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Woody 12-051
(Fostered in Saint Paul Park, MN)

Sponsored by:

Mary and Carl Schroeder

A portion of Woody's medical care was paid for by a generous grant from the Golden Retriever Foundation's April Fund

Woody is a very good tall 80 lbs. boy, 3-year-old golden. House broken and up to date on his vaccinations and his heartworm test was negative. He will be 4 in October.

Before Woody came to his permanent foster family he was given over to Ragom because his family was told he would need hip surgery. He was having problems with his back right leg and then started air snapping at family kids. Well Woody was probably in pain and needs a little behavior training. Woody came into temp foster for 3 weeks. He did well with other dogs and did get along with cats but sometimes chases them to play. He would do better in a home without real young children.

3-12-12: Woody had knee surgery and is recovering.

3-16-12: He had his bandages off and he was so happy but to his bad luck he received a cone to wear while healing. He will probably need another surgery on other knee. Woody has acted very well in our home, shows love to us both, foster ma and dad also foster brother dog.


First we just need to say... what a good boy! Woody is 11 days out after surgery. Woody got stitches taken out and got the ok to toss the cone collar. Hurray. We will continue with therapy for 6 weeks. He is doing fantastic. He must have come from a good family. He knows come, go lay down, no, go outside. He gets car sick on long rides. Just again what a good boy.


I think Woody thinks he has died and gone to heaven. Week 5 continuing therapy (which includes sitting 10 times, twice a day for treats of course)and massages twice a day, "Life is good" Woody says.

Easter we had people over and Woody was a very good loving boy. He seems to be so accommodating to new surroundings. He is playful but gentle. A gentle giant and lover.


First of all special thanks to Mary and Carl Schroeder for sponsoring Mr. Big Guy Woody. He sends out lots of dog kisses and paw shakes.

We are continuing to do therapy and will go soon for x-rays to see how his knee has healed. Below is a picture of Woody and Step Brother Windsor relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. Woody is on the right side (the Big one).

Woody has had run of house when we run errands and the only thing he might get into is the trash so we lock it. He is so tall he can open screen doors by himself with his nose. Also had to change the closure on one fenced area we have because he has learned how to lift up U shaped latch. Isn't he a smart boy.


Woody had his 8 week check at the vet yesterday and the right knee that had surgery is healing good. He does have arthritis in knee but don't we all. Today resident dog Windsor, Woody and I went to the park and walked 1 mile. We all did good. Woody loves the outdoors and also rode well in car today. No car sickness. Yesterday he got a little sick going 25 minutes but I gave him breakfast before we left for appointment and maybe I should have waited until we got home from appointment. Again he is a great big loving dog and NO problem to care for.


This last weekend Woody walked his first 2 mile walk with his foster family's Ma and residence dog. Woody loves to walk and hang out outside. We alternate 1 mile walking one day and 2 the next.

Woody also spent time playing around with kids from ages 7-12 and seemed to enjoy himself. His leg that had the surgery looks good, you can tell the muscles are building back up. London Olympics lookout.

A note to his future forever family (whoever you are) you will be so happy and receive so much love from Woody. Don't miss out on this wonderful guy.


Woody and foster family drove up to Brainerd Raceway and no car sickness, up or back, 3 plus hours, good job Woody. Again I know you all are tired of hearing this but Woody is super easy. He fits in to our family so easy. We can let him off leash and he stays right with us. Or just call him and he comes back, we only do this in safe areas. Woody wanted to try his paw at riding a motorcycle but son-in-law thought different. We had a storm overnight and Woody had NO storm anxiety. He slept right through.


On Sunday Woody started his new life with a wonderful family of 4 from Wisconsin. (They're not Packer fans, thank goodness). Just kidding. He will be missed by his foster family, he is such a good boy and we wish family and Woody all the best. Take care Woody love you.


We just wanted to give you an update on Woody! You may remember that he had a second TTA surgery in March of this year.

He is fully recovered, and is doing FANTASTIC! I've attached a photo, so you can see how much he is enjoying life these days.

We also want to again extend our gratitude to you, RAGOM, Dr. R and Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital. You have all made such a tremendous difference to Woody's quality of life.

He is a wonderful addition to our family, and we are enjoying every minute with him!

Thanks again for the wonderful work you are doing!

Take care,

Scott and Ann A