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Ella 12-075
(Fostered in St. Cloud, MN)



In honor and memory of RAGOM volunteer and friend, Tamra Renville, and Jamie Dineson 2 time ragom adopter, rescuer of many, and special friend. And for Barney 11-408 Faith's foster brother who crossed the bridge Friday May 4th with dignity. All taken from us by Cancer. In honor and memory of RAGOM volunteer and friend, Tamra Renville,
and Jamie Dineson 2 time Ragom adopter, rescuer of many, and special friend.
And for Barney 11-408 Faith's foster brother who crossed the bridge Friday May 4th with dignity.
All taken from us by Cancer. From Joyce Nelson

: In honor of our blind golden Reno on his 11th birthday - the love of a blind dog has been a special blessing in our lives. In honor of our blind golden Reno on his 11th birthday - the love of a blind dog has been a special blessing in our lives.

Love from Dave Love from Dave Daily

From A To beautiful Ella, From Ashish Aggarwal 


Welcome Faith (aka Ella) to RAGOM! She is a beautiful cream colored, 9 week old, 14-pound puppy - ½ GR, ¼ yellow lab and ¼ Australian Sheppard. Faith is blind in both eyes. She has been with us for a week and is a very well adjusted girl. It is amazing how keen her other senses are. She hears everything, and knows the name Faith – so that is what we call her. She comes to you when you call her, and knows her way around the whole level we keep her on, as well as one side of the yard.

It took her less than a day to “map out” the area and feel comfortable. We keep everything in the same place (except puppy toys that get scattered around). She is doing great on potty training, mostly outside – but if not she goes at the door on the towel/papers when I don’t get to her in time J.

She has been to the vet and received all her puppy shots. We also brought her to an eye specialist who confirmed her vision issues. He gave us great easy suggestions on how to teach her and keep her safe.
She plays well with her siblings, our resident 2 yr old, and all of the children she has met 7-15 years old. She does have those sharp baby teeth!! She is a joy to be with – lots of puppy kisses and cuddles. She plays hard, takes lots of cap naps, is crate trained and sleeps thru the night!

Faith will need a special family who understands her special needs, a calm, safe home that doesn’t have clutter or need to be rearranged. She can have another “calmer” dog, as she shouldn’t rough house too much and the other dog can show her the ropes. No young children.

If you would like to meet this adorable gal, please contact your RAGOM placement advisor. We have lots of great info to share about blind puppies!


Little Miss Faith and brother Ray 12-074 have moved to St Cloud. Their first FM was awesome with them, but had to go out of town for business, thus the move. Faith is a character. What's interesting is that at her previous foster home she was the go getter, here she is more reticent about doing something. She can hear but is blind in both eyes. She knows no different so this is what she knows. She will sit and put her head up and 'listen' to things going on. At this point when I call her she hears me but isn't thrilled about coming toward the sound of my voice. Work in progress.

Faith 'listening'

The stairs off the deck were challenging for her. But we put a treat on each step and would tell her 'step up or step down'. She wasn't happy about this, but now has the hang of it. Once down on the ground she will wander and if we see her heading for a wall etc we say 'Faith Stop'. Pretty good success rate there. Once out on the grass and near her brother she seems to feel more secure and will play. When it's time to come in Ray seems to sense it and will come up but Faith will hang back even when called. So at this point we are letting her come up to the deck on her own. Both puppies are terrified of leashes and so we have to slowly work into it. Faith is managing the kitchen, stepping out on the deck, the deck itself, the steps and the yard.

Faith doing steps

Today another RAGOM foster came over with her Rueben (former RAGOM boy) and they did wonderfully with him and were not shy about another human in house. Our 3 cats have not been inclined to interact with the puppers yet.

Thus far we have kept their crate, food, water and toys in the dining part of the kitchen. Today we started to give them some time in the eating part of the kitchen. The first couple nights Faith went with me to the family room and cuddled up while I watched TV. Our next move will be to allow her to try the carpeted steps to the lower level family room.

As with all puppies they bite, want your shoe laces, like to chew, eat, sleep and play. She is no different. Having her hearing will be a great asset in learning commands, but for now getting the leash accepted is more scary than anything for her.

Faith will need a home with no small children, a fenced yard, a loving family that will continue with her training, obedience school and understand she will always need to be leashed when outside of familiar surroundings at home or not in a fenced yard. She will learn her surroundings and as long you don't have 'stuff' all over or move furniture (pick your favorite arrangement now) she will thrive.

Stayed tuned for more adventures.

Faith and Faith (and Faith's dad's name is Ray)

Faith and Jax

Ray and Faith tugging along


Hi it's me Faith. Boy, brothers, they don't remember to tell the good stuff. We got a box in the mail from Tammy, Dave and their fur butts. They are 2 time RAGOM adopters, the first time from FM. Anyway, we hit the jackpot, lots and lots of stuffed toys. We just have to make sure Jax doesn't steal them from us. We had so much fun checking the box out, and even tasting it, and then pulling out all the toys. Then at the bottom FM found a present for her!! New pillow cases, aren't they awesome? Tammy made FM a fleece blanket and 2 sets of doggy themed pillow cases when they adopted Ralph from her (she says she has the best adopters). FM uses them on her bed all the time even though FD says they don't match! Anyway, Ray and I want to say THANK YOU for the toys and FM's cases cuz she sure is happy.

Faith helped unpack

New pillow cases!

I went to see Dr Nancy last week with brother Ray. I won't be a mommy now, thank goodness. Dr Nancy told FM that my ovaries were as large as an adults!! Wow! As you know I'm blind in both eyes, and my right eye was starting to turn in a bit, so Dr Nancy lasered both eyes to help hold them open more and not have the lashes bothering me. She did this for free. She is so awesome and does free stuff for ragom all the time, FM just doesn't always tell. FM and Dr Nancy talked it over and they are pretty sure I only hear out of my left ear, which is why I cock my head and try to figure out where the sound of FM's voice is coming from. But I do just fine, thank you very much.

I am learning off, sit, careful, stop, steps and working on's not that I don't want to, it's just hard to besure where FM or FD is when they call. I have also learned to bark really loud like brother Ray 12-074 and now am being told No Barks or Quiet. Really? I'm just voicing my opinion or telling Ray or Jax what I think of them. FM says with a harness I will be able to learn right and left....which way to turn. Right now I still don't like leashes, I prefer to run free, and I can run just fine.

Faith found a cool place for a break

We had some little boys over on Sunday and while Ray was out chasing with Jax I was content to sit on the deck and let Sam love me up. The boys were very kind and gentle with us even when we were showing them how well our baby teeth can bite. We have had lots of people and other dogs come over and we have gone to someone else's house and we love everyone, all the dogs and adapt pretty quickly to our surroundings.

FM and I have talked it over and we think I would be happiest in a home with a family that can understand my 'specialness', have lots of patience with me, continue my training, take me places to continue socializing, help me to accept a harness so I can go for walks, keep a tab on my eyes, have a fenced yard (a must) and no small children. They must be prepared for me to be underfoot and know I will acclimate to my new surroundings as long as you leave furniture where it is and not leave stuff laying around. I'm still learning to go outside for potty, work in progress. I love to be talked to, even singing is good....though to be honest the fosters here....not so much in the singing department:) I'm not sure if I need another a fur butt sibling, though I do 'look' to Ray and Jax for company, teaching me to play nicely and I listen to where they are. Mmmm guess we'll have to see about that.

