these days.
I have been remiss of late to include a thanks to Cleo's sponsors. You are Ragoms angels without you fine folks we could not help dogs like Cleo...If you could see her now after her surgery fly around the back yard at warp speed it's a wonderful thing you made possible. Thank You!

To see her blossom into a happy lil gal and see that tail a wagging never fails to put a smile on my face. She is really getting into pets. They are good and I missed out on them all those years and I want them is her new motto! She will stand there as long as you are willing to pet her and as of late she will put her front paws on my leg and stand up for pets if I'm sitting.

Thanks for reading about Cleo.

A Game of Tug with FB Charlie

Last Saturdays Ragom Event
 With Fellow Former Missouri gal Journey 12-111
 Aren't those two cute???!!!

Hello Cleo fans
Not a lot new to report on Miss Cleo. We did find she is a big fan of Thanksgiving. She kept close watch on activities in the kitchen and when dinner was served she did surprise foster Dad by letting out a few full volume barks. That is not her normal behavior when the humans are eating. We will cut her a little slack as it was her first Thanksgiving and she had a lot to be thankful for.
Cleo is thankful to Ragom for rescuing her and her sponsors for helping to offset the cost of her surgery last spring. She is thankful for the resident dogs showing her the way to becoming a house dog. Oh and she wanted me to mention she is thankful for a lil turkey making it to her food dish on Thanksgiving and the days that followed.
Until next time thanks for reading about my lil foster girl Cleo.

Happy New Year Cleo fans!

Our gal Cleo had her first X-mas in a home to end 2012...Highlights include her visit with Santa at a Ragom event a few weeks ago - pictures in this update.  She had foster sister Zoey take a turn at being her escort and did well...She was a little hesitant about going through the double doors but after a time in she went in.

We found a quiet corner to stake out for a while but after she got settled in a bit, we moved into the more busy area and she did fine from then on. A few of her fans where there to give her some pets and it was nice to meet some of you in person. She got comfy enough to take a few treats and that made her very popular with the surrounding Ragom pups. She was very gracious to share with her new dog pals.

On Christmas Eve she and Zoey went for a trip to foster grandma's...Again a new place and a door to deal with...It was cold so FD (that's foster Dad BTW) decided to cheat a bit and just swept Miss Cleo off her feet and bounded into the house...Cleo did wonderful and even scored two green beans and a piece of turkey at the end of dinner.  Foster grandma had gotten many reports on our gal Cleo and was very glad to meet her in person. Oh and Cleo did wonderful that night.

We had a Christmas gathering in her foster home also complete with a new person...Cleo was a little off but rallied in time for furrbutt presents;-)...Actually foster brother Charlie kicked it off early by going under the tree while presents were being handed out and grabbed his own toy out of an open topped gift bag...Cleo got her very own Nyla Bone and was front and center (see photo to receive her X-mas present)...I did see her say something to Santa about what she really wanted. But that's up to you fine folks out there to provide her a forever home.

Last but not least she survived the Vikings game last Sunday...With a lady friend over to help cheer on the home team to victory. Cleo survived all the yelling and cheering at the glowing box that had the humans so captive for 3+ hours...In fact it ended well as foster dad was cooking that night and we had Cleo's favorite people food....steak!!! And her new favorite person had a piece of steak set aside for her too!

Cleo has a new activity now reserved for weekends. When foster dad wakes up he runs out and starts the coffee maker and then retreats back to bed while it does it's thing. That's time for Cleo to jump up on the bed and swat FD with a paw or two to get some cuddle time pets...It's SO cute.

Well fans it's 2013 now and high time for Cleo's forever family to step up and make "forever memories" with this sweet girl. Contact placement if you would like to meet Cleo and if all works out we will be @ the Ragom event in St. Paul Saturday 1/5.


Hello, Cleo fans!

We have an announcement to start off with. Cleo has been promoted to free run of the house during the day when FD is at work. It all started one morning when FD was over-the-top late getting out of the house to go to work. It usually takes two minutes, which FD did not have that particular morning, to get everybody moved around and gated up. I just flew out the door with a "BE GOOD!" I then made a point to come home for lunch that day, and everything and everybody was fine, so we extended the test. Long story short, Cleo's free run was renewed day after day till it became the new normal. We are in week three and that's the way it will stay. Cleo is so very happy to have a couch to snooze away on these cold days till I come home.

