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Jazz 12-109
(Fostered in Coon Rapids, MN)

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Happy New Life Jazz - From Anonymous


This dog came into RAGOM from a commercial breeder and has not been adequately socialized to humans. RAGOM requires that any adoptive homes contain a physical fence (due to the risk of escape); another fairly confident medium to large sized dog to role model from (everything is new and scary for them); no children under 10 years old in the home (normal kid behavior scares these dogs). Our goal is to find the forever family for these dogs and our experience leads us to use these criteria.

Jazz, or Jazzamatazz as we call her, is a 1 1/2 year old PB golden retriever.  She is a very petite girl, with a lighter coat of the softest fur you will ever run your fingers through.  Her eyes are not brown...they are amber.  She is truly a beautiful puppy. 

But those amber eyes are missing something...the happy, carefree sparkle that usually inhabits the eyes of a happy dog.  She has lived her entire life in a commercial dog breeding facility, and has never known the golden life.  She arrived in the twin cities just a little more than a week ago and when we brought her to our home, she would not even venture a look in our direction.  She was curled up in the tightest of balls and her head was buried under the blanket in her crate.  She would not eat or drink for two days.

But one morning, I glanced her way and saw the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in a dog.  She was watching every move I made but when she saw me looking her way, she quickly hid her head again.  Soon,  she was just too curious to bury her head any longer....thus we started our "get to know you" journey.  She started taking water from a drip bottle, then from a dish, and not too long after that became interested in the food we put in her crate.  Hundreds of baby steps have been taken, and today, she sleeps peacefully in her "safe spot" crate with the door open, and at night she happily beds down with our resident dog underneath our bed.  Slowly, she is starting to trust us,but our work is not done.  Hundreds more baby steps need to be taken before Jazz will be secure in this life she has entered into.  A huge step in her rehabilitation...a step that would make the biggest difference in her life ...would be a permanent someone in her life to give her trust and love to.  She needs someone willing to take the time to earn  her trust and love. She is a young dog, and the right person could make a huge difference in her life, and in the process, this person could earn a loyal, golden friend. 

Because she came into RAGOM from a commercial breeder and has not been adequately socialized to humans, her adoptive home should have a physical fence in the yard, due to the risk of this dog feeling the need to escape.  Jazz will need another fairly confident, medium sized to large sized dog to be her role model, because everything is very new and scary to her...and lastly, no young children under the age of 10 in the home because normal kid behavior is scary to a dog like Jazz.  Our experience with dogs like Jazz leads us to use this criteria for her placement into adoptive homes.  . 

So....if your home fulfills this criteria, and you have a "heart for gold", come visit with our Jazzy and prepare to fall in love.


We've been fostering Jazz for a little over three weeks, and she is making good - but slow - progress. You can see what a beauty she is on Search for "RAGOM rescue Jazz 12-109". 

Jazz  is still very fearful of people. She has yet to come to us, and she will back away when we approach her. However, every day we are seeing that she is trusting us more and coming a little closer to us in her pacing. In the evenings she will lie down at our feet by the sofa, and she lets us reach down and pet her for as long as we want. Often it is more comfortable to slide down next to her, and she will stay put. She's a very easy dog to care for. We use our resident golden, Eva, to usher her in and out of the house and the kennel. She demands nothing of us whether it be food, play, attention, etc. When outside on her own, her tail will go up and wag a little, and she holds her head high. When we are outside with her, she seems to smile at us as she breezes by! She is learning about dog toys and how to play with them, and she is learning how to play dog games with Eva. She is very fearful of the leash and harness, so we haven't taken her for walks. She is getting great exercise, though, running with Eva as she plays fetch. Jazz still has a lot of shell to come out of, but her eyes are brighter and she holds her head up higher each day.  