I just want to be loved, but treated like a regular gal, I want to live life to it's fullest and to do that I will need family help. I want to be part of a family that will include me in their lives daily, take me places, let me be with them, and I'm fine sleeping in my crate over night, but I want contact with my humans when they are around.

Everyone is guessing at how big I will get. Well, a Golden mom and a dad that was huskey or lab and Australian shepard..........mmmmmmmm I don't think I'll be 'dainty' so training will be all the more important. Anyway, I'm here and if you would like to meet me or talk to my FM, please contact your placement advisor.

Puppy kisses

Faith (that's what I answer to)

P.S. from Foster Mom... Check out former RAGOM puppy Doppler/Sam's web page! Doppler came into RAGOM with limited sight in 2009 - a new Happy Endings update was recently posted. He is now a therapy dog!


Faith is doing so well and we are so excited for her. Her brother Ray 12-074 was adopted on Sunday and we had some concerns on how she would do without him. She actualy is coming out of her shell and wanting to be with us humans more. She is going up and down the deck stairs to potty more in the grass than on the deck. She is eating just fine......she ate 2 1/2 cups for dinner last night. Yesterday she learned to go up the stairs to join me in the upper bedroom level. She is not so fond of going down steps as much as up them. We worked last night with her trying to get her to come down to the family room, but never could convince her. We know when she feels the carpet going upstairs she knows where she is. Going down the stairs to the family room is coming off tile. So we now have a rug down in hope she will feel the texture difference and be willing to try.

She is a bit of a wild child right now without having her brother to play with. Barney 11-408 is more accepting of her, but not willing to play. Our Jax is more interested in stealing her toys or chew bone:) So that means for better exercise we will be starting leash training. I know it's gonna be tough, but I also realize it is MY FAULT for not having done this sooner. Bad FM. Stay tuned for those results.

Faith has learned to 'kennel' up. She knows where to go and that she will get treats once she goes in. She settles right in and sleeps the entire night, easily from 10:30 or 11 pm til about 7 a.m. when FD gets up. She is so good about that, in fact yesterday FD was up and it took her a minute to realize he was there, then she stirred. She knows when the kennel door opens she goes right outside, gets a drink of water and we head down the stairs to the grass. She is praised and praised for going potty in the grass. FD says she smells his leg/feet and follows him down the stairs with no problem. Maybe he can get that to work going to the family room:)

I have to say Faith is really an easy foster over all. It is so exciting to see her grow and learn new things. Outside she is becoming more confident in so far as where walls/fence etc are. Giving her the opportunity to explore on her own has been good for her. She isn't relying on Ray, but will follow Jax around. She is learning to concentrate more on sounds with her left ear, listen to us when we say 'careful, stop, steps' etc. The biggest challenge right now is her puppy biting. I now wear one pair of sweats around her as she grabs on and pulls and has put holes in the bottom of the pants. Corrections for this is a sound NO and redirecting with something suitable for chewing. As of now she is not quite getting it. We all have our achilles heel:)

Faith will need a firm but loving hand to continue to train with her and keep her on track. Obedience school is must for learning and bonding. Another fur butt sibling would be really nice for her, but not a deal breaker. She will be 3 months next week and with her surgery done, stitches coming out tomorrow along with puppy boosters, she will be ready for her new home after this week. She will need LOTS OF EXERCISE. This is not a dog to be content to sit around. She is hungry to learn and it's important she learn to do things that are acceptable in the human and dog world. I believe she will be a wonderful addition to the right family. You must understand that she can't be babied, but that she has certain considerations you must not moving the furniture around. She is a puppy as such must learn like every other puppy. She is special and whomever adopts her will also have to be special and understand her needs.

If you are an approved applicant and would like to know more about Faith or meet her, contact your placement advisor.


Faith smells Culvers

Faith holding onto the bone

Faith and Jax saying goodbye

Faith offering kisses


Wow it's been a busy time with Miss Faith. She is doing wonderfully well considering her brother, Ray, is gone. I wish I could have included more pictures of her and all that she has been doing. Not sure where to start.

She is doing well house training and we have only had a couple accidents, more our fault for not getting her out. We take her out upon waking, before bed, after eating/drinking water, playing hard etc. A couple times she has even gone to the door and barked. She does come to the sliders when outside and sits and barks til you let her in. Smart Girl.

She is eating well, which proved true when we weighed her at the vet. 21+ Lbs. Growing girl. She got her booster shots, rabies and frontline. We noticed her right eye is really rolling inward (entropien) and the lashes cause irritation. Dr Nancy felt that 'lifting' the skin above the eye via stapling it would help, so she did both eyes. Again at no charge to RAGOM. Even with this little procedure the right eye continues to roll in. As she grows we hope she will fill out and pull the eye upward, but she will need surgery on the eye at some point. I have had a couple dogs who have had this done and the results are amazing.

Faith has taken the leap of 'faith' and now goes up and down the stairs to the lower level family room, and up the stairs to the upper level where the bedrooms are. As you can see via the picture, this is where the gang likes to hang out and survey all that they feel is their kingdom. Faith just knows she's with the others. She has learned when she gets to the steps we tell her Faith, step.........with each step until she reaches the floor. She is doing great.

Her baby razor teeth are another thing. She nailed me the other day and reminded me this is like having a child teething, something you have to go through. What's funny is she is better with FD about not biting at his pant legs or feet. She gets kinda onery when we correct her, which usually is a big NO and walk away, or a little pinch to her ear. She is fiesty and doesn't belong around small children. She also walks in front of you and between your legs etc so you must always be vigilant and watchful or she'll trip you up.

We continue to work with helping Faith understand where sound is coming from. This will remain a work in progress as with hearing in only one ear it is more difficult to pin point where the sound is coming from. She does listen for Jax's collar jingling and will try to figure out where he is. He is not the most nuturing of big brothers.

We packed up the 3 dogs and went to family in Plymouth on Fri. to go to a concert. What a fun filled time that was. They have a Ragom girl, Haley and a yellow lab, Daisy Duke (DD for short). Faith and DD played like there was no tomorrow, and DD was very good with her. I was a bit nervous abut the whole eye thing, but she seemed to know just what to do with Faith. Faith plays hard and rough and by the time we were ready to leave for the concert she was wore out. The 5 of 'em found their places, with Barney 11-408 and Faith in the lower level family room and the other 3 upstairs.

Cuz DD showing how to share

Faith has learned to 'kennel up'. She is so good about it. I did this while Ray was here too. She knows when I tell her to kennel up she will get some fruit flavored treats and she goes in without a problem. She never fusses, makes it through the night and sits quietly waiting for someone to let her out. UNLESS she has to potty. Last night for the first time she barked after I went to bed, so I went down and let her out, she had to poop. Then went to back to bed and was good as gold.

Faith is slowly learning the kitchen, family room and upper level. We allow her to check out the bathrooms, bedroom and halls. She does get turned around sometimes and so we have to gently encourage her to the steps. We don't pick her up to take her out as that is very confusing for her. Even at the family's this weekend we made sure she went up and down the steps to go out. We watch and tell her careful meaning there's something in your way, stop as in you are going to run into something, NO for biting, steps for steps, come, eat/food, potty, and of course Good Girl. She is a typical puppy in so far as eats sleeps plays potties! I know she would love another dog to play with. Barney and Jax are not that kind of dog, one's too old and the other is just.....well just Jax. We are using a harness for walks and she is not happy about it. Eventually she should connect the harness with a fun walk in the field. For now she is busy trying to eat the leash and run in front, behind and away from us:) It's a start.