Cleo has logged a lot of couch time the last few weekends as Foster Dad has been watching the NFL playoffs. Cleo was close up for her share as her foster siblings also like the prime spot next to me. This last Sunday, I asked Cleo, "Are you just a happy little house dog these days?" Cleo's response was to wriggle around a bit and wag her tail like mad!

And it is so true. From time to time, I see a lil quick glimpse of the dog she used to be. What I see 98% of the time is just what I described, a happy lil house dog. You have come so far, lil peanut.

Cleo is still enjoying her weekend ritual of jumping up on the bed or moving up in the bed (if she was already sleeping on the bed, that is) for Saturday & Sunday morning cuddle time. She is so cute. Last Saturday, all I needed to say was "Saturday" and up she came and snuggled up by my shoulder for a pet fest till the coffee maker was done and we started the day.

Including a photo in this update, shot from my chair by the computer. There are two comfy dog beds here plus a couch and a love seat, but Cleo decided the cold hardwood floor was OK cause it was next to her human. I guess she has decided this two-legger is more than OK. Time & love will get you there if you would like that in your life ;-)

So if you meet her needs of a dog pal or two and at least one who likes to play a lil, a fenced yard, no kids under ten, or better yet, a more quiet adult-only home and most importantly, room in your heart to give this lil sweetheart a forever home, contact placement. You will get a wonderful lil house dog who will steal you heart.

FD & crew


From one Missouri girl to another-I'm so proud of how far you've come! Love, Betty 12-101 From one Missouri girl to another-I'm so proud of how far you've come! Love, Betty 12-101

For Cleo and her awesome foster parents! From Karen P. For Cleo and her awesome foster parents! From Karen P.

Merry Christmas to the Golden Seniors! From Anonymous Merry Christmas to the Golden Seniors! From Anonymous


Burnsville Petco event, noon till 2 pm, Saturday, February 2nd.


Hi, Cleo fans.

Cleo got to meet a new dog pal last weekend when we dog sat Sydney, a neighbor's Golden. Cleo adapted well to having a new Golden join the pack. She had to adapt to Syd choosing Cleo's dog bed Sunday night. Hum, where do I sleep now? The answer was on FD's bed with foster sibs, Charlie & Zoey. Thankfully, Cleo is such a nice compact size she fit right in between. Cleo even gave the paw wap to the face...Cleo's invite to play...Sydney's reply was a growl...Cleo's response was to cease & desist...And they got along fine for the rest of Sydney's visit.

A few weeks back, Cleo and her foster brother, Charlie, attended the RAGOM meet-and-greet in Burnsville. Events are still not her favorite thing, but she is getting a lil more at ease...A nice gentleman sat down in the chair next to her asked a few questions and started to pet her. In an event setting, petting Cleo is like petting a dog statue for the most part. However, after a prolonged petting session, the gentleman stopped. Much to my surprise, Cleo's head came up, and she looked directly at him...I'm not sure if it was "Gee, thanks, mister" or if it was "Who said you could stop?" Only Cleo knows for sure. I will included a photo from the event.

After a time in one spot, we moved around a lil, and again to my surprise, at one point, she sat down and leaned her rear up against a fellow foster's leg. So, that learned, we will mingle more at the next event, after she gets her bearings, that is.

Cleo had an upset tummy two days ago and diligently paced like mad next to FD's bed the other morning. Foster Dad came to and realized "OH "and she got let outside pronto. This was at 4 am, mind you, and FD was a lil slow on the uptake. But, I'm pleased she went to such lengths to wake me vs well, you know. I'm happy to report she is back to feeling fine, in the GI tract, that is.

Cleo the happy lil house dog (PM momma retired forever) awaits your call, so if you meet her needs of another confidant dog who likes to romp a bit once in a while, no kids under 10, and a fenced yard, please contact placement @ Ragom... You are missing out on memories with a wonderful lil house dog. WARNING: SHE WILL STEAL YOUR HEART!!!

Bye for now,
FD & pack


Hello Cleo Fans!

What's up with Cleo, you ask? Well... RAGOM had a meet-and-greet down in Apple Valley a few weeks ago and we tried something new. Cleo went solo with no resident dog for support. Foster siblings Charlie & Zoey did a wonderful job of showing Cleo these are fun. However, Foster Dad was always in a pickle to get through the door. Cleo is doing some serious stomping on the brakes and just the opposite from Charlie or Zoey. So we gave it a whirl and Cleo did fine. It did take a few times to get through the door, but once inside she was OK, and there were a lot of new dog friends to meet. She followed Ruby 12-416 (or was it Jewel 12-415?) for a time. Mother instincts, perhaps, as one of them climbed over dog food bags on a lower shelf. Somebody needs to watch over these young ones, Cleo thought.

