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Jesse 12-089
(Fostered in Burnsville, MN)

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In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 8/5/2016  Optional Yes  Optional  Yes 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Jesse is a 7.5 year old, 64 pound, neutered Golden retriever-yellow lab mix. He has the softest white fur on his head & light yellow-gold fur on his body. He has some "feathers" on his back legs, but a more lab-length coat.

He was loving surrendered back to RAGOM by the family who had adopted him 4 years ago. Jesse suffers from storm anxiety. He takes amitriptyline twice a day to help manage his anxiety. When a thunderstorm happens, Jesse also takes lorazepam.  He trembles, pants & tries to find a safe place. We have had one storm since Jesse came to our home one week ago. After the medicine was given, his trembling decreased and he snuggled on the couch with us. He pawed at us & wanted to be as close as possible, hiding his head between my back & the couch. Jesse would do best in a home with somebody home most of the time. During thunderstorm season, he should not be left home alone if a storm is possible. His previous family brought him to doggy daycare, when they couldn't be at home, if a thunderstorm was a possibility.

Jesse enjoys free roam & can be left alone for a few hours or so when the weather is good. So far, I've left him for about 4 hours at a time without any problems. He respects baby gates. My gate has an opening for the cats &  he did sneak through the cat opening once so now the cat door is closed. Jesse is getting along great with the cats & dogs that we have.


He enjoys tug-of-war with both people & our dog. He knows how to "sit", "stay" & "shake"--with both paws! He gently takes treats from us. He has  a fun food puzzle toy that he'll roll with his nose to make the pieces of kibble fall out. 

Jesse rides great in the car & jumps into & out of our Ford Escape easily. Jesse loves going on walks. He wears a Gentle Leader Easy Walk harness. He met 4 children in our neighborhood & sat quietly so they could all pet him. He thoroughly enjoyed that! He spent a day with me & my 2 year old grandson & we all had a good day.

Jesse is up to date on his vaccines & taking Heartgard chews. At his vet appt, we were told he was at the high end of a healthy weight. Since I am too, we're adding more walks into our schedule.

Jesse's original bio and updates from 2012 are listed below:


Original initial bio:

Jesse is a 3 year old Golden/Lab mix. He looks like a yellow lab, but has some reddish wavy fur and the white "pants" of the Golden Retriever. Jesse is about the friendliest dog I have ever met. He gets along great with the resident dogs.

Although Jesse is 3 he really acts more like a puppy. Not much is known of his past except that he and his brother James 12-090 were rescued by a GS and surrendered to RAGOM in March. Jesse was boarded at Stone Mountain for 6 weeks and all of the staff seemed to really like him. Jesse has no indoor manners. He is not housebroken, but we are diligently working on that. Jesse is in a kennel when I am not home and at night. He sleeps through the night and is quiet when in the kennel. He loves to be outside and so far has respected the fenced yard although he could easily jump the fence if he wanted to. When Jesse is in the house he is tethered to my belt and will remain that way until we have this potty training thing completed.

When you first meet Jesse he will jump on you and wrap his front legs around you to hug you. He is very friendly. We are working on keeping all 4 feet on the floor. He is eager to please and seems to be very receptive to training.

Jesse has an appointment to see the vet on Thursday and it will be a big day for him as he will not only get current on shots, but he will be neutered that day as well.

I will have more information soon, but since he has been waiting 6 weeks to be introduced to the "Available Dogs List" I wanted to get him on here as soon as possible.


It has been a busy first week with Jesse. One thing I didn't mention in the first update, Jesse is great in the car. I have a wagon and fold the back seats down, the foster dog gets to ride in the back with my resident Golden. We put on nearly 400 miles the first weekend and he was great the whole way.

Jesse had his vet appointment yesterday. He is now neutered, healthy and up to date.  Jesse weighs about 60# and is at a good weight. He was a little groggy last night and spent most of the night curled up on the couch behind me. He still had an upset stomach this morning but he was back to his old tail wagging the dog self.