Faith loves life, enjoys being out in the yard romping and 'finding' toys, listening, napping, loves her humans and when tired loves to cuddle. When she is ready to come in she will come bark at the door. She will live a full life and will bring much joy and appreciation of life to the family that adopts her. She can go to obedience training, with training she could possibly become a therapy dog, or just show us all how you may have physical issues, you are not disabled.

If you are an approved ap and feel Faith could add that extra something to your life, please contact your placement advisor. I know there are a lot of 'normal' puppies on the site, and they are all special. Faith is just special in different ways.


There comes a time in life when I have to admit it, my husband knew something about a dog I didn't!!! He never reads my updates so I'm safe!! Faith is a busy girl and one of her horrible puppy habits has been biting at my pants, and I have come to wearing old sweat pants around her. She would just attack them and I have the holes to prove it. FD said when she does that I should make her sit, rub her shoulders and she calms down. I was using the old 'correct' the puppy and try to give her toys, run away, whatever I could. After speaking with a trainer, yep FD was right. And it does work. If she won't give it up and continues to be roudy and assertive, she goes in her kennel for a 30 second time out. When she comes out and behaves she is free to go play.

Faith is a challenge, no doubt about it. But at the same time she is smart, sweet and loves life. I watch her outside playing by herself, tossing toys, jumping and running. We do know she will need a dog that will be her friend and allow her to follow him/her and be her eyes. Barney 11-408 has been pretty patient, but at his age having a pupper biting at you isn't fun. Jax will play with her very little, but is not bashful about putting her in her place if she gets real nippy. Puppies are puppies.

Faith has free roam per se when we are home. She is crated when we are gone to work and at bedtime. She knows her way around the kitchen areas, where her food bowl is, where Barney's water is, the stairs to go downstairs to the family room and the stairs to go to the upper floor, which she doesn't do much. She is slowly finding her way around the family room, and has decided the big basket bed is hers. When we started giving her a frozen PB kong I put her and it in the bed to help her keep track of it. Now after she wanders a bit in the FR and checks in with FD and Barney, she finds her way to the basket bed and curls up. When she goes up stairs to the kitchen it is a sign she wants to go out to potty. She is funny in that she will bark to go out or come in to play, but not always just for potty. She has only had a couple accidents, and that is more our fault for not being more watchful.

Keeping the kong in place

She loves to "chase" the cats and play with them. Well, really only with Coulter the black cat. She can smell them as they pass her by and she usually tries to follow. Coulter will come lay by her and let her mouth him and lick him. He is a very friendly cat. She never seems to nip at him and if he gets too roudy Coulter just leaves.

We had a play date with a little black pit bull named Midnight. They are about the same age and size and they just had a blast. Since both can still use that puppy play and socializing it has worked out well. Jax just sort of oversees the play. We hope to get together again soon.

Socializing with Midnight

Faith is eating VERY well. She can put away 2 1/2 cups at a sitting. Seems everyone was losing interest in their food and we had bought some expensive Chobain yogurt which was too bitter for me, so the dogs get it. She loves her fruit flavored treats in apple, cheese and blueberries. She knows she has to sit for a treat, that she gets treats in a kong when she is told to kennel up and she goes in and of course a bigger one after last potty call. We are working on the sitting before getting her food and the coming in and out of the door. We should have started that much sooner.

I think Faith's favorite thing is the walk/run in the field. We are using a harness I got from one of the RAGOM fosters. It has velcro closures and a couple times it has caught while in the field and it's been a heart stopper grabbing her. She wants so bad to be free to run with Jax. We have her on a very long rope and she will run around jumping and and running through the grass. We have to watch for bushes so she doesn't run into them and the sharp branches. We also have started using a gentle leader and trying to go for walks. I say try as she will suddenly plop down and refuse to move. I think the road is too new and scarey and so it will take some time.

Faith loves life plain and simple. She is a daily reminder to enjoy the day as the gift it is. She is happy with her own company but would love to have a dog that would be patient with her, allow her to follow her close and be a play mate. Meanwhile she is like a sponge and slowly absorbing things. Her sense of smell isn't fully developed, so we have to be patient with that and give her a couple more months and work with her on it. I don't feel sorry for her in the sense that she is missing out on life. She really isn't as this is all she has known. She loves everyone, dogs,


Faith will need a committed family who will understand she still has a lot of learning to do. She will benefit from obedience class and puppy play time and must have another dog to live with. She can and will continue to learn. She would be fine with older children who can grasp the concept of her being blind. Outside of a fenced yard she will ALWAYS have to be on a lead as while she can hear you she cannot figure out where you are. We need to work with her as we would a child who was born blind and half teach, they learn. She really isn't a demanding dog, but enjoys knowing you are there, likes it when you talk to her and loves being rubbed on her shoulders. She is special and will need a very special family. If you are an apporved applicant and think Faith would be just the special family member you've been looking for, give your placement advisor a call.

FM and crew

Faith and her cuz's Easter Sunday


Oh what a smart little girl our little Miss Faith is. She is really getting the lay of the land in the house and has the deck and yard memorized. She loves it when we open the door on the slider and she can lay across the threshhold. Sometimes we think she may have a little vision or light or shadows as when it is sunny out she will run and jump in and out of the door way. She loves to run in circles on the deck and bark. Aah yes, barking is new, big, loud and a fun thing to do. I wonder where she learned it, huh Jax? She is like a spring lamb out in the fenced yard, discovering toys quite by accident, jumping and sniffing. She is such a happy puppy.

Faith's newest learned command is "do you want your kong? go to your basket'. Down the stairs to the family room, a quick right and she jumps in the doggie basked and sits and waits for her kong. I tuck the kong in between the wicker bed and the pad and she sits there and licks the peanut butter out. Then she takes the kong and brings it onto the rug at the bottom of the steps and plays with it. When we first started putting her in the basket she could't figure out how to get in or out. Or if she dropped the kong out of the basket she couldn't figure out where it went. Now she seeks out the basket for naps, or drags a toy in and chews. If she drops her kong or toy she gets out and searches for it. We are working on 'find it'. She knows to sit down on the rug when she comes in from outside, she gets petted on her shoulders and then she knows she can go play.

Faith continues to try and get Jax to play, but the most he will do is allow her to share the sunny deck. We have a big purple ball that belonged to my brother's shepard. Faith finally got it in her mouth and squeezed hard enough to make it squeak. She was so proud of herself. We have introduced rawhide chews to her and she is loving it. It's difficult to get pictures of her because as soon as she hears the click of the camera she looks up. That left ear serves her well. Faith knows the command to 'kennel up' and has never once not done as asked. She is quiet in the mornings til someone gets up unless she has to go potty, then she will bark. She sleeps through the night. There have been a couple nights she barked a few minutes as she didn't think it was bedtime. But since I knew she had pottied, I left her and she quieted down.

Our other foster, Barney 11-408, crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday and I think Faith looks for him. She would always make the rounds in the family room, often laying her head on the bed Barney was on. She loved to follow him around and would get nippy and he'd put her in her place. She would go to his water/food station for a drink and is a bit confused since we have removed it. We have put down a new water bowl for her by her food. She has also discovered the laundry room and walked into the big bowl of water in there, so now she knows there is another source in the house.

