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Khloe 12-100
(Fostered in Forest Lake, MN)

Sponsored by:

Sara Dobyns

Jim and Patricia B.
"In memory of Jazmin and Rainie"


This dog came into RAGOM from a commercial breeder and has not been adequately socialized to humans. RAGOM requires that any adoptive homes contain a physical fence (due to the risk of escape); another fairly confident medium to large sized dog to role model from (everything is new and scary for them); no children under 10 years old in the home (normal kid behavior scares these dogs). Our goal is to find the forever family for these dogs and our experience leads us to use these criteria.

April 1, 2012

I would like to introduce you to Khloe, one of the 29 dogs that came from a retiring commercial breeder in Missouri. She is very grateful to the wonderful volunteers who drove down to rescue her and also to the team of volunteers who checked her over to get ready to start her new life. Khloe is one of the oldest dogs that came in from this breeder. She will be 9 years old in June and had a litter of pups not long ago. She will be spayed so she doesn’t have to have any more litters.

When Khloe arrived at our house on Sunday, she had to be carried into the house because she was very scared. We assumed that she had never been in a house before like most puppy mill dogs. She stayed in her kennel the first 24 hours, except for when she was carried outside to go potty. We eventually got her to follow our resident dog through the door and down 2 steps into the garage. A typical puppy mill dog would not have done this in the first week. She still feels safe in her kennel with the door open and now will venture out to take pieces of chicken or hotdog from us when she sees our dogs do it. She is slowly starting to trust us. If we give her a dog treat, she will take it, but not eat it. We can pet her and rub her ears, but only when she is in the kennel.

Khloe went to the Vet and did really well. She had her ears cleaned because both of them had yeast infections, so now we get to put drops in every day. It wasn’t fun having them cleaned, but the head shaking has stopped so they are feeling better already. She weighs 44 pounds which is ideal for her size. Her fur is very dull and dry but will get better as she eats high quality food. She is microchipped and UTD on her vaccinations and will be spayed in a few weeks. The Vet showed us one of her teeth looked bad and told us we might want to have it checked out.

More to come as this beautiful dog gains more trust and blossoms into a playful dog.


Khloe continues to get braver every day and will come out of her kennel on her own if there isn’t a lot of activity going on in the kitchen. She is exploring the new smells – especially when we are cooking!! She likes chicken & beef, but not dog treats.

Last night Khloe decided that I wasn’t going to convince her to come out of her kennel to go outside, but when Foster Dad picked up the leash, she walked right outside with him… go figure!

Tonight when I came home from work, she came right out when I opened the kennel door and picked up the leash. She followed our dogs out the door, down the steps, and pranced into the yard. When I made supper, she just stood in the kitchen with our dogs, hoping something good would fall on the floor! Complete change from last night and I hope it continues. She hasn’t laid by us outside of the kennel yet. We are all taking baby steps with these precious dogs because everything is new to them.

There are so many kind people who understand the costs that RAGOM is faced with every time we accept another dog into the RAGOM family. We would like to give a special THANKS to Sara Dobyns for sponsoring Khloe! We hope we can meet you some day to personally thank you for helping RAGOM… Without your help, RAGOM would not be able to rescue and treat more dogs.

Khloe also wants to thank Jim & Patricia B for their generous donation in memory of Jazmin & Rainie! You can be sure that they are proudly looking down at you as you continue to support RAGOM in their honor! Thank you!!

Just as these dogs are taking baby steps toward their future, RAGOM needs donations in baby steps too. Not everyone can afford to sponsor a dog, but if you can send in any amount, we would appreciate it because when pooled with other’s donations, another Vet bill can be paid! Thank you all!!


Wow! Where does the time go to? Sorry for the delay in Khloe’s update but I wanted to send it in when I had new pictures of her. I will send pictures in later.

Khloe still feels safest in her kennel and comes out when we call her name, to get a treat, to eat, or to go outside for her potty break. She will run into the family room when we call her, grab a stuffed toy, but runs right back to her kennel. Today she did that 3 times before quitting. If I start rubbing her ears when she is next to me, she will stand there loving it until I am done. She understands that she goes outside to pee and poop, but isn’t sure how to tell us yet. She stands with her front two feet outside of the kennel and waits for us to pick up her leash. She hasn’t had an accident in the house since the first week she was here, partly because we take her out regularly – like an hour after she had eaten or drank a lot of water. She would rather be in the house than to be outside.

