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Cocoa 12-062
(Fostered in Golden Valley, MN)

Happy Valentine's Day, Cocoa! You are one special boy and we love reading about all your progress and adventures. Love, Sam, Nikki and the Crew  Happy Valentine's Day, Cocoa! You are one special boy and we love reading about all your progress and adventures. Love Sam, Nikki, and the Crew

P lease welcome Cocoa, an 8 month old Labradoodle. Born 7-20-2011. Cocoa will be a "work in progress".....another rescued "puppy mill" dog. He is terrified of humans, but loves his canine friends. He met the resident dogs with no issues, ran & played for hours in the yard. It was getting him in the house that was challenging! He will need another dog in his forever home, that's for sure. No problem with cats, either. He slept all night in his crate. So far, he has "normal" dog behavior; jumped up & slept on the couch, went through the toy box, initiates play with the dogs, will follow me & watch me closely......but then it's run away, cower & shake in fear.

I don't know how long it will take for him to trust people, but I do know, in time, he will. Stay tuned!


I guess my math isn't so good! Cocoa is almost 8 months old! He is up to date on shots, neutered, healthy, about 40-45 lbs., long legs, looks more cream colored Lab than Labradoodle, and has become a wild child in just 4 days! He is following the dogs in and out of the house now, so no tie up needed. He will need a fenced yard. He loves to run. He would make a great running partner. And I love that he can run off some of that PUPPY energy. This morning I saw a different dog and asked him what he did with Cocoa! He wagged his tail and was talking to me (barking)....progress, but, not appreciated first thing in the morning. He went to the door to go outside. He is a very smart dog. We are still hand feeding him to learn trust. I really didn't expect him to come around so fast. So, I have decided that we are open to looking at applicants for the perfect forever home for Cocoa. He will need:

  • Another dog that likes to play.
  • A fenced yard or someone that is committed to leash walking on a regular basis. At this point, I wouldn't trust him on a leash alone, because he is still fearful & if he ran, it would be hard to catch him. In time, once he's bonded, I believe he will stick to you & be loyal.
  • Needs a committed family to take him to obedience school. He is a puppy & needs to learn good dog manners.
  • His perfect home should be on the quieter side, probably best without alot of kids or noise. He startles easily & still is recovering from his puppy mill days.
Adopting a former puppy mill dog takes a very special, patient, and understanding person/family. It takes work, but the rewards are amazing. If you are an approved applicant, please contact your Placement advisor. If you have not applied, and are interested in adopting Cocoa, check out the adoption process on the website.


We have had an interesting week here with Cocoa. He has adjusted more than I expected. Also showed his "smarts" more than I expected. He is a good watch dog. Started barking like a German Shepherd on steroids. Talks to me, (more than I care to hear)! He is coming out of his shell & showing me his true colors! He is not so much a puppy, but a clumsy adolescent. He goes & goes & goes, then tires out with a nap. He is happy! Good food, good digs, & fun!

On Wednesday morning, after learning my routine of leaving, he decided to not come in the house. I gave him, and me, plenty of time. You can't catch him outside. He runs fast & will not be caught. I went into panic, because I cannot be late. Well, to make a long story short, Cocoa came in the house after a half hour of playing this game. I was late & not a happy foster mom. Back to the tie out for last call!

I am giving him free roam at night. He can go in his crate if he wants, but he would rather lay on the floor next to the bed, or sleeps on the bed. He is pretty much potty trained. He is a really smart dog.

We went to the vet on Friday for his wellness check up. He weighed 42 pounds & the vet doesn't think he will get much bigger. She also doesn't think he is purebred Labradoodle. She actually called him a "mutt"! He does look more Lab than doodle. He did great at the vet. I thought he would be on the floor cowering, but, he walked in & got on the scale, no problem getting examined....again, he surprised me.

We may venture out to the Petco event next Saturday, so check back later in the week for an update. Cocoa is a very special dog that's looking for his committed forever home. If you are that person, please contact your Placement advisor.