Faith and Barney

Faith really is a typical puppy in most every sense of the word. She is still learning, like destuffing toys, carrying toys outside, knowing what treats are, and that sitting nicely gets you attention, biting and not listening gets you a time out:) We have moved her up to the next size in harnesses and this one buckles on and so no more velcro accidents. We are working on her sitting and giving her paws to go thru the harness. But once she hears walk, sit and paw she just gets so excited. She knows exactly where that gate is and rushes out to it. She really is a smart girl and soon will be smart enough to know she is getting bigger than Jax and then she can show him a thing or two.

We are here enjoying life and waiting for that special someone to realize what a gem our Faith is and that she could be such a great added family member.

Foster Mom


I feel like it's been forever since I wrote about Faith, and have so much to say (like that's news:) But first I would like to apologize to the lady and anyone else who came to Chuck and Don's in Roseville on Saturday to meet Faith and we weren't there. We were scheduled for 12:30, but my exit was closed and I was totally lost on how to get to C & D's another way. Lucky for me my brother lives in the metro and was able to get me there, but I was half an hour late. I AM SO SORRY. Faith had a great time meeting all the dogs and so many people. When I would say 'this is Faith and she is blind and deaf in one ear' the most often response was 'I"m so sorry'. But as I told every one there, don't be, she's happy and knows nothing different. For anyone who met her I think they could see that. Outside of the fact she doesn't like to walk on the roads and not fond of the side walks (I had to carry her to the meeting place) she does wonderfully. So I hope all those who met her enjoyed it as much as she did.

Hi, I'm Faith

Mr. Handsome and Faith

I'm still growing

A new friend at Chuck and Don's

I would like to thank Reno's family for their Spring Fling donation. I thought the name Reno sounded familiar, for good reason. Number one my husband had an uncle named Reno and number two, Reno is blind and his family did a Christmas token for Barney 11-408 (Barney crossed the Rainbow Bridge). What a generous and loving family you have, Reno, and it gives me hope that someday Faith will find someone to love her and be a part of their family as you have been lucky enough to enjoy. THANK YOU.

Aah our little Miss Ella Faith is doing so well. She is eating and growing like a weed. I think the picture of her with cousin DD shows how big she is getting. She is bigger than Jax now, and I will have to send in more pics. We can only send so many at a time:( Anyway, she knows her way around the house, deck and yard. When we go to put her harness on she knows it's time for a walk and knows to go to the gate. She is such a free spirit and if youd could see her romping in the yard or out in the field you would see the pure joy in her. I think she is more of a FD's girl the a FM's girl. While Jax was happy to see mom Faith was more excited to find DD was here. They played until 11:15 pm and then they dropped like flies. She will miss that hard playtime when DD goes home tomorrow.

Cousin DD and Faith

A good game of tug

I am having back and hip problems so my walking has been limited. FD loves to do the field but not much for just going for a stroll around the neighborhood. Soooooo Miss Faith is not familiar with the road and the feel of it. She will start out ok and then plops down and that's that. So now it's time to get serious and get the gentle leader out and pocketful of treats and hit the road. I can say that this our fault and I apologize for that. She knows sit, come, treat, go to your basket, kennel up, careful, stop. In fact I put her kennel in the van for the trip to Roseville and she just didn't settle in. Then I thought, well duh she is used to getting a kong with treats in when she kennels up. So I gave her a couple treats, a chew bone and she was good for the trip. On the way home she was so worn out from socializing she slept all the way home.

I have said it before and I say it again: how many ways can I say how wonderful this puppy is? She is like any dog in all the ways that count, she loves people, dogs, cats, food, treats, walks, runs etc. I think she would make a WONDERFUL therapy dog, and I think people would respond to her in kind. Faith will need a home where the family doesn't change the furniture around, or leave stuff out to trip over, has a fenced yard and lots of love to give and heart big enough to receive it back 10 fold. She doesn't know any different than what she knows. Just because she can't see it with eyes doesn't mean she can't see the love and beauty in the world. She is so special and not just because she can't see you, but just because of the dog she is. She is gonna be a big girl, no doubt about it. But she is learning how to be as good as we teach her. It's alot of responsibilty, but not hard. Not at all. She just makes us smile and we enjoy watching her enjoy life.

So if you've got a big heart with love to give and receive, a fenced yard and want to maybe help her become a therapy dog, this would be the little girl for you. If you are an approved applicant, feel free to contact your advisor and come meet her. St Cloud really isn't in the 'boondocks' :)

FM and the crew


Miss (Ella) Faith is doing well. I was looking back at her 'baby pictures' and look at her now and realize how much she has many ways. She is still a cut up and makes us laugh. Today I was sweeping the cement off after FD mowed and Faith just couldn't figure out what I was doing so I did slow strokes. Then she grabbed onto the broom and wouldn't let go. Lesson learned, if she can feel it move or smell it she can catch it.

While FD's 91 year old aunt spent the long weekend with us we removed the rugs at the top and bottom of the stairs from the kitchen to family room. I was nervous she wouldn't know or would revert to not wanting to take the steps. No problem. She also is going up and down the stairs to the lower level and up the stairs to the bedroom. She has adjusted to the deck table and chairs, but when I put the wading pool out I put it smack dab in the middle of the cement that she goes to get her bearings when in the yard. Yep she ran in to it and hit the water:( I felt so bad, but she rallied and I moved the pool outta the way.

She LOVES her walks and soon as that harness is on she is down the deck stairs and at the gate. So I thought I wonder what she would do if I let her out the gate with her 50' rope on and got some pics of her doing whatever she would do. Great idea huh? NOT!!! She was gone in a flash, down the grass, on the road and off on the field trail. Oh My Gosh, I had to run to catch the end of that trailing rope. Whew, I was just amazed. She knew the route by instinct and to me that is so awesome.

Jax has decided playing with Faith now that she is bigger than him is a grand idea and they have a great time. I think it was a bit confusing when Lady 12-194 and Laker 12-200 arrived last Friday, new friends yeay. Only Lady wasn't ready for Faith's in your face let's play now greeting, but has accepted her and Faith has toned down. Laker is more quiet but I have found him and Faith chewing on one another. Faith listens very hard trying to figure out where they all are and she usually can find them.

We also had a breakthrough on the walking on the road!! First time around I used a Gentle Leader and she wasn't fond of it and kept trying to rub it off, which is common. But she managed to rub off skin on top of her nose:( So next time I just snapped on the leash on her collar and off we went. She is still a tad nervous, but is adjusting. She still perfers to hit the field full speed ahead:)

We are working on sitting for food and telling her OK, food and stir the kibble a bit with our fingers so she can hear it. She has times when she doesn't want to eat at meal time and we don't push. Then other times she eats 2 to 2 1/2 cups in a sitting. She loves her treats and when she comes in the house she goes right to her kennel waiting for a treat whether it's treat time or not. It does win her praise for sitting.

She has discovered her voice and she uses it on Jax the most. If he quits playing or won't start to play with her she 'looks' in his direction and barks.........well it's more like a 'bay' sound. I guess when you mix Golden, Lab and Aussie Shepard you get a unique 'voice'. We are now working on QUIET. Work in progress. She has no problem barking to let us know she would like to come in, but not so much when she wants to go out.