Last Wednesday Khloe decided she doesn’t like riding in the car yet. She went for a long ride to go for her spay surgery and threw up on the way down and on the way back. When she went back for her recheck, I put a blanket over the sides of her kennel so she couldn’t look out the windows and she didn’t throw up that time. She is recovering really well from her surgery. It was the easiest recovery I’ve had with any of our dogs because she never had to have a cone on and never tried to lick her incision. She is such a good girl!

It has been 3 weeks since Khloe and the other 28 dogs started their new Golden life – thanks to RAGOM! We have such wonderful people who have made donations to make it possible for RAGOM to continue helping these deserving dogs! Khloe is lucky to have sponsors like Sara Dobyns and Jim & Patricia B who are helping to make sure that all of these dogs get their spays, their vaccinations, and medications. Khloe would LOVE to meet you and give you thank you kisses! Jim & Patricia are going to let Khloe spend a few days at their house while we go to visit our son. RAGOM Volunteers are the BEST!

It is so rewarding to see the trust in Khloe’s eyes and to see her wag her tail when we call her name! She prances when we go for a walk to the end of our street. Hopefully this week we will get her to spend more time outside of her kennel. As with all of these precious dogs, we continue to take baby steps forward every day! Khloe learns so much from our resident dogs so she will need a confident dog in her forever home to continue to show her the way. She is so sweet.


Since these dogs from MO came into RAGOM’s care, the Foster parents have been comparing stories to learn how the other dogs are doing. It really helps to learn that many of these dogs were behaving the same way, so when someone finds a solution to a similar problem, we can learn from it and try their solution.

When we took Khloe outside during the first weeks, she would continually circle around us while holding the leash because she was scared and didn’t know what to do. We related that to the dogs running in circles inside of their small pens for exercise. Now Khloe is interested in all of the new smells in the yard, especially when the deer were there the night before!

While inside our house, she didn’t want to leave the safety of her kennel at first. One comment from another Foster really struck me – We can’t keep coddling the dogs so they feel safe in the kennel; we have to teach them to trust us and show them that they can feel safe outside of their kennel. Now Khloe LOVES to lie on the big dog pillow in front of the patio door. When we get her food dish out, she does a happy dance and bounces on her front feet, so we call her ‘Happy Feet.’ We are trying to get her to sit for her treats, but she is too excited yet. She loves routines and will go potty on command when outside. We take her out right after she wakes up or right after she has eaten and hasn’t had an accident in the house for weeks. Good girl!!

Khloe met our 4 & 6 yr old grandchildren yesterday. She wasn’t sure of them until they offered her yummy treats! She stayed on her dog pillow when they were around because they make loud motor noises when they play and she didn’t know what that was. They knew that she was unsure, so they stayed in the living room and she was fine. She prefers a quiet house and just wants to lie around instead of playing with toys or our dogs. When the kids were eating lunch, Khloe was very attentive because she knew they were eating chicken. We used chicken to entice her to come to us when she first got here. Khloe is very food motivated!!

Since our last update, Khloe has mastered running up the stairs to the bedroom. She comes down the stairs slower, but isn’t afraid of them. She loves routines, so when we go outside for the last time at night, she comes in, waits until we unhook her leash, then when we say let’s go to bed, she runs up the stairs to her kennel. We have a dog bed in the bedroom next to the kennel so she has her choice, but prefers to sleep in the kennel with the kennel door open. Since day one, she has never made a peep during the night and waits patiently in the morning while we get dressed to take the dogs out. Khloe is such a sweet dog!

There are so many great people who have helped RAGOM continue to rescue these dogs. Khloe would love to meet her sponsors, Sara Dobyns and Jim & Patricia B, and thank them for helping her and the other rescued dogs!! If it wasn’t for them, RAGOM couldn’t help so many deserving dogs! Thank you!!