Hey! My foster mom asked me to invite you all to come meet me at the Petco event this Saturday. We'll be there from 12:30 to 2:00. I am so cute & smart & we could fall in love!! I am so happy living here, but foster mom tells me that I will have the perfect home to live in, like.... forever! I'm getting kind of tired of this moving around from house to house stuff. I just want to get settled. Don't get me wrong, I adjust, in time. I would like a routine with the people that want to keep me as their special child. My foster mom keeps telling me I am a good boy! I like that.

I started playing ball in the back yard. I love that game! I love to run fast! I don't like going in the kennel anymore. Today, when FM left, I got to be free in the house. I was much happier & didn't wreck anything. I did pee on the kitchen floor, which I was then told to not do it again! OK....I get it. The other thing the boss lady doesn't like is my barking. Well, that's how I talk! How else am I suppose to show my happiness that she came home? Meow like the cat? I don't think so. So, I gotta go see what the other dogs are up to or get some more toys out of the toy box.

See you at Petco! Or, check with your Placement Advisor if you would like to meet me.



First of all, Thanks to all the people that came to visit us at the Meet & Greet at Petco. So sorry that my little foster boy was not more social. Maybe next time! He is just learning to trust me, so I shouldn't expect him to trust strangers, yet. But, you just wait & see.....

Here are a few pictures I took yesterday. Stopped at my favorite thrift store to pick up some toys to replace the ones that were beyond their death. 


Well, they only lasted an hour or so. Cocoa loves to de-stuff the stuffed ones. I messed up by finding one with all those little balls....vacuum out. Toy=garbage.

So, me & Cocoa & the 2 resident dogs are patiently waiting for the perfect forever home for Cocoa. We know you are out there! Patient, understanding, patient, stamina, patient, loving, sense of humor a must, and a non-stressful environment. (Although I must admit, Cocoa can cause you some stress). That does build character, for sure!

Thanks for reading. As always, if you are interested in adopting Cocoa, please contact your Placement Advisor! Or, get your application in.

Hello Cocoa followers,
Cocoa was moved to a new foster home in Alexandria,Mn. We have had him for about 1 week. As with other mill dogs, he has digressed because of this change, and we are starting from ground zero. We are working on earning his trust. He is a very skittish dog. He likes to be outside and he is getting used to the double lead. It was a learning week for us all.

Enjoy the pictures.




Hello Cocoa followers,

Cocoa just had to send an update. Today he helped foster dad put in the boat lift. Afterwards we went fishing and discovered he is a fishing dog. We did a little casting off the dock, caught a fish, and Cocoa gave it a smell, then a lick, then another lick...mmmhmmm. He, like foster sister Hanna, has a taste for fresh fish...and no, foster dad did NOT let them eat it. He is still timid, but getting better. He has started to chew on a Nyla-bone.

Every day is two steps forward and one step back.

More later


Cocoa is getting more comfortable in foster care. He will crawl up on the chair or couch to lay down. If he is laying down we can go up to him and pet him, at first he tenses up but once he realizes that we will not hurt him he will relax and seems to enjoy our pets and touch. Cocoa is a great guard dog, he will bark when he hears a knock at the door or if he hears someone come home.

Cocoa is more comfortable with foster mom than the other family members. He will come up to FM and lick her hand or toes. But don’t try to go up to him, that is very scary to Cocoa. He will come and take treats from all of our hands, his mouth is very soft when taking treats from us. We do feed him by hand as well, but he is very cautious while doing this. Cocoa enjoys treats in kongs and chewing on Nyla bones.

Being outside is a favorite for Cocoa, he loves running. We do not have a fenced yard, so have him on a long lead. He will occasionally pick up a tennis ball and carry it around, drop it, and may go after it if it is thrown. Cocoa will get spooked by other people, noises, and even himself and will bolt away.

Cocoa is house trained and crate trained. He tolerates being brushed and having his feet wiped. He will let us know when he needs to go outside by ‘talking’ to us. He looks at us and gives a bark, and if we say ‘you need to go outside’ he barks again and goes to the door. He also likes to greet us when we come home, says ‘Hello’ by barking. Cocoa does know his name, we have not been able to work on sit or stay as he is scared if we approach him.