Last week we had 2 days when she peed and pooped in the house. Out of the clear it was happening. No idea why. I decided it must be a urinary tract infection and was going to get a sample etc and take it in, and it stopped. It was also the time the yard was treated and FD forgot to tell the guy not to do the fenced in dog area so they couldn't be out playing at will and when I took them out to potty I wiped their feet off etc. I think this was her way of rebeling or it may have been since they weren't running in and out or spending time out by themselves, she was a bit confused. But we got past it and all is good.

Faith continues to be a joy to foster. She is sweet, sassy, funny, smart, care free and has decided sitting on my lap in the recliner is great........not so much for me. She must be up to 45 lbs by now and she just turned 5 months old today. She does remind me to look at the things in life I take for granted, and be more grateful. She knows what she knows and is happy, and that is the bottom line. We got news and pic of brother Ray now called Russell, he passed his first level obediance, and he's deaf in both ears, blind in one eye and limited sight in the other. I figure if Russell can do it, so could Faith.

Faith, Laker 12-200 and I will be at Chuck & Don's in Blaine on Saturday and hopefully I won't get lost this trip. So if you weren't able to get out to meet Faith last time, come join us this Saturday,

FM and the crew

Faith and Laker

Faith and Jax are great playmates

Faith guarding the deck

PLEASE can we come in now

The Troops - Jax, Faith, Laker and Lady

I know my way to the field

I know the trail


I thought it was time Faith told you about things from her prespective, so here we go.

Hey everyone, I am having a great time with new playmates Lady 12-194 and Laker 12-200. I wrestle with them and then Jax and when I wear them out, well then I have to settle down and take a nap. I love having all these playmates, but if they get outta my range to smell or hear them I have been barking, which in turn gets me in trouble with the foster parents. Jeesh give me a break, I'm the blind one here. One of the things I do is lay across the threshhold of the sliders and if anyone comes in or out.....GOT 'EM. Here again a bit of a problem.....when the FPs come in or out I don't know it's them and make a grab for them. Not good. So now guess we are working on something where by the FPs put their hand on my shoulders to let me know it's them. It works....sometimes. Come on I"m still a puppy, a very big one, but a puppy none the less. FD thinks I'd do better with just one sibling as I get so excited with 3 of them. Whatever. I'm still nibbling at things, like dogs, toys and FP's hand, so I really am not ready for a home with little kids. I guess I still have a lot of learning to do, and growing too:) I'm a good eater and when called to come eat I am working on my sit, wait ok food................really if you call me I should be able to eat and not have to go through all that, but guess the humans think otherwise. I also like to lay on the top step of the deck and 'catch' anyone coming or going if ya know what I mean.

Did I tell you all the rugs are gone and I go up all 3 flights of stairs and out through the garage now? Yep, got it down pat. I pretty much know my way around the house, deck and yard..........and if someone doesn't put a wading pool on my spot on the patio, I don't go tumbling in and get wet....uum FM!! I'm ok with the wading pool, but so far no big deal to me. Jax loves to stand in it especially after a run in the field. I still like to run around the fenced in yard and 'find' toys. Always something new somewhere.

I went to Chuck & Don's in Blaine on Saturday with Laker 12-200 I had a great time and met Anish who watches my site as well as all of the RAGOM dogs. His sister says he spends time on the site every day:) He is a really cool kid and he hung out with me and I really liked him. So here's a shout out to my peeps ANISH!!!! Have a great trip and maybe see you at the next meet n greet:) FM forgot her camera so no pictures, but I remember everything. We got to be in the shade on grass and meet lots of people. My FMs friends Tammy, Sam and little A came to see all of us. What a great time we had even though it was kinda hot. I loved meeting all the dogs and all the people and kids. Especially a certain little guy who had potato chips, sorry little A. Anyway, by the time we headed for home I was exhausted from meeting all my fans and slept all the way home.

You know the one thing I don't understand? When people find out I'm blind they always say, 'oh so sad, I'm sorry' etc etc. Jeesh I'm totally happy and don't know any different. I have FPs that love me, good food, toys, playmates, runs in the field, I know my way around, I play in the yard by myself when I've worn everyone else out, I like to cuddle in the chair with FM, I am totally fine kenneling up, and life is good. Anyway, I'm sorry no one thinks I would be a great addition to their family, but I'm thinking there is someone out there who will come along and know that I can learn a new house and yard, go to school and be a great sibling to another fur butt. So please don't feel sorry for me. Well, except when I bark or forget to bark to go out and have an accident. Then FM tells me I'm being a naughty girl and laughs. Make up your mind FM, listen to the bark that says let me out or just wipe it up:)

Once I'm all grown up I will have to have surgery on my right eye for sure, maybe not my left. The eye lashes on my right eye turn down into my eye, it's called entropian eye, but it doesn't bug me too much, but does make my eye 'water'. So yeah I do have that ailment that will have to be taken care of, but hey I'm worth it, really.

OK time to go check on every one and find out if I'm missing out on anything big happening. So if you think I'd make a great addition to your home, have a fenced yard and another fur butt that likes to play, contact your placement advisor.

Loving nibbles and puppy kisses


Getting ready for my walk

What are these cold little things?

What ya chewing on?

Which way to the treats?!


Laker 12-200 finally got done with his update so my turn. Gotta tell ya, he does NOT like the storm/fire works thing. Me? I have no worries either way. I'm still in my crate at night and happy as a bug in a rug. Since FM found out how much Laker weighed she has decided it's time to take me in for a weigh in since I'm eating about 3 cup a food a day. Growing girl ya know. (Back from the weigh in.........I'm 46 lbs!!!!!!!!)

Faith at five-and-a-half months

Really not a lot of news around here. I keep busy wrestling with Jax, Lady 12-194 and Laker, enjoying playing tug with Lady, chewing on my chew toys and trying to figure out how to get up on the couches or FM's lap. I got the front paws thing going, but not sure about the back legs, and no one is offering any tips. Mmmmm what's up with that. Seriously life is pretty ho hum right now, nothing big happening, same old story. Up in the morning, time with FD, eat, play time out side, hang around til FM goes to work, afternoon nap til someone comes home then we go for our walk/run in the field. Back home to cool down, then dinner, then play time on and off for the rest of the night.

Faith and Laker trying out Barney's old bed

Good news is I get to go to the Pride celebration at Loring Park on Sunday and will be at the RAGOM tent from noon to 2 pm. I can't wait cuz FM says there will be so many new people and dogs to meet, new smells, and if I'm good and weather cooperates we will go for a walk about when our shift is done. So IF you haven't made it to the Chuck & Don's meet n greets I've been to, here's your chance to meet me. Well, and some other dogs too.

OK gotta move on. Guess Lady has a couple lines to put up and then FM has to go to work. Ya's almost 1 pm already. What a 'job' she has. Speaking of jobs and work and stuff, today is Bring Your Pet To Work day. Guess what? Laker 12-1200, Lady 12-194 (adoption pending), me and Jax ALL get to work with FM tomorrow. Watch for those pics next update.

Faith at work

Toodles.....see ya around.