Last week, I dug out Cleo's medical records as I knew we were coming up on the date she came to Minnesota, and sure enough, she would be due for shots and a spring check-over. I noted in her records she was underweight - only 44 lbs when she arrived in March of 2012. Well, that is no longer an issue as Cleo tipped the scale at 51 lbs last week. Doc C thought a good weight for her would be 50 lbs +/- 2. But it's been a long winter, so I think we don't have anything much to work on. We have her on a grain-free kibble from Fromm's called Surf & Turf. We switched to that after her upset stomach last month. She thinks it is pretty good stuff.

During her vet visit last week, Zoey tagged along to just be there as a lotta "needle work" needed to be done. Zoey, after getting her fill of pets, just laid down face-to-face with Cleo while the vet and vet tech did their stuff. Cleo was a real trooper through it all and surprised FD by taking a treat from Doc C. It was not a major trauma for her, but I think she was glad that was over and we were enroute home. Her blood test all came back great!

Cleo diddles will always be a lil skittish with new things. But in her foster home, we see less of that these days. We see a lot of the "happy house dog" she has grown into...The life she was deprived of. Being someones pet and companion. I have seen in two moments of stress her back into a standing stranger for support. She is starting to understand humans can be her friends. I just think back to Sunday morning and her leap up onto the bed to Wap me for some pets with her paw to start the day.

Bye for now,

FD, Charlie, Zoey and Cleo


Hello, Cleo fans!

Have two photos to share today. Same three dogs sitting on the deck...But very telling at the same time if you watch Cleo. The first photo was late last summer and Foster Dad was calling to her. Her answer was "I'm fine here." Note Cleo sitting in the back with her head kinda down. The second photo is this April. Note Cleo is in the front row and her head is up...Sure makes me smile.

Cleo is also getting into shaking hands the last few weeks...Her newest craze got a lil off tangent last night when she, while standing up, extended her rear paw out sideways to me to shake...We will keep working on that with her. :-)

Did some trimming on her paws and cut her nails last week including running the battery powered grinder. She was fine with all that...In fact, she does better with it than her foster Sib's...And of course, when I finished, we had to shake on it.

Will check in again in a few weeks after the the resident dogs' birthday party. Zoey on the 15th and Charlie on the 17th. I'm thinking there will some fun stuff to chew on and eat for the fur butts...No funny hats or anything. And we can do it again in June when Cleo has her birthday...Unless YOU want to host Cleo's birthday party. If you do just contact placement and we will see about making that happen.

Bye for now,

FD, Charlie, Zoey & Cleo Diddles


Hello, Cleo fans.

Well, fans, we have big and wonderful news for you. Cleo was adopted Saturday afternoon by a wonderful family. She will have two humans and a new furbutt brother named Rico. She has a nice fenced yard to explore with her new BFF Rico and two humans to share her forever home with. Congratulations to the B family.
You now have two of the sweetest dogs in Elk River.

Cleo and I had met her new family a week ago, and the next day they informed us that they wanted Cleo to join their family. So I think Cleo knew something was afoot this Saturday morning as I gathered up all her stuff and must have given her a dozen smooches on the head. Then a long car ride with all her stuff in the back seat with her. When we arrived, I wondered how she would do with a brand new house. Twenty feet from the front door, she threw herself in reverse and plunked her fanny in a snowbank. Well, a voice called from the front door and forward she went, in through the door under her own power.

We hung out for a while and chatted and let Cleo explore a bit. Rico was SO happy he had a new dog pal. They had also met a week ago and we tested them a bit together. Rico was also very, very happy Cleo brought her toys along and checked out each and every one. Cleo has no problem sharing toys and had to put up with her former BFF resident dog Charlie's less than stellar outlook on toys. They are all his and she can reclaim them at his whim.

The B family have been great on updating Foster Dad on how she is settling in. They are previous RAGOM adopters and have adopted a puppy mill dog from us before. They lost their Tammy to cancer. So their family is once again complete.