His forever home needs to have a confident dog who is comfortable in the house, children age 10 or older, a fenced yard is preferred, patience and a family that is committed to Cocoa’s continued success.

Cocoa is not a ’perfect’ dog, but he may be perfect for you!!


Well Cocoa has had a couple of exciting weeks!!! Took him on a boat ride, he loved it, but does not like to go fast, enjoys site seeing more!! Also continues to enjoy fishing from the dock, barks and barks waiting for a fish to be caught so he can take a sniff and a lick.

We have been working on the ‘sit’ command with Cocoa. We get the leash and tell him ‘Lets get the leash on’ and Cocoa will go into the bedroom to his ‘spot’ and wait for us to come and say ‘Cocoa sit’. He is a little hesitant to sit at first and sometimes needs a hand on the butt, I am amazed how quickly he has learned this!!!


For those of you who follow RAGOM on Facebook know that last weekend Cocoa was on the loose!! He was on a tie out and was spooked, bolted away and his collar came off. Trying to catch a scared dog without a collar on is well, next to impossible. Cocoa took off to the park across the street and was out of site. We looked for him and with no sighting of him and no chance of him coming to us if we called. We paused to stop looking for him. Super time arrived and our neighbor came over and said Cocoa was in our yard!!!!! And while he would come within 5 feet of us, and even eat hotdog from my finger, not having something to hang onto was challenging. So after about two hours, we were able to coral Cocoa into the garage and close the door. Finally, we had him!!!

We are so thankful he felt comfortable to come back to our yard!!!

Cocoa is a smart dog who needs a patient, loving family. Is that you???


Hi all!

I can not believe it has been about a month since our last update. Cocoa has made some progress these past few weeks. He will grudgingly sit when it is time to put the lead on, he will ‘kennel up’ when told, and he has gone wading in the lake. He still prefers the company of women over men. He has free run of the house when we are home and has been inching closer to us when he lays down. Cocoa’s bark changes when he is happy to scared. When he needs to go outside, he gives us a ‘woof’, or when it is time to eat. We have been hearing a lot more of the happy bark lately. Cocoa has made progress. As you read these updates, you may think that it sounds like the same thing, over-and-over again. For us, each of these updates has shown us a little more that Cocoa trusts people.

One of the things we have not talked lately about is Cocoa’s health. His coat has gotten a lot softer and he has stopped shedding as much. He is missing his dew claws. He is also missing a number of teeth between his k-9’s and his molars. The vet thought that is was from chewing on the wire of a wire cage. He does not have a problem eating. Cocoa still feels panicked if he does not have ‘a way out’. Over the last few weeks we are waking up to him snuggling on our bed. If we move slow enough he gives us kisses and lets us rub his head, chin, and ears. It is probably our happiest time with him. Then, like a light switch being flipped, as soon as we get out of bed; he runs in fear and forgets all the loves he gave and was given.

Cocoa likes to play with other dogs, and we have started to work on fetch. When we go for walks, Cocoa would love to chase every chipmunk or squirrel; he would even chase the birds if we let him. Cocoa sends his best wishes to all.


Hey everyone it's me Cocoa and I have some big news to share with you all. I've moved to a new foster home that has 4 other dogs!! Thanks to my previous foster family for taking such great care of me and for helping me overcome some of my fears. They felt they had taken me as far as they could and thought a change in environment would help me to grow plus their resident dog really did not want to play with me. My new buddies are Jimmie, a 10.5 year old yellow Lab, Rocco a 5 year old chocolate Lab, Raven a 4 year old Golden Retriever Black Lab mix (adopted from RAGOM) and fellow foster Willow 12-112, who is a 2 year old Golden Retriever. I love all my new pals and I think they all like me too!! The three younger dogs all take turns playing and running with me in the big fenced in yard.....Jimmie does not play as she is older and her hips do not let her run much any more. My favorite new buddy is Willow as she and I both came from commercial breeders and have some fears. Willow loves to play and wrestle so we spend a lot of time together. I think she is my new girl friend!!