Jesse has taken to being indoors very well. I think he likes sleeping on beds and couches better than on floors. Potty training is going well. I actually only had him on tether for about 4 days. Now I just keep an eye on him when he is in the house off leash. He is still in the kennel when I am gone and at night. He hasn't had an instance of marking in 3 days.

I did find out earlier this week that Jesse does have some storm anxiety and really needs to be underfoot when he is scared. It was actually kind of funny watching Jesse and The resident golden both trying to hide under the coffee table.


Jesse is finding his place in our pack.  He is learning to play with toys and with the resident golden.  He absolutely loves to be the center of attention and will let you know if he thinks he is not getting his share.  Jesse is learning to be an indoor dog.  He is in his crate at night and when I am away from the house.  He is good in the crate and sleeps through the night.  When I am home and he is inside I keep him tethered to me.  He is slowly earning short periods of time off the leash.

Jesse walks well on a flat collar and we even went for a short run the other day.  This boy has lots of energy.  He has met children, other dogs and even cats with no problems.  He is able to jump a 3' fence, so for safety, he should have a taller fence if he is going to be outside unattended.

Jesse really is about the happiest dog I have met - he is hoping to find an individual or a family to share this with.  If that is you - please contact your placement adviser.


Jesse is really doing much better.  We haven't had a marking incident in more than a week.  He did however get a hold of one of my running shoes.  I guess out of sight isn't out of mind.  Note to self - shoes need to be behind closed doors or above 4'.

I have included 2 pictures which show dogs doing what dogs do.  Though there is no lack of toys in the yard - the bone that the resident golden has is much better than the others.  In the first picture you see Jesse circling and waiting for an opportunity.  The second picture shows him with his prize.  Bear doesn't mind.  He knows that there are always more treats and more toys.

Jesse stays pretty close to me and he is happy to be loose in the yard with or tethered to my belt.  All he wants is his own person to keep the food and water dish full and to scratch his head regularly.  He almost goes into a trance when you take time to scratch his head.

If you think this sweetheart is a match for you, please give your placement adviser a call.


Jesse has made some remarkable progress, and we have learned a few new thing about him.

First, I would say that Jesse is almost completely housebroken.  We haven't had an accident in more than two weeks now.  He will pace or start to talk if he needs to go out before one of the resident dogs.  Second, his personality continues to shine through.  I would love to get a picture of it, but when he wants attention and I am busy doing something else - he will talk and play hide and seek.  I tell him acting cute won't get him anywhere, but it always does.  Seriously, all he wants is about 5 minutes of attention, then he is perfectly happy to take a nap on the couch or on the floor.

We got to go fishing again last weekend, and he is very well behaved in the boat.  I wasn't sure whether he would be a swimmer, but when he walked into deeper water to follow my resident he just kept on swimming and didn't miss a beat.

Jesse is a smart boy and although he is very good in his kennel, he is starting to get to be hard to get into the kennel.  Unfortunately he can't be trusted with free roam yet.  Last week while I was taking a shower he chewed up another pair of shoes.  Usually I keep the door to the upstairs closed, but the resident blue heeler was sleeping in.  Jesse snuck upstairs and found a pair of shoes cleverly hiding in the closet.

We also discovered that he has some storm anxiety.  To this point it only manifests in becoming and extremely velcro dog, which I guess isn't that bad.

Jesse is really easy to care for.  He doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body.  He would love to find a forever home to call his own.


Hi all this is Jesse 12-089.  Well, I have been all over the place lately.  My Foster had to start traveling so I was moved to two other fosters for a while and boy did that mess with my routine.  I have been really good since coming to the new fosters.  I have only had a couple of accidents but that was because I was so nervous and not sure what was going on.  Oh, and did I tell you my new fosters had my brother for a while?  I hope they can adopt me out like they did for James 12-090!  It is great being here.  They have let me sleep out of the cage at night a bunch of times and even left me out of the cage when they went out.  I did have an accident then because I was scared, I mean come on folks I have only been here a week, I am afraid.  They tell me I am good but don’t like it when I want to climb on top of them for love, what fun is just sitting next to them?  I think I make a great lapdog.