(Ella) Faith


Wow Friday was a busy day. Up early, ate, and got ready for work. I think this must be the earliest FM has been to work in a very long time. But we fur butts cooperated and got in the van, posed for our pic, and headed to the 'office'. Well, let me tell you no one was working that day, which is maybe why we all got to go for TAKE A DOG TO WORK DAY.....FM got interviewed for the local paper and so it was a big deal. A really nice lady named Ruth read about it, and since she is a big fan of the RAGOM site, she asked if she could come meet us all. Needless to say I made sure I was able to greet her properly:) Did a nice job, huh? We all sat around and talked and played then Ruth had to go back to work, and FM had to get down to business. By that time it was time for us fur butts to take a nap. I think FM was jelous.

Hi ho hi ho it's off to work we go

Welcome to our work

How many dogs can you get under FM's desk?!

Nap break
Welcome to take a dog to work day

I really like going some place new and FM said it was good for me to use my skills and learn my way around a new place. It didn't take me long, but the water dish was a bit of a wild card and I spilled it a couple times. What can I say, I didn't see it.......ha ha a little humor people. 

Tomorrow is our big trip day. Laker 12-200 and I get to go to Pride Celebration at Loring Park in Minneapolis and hang at the RAGOM tent. I'm a little late telling you that, but if you looked at my pic you saw that I was going. Maybe FM can remember her camera this time. I hear one of FM's old fosters, Brooklyn, and her dads are coming to visit us at the tent and she is pretty excited. Me too, I love meeting friends of FM's and new dogs. I really am a social butterfly.

Today us fur butts got to spend 4 hours with limited free roam and we all we were so good, no one chewed up anything and no accidents. FM found one later but that had to have happened before cuz we were gated in the dining area and hall. She said she was really proud of us.

I saw on the site my sister, Tilly, got adopted by her foster parents. Congrats to Tilly and her furever family. I hope someday it can say 'adopted' under my picture like it did for my bro Ray and sis Tilly. Meanwhile, I'm hanging with the fosters and am happy as always. FM says I make her smile........I could make you smile too:)

OK big day to bed. This is way past my bedtime. Stay tuned for Pride Pics.........IF someone remembers the camera.

later............... Faith

Hey! Where did that guy go?


I'm not exactly on top of things here since I'm just sending in pics from the Pride Celebration. Faith and Laker 12-200 rode very well in their crates to the park. I lucked out and paid $10 to park at a church, and a lady and couple teens parked next to me and offered help. Since Miss Faith is a strong puller, it was great to have help hauling the small cooler, purse, camera and Laker:) Took us a bit to find the area with all the dogs, but we made it.

We had Great Danes on either side of us. They are a beautiful breed and were well behaved. Faith met a dog at one of the Dane booths and kept wanting to go over and play. A lady named Susie has been watching Miss Faith's site and came to meet her. She spent a long time just sitting with Faith and petting and talking to her. Faith got lots of one on one attention while Laker was working the donation vest.

Faith and Susie at Pride

I got a special treat in that one of my adopted fosters came by with her dad, Dave, to see me and meet Faith and Laker. Miss Brooklyn, aka Brookie, came to say hi before she was heading to the lake. How I wish I could've gone with as it was so hot!!! Brookie lucked out and got 2 great dads and has the life of a princess I think. She needed someone who could help her improve her manners and she found the right dad for it. Anyway, thanks Dave, for bring Brookie by, it was great to see you both:)

Miss Brookie came to visit

It was a hot day and what cracked me up was that at a Chuck and Don's event in Roseville a few weeks back Faith would not walk on the road or side walk. At Pride she wanted to lie in the middle of the sidewalk in front of us. She was such a good girl, met everyone with joy and took everything in stride. She has another friend, Tom, who pretty much hung onto her and told people who stopped by, all about Miss Faith. We have the best friends when it comes to helping us out at these events.

Faith and her buddy Tom at Pride

Since both the dogs were well cared for I had a chance to talk with my little brother who stopped by and very generously handed me a $100 donation!!! This is not to make light of every person who put in those dollars in our donation vest. All of it is GReatly appreciated, but as a big sister, hey I gotta give a shout out to Christopher!! Thank you, little bro!!

Faith ever the charmer

Faith is still being a good girl, eats well, no accidents in the house, loves her walk/run on her 50' lead/rope, out plays ALL the dogs, has decided jumping up on my lap while I'm sitting is fun. NOT!!! So going thru the whole Sit, Good, OK now you get petted. She hasn't figured out how to get up on the couch and we aren't encouraging. We had to move the outside water dish as it was in the sun and got hot too fast. So we moved it by the deck steps, showed it to her a couple times and she got it down pat. Knows where to go. Today I put the wading pool close to the water dish, showed her where it was, helped her in (no back flips this time) and let her figure out how to get out. She got it down in no time. She adapts very quickly, whether it's going into our office, different Chuck & Don greet n meets, a walk, wherever. So if anyone thinks she couldn't adapt to a new home, you're wrong.

We have the neighbor's lab, Lake, here for the week end, so with 5 dogs and 2 being called Laker...what a zoo. My brother-in-law is here from OHIO and is a good sport about watching out for dogs, especially Faith. For some reason Lady 12-194 doesn't like Lab Laker and was snarky with him a few times. Next thing we knew he was showing his manly side shall we say. Faith doesn't care as long as someone is willing to play with her.

The funniest thing happened one day last week. We have a chipmunk I have named Chippy, and he drives the dogs crazy. He actually ran through Lady's (12-194) legs one day. Brave little bugger. Anyway, I was feeding the dogs and Faith's dish is by the sliding kitchen door. All of a sudden she stopped eating, turned and 'looked' out the door and the hackles went up on her back.....something I've never seen. I looked out and sure enough, there was Chippy sitting on the deck railing!!! Guess her nose is really getting good!!! It just was so surprising.

As I have said before Faith will need a fenced yard, someone who is strong enough to handle her, (she is very strong) she needs obedience training, and another very playful dog. Faith would be heart broken to go some where and be alone (not that I would let her). I have come to the conclusion that with training and age she would make a wonderful therapy dog. I could be wrong, but I think she would be a great inspiration for all who met her. She is going to be a big girl as she is 47 lbs now at 6 months, and she has a ways to grow:) Because she isn't fully grown, the eye surgery(ies) can't be done yet. I know it's probably a worrisome thing to think about taking on a blind half deaf puppy that is gonna be a miniature marmaduke, but she is so sweet and has such a wonderful personality. She is a diamond in the ruff/rough!! She handles new people and dogs coming and going very well. We are working on the biting thing when she is lying in the door going outside........grab a dog is ok, grabbing FM or FD is NOT OK.

Please be sure your dog(s) are safe during this heat and the holiday season. Have lots of water and protection for them. Please don't take your dog for long walks on the hot pavement and definitely not during the hottest part of the day. If your dog has anxieties try Rescue Remedy, a thunder shirt or a t-shirt tied snugly on them. Some dogs find a crate covered in blankets dark like a cave to be a safe haven. Some like a bath tub or behind a toilet. Do what you can and we'll all make it through another fireworks filled week.....yeah you know someone is gonna be shooting them off all week:(

Happy 4th of July and THANK YOU to all our service people serving who make it possible to celebrate this holiday.

FM and the crew


A big BELATED Thank You to Dave Dailey and Ashish Aggarwal for Miss Faith's spring donation!!! I apologize for not having done this update sooner, but please know your kindness is greatly appreciated.