If you are looking for a quiet, mellow dog, and have a large breed resident dog that Khloe can continue to learn from, please let your placement advisor you’d like to meet Khloe. She barks if she is left in a room alone and knows I am upstairs because she wants to be with someone. Her furever home will need to continue to help her feel safe and teach her their routine. Thanks for reading about her.


Khloe has been with us for 2 months now and has really made some great progress! She still turns away from the camera, so I will send this in without any updated pictures because her updates are too far behind. I will get some good pictures this weekend.

The days are very routine for her and she loves that. Things in the house aren’t too scary for her anymore and she checks out some of the other rooms that were off limits to her at first. She has free roam when I am working from home and has not had an accident in weeks. She doesn’t know how to tell us when she has to go out, so she stands in the middle of her dog bed or stands at the open baby gate in the kitchen. When I go into work, she is blocked in the kitchen, dinette, laundry room and back hall with our 2 resident dogs. She has never chewed anything inappropriate either. She loves her bones and chew toys to chew on! When we call her name, she comes to us to see if we have a treat for her. She prances around when food or treats come out and now follows me everywhere in the house. She is also starting to play with our resident - former puppy mill dog. Baby steps are great!

Khloe wants to send a huge shout out to her sponsors, Sara Dobyns and Jim & Patricia B! Your help continues to allow RAGOM to rescue other dogs in need and we appreciate that! Khloe got to meet Jim & Patricia when she spent a long weekend with them while we went out of town. She was unsure of what was happening and spent most of her time on her dog bed or with Tasha 12-110 in Tasha’s kennel. She got nicknamed ‘puddle’ because she wouldn’t move. I was hoping she would learn to love the outdoors because Jim has a fenced in yard, but Khloe didn’t take advantage of it. Staying there actually did help Khloe because when she came home, she was a different dog! She knew she was home and checked that her dog bed was still in the same place and her water bowl was still there too! Thank you again, Jim and Patricia, we really appreciated your help!! Hopefully she can meet Sara at Goldzilla in September so she can personally thank her!!

There are still some fears that she needs to overcome – the biggest fear is staying outside. She will come to the door when I call her to go outside and lets me put the dreaded leash on her with no problem. All 3 dogs walk out the front door and down the 2 steps to the grass together. Then 15 feet from the steps, Khloe starts circling back toward the house, and will stop to go potty if she really has to go. She is in such a hurry to get to the front door, that she really almost drags us. If she didn’t stop to potty, we carry her around the corner of the house, next to a row of bushes. She will go potty there or on her way back to the front door. When the grass dries up, we will try to take her dog bed outside and sit there with her for a while so she gets used to it.

Khloe is such a sweet dog and is getting braver every day. She barks when someone new comes into the house until we tell her that the person is OK (good watch dog). She will take treats from our grandchildren, but makes sure that she knows where everyone is at all times. We leave her kennel open and available if she needs to get away for a while.

If you are looking for a quiet, mellow dog, and have a large breed resident dog that Khloe can continue to learn from, please let your placement advisor know you’d like to meet Khloe. Her furever home will need to continue to help her feel safe and teach her their routine. Thanks for reading about her.


Khloe went to her furever home on Sunday.

We took Khloe to her new home on Saturday so we could see how she would do with Sheila’s cat and dog. I knew Khloe would do fine with her dog because she loves other dogs since that is all she knew before RAGOM. She passed the cat test with flying colors.

I also wanted to see how Khloe would act in a fenced in yard since we don’t have one. We found out that the reason she didn’t want to stay outside here is because she had to have her leash on all of the time and many of these Missouri dogs hate the leash. Khloe followed me right outside into the back yard without a leash and just kept trotting around the yard following us. She started smelling the flowers where the bunnies have been and actually laid in the grass by us for 20 minutes. I was so happy to see her acting like a real dog!

One final special thank you to Khloe’s sponsors, Jim & Patricia B and Sara Dobyns! You made it possible for RAGOM to rescue the dogs from Missouri and help them prepare for their furever homes. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

I’ve included some pictures of Khloe in her new yard.

Khloe has hit the jackpot! We are so happy for you and your new family, Khloe!