Willow is teaching me that humans (foster mom) are not so scary and that I can trust her not to hurt me. I'm still scared of humans for the most part but am curious and want to get pats and attention from them but am just a little too afraid to let them do much with me. I will lick foster mom's hand and feet if she is in bed and I will come up and sniff her but if she reaches out to pet me I move away from her. I don't run away, just move out of her reach. I've let her give me a few treats and will take them from her hand as long as she does not try to make eye contact with me when I take the treats. I also licked yogurt from a spoon so will get close enough to do those things. Foster mom can change out my leash too......I wear a leash 100% of the time so foster mom can get me in the house and move me from room to room if needed. I do not like to come inside so foster mom has to pick up my leash to get me back in the house. I walk fine on a leash so I can go for walks and I ride fine in the car. I do best if I can follow another dog, especially Rocco, so for sure I need at least one other well socialized dog in my forever home.

I am completely house broken, have had zero accidents and will bark when I need to go outside. I love to sleep on the love seat and couch and have gotten on the bed for a little snooze.....not much room on the bed with foster mom and 4 dogs, but I snuggled up with Willow and had enough room to sleep. Otherwise I sleep on a dog bed at night. So far foster mom has not crated me, she just let me hang out in the laundry room and exercise room with Rocco and Willow when she had to go to work. I did fine, nothing destroyed and no accidents.

I like to chew on bones from the butcher shop and play a little fetch with a tennis ball. Foster mom says we will be taking a trip to the vet next week as she wants me to start some medication for my anxiety. I've been in foster care for 5 months or so now and while I've made some good progress, I still need a little bit of help so I am not so afraid of humans. Foster mom says living with me is like the movie Groundhog Day, everyday we start over again with my fears so she is hoping the medication helps me get past that part of my fear. If you are looking for a sweet, lanky, goofy Lab/Golden/Doodle mix boy please contact your placement adviser. I need to live with at least one well socialized dog, no kids under the age of 12 and I need a fenced yard. Foster mom says I'm an easy foster and will make a great companion for some nice person who is willing to help me learn that humans are ok.

More later, need to go run around the back yard with my new friends, your pal Cocoa.


Hi folks, it's me Cocoa. I've been in my new foster home for just over two weeks now and I have to say I am settling in pretty well. I know the routine now and am learning that foster mom is not so scary. I love, love, love to play and am very happy to have a big, fenced in back yard to run around in. I really like Willow 12-112. She is only 2 years old and loves to play and wrestle with me. We wrestle from the time we wake up (5:30 am) until we go to bed around 10 pm. Sometimes we take a few naps during the day but as soon as one of us wakes up we are back to playing. I also love to play with Rocco and Raven but haven't been able to get Jimmie to play with me yet. I keep trying but she tells me no, I give her a kiss to see if she might give in, so far no luck but I'll keep trying. I think she likes me ok, but foster mom says she really does not play with other dogs and especially she does not play with foster dogs.


I'm doing pretty good with learning that foster mom is ok. I will come to her on my own for pets and give her licks on her hands, feet and arms. I also get on the bed at night and snuggle with Willow and in the morning I get onto the bed again and give foster mom licks and let her pet my entire body. I also will come into the house on my own 95% of the time. Sometimes I even come right inside with the rest of the dogs. The other times foster mom has to leave the back door open and I come in after just a few minutes. Once or twice a day foster mom has to come outside and pick up my leash in order to get me to come inside but that is getting less and less now that I am getting more comfortable with her. I am still wearing a leash 24/7 as foster mom is still afraid I will get away and she will not be able to get me to come to her without the leash. I do go into my crate when foster mom has to leave the house. I'm fine with going in the crate on my own. She did let me have free roam of the laundry room and exercise room but I had a couple of pee accidents when she was gone so now I just hang out in my big deal and she always gives me a few yummy treats before she leaves. All in all, I am dong great and foster mom says I am ready for a forever family, so if I sound like a match for you, please let your placement adviser know you want to meet me. I would do best in a quiet home, no kids and at least one (or more) dog that likes to play and I need a fenced yard as I love to run around.

