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Rest in Peace

Sugar 11-437
(Fostered in Hugo, MN)

Courage isn't the lack of fear... It's moving forward in spite of it. We love you brave girl! Archie and Clyde In memory of Milo and Shadow

Introducing Sugar!

Sugar is an absolute beauty! She was rescued by a man who saw she was in the cold with no food or water for at least 4 days. The owner agreed to give her to him and he called RAGOM. She is about 5-6 years old, dark red in color and weighs 60 lbs. She is so cuddly and loves her tummy rubbed.
Sugar does not have very good manners due to being an outdoor dog so we are working on training and socialization. She is smart and learning very quickly. Sugar absolutely does NOT behave well around cats and must live in a home with out them. She has been pretty good with our resident dog but they are still working out who is the alpha. Sugar did test positive for heartworm so we need to get her on treatment soon for that. She has a large hematoma on her right side which also needs to be removed, and her tongue slightly hangs out the side of her mouth from some kind of trauma. She also needs to be spayed. Once she is in glorious health and wellness she will be ready to find her forever home. So keep reading as the weeks follow to hear how she is doing and when you can take her home.



Miss Sugar has been on a tour, of sorts, before landing in our foster home. Sugar was rescued from a bad situation by a Good Samaritan; however, they could not keep her because of her not so good behavior around their cat. So, she was then surrendered to RAGOM and went into a foster home. She was moved again from that foster home (there was an issue with the resident dog) to boarding, thank you Stone Mountain. After a couple weeks at Stone Mountain, we decided we needed to spring her from boarding and get her back into a foster home. Before she made it to us, she was taken to the VCA Hospital for a biopsy of a tumor on her side. So, in total, she has been to five (5) different places in a very short time. To say she is starved for attention would be an understatement. Sugar's travels have now ended, at least until we find her a forever home. We think she is beautiful and just needs a little work. Sugar turned 6 years old on January 14, weighs 60 pounds with beautiful medium golden hair. There must have been an accident in Sugar's past because her tail feels like it was broken near the tip and her tongue will sometimes hang out the side. These do not affect her appearance at all. I wouldn't say she is a velcro dog, but she does like to be near her people.

Her first day in our foster home she continually jumped on us out of excitement, so the training began immediately. Sugar is very smart and wants to please. Sugar met our two girls in the fenced yard and within minutes decided she would play bow to our Pepper Anne and off they went, we have had no issues with our girls. Sugar is very powerful with great muscle tone and large paws, couple that with no manners, and she can be a handful. Having said that, I would like to point out, in just two short days she now understands to keep all four paws on the floor and she will be rewarded with lots of pets. All we have to say to her is ... "feet down". Sugar has also come to understand that before going through a door (in or out) she needs to sit and wait her turn, something that she is really catching on to. Prior to coming into RAGOM, I don't think she spent a lot of time in a house .... boy, has she decided this life is soooo much better. Sugar apparently likes the feel of my couch. We have had one potty accident, but we are the ones who lost track of where she wandered off to, so that one is on us. I don't think I would say she is completely housetrained but, with a little time and very little effort, I know she will be. For example, yesterday, day two in foster care, she actually paced and went to the door to let us know she wanted out. Smart Girl! Sugar loves to be outside and roll in the snow, which is good because she doesn't smell so great. We would give her a bath but she has stitches from her biopsy, so that will have to wait. I did give Sugar a tennis ball while she was outside and it took her a whole 15 seconds to tear it apart. We don't allow toys or bones to be out until our foster has a chance to settle in, but she was outside by herself. She has not been destructive in the house though. We took all the girls on a long walk and Sugar wasn't impressed with the Gentle Leader. After the first 1/2 mile she decided she just needed to go with the flow. She is much easier to handle with a Gentle Leader than a flat collar since she is so strong and can pull foster mom over. On our walk we met several dogs, both tied up and loose, and Sugar did not try to pull or lunge to get to them .... good girl. We also saw a squirrel and Sugar had to stop and stare but didn't try to attack, considering her aversion to cats I thought that was pretty great.

OKAY - now for the medical news ....

Sugar is heartworm positive, so she will be starting treatment on Monday, February 6 - please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. This will be our third dog with heartworm, what a shame. Sugar is very lucky she landed in RAGOM so she can get the best possible care. Once she has recovered from the heartworm treatment she will be headed back to the vet to have the tumor on her side removed and to be spayed. On a very positive note ... the biopsy of the tumor is benign, so Sugar will live a long and happy life once all of this is over. Sugar will be unavailable until she heals but if you want to know more about her, please contact your Placement Advisor.