I want to thank all the people I met and crawled all over at the meet and greet last week at Chuck and Don’s in Blaine it was so much fun!  I can’t wait for the next one but I sure hope I am adopted before then.  I have already picked out a couple of folks that I would love to go home with and I would have jumped in their cars on Saturday but FM wouldn’t let me go L

Hi all this is FM.  Jesse is quite a wonderful dog, he is full of love and wants to give and receive it as much as possible.  Jesse has a way to go when on a leash; he likes to tug but we are working on that.  He would like me to tell you he hates that gentle leader.  Jesse still needs some manner training but I can tell how much his previous foster did with him and I think he is just testing us.   We are really happy to have Jesse here after having his brother and seeing the different personalities are great.  Jesse does have some storm anxiety and we used the thunder shirt one night but he also slept right next to my head.  I will give more updates as I learn some more about this great guy. 

We hope to be at the GAGGLE OF GOLDENS Saturday but have to check the schedule and try to move some things around.  If we are not there we wish the best to everyone who is!

The pictures below are of Jesse and my Nephew during today’s storms.


Jesse is back in Browns Valley. I simply cannot believe this friendly boy has not found a home yet.  He is quickly getting reacquainted with the resident dogs and has made himself right at home in his favorite spot on the couch next to me.


Jesse has had a busy first week back in Browns Valley.  His manners continue to improve.  He is smart and wants nothing more than attention from his people.  I continue to keep him kenneled during the day, but he now he has free roam of the house when I am home and he sleeps on or near the bed with no concerns.

I had thought that he had learned to jump the fence in my yard, but what I discovered is that he found a space big enough to wiggle through where two sections met.  He would sneak out to chase rabbits - then stand on the other side of the fence waiting to be let in.  I have since repaired the fence and he has not found another way out.

Jesse does stay close to me or my golden.  He is really not a threat to run, unless he gets scared, then he will run and hide.  Jesse continues to have anxiety related to storms and fireworks.  Having another dog seems to help him through these anxieties.

Yesterday he had a very busy day he met about 30 people, got to swim as much as he wanted and played all day with a goldendoodle and a german shephard puppy.  After introductions were made he got along wonderfully with everyone.  You can see the pictures show him to be a great traveler and a wonderful water dog.

Jesse has a lot of energy, but doesn't have many needs.  He would like someone to throw a ball for him, take him for a walk (he still needs some work on a leash, but he is getting better) and spend time with him.  He likes to socialize with other dogs.  He also likes to take long naps on the couch or on the floor by your feet.


Three months ago I picked up a dog that wasn't housebroken, had no manners and didn't know how to behave around people or other dogs. Jesse seemed to sense that today was going to be a big day. He and the resident golden played as hard as I have ever seen them play. Then he took a well deserved nap on the couch.

Two hours later he was charming his new family and getting lots of love from his two new little girls.

Jesse went to his forever home in the Twin Cities and I know he will be very loved member of his new family.


Jesse is just about the best dog in the world.  However, he has very severe anxiety to thunderstorms.  His adoptive family worked almost 2 years working with a veterinary behaviorist.  There were many attempts to try and make him feel safe and calm.  None were successful. This condition was so severe, the behaviorist suggested Jesse needed to move to a part of the country where there were no thunderstorms.  His family, after discussion and deliberation decided this move was the best for Jesse.  He was lovingly surrendered to RAGOM in August, 2016.  RAGOM fosters had the privilege of getting to host Jesse in our homes for a couple of weeks.  We had a volunteer who volunteered to drive Jesse to the west coast around Labor Day.  Jesse is now living in California where there are no thunderstorms.  Everybody who met Jesse fell in love with this special dog.  We know he is in the hands of an excellent rescue group and is on his way to being adopted by a family who can give him a happy home without thunderstorms.