It has been a bit of a zoo around here. Our new foster boy, Sam 07-690, had fleas and luckily all the troops here had their Frontline on so all escaped. But it took a couple weeks to clear up Sam's case and a lot of cleaning, vacuuming and spraying to get the house flea free. Trick: put talc, like baby powder, in your vac bag or recepticle when vacuuming. Any fleas you get will be suffocated and not able to escape!! Not to mention the house smells 'baby fresh'!! We had a lot of washing to do and so our past couple weeks have been hectic. On top of that we have had doggie guests both week ends.

Faith is growing and growing and growing. She is at 48.2 lbs as of last week!! She plays hard and sleeps even harder. Once out on the family room floor good luck waking her up to go out to potty and get crated for bed. What is funny though, is when she hears the 'click' on the doggie treat container she heads right for her crate:) Anyway, she is keeping Jax busy on the play front and giving FD his exercise with the daily trips out in the back 40. As she grows and gets older, she'll be 7 months in August, she has discovered some new stuff, not all good. We now keep the bathroom doors closed as taking toilet paper off the roll is great fun along with anything that is in the waste bins. Somewhere along the line she discovered jumping up on people when excited:( and needs to be reminded this is not acceptable. Her biggest accomplishment was getting up on the sofa. Her challenge was getting down:) She has figured out when Jax disappears he's on the couch and she goes 'looking' for him. Her funniest new thing is trapping Jax in her crate and then playing mouth to mouth combat with him. She is a riot on all levels. We keep reminding our selves she is a puppy, a very BIG puppy.

How do I get down?

She loves loves loves being outside. When out alone she is content to lie in the sun. If one or more of the other dogs are out, she wants to play and if she can't find them she does her 'braying' bark. Who knew a dog could have different barks that are so distinctive? While it may seem sad that she can't see the other dogs, it's all she knows. Her other senses are really kicking in and she is learning how to compensate for what she can't see. Jax very soon will not be able to hide from her:)

Lake, Faith and Laker

We have a work conference in TX (ugh can you say 100+ degrees) and so a family member will be coming to stay with the troops. That would be Aunt Jane and she's bringing cousin DD the crazy yellow lab. Faith and DD are great playmates and wear one another out, to the point even DD needs a rest and that's saying alot. I have no qualms that Jane will be an awesome Zoo Keeper while we are gone. She's actually more concerned about being able to work our tv than she is having 4 dogs here:) I will have to ask her to write her own update on living with Jax, Faith and Laker 12-200 for a week. Sam 07-690 will be with another foster....thank you Cyd and Jason. And thanks to Barry for offering to take Laker before plans changed!

Faith and DD enjoying the couch

Stay tuned for Aunt Jane's update upon our return. And a big HI to our friend Anish!!!

FM and crew

What do you mean this is the cat bed?


YIKES!!!! WE HAVE A TODDLER IN THE HOUSE!!! And her name is Ella Faith..........which is what she is hearing a lot of lately. As a parent when my kids were in trouble they got called by the first and middle name, and much like that, Faith is being given the 2 name - you are in trouble call out. Bathroom doors are now kept closed, as if left open you will find a trail of kleenix from the waste basket or toilet paper right off the roll!! Food got spilled on the deck table and she discovered she can stand up and lick the table. I left the dining area with a piece of chicken on my plate and when I returned it was in ELLA FAITH's mouth. I removed it, cut it up and shared it with all 4 dogs. Maybe not the best idea, but I sure wasn't going to eat it. So as I'm cleaning up the kitchen, Faith smells the food on the plates and proceeds to stand up, put her paws on the counter and take a swipe at the plate her tongue came in contact with!!! Yep, we have a toddler in our house:)

Best buds

Our daughter and 19 month old grandson was here for 10 days after we returned from Texas. Well, 4 dogs and a 19 month old..........what a ride it was. Faith, upon 'meeting' Gaige, thought this was an interesting smelling new play toy and jumped up very gently on him. It took a couple days but Gaige took things into his own hands, literally, by grabbing Faith's mouth and pulling her around. She figured out that if she didn't want this new 'thing' putting his hand in her mouth, she better not jump. She also discovered that Gaige walked around with food, a great water bottle that fit in her mouth and that rubbery thing (a pacifier) made a great chew toy. Needless to say we retrieved these objects from Faith's mouth more than once:) The plastic balls that Jax managed to sneak outside and just walk around with, ended up being eaten by Faith and we had colored poo for a couple days. The interaction between Gaige and Faith was really quite entertaining. My daughter's dogs ( a female lab/pittie and a male American Bulldog) do not eat toys, so this was quite the education for her. Watching 2 'toddlers' as it were kept us all on our toes, and the dogs waiting for the food to come off the high chair tray.

I'm sorry...

Faith, Gaige and Laker

I know you have food

Faith continues to grow, become stronger, but still sweet and loving. She loves to play and by about 9 - 9:30 at night she just collapses on the family room floor. By the time we are ready to go to bed FD has to practically pick her up to wake her up to go up stairs to her crate. Sometimes she goes out to potty and sometimes she just heads to 'bed'. But she is never too tired to hear the 'click' on the doggie treat jar. We still crack up as it doesn't matter what she's doing in the kitchen, when she hears the jar click she heads right for her crate and goes in and sits and waits for that treat.

Sometimes it's hard to believe she really is still a puppy, and other times when I'm picking up kleenix or chewed up plastic I remember. Tonight as I was typing up the fosters' updates, she came over by my chair, sat down and leaned her head into my side. She just wanted to be loved up for a few minutes, then proceeded to just drop to the floor for a nap. Tuesday I am taking her to the doggie eye doctor in St Louis Park to see if they could do her entropien eye surgery now as the lashes are starting to really irritate her eye. Or if there is something else with the eye. Long ride and so she will have to be crated for her safety and mine:)

Sorry for the delay in updates, but it's been a bit busy with our trip and then grandson here and well just life. I will update you on the doctor visit next week, plus get an update on her weight.

Fm and the crew
Resident Jax
Sam 07-690
Laker 12-200


Miss Ella Faith is doing great as usual. Though she has decided if she 'thinks' she hears something outside she should do her 'braying' bark along with raised hackles. Too funny. She is still her usual happy go lucky, playful, toddler self. Over all not much changes with Faith, except she gets bigger. At about 9 months she now weighs 58.6 pounds. We are still guessing she'll hit 70 or 80. We should have a pool on that bet.

We took all 3 dogs to the lake yesterday and it was interesting to watch Faith sniff the air, find her way down the grass and then hit the sand. She stopped dead in her tracks. We told her SAND so she knew the word for this new tactile encounter. She sniffed and wandered and then her toes found the lake water. Stopped and then walked in a bit. Eventually I encouraged her to join me out in the water and she did. She ended up dog paddling but didn't understand she had to keep her head above water. After that she wasn't going out anywhere her feet didn't touch:) She had a great time exploring the beach, grass, sand and listened to all the dogs barking around the lake.

Faith feeling sand for the first time

Faith feeling lake water

In the water!

Faith finding her way back to shore

We are still working on the jumping up to greet people. Just so much love to give:) When feeling alone, lost or not sure where every one is, she 'brays' until we can reassure her we are still here. She is learning to get in and out of the van on her own. Yesterday we let her be free in the van on the ride to and from the lake and she did awesome. Just found a place and curled up, chewed on a bone and was quiet as could be.