Well, all for now, I'm going to go play with Willow and run around the yard before dinner. Your buddy, Cocoa.


Hey everyone, it's me Cocoa sending you an update from my foster home. Everything is going great here and I have settled in nicely. I no longer have to wear a leash unless I am going for a walk or a ride in the car. I come in from outside on my own all the time now, usually I run right in with the rest of the dogs. If I don't come in right away, all foster mom has to do is say "Cocoa, come get a dog cookie" and I come right in!! I love my treats and line up with the rest of the dogs for them. I take them from foster mom without a problem.

My favorite things about my foster home are the dogs!! I love, love, love to play with all the dogs and race around the back yard with them all the time. I also love chewing on sticks (outside) and chewing on antlers, tennis balls and stuffed toys. I especially like to pull the plastic squeaker out of the toys and chew on that. Foster mom does not want me to eat that so she trades me a treat for that piece of plastic or for my antlers when I want to take them outside. I know how to trade without a problem!!

I am getting more comfortable with foster mom. At night I sleep in the bed, sometimes I even snuggle up to her once she is asleep.....especially when it is cooler in the house. I will also stay on the couch when she sits there and a couple of times, I've climbed up on the couch when she is already there. I've rested my head on her arm and on her leg a few times and even gave her a few kisses on the face a couple of times. In the mornings, I love to be petted all over my body, if foster mom is still in bed. I rarely run from her, and have even let her touch me a couple of times when she is standing. I'm ok if I know she is going to touch me, not so much if she just reaches out and pets me.

I've only had one accident in the house and that was when foster mom was not paying attention to me. I bark when I need to go outside and sometimes I bark just to talk.....she thought I was just talking and didn't realize I was telling her I needed to go out. I do stay in my crate when she leaves the house. I am fine with my crate, she always gives me a few yummy treats and I have toys and stuff to chew on plus the other dogs are around to keep me company. I can stay in my crate for an entire work day without a problem. I did not get to go to Goldzilla as foster mom had to volunteer all day and she could not hang on to me and do her other stuff so we all stayed home. I was very happy when foster mom came home as it was a long day for me but she brought treats and tennis balls and the next day we got to have home made frosty paws!!

I am going to my first RAGOM event on Sunday. I will be at the Apple Valley PetCo from noon to 2pm. I will be bringing my foster brother Raven 11-173 with as foster mom thinks I will do better with another dog that I know. Come out and meet me. I am shy at first but I do love people, just takes me a while to warm up to you. I do best with other dogs, so if you have a dog or two that loves to play, a fenced yard so I can run and no kids, I'm the guy for you!! Foster mom said I should also say that I shed less than the typical Golden or Lab as I have a shorter coat and don't require much grooming. Hope to see you all on Sunday.

Your friend, Cocoa, aka Cocoa Puff or Puff the magic dragon.....foster mom likes to give us nicknames!!


Hey everyone, it's me Cocoa writing to you from my foster home. First I want to send a big thank you to my buddy Patch 10-223 for decorating my page with a blue paw print from Goldzilla. You are a very nice boy and have a super nice foster mom, thank you for thinking of me. I'd also like to thank my foster mom for the blue paw print too. I really like my foster mom and foster family for taking such great care of me and letting me live with them.

I am doing well here and am a very happy boy. I love to play with the dogs, especially love to play with Willow 12-112. Foster mom says we are two peas in a pod as we are so much a like. Willow is very good to me and is teaching me lots of stuff about foster mom. I've learned that foster mom will not hurt me. I will now let her sit next to me on the couch and just this week I jumped up on her lap when she was sitting on the couch. I love getting pets and snuggles with her in the morning when we are all in bed. I lick her hands, arms and even give her kisses on the face sometimes. I still get scared of her if she tries to pet me when she is standing up but she says I am making good progress and she knows I am happy living here.

