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Rest in Peace

Zack 12-035
(Fostered in Owatonna, MN)

Sponsor Zack


January 26, 2012

Zack was late. More than 48 hours after his first sibling and 24 hours after his last, he slipped quietly into the world and snuggled up with his mom (Ruby 11-372), surrounded by the warm, wiggly softness of his ten siblings. His FM found this special gift during one of her many whelping box checks, her surprise at an extra pup quickly turning to concern. Small and weak, seeking comfort over sustenance, Zack was unable to suckle. Cradled by the arms of his FM, he left the next night as quietly as he arrived. A tiny life, lasting little more than a day, but long enough to love and be loved, to comfort and be comforted, to make his mark on the heart of his FM. We will miss you sweet Zack.