Cleo was an injured, unsocialized, very scared lil Golden 13 months ago when she was rescued. I remember her first night here last July. She was let out into the fenced yard and it took almost three hours to convince her to come back in the house. I look at her Saturday up on the couch by her new furbutt brother and just smile. From a very dark future 13 months ago to a treasured family pet today. This happy ending would not be possible without the kindness shown by our fine supporters. You see their names every time you click on Cleo's page and scroll down on her story. And my wonderful fellow volunteers with RAGOM, thank you too. A lot of credit also goes to my resident dogs, Charlie and Zoey. And the resident dogs in Cleo's first foster home, Maggie and Jayden, and her first foster Mom and Dad. It takes a village, they say. Congrats, B family!!!



Hi everyone!  Cleo here (12-113).  Wow, time has passed so quickly since being adopted by Mr. and Mrs. B. up here in Elk River way back in April of 2013.  I definitely feel more like this is a Happy Beginning rather than a Happy Ending.  I’m so grateful for my foster Mom and Dad’s who prepped me for being a full-time full-fledged pet for Mr. and Mrs. B.  Actually, I’m pretty good at it.

At the same time I was adopted, the B’s adopted my new brother Rico (13-060).  Being that Rico is from South Dakota and I’m from Missouri, we had lots to catch up on in our previous adventures.  Here I am with my big bro Rico:

It’s been a great almost two years so far with the B’s.  I’m 11 years and 8 months old now, but still feel and look like a pup.  Just got back from the Vet this morning for a checkup and I’m in prime shape.  And In spite of losing one of my rear “toes” off of my back paw down in Missouri, I still run like a racehorse!

Most days I just hang out at home with Rico, often with Mrs. B when she’s not out on ministry, and play in the backyard:

As you can see, I’m in really good shape.  The Doc said today that I’m at 49 lbs, just a few pounds under my adopted weight.  Mr. and Mrs. B feed us Fromms Game Bird grain free food.  Really yummy and really good for us dogs.  Mr. B will grill a steak or hamburgers every now and then and we’ll have leftover niblets for a few days.  My eyes are great too as one other treat that Rico and I like are carrots!

Mrs. B keeps us very well groomed, trimmed and brushed.  We go over to Chuck & Don’s up here in Elk River for our nail trims, as well as to get our bags of food and treats.

I’m also big in to stuffie animals but I do tend to tear them up.

We’ve had lots of adventures and travels during these last couple of years.  One thing I should say is that wherever we go, Mr. and Mrs. B keep us hooked up in our Easy Walk harnesses.  I guess they don’t want to lose us!  We enjoy our walks at the local trails and over by Lake Orono.  By the lake, there is a doggie park.  Fenced in as it is, Mrs. B unhooks me and Rico and we both take off running.  Rico will chase a ball pretty good, but when I try to chase one, I get bored and never really pick one up!  After we run a bit, we all go sit by the lake:

We saw everybody at Goldzilla 2013. There I am on the right with the happy face:

Another thing we like to do as a family is to day-trip picnic up on Wahkon or Isle Bay on Mille Lacs lake.  I do get my feet wet in the water but haven’t been coaxed in to the opportunity to swim yet – not that I’d take that opportunity anyway:

We took a couple of long road trips last year to northern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin.  The first one was over the fourth of July to Rainy Lake, up by International Falls.  Mr. B built a carpeted doggie step to help me and Rico get in and out of the truck:

We do feel like the “crew” in the crew cab:

We’re such good travelers with the B’s and tend to nod off to sleep under “cruise control”.

At Rainy Lake, I sure got used to the cabin life:

Mr. and Mrs. B said we were going to see Smokey Bear when we went to the park named after him, but as you can see, Rico looked one way and I looked the other, but we never saw him:

While up at Rainy Lake we walked Voyager National Park trails that I’m sure no one has ever been on it, well except maybe for those who cleared it and put the gravel down:

Well, I’d best go for now.  But just so you know, when the people at RAGOM rescued me and Rico from our former puppy mill life and fostered us to show us what it was like to live a different life, it allowed us to become what we were meant to be, pets.

I hope for all golden’s what we have.  We’ve been adopted in a home with people who love us.  A home that is every day peaceful, secure, restful and allows us to be what golden retrievers are – natural family dogs! We have ample couch cuddle time and we all sleep on the family bed together!

Thank you RAGOM and keep it up!!

Love, Cleo Hannah B.