My most favorite things are running laps around the back yard with the other dogs and eating.....I love to eat and love to lick yogurt off a spoon at meal time. I also love treats and if I don't want to come inside all foster mom has to do is say "Cocoa come and get a dog cookie" and in the house I run!! I don't have to wear a leash when in the house or outside in the fenced yard and 95% of the the time I come in with the rest of the dogs. I also love to pull the fuzz off of tennis balls and then break them up into little pieces. I don't eat them but am good at destroying them.....Willow is not too happy about that. I stay in my crate when foster mom leaves the house and I have not had an accident in at least a month.

I do like to talk to foster mom, especially when she is trying to talk on the telephone and when I want to go outside and when she comes home from work. I also love to chase rabbits and squirrels and can run very fast and jump over the other dogs to get to the critters first. Most nights I sleep on the couch as the bed is too crowded with 5 dogs and one human.....I like to stretch out so I have the couch all to myself. In the morning I come up to the bedroom so I can snuggle and get attention. Foster mom says I am very handsome and very sweet and so smart. I like it when she tells me this stuff and I wag my tail when she calls me her handsome guy!!

Well, off to play with Willow and then off to bed. Thanks for checking in on me. Please let your placement adviser know if you are interested in me.

Your pal, Cocoa.


Hi everyone, it's me Cocoa checking in from my foster home. I am doing great in my foster home and having lots of fun. I have a new friend, her name is Bailey and she is a RAGOM dog too. She had a sleep over at our house over the Thanksgiving weekend and I played with her a ton. She came from a puppy mill when she was just 4 weeks old and she and her brothers and sisters lived with foster mom before they found their forever homes. I really like her as she is not quite 2 years old so she likes to play, play, and play!! Just my kind of dog. Foster mom tried to get some photos of us but we were too busy playing to hold still long enough.

Foster mom says I am doing well here. I have not had any accidents in the house and am not destructive other than to soft toys. I love to chew on nylabones and beef bones, oh and sticks when I'm outside. I sleep in my crate when foster mom goes to work but otherwise I have free roam of the house. I sleep in bed or on the couch at night. She says the only thing we need to work on is that I like to bark at her....especially when she is on the telephone. I also like to bark if I see one of the neighbors when I am outside....just like to talk to them!! She uses treats or toys to distract me when I am barking so we are working on this.

I am very grateful to RAGOM for taking me in and helping me find my new family. I am so thankful I have a warm house to sleep in, good food to fill up my belly and nice dogs and human friends to play with. Foster mom says I need to remind everyone that I am a cross between a yellow lab and a standard poodle. She says this makes me a very smart boy and that I hardly shed. I have a shorter lab type coat but with some waves and a few feathers on my tail and back legs. I would really love a family of my own and would be so happy to have my own doggie brother or sister to play with. I do love to play with the dogs. So if you have a fenced yard, at least one playful dog and no young children (they still scare me) and love labs/poodles, please check me out.

All for now as I need to play with my buddies some more. Oh and the photo is of me and foster sister Jimmie....she's a yellow lab, can't you see the yellow lab in me??

Your buddy Cocoa


Hey everyone, it's me Cocoa checking in and wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I had a bit of an adventure this past week. Foster mom had to go out of town to rescue a bunch of dogs from a breeder guy in South Dakota. She had planned to have me stay at another foster's house but I got really sick before she left for SD. I started throwing up the night before she left and was sick every two hours....kept her up all night. In the morning she brought me to the vet instead of to another foster. I stayed at the vet office for a day and a half so they could figure out why I was sick. They did a bunch of tests, including an x-ray of my stomach as foster mom was worried I ate a toy or a stick or something that could hurt me. All my tests were normal and the nice folks at the vet office gave me some medicine and stuck a needle in me to give me some fluids cause I couldn't keep anything in my tummy. By the next day, I was fine and they still do not know what was wrong with me but foster mom thinks I ate a bunch of rabbit poop when I was out in the back yard and did not want to come inside. One of the foster dads told her that one of his dogs did this and got sick like now she watches me all the time so I can't snack on bunny poop. I'm fine now, back to my normal self, eating and playing and no throwing up!! Oh, and Raven caught a rabbit in the backyard, so now there is one less rabbit to leave poop in the yard.