Sugar is doing so great in foster care.  She has really settled in and is showing us her inner spirit.  Sugar is able to sit and stay (okay she does a stay for 30 seconds tops) before getting her food, that's great!!!  When she first arrived, as we do with all fosters, she ate in a separate room from our girls....she is now eating along side our two girls and there have been no issues.  We will keep working on her stay command.  So far, Sugar has learned "sit" "come" "down" "out" "feet down" and is working very hard on "wait" and "stay".  Considering she has only been with us for one week, I think she is doing just great.  In between all this training, our poor girl has undergone major surgery to remove her tumor and to get spayed.
Miss Sugar decided she didn't want to leave the tumor on her side alone, so everyone agreed she should have this removed before starting her heartworm treatment.  As you can see by the before picture, the tumor was rather large and becoming very sore.
Her surgery was done on Friday, thanks to the wonderful staff at the Waseca Vet Clinic, and by Sunday Sugar was ready to snuggle with foster mom to watch the Super Bowl.
Sugar has also graduated to sleeping outside her kennel during the night and loves sleeping next to foster mom on her own dog bed.  We do baby gate our bedroom door so she can't go wander off  during the night.  We have found if she's not underfoot, you can always find her laying on the couch.  She has really decided my couch is her favorite place to lay down.  I think we will start to work on having her sleep on her dog bed instead .... at least until we can give her a really good bath.
It has become obvious to us that Miss Sugar was not treated with the love and care she deserved.  This might explain why we were told she didn't like to be touched on her head area when we picked her up during transport.  If I approach her with a brush or something else in my hand, she will flinch, duck her head and run off ..... so sad.  So, we have been working with her and we can now pet her head, rub her face, scratch her head, smooch her face, clean her ears, look at her teeth and we have no problems, but, put anything in your hand and she will duck.  I know with time, she will come to realize nothing is going to hurt her again and she will learn to enjoy being brushed.  For now, getting brushed is not her favorite experience.



Just a quick note to let everyone know Sugar is doing GReat in her foster home.  She is all Golden ... loves her people, loves to snuggle, loves walks and car rides, plays with foster sisters till they drop, has the nose nudge, perfect foot warmer, beautiful smile .... what more could you ask for?
Sugar is healing nicely from her surgery, BUT, she will be going in again on Wednesday to start her heartworm treatment.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  Heartworm disease is so easy to prevent and so hard to go through.  Even though she has had a few "bumps" along the way, she is one special girl looking for one special family or person to call her own.
If you are thinking about sponsoring a deserving Golden, please consider Sugar ... thank you.  If you would like to know more about our sweet girl, contact your Placement Advisor.



Sugar has completed her heartworm treatment and is now resting quietly at home.  It was obvious she was well cared for at the Waseca Vet Clinic .... Thank You!!  When I showed up Sugar was happy to see me but kept following Tara, Vet Tech, around until it was time to go home.  This treatment is painful and poor Sugar is not feeling very peppy today, but we know she will get a little better each day.
I wanted to share a few pictures we took before she went in for treatment.  Sugar is really enjoying her new life and we enjoy showing her all the things she missed.  One of her new favorite things is wrestling .... and my son loves to wrestle with her.
As you can see, Sugar is sporting a T-shirt to cover her recent surgery.  Sugar was not very good about leaving her stitches alone and we tried to keep it covered with a T-shirt, definitely not her favorite thing.  I was so happy when the stitches came out and I could be done changing torn up T-shirts everyday.
We have been working with Sugar to not be afraid of being brushed, or afraid of anything coming at her head.  I am happy to report I was able to brush her beautiful coat yesterday without her running or ducking in fear.  Sugar even let us style her tuft of hair .... isn't she beautiful J
We are so proud of the progress she has made since coming to our home.  We have been working on her stay and wait commands and she is really doing well.  Miss Sugar can now "sit" and "stay" until getting the "eat" command, which is fantastic after only a few weeks.  Here are a few updates about our girl .....
1.  Sugar does not like the vacuum, she will hide when it comes out.
2.  Sugar is not good at letting go of a ball, she will run away and will not let it go
3.  Sugar is a Tigger - she will bounce, bounce, bounce off the floor
4.  Sugar loves to watch animal shows on TV and will bark when she see dogs
5.  Sugar loves kisses on her nose and to be rubbed under her chin - this is what calms her
6.  Sugar has not had any issues with other dogs - ours, neighbors, or at the vet clinic
7.  Sugar has learned to go to the door or whine when she wants to go outside
We thought it was interesting she met a 15 lbs. dog at the Vet Clinic (size of a cat) and had no issue at all, in fact they played together.  She has also watched a cat walk past our house and yard ... she got excited (bounced) but did nothing but watch.  As soon as she feels better I plan to work with her on "trade" and "drop" commands, but she is not very food motivated so this one will take some time and she needs to trust she will get something back.
This last picture is her smoochie face .... we think she is so cute
Please keep our girl in your thoughts, as she heals from the heartworm treatment.  If you would like to know more about her please get with your Placement Advisor.  Sugar is such a sweetheart.



How time flies when you're having fun with a foster.

GUESS WHAT ..... Sugar will be at the Rochester Petco event on Saturday, March 10 from 12:00 - 2:00. We'll call this her official debut. We would love to have you meet her, she has been working very hard on her manners.

Sugar has been doing fantastic. She is feeling much better since her heartworm treatment ended, just a few bouts of not feeling great. When she wasn't feeling good she would stretch out on the couch ..... hhhhmmmm .... just like foster mom likes to do. As you can see, her incision is healing nicely. Once her hair grows in you won't even know she had that awful tumor. And the best part, she will live a long and happy life from now on.

We were able to finally give her a much needed bath .... YEAH!! She didn't know what to do, so mom stepped in the bath and, of course, Sugar had to follow. Once she was in the tub she stood very still and seemed to really enjoy getting all bubbly. What she didn't like was the sprayer, so to remedy that I held it close to her skin and then she was fine. After her bath she got a complete head to toe brushing and stood like a champ. She is so beautiful.

We have been leaving her out of her kennel during the day now, and the only thing that was apparently too tempting was a door draft stuffed snake (thing). Otherwise, no shoes have gone missing, no blankets and been torn to shreds, no pillows have been destuffed, no plants