Our visit to the doggie eye doctor went well. Over an hour to get there, about half hour appointment and then home. Faith will have entropien eye surgery and her 3rd eye lid fixed on Thursday the 13th. I better go to bed early as we have to be in St Louis Park morning of the surgery by 8:00 A.M.......morning traffic ugh. But this should take care of her weeping eye from the lashes rubbing on her 'eye'. The left eye is fine. Hopefully this will be the only one she needs, but she has some growing to do and there is always the chance she could need it again. I was offered the option of sewing her eye shut but just couldn't do it.....I love the way she looks when she cocks her head in to the light and you feel maybe she sees a little something. Anyway, don't expect any probs there.

We ended up with mites after the fleas so the dogs are all getting shots. They get their second one on Thursday, then it will be safe to meet any other dogs, SHOULD anyone with a sighted dog, fenced in yard and lots of love to give, want to come meet her....hint hint:)

Well that's it for this week. Hope you all are enjoying this weather and have a safe holdiay weekend.

FM and the crew

Faith, Laker, Jax


Hi everyone, time for an update. So my FM has been looking at applications trying to find me the perfect home. She found a couple that seemed like they would be theeeee greatest mom and dad for me. So I wrote to this family and told them all about myself, in case FM forgot something on my site. Well, this nice lady wrote back and said she would call after my surgery (more later). We got home Thursday late afternoon and she called!!! My FM laughed and cried on the phone with her, silly FM. They decided to come and meet me on Saturday and brought their fur butt girls.

What can I say. I love them and I love the fur butts and best of all..........THEY ARE ADOPTING ME!!!!! I am so excited to have my very own furever family and 2 sisters. Sara Sue is a ragom girl who is 11 and Angie Blue came from a hoarder and is about 8 they are guessing. Angie likes me and I like her, and we are going to have so much fun. My family has a couple things going on the next couple weeks, so I will stay here with my FP until the last day of the month. Then my new mom will come get me, and I will go live in the country on about 3.5 acres, and I won't have to learn stairs cuz they live on one floor. How awesome is this going to be? So totally awesome, just like my new parents. My FP really like my new parents and know they will stay in touch with them. How lucky am I to have 2 sets of parents who love me so much?


I had my eye surgery on Thursday and all went well. Dr. O. basically gave me an eye lift (FM is sooo jealous) and fixed my 3rd eye lid. I have been off my feed a bit, but I just decided I wanted to eat the big dog's food after FD bought a new bag of puppy food for me. So FM is mixing the 2 and I'm trying to spit the puppy food out and just eat the adult stuff. It's going ok but I sure hope FM figures out I'm a big girl now and want the big girl food.

Our grown up girl Faith

I had to tell Laker 12-200 I was being adopted and he was so sad...............but check out his update, that's all I'm saying. I think Jax will miss me cuz I'm his play mate, but hey I'm being adopted, I gotta move on. It's the end of the 3 Musketeers:( FM will update my site once I'm adopted in a couple weeks, so stay tuned. I hope you are as happy for me as I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY:) And thanks to Shannon B. who was going to sit for me while FM and FD were gone:) I would have loved to stay with you, but instead I'm BEING ADOPTED!!!!!!

Faith and Laker sharing the news

Happy Kisses,

The 3 musketeers


Faith started a new chapter in her book of life on September 29th when she was adopted. This is my last chapter in her book.

Faith had to have surgery on her eye again on the 25th and all went well. She went through 3 cones in 3 days! Luckily her new mom got her a soft collar and she is doing great with it.

Faith has been a part of our family since she was 9 weeks old. She is now 10 months. She found her way into my heart, around the house, the yard, garbage cans and showed us what a great toilet paper and magazine shredder she was:) From baby to toddler she has been a joy and challenge to share life with. But as it is with fostering, the time comes and if you you are lucky, you find your foster that perfect forever home. As we did with Sam and Laker, we lucked out and found Faith's perfect family and home!! Parents Kim and Dean, fur butt sister Sara (a RAGOM girl from 11 years ago) and rescued lab sister, Angie. JACKPOT!!!

On Sept. 29th Faith's forever mom and 2 fur butt sisters arrived with excitement, love, a new harness and the most special collar for a most special girl. Kim sat with me and let me find the time to say good bye. We loaded the girls up and then stood in the drive, two 'moms' hugging and crying. I know I will see Faith again, just as I will Sam and Laker, but it still hurts to say good bye. Knowing Faith will be loved and cherished by this wonderful couple is all we could ask for.

I would like to thank RAGOM for bringing Faith, Ray and Tilly into rescue; to Faith's first foster mom; to the people who gave such generous tokens; to FD who walked many miles in the field with Faith and to Kim and Dean who are giving her the life she deserves. I look forward to the day she can become a therapy dog and show the world how much a 'special needs dog' has to offer.

The gates are down, the crate, bedding and bowls are washed and put away. The bathroom doors are open, Kleenex in the trash and the garbage basket back in the kitchen. The house is quiet, no more clicking nails, no cocked head listening for the other dogs, no Faith sprawled out over the slider thresh hold waiting for someone to walk by and no 'braying' pupper in the yard protecting us from that which none of us can see but Faith can sense. I miss her laying on her back leaned against the chair or under it:) It's lonely and we miss her, but know she is in a wonderful place with the best family she could have!!

Thank you to all Faith's fans for sharing her journey with us to her last stop at her forever home!!

Enjoy the pictures and updates and know Faith is exactly where she was meant to be!

Foster Mom, Dad and Jax

Faith loaded and ready to go

Faith's very special collar

Kisses for Mom

Ragom girl Sara, Mom, sister Angie and Faith

Angie and Faith playing with the Buffalo I sent home with Faith.

First update from Faith's forever family...

Wanted to let you know we made it home safe and sound. Sara and Angie slept the whole way, Faith slept about half the way home and then chewed on her rawhide. Once we got home, the girls showed Faith around the yard and then around the house and then around the yard again and the house again. We had supper and went back for a walk around the yard again....came back in and played with toys. Now Faith is SOUND asleep on the kitchen floor...pic attached. So far things are going good...just wanted to let you know. More adventures to report tomorrow.

Second update from her forever family...

Well we are on day 2 and all is still going good. Faith went for a walk down our road today with the girls and did just wonderful! She found the water bowl all by herself which is down the hall and in the laundry room, so that was a good moment. She seems to be figuring things out pretty well...I can tell she gets confused and frustrated at times, but hopefully that will not last long. Her eye is looking good and the soft cone is working out great! She did manage to pull over a plant today and spill plant and dirt all over the carpet....plants got moved to upstairs which is where she is not allowed to go for now :)

A couple more pics attached...watching football with Dad last night...playing with toys and then falling asleep while eating a rawhide. We just love her sleeping poses :)

Faith sends puppy kisses!!


Another update from Faith's forever family...

Faith had her stitches removed yesterday and her eye looks great. Everyone at my vet just LOVES her...not that it should surprise any of us. Her new thing is that she now likes to get up onto the couches just like the big dogs...very cute.

More pics attached....Angie and Faith in my "office"...I think the toy bin just exploded. Faith and Sara...RAGOM girls just hanging out, and then a couple of pictures from our morning walk with Daddy this morning. She loves to go exploring and as you can see she likes to be in the lead too :)


From Faith's (aka Ella) forever family...

Faith loves snow! A couple photos of Faith in the snow...she just cannot get enough of it! After all the playing in the snow time for a nap on the couch with sister Angie.