Not much else is new in my world. Just having fun playing with the dogs here. I really like the snow and can stay outside playing for hours. Foster mom thought I would get cold since I have a short lab type of coat, and she thought I might need to wear a jacket when I was outside.....nope, I'm just fine, no jacket needed. I am still hoping my new family finds me soon. I'd really like to have a family of my own so that is my Christmas wish. I have a Christmas stocking and I know there are a few treats and maybe a present or two for me here. Foster mom is so good to me!! We have a tree in the house and I have been very good, have not even tried to pee on it or knock it over!! Foster mom says that is a very good thing. Willow told me she got a couple of decorations on her page but so far I did not get any, maybe I will get one for Christmas could help to pay for my recent medical bills. Well, off to play some more before bedtime. Hope all my friends have a wonderful Christmas and an even better New Year.

Your pal,


Hey everyone, it's me Cocoa stopping by to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! I would really like to thank Andy 07-406 for decorating my page with the nice bell and Majestic Max and his foster mom Sheila for the pretty holly decoration. Thank you both so much for making my page look pretty and helping to pay for my recent medical bills.

Hope everyone has a very Happy New Year and thank you all for helping me and all the dogs that RAGOM saves so we can find our forever homes.

Your buddy, Cocoa


Hi everyone, it's me Cocoa sending you an update from my foster home. I had a busy day yesterday. I went to a meet and greet at one of the PetCo stores. Foster mom had me wear a Thundershirt and that made me feel more comfortable. I was still scared and spent an hour or so hiding behind the chairs and people but I did not shake like the last time I went to a meet and greet. Foster mom asked me to come out from behind the chairs and I walked around the store a bit and then hung out in the middle of all the people and dogs. I even took a few treats from strangers and let a few people pet me. I saw a Golden named Cleo that looked just like foster sister Willow and I gave her a kiss. Foster mom thinks Cleo might be Willow's mom as they both came from the same place and she looks a lot like Willow. Foster mom was very happy with how good I behaved and I got a nice chew bone when I got home. I brought a chew bone home for each of my foster brothers and sisters so they would not get jealous over my special treat. I liked wearing my Thundershirt so much that I wore it all the rest of the day and did not want to take if off when I went to bed.....but foster mom took it off as she thought I'd get too warm at night. Well that's all for my big adventure, time to go play with the rest of the gang here at my foster home.

Your pal, Cocoa


Hey everyone, it's me Cocoa writing to you from my nice warm foster home. I'm glad it is nice and warm inside as it sure has been cold outside!! The cold really does not bother me, I still like to run around and play but foster mom does not like to stay outside with us for very long. I still like to go for walks even in this cold but again foster mom has been taking us for shorter walks....she says it is too cold for her so it has to be too cold for us. She does have me wear my thundershirt when we go for a walk as she says it will keep me warmer. I like the thundershirt so it's no big deal for me to wear it and yup, she is probably right, it does keep me warmer.

I've been keeping somewhat busy meeting new people and a couple of new dogs. I am always great with the new dogs but still afraid of the new people but I am getting better. I used to run out of the room and just bark at the new people but now I will stay in the room, usually out of reach of the people but I don't bark as much, I just watch them and wag my tail. Foster mom says she thinks I want to be friends with the people but I still don't know if that is ok. She also says I have made a ton of progress with meeting new people and going new places. I am very hopeful that some of the new people I have met will be my forever family as I would so like to have a forever family of my own.

Well, off to play outside as I see we have a new dog living next door and I need to go and meet her....have to say hi and see if she might want to play with me.