Hi everyone. It’s Eva here. I’m Jazz’s foster sister. I thought I would write to you and let you know what a very nice (but scared) fur girl she is. I am a young girl but very confident and Jazz and I have become very good friends. She follows me everywhere, and she and I have such a good time playing in the yard. But in the house or around people she is so very scared. She just does not know how nice it is to have people love you and take care of you. Just today she let my Mom pet her for the first time. Really? She has now been here 3 weeks. Jazz, it feels so good! I cannot believe she does not know how to be a dog. Life for me is so wonderful and I keep telling her that now she is part of the Ragom family she can forget about worries. My Mom and Dad will find her the best home ever.  My Mom says we rejoice with her baby steps.  Baby? She’s older then I am.  I plan on teaching her all that I know. I’m smart. Just ask my Mom. She’s not biased at all.

I am kind of sad though. I went on the Ragom website and checked out all the dogs. Do you know that Jazz is the only puppy mill dog from Missouri that does not have a sponsor? If you knew her you could not help but love her and want to help her. If I had a job I would sponsor her. My Mom said maybe a paper route is in order. Hmmm…. I know Jazz is going to be one of the best dogs ever. If you cannot afford to sponsor her how about some spring icons? They would look so cute on her. I can type rather well and I promise you lots of pictures and updates. Pretty please??

Love you all.



Jazzy is such a precious little girl! She was spayed on May 10 and has healed up very well. We had quite a hard time getting her into our car to go to her appointment. She wiggled out of her harness twice and bit her FD as he was attempting to carry her. She was SO very scared! Almost immediately after that she got in the car and enjoyed her drive to the vet.  Poor Jazzy has a fear of doors. And a fear of people. And a fear of her leash.  We decide to keep the leash on her all the time so she gets used to it.  It also gives us a fighting chance to get her in the house at bedtime, since she has to come through a few doors to get in the house. Nighttimes are our favorite time with her because she lets us pet her, and she lies near us as we are watching TV. In the mornings, she is fearful of us again. It is like living the movie Groundhog Day! However, we have noticed that during the day when she's pacing behind us to stay of our reach, she will move closer and closer to us as she sees that we aren't going to grab her or do hurtful things to her. Many times when we pick up her leash, she will walk along with us or behind us quietly. Then other times, she puts on the brakes and won't budge an inch. The most playful we have seen her was during swim time for Eva in our pond.  Eva would go in and out fetching a dummy.  Jazz would not go into the water, but she would hop around on the edges trying to work up the courage to jump in.  After her spay incision heals, we'll try to encourage her to get in again. We love her so much, and we long for the day when she will come to us for pets and love! Until then, we will patiently care for her and give her everything she needs to become a beloved pet. 


With all the storms rolling through this week, Jazz has shown us that she does not have storm anxiety! Yea Jazzy!! However, last night's marble-sized hail hitting the roof and windows was more than she and Eva could tolerate. Eva ran through the house barking at the strange sounds, and Jazzy ran out into the hail only to turn around and run right back in the house. We had opened the door to pick up some hail to show them. It was chaos for a few minutes, but they both settled down quickly as the hailstorm subsided.

We still haven't been able to lure Jazz into the pond to cool off with Eva. She will sometimes get her front paws wet, but she has never walked further into the water than that. You can see another Youtube video of Jazz and Eva on the pond at "Jazz RAGOM 12-109 on the Pond".

Last week we had my sister and her husband visiting us for four days. I admit I was very apprehensive about how those days would turn out. You see, my sister is not a fan of dogs (or their smell), and I was afraid there would be some friction between her and super-energetic Eva, which could cause poor Jazz some high anxiety. I guess Jazz picked up on my nervousness, because she hid in her kennel almost the whole day before they arrived. We tried several times during the day to coax her out, but she only came out when she was good and ready (which I think was dinner time). I think she must have been giving herself a pep talk during that time because, I'm happy to say, she was the sweetest dog ever during our company's stay here. Jazz's FD explained puppy mills to my sister and brother-in-law, and that really gave them a new perspective of Jazzy. They were very kind to her, and she let them both pet her a few times during their stay. Even Eva received some pets and playtime! Looking back, I believe that entire visit was a huge success. (Thanks to Fabreze, we were even able to get the "doggy" smell out the house beforehand.) It was good to see how well Jazz responded to guests.