Your friend, Cocoa

Here's your New Year Token from Former RAGOM Dog Dany 07-406 Here's your New Year token from former RAGOM dog Dany 07-406
A handsome guy like you deserves a New Years gift A handsome guy like you deserves a New Year's gift! -Max and Sheila
To one lucky dog! From Patch 10-223

To my sweet foster boy!! From Foster Mom

Hey everyone, it's me Cocoa writing to you all with some fantastic news....are you ready? I found my forever home!!! How cool is this, I will have two really nice moms, a sweet, playful 5 year old Goldendoodle sister and a cool bird in my new home. I met my new folks a month or so ago and have visited with them three times. First they came to my foster home to meet me and then foster mom took me over to their house twice so I could meet my new sister dog and make sure I was not afraid of the bird that lives in the house. All went pretty well, I was a little afraid of them at first and did not let them pet me but wagged my tail and stayed in the same room most of the time. I also showed them that I know how to bark and that I am still a pretty shy boy until I get to know you. When I visited at their house, I was relaxed enough to climb up on the couch and to check out the house. 2nd time I was even more relaxed and let them pet me a little and climbed up on their bed to check things out. I even came in the house by myself, which foster mom said was a huge step and I let my new moms feed me treats. According to foster mom, these are all really good signs that I will do ok with my new family. Oh, and I love, love, love my new sister dog. She loves, loves, loves to play and can play hard like me so we are a good match. I really like girl dogs and female people so this is a really good family for me. I will move to my new house in just over a week, as my new family is going on vacation next week. Foster mom will bring me to my new home so she can make sure I am settled in and doing ok.

This week was really fun as I had two visiting foster puppies at my house. Ruby 12-416 and Jewel 12-415 stayed at our house for 4 days. Boy, I sure do love those girls. I played and played and played with them. Ruby really liked to wrestle with me and both Jewel and Ruby loved to play chase with me. We had so much fun....I was sad to see them go back home with their foster mom but I was also tired, boy those girls sure do have a lot of energy. Now I am back to playing with Willow 12-112 and my foster brothers. We love playing in the new snow and running around the yard. The puppies found all the toys I had left in the yard, so now I have a bunch of toys that I thought were lost outside!!

I want to thank Nikki, Sam, Betty, Cooper and Bauer for the sweet Valentine's Day icon on my page. It was so nice of you to think about me and help RAGOM pay for my care. It is because of nice people like you that RAGOM is able to help dogs like me. I have been in foster care for almost one year and had 4 foster homes before I found my forever home. Thanks to everyone at RAGOM for sticking by me and helping me. I will send in an update once I'm in my new home. Thanks for reading about me and following my journey to my home.

Your pal and friend, Cocoa.


Sweet boy Cocoa has moved to his forever family after 1 year and 2 days in foster care. Cocoa was very lucky to have had 4 foster families during his year plus stay with RAGOM. Every one of his foster families helped him grow and learn that humans are kind and that he was safe and loved. He came to my home in August, still a pretty frightened boy. Immediately he bonded with Willow 12-112, another puppy mill survivor. I think they had a very special bond and she understood that he needed her help to learn that I was ok and that he could trust me. My three resident dogs also welcomed him to the family and made sure he saw them getting and giving lots of love and attention. I would never be able to foster dogs like Cocoa or Willow if not for the help from my resident dogs. During the 6 months he was with us, he made very good progress and was a very happy boy, I know he will be very happy in his new home too.

Cocoa's new family is committed to helping him learn that they are fine and that he is safe. He is very lucky to have found a family with two moms, a 5 year old Goldendoodle and a bird. They will take it slow and make sure he knows that he is home for good. First reports are good, he is eating, drinking and doing all of his dog business outside. As expected, it is a little challenging getting him back into the house, but he is wearing a long leash 24/7 and has come inside on his own a few times. The understand it will take time and patience before he is 100% comfortable with his new family. They will be taking Cocoa to classes designed for shy dogs. I know he will enjoy this as he is a very smart boy and will love his one on one time with his new moms. He loves going for walks and that is something he will do on a daily basis with his new doggies sister. I couldn't be happier with his new family and new home, it is exactly what I so hoped he would find.

Thank you to everyone who helped care for Cocoa. He is one very lucky boy to have so many friends in his RAGOM family. Have a great life Cocoa, your buddy Willow and your foster family is cheering for you and wishes you the best in everything and we all miss you.