Jazz is learning a few words and routines. She understands "No!" when she's tearing up things she shouldn't be. She knows her name and responds to "Come" (while staying just out of arm's reach from us). Just before bedtime, we let the dogs out for one last potty break, then Jazz comes in and goes right upstairs to her kennel. Sometimes if the humans are slower than the dogs, she'll come back down to see what the hold-up is. She always gets a treat when she obeys the "Kennel!" command, and she is responding to that beautifully! She is so easy to have around and is learning what it means to be a beloved member of a household.



From Dennis and Joanne From Dennis and Joanne

In loving memory of Rudy  In loving memory of Rudy


Hello everyone, This is Jazz, and I'm really shy. My foster mom asked me to say a few words, but I'm so scared. I don't really like doing things I haven't done before. But she said I needed to say "Thank you" to some very special people. I don't know who they are, but I have fans and a sponsor. My fm says that is a wonderful privilege, and she's very happy about it! She says people like to read about me and watch me on something called "utoob" (whatever that is). So thanks to my special people. I wouldn't be here with my friend Eva if it wasn't for nice people like you. Bye!

I'm so proud of Jazz for being brave and sending out that message of thanks! We truly do appreciate your generosity!!

This week Jazz rolled in a LOT of goose droppings down by the pond, so last night she had her second bath with soap and water in two months. (We give her "dry cleaning" baths with a spray-on deodorizer, but that doesn't clean like good old soap and water!) Unfortunately, she still fights us when we try to contain her, so we had to use a muzzle during her bath.  The muzzle was necessary as we would have been “fear bitten”. It went quickly, and she eventually cooperated well. Now we have a clean, sweet-smelling Jazz.  Thankfully, she did not hold a grudge against us.

Jazz's fd has been taking her for walks outside the fenced-in yard. This is progress. Just walking out the gate is a huge step for Jazz. She views the fenced-in yard as her "safe place," and the first time out the gate, she fought hard against the leash. But when Eva trotted through, Jazz followed. Eva is the hero(ine) again!! Jazz and Eva are such good friends. Eva seems to know how far behind Jazz is in knowing how to be a pet rather than a possession. Eva has taught Jazz how to play with toys and play chase without getting in a fight. Jazz has been with us for two months and we have given her much space to adjust.  We think she trusts us enough to know we won’t hurt her, so now we are going to push her comfort level and introduce her to new experiences and set new expectations of her. And we'll let you know how that goes!


Jazz has had a couple vacations since her last update! She has a wonderful RAGOM "home away from home" where she gets to spend time with another puppy mill friend, Cara, and a former pm girl Ali, who has come a LONG way in trusting people. She gives us hope! And last but not least is Missy, who is a sweet, loving, beautiful girl. Laura, thank you SO much for adding Jazz to your crew when she needs you. Thanks, too, for telling us to pet Jazz with our feet. She actually lets us! Just that bit of contact with her helps relieve our longing to reach out and pet her. After being in our home 3+ months, Jazz's memories of her previous life in the puppy mill seem to be slowly fading. She does still have significant fearful tendencies, but we can tell they are dwindling as her trust in us grows. Her improvement has come in baby steps, and sometimes we forget how dramatic her fear was in the early days. When she was first with us, she would constantly pace and circle us with a worried look in her eyes and her tail tucked between her legs. She never came close to us. Forget bathing or getting her into the car. If we did touch her, she would jump, crouch, and scramble to get away as quickly as possible. Now, she still paces a little but only until she is sure of where we humans are, then she will lie down in a safe place until we start moving around again. She paces much closer to us and allows us to pass near her - just out of arms' reach. Her tail isn't tucked as much, and she actually wags it at us a little. She allows us to attach her leash but only while she is kennelled. Her kennel is her safe place, and even though when we approach she tucks herself into a ball at the vey back, she will let us pet her, put on her harness, dry her feet, etc. while she's in there. Otherwise, we still can't approach her. She will cautiously take treats from our hand. As mentioned above, she will let us rub her with our feet when she is outside the kennel, and she seems to have no fear of that. Just yesterday, she let us cool her down with a good rinsing from the garden hose. Of course she was on leash for that and had to be slowly reeled in, but just a couple weeks before, we had to muzzle her for a bath. Last night we leashed her up and took her and Eva with us to DQ with no incident. We could even reach back to pet her without her retreating. This morning I was petting Eva, and Jazz stood close by and let me touch her muzzle before walking away. As we introduce new activities, her first reaction is fear. But with repetition, her anxiety level diminishes, and she seems more relaxed and happy. These victories might sound small to some, but knowing where she came from, they truly make our day!


Jazz seems to be completely adjusted to our home after being here four months.  She has a great time with Eva (our resident golden) and understands the daily routine.  We no longer have any issues with getting her out of the kennel or back into the house.  However, she still looks upon us with a little concern and likes to keep some distance.  We no longer have to use a harness with her.  We are able to attach the leash to her collar (while she is in the kennel) and she is learning that we aren’t that scary to be next to.  She does well on short walks or lingering with us in the front yard.  Jazz even attended the Armstrong Game Fair over the weekend.  She was petted by a number of new people, and she graciously met dozens of new dogs.  Many people commented on her beautiful eyes.  Jazz will approach us and touch our hands with her nose while we are sitting watching TV, though she still will back away when we reach for her.  When  leashed we are able to pet her, bathe her, and brush her.  Jazz is always reluctant at first, but then she relaxes and seems to enjoy it (at least the petting and brushing parts).  We look forward to the day we can reach out for her and she doesn’t back away.  Better yet, for the day she runs up to us to be petted!  That day is coming.


Jazz made a major break-through around 3 weeks ago: she began coming up to foster mom for love!!! What a wonderful day when I finally reached for her and she stayed put! This is a major first step, and we're seeing a light far down the tunnel. I sit on a bench in our backyard and throw a racquetball for Jazz and Eva to catch or chase. Eva, our resident golden, has learned that when she brings me the ball and drops it in my lap, I'll play far longer. So Jazz started following Eva to the bench and progressively came closer and closer over the 5 months we have fostered her. I would always reach for her by bringing my hand under her chin. At first she would only let me swipe her chin before backing away. Then she would let me actually scratch her chin. Then one marvelous day she just stood there looking at me like one brave warrior girl! And I was able to pet her to my heart's content. She had so much undergrowth of hair that it looked like pillow stuffing all around the bench! She still won't let us walk up to her - always runs just out of hand's reach. But I know if I'll go outside and play, I'll get rewarded with some Jazz petting time. Some days she gets very frisky and makes wrestling moves with me, play biting my hand and pawing at me. What fun! She probably never got to play as a puppy, so she's pretty awkward when she tries to chase and catch the ball. So fun to see her happy. She even chases her tail. With foster dad, Jazz is still very standoffish. But he's gone to work all day and has limited time to spend with her. He loves her, though, and he tries to spend some time working at gaining her trust everyday. Now that the weather is cooler, we have been taking the dogs for walks, and Jazz is beginning to understand that the outside world can be interesting rather than scarey. Jazz still has a long way to go, but we can now look back and see several steps that she has bravely taken to get to where she is today.


Our sweet Jazz has found her forever home! We are SO happy for her! Because of her fearful nature, having been a puppy mill girl, we wanted to see her new home and delivered her there ourselves. We're so glad we did! She lives in a beautiful Eden Prairie home that would be the envy of any dog. She has lots of rooms to roam, a beautiful back yard, and a wonderful, quiet older sister to hang with. And best of all, a real mom and dad who love her just as she is! She's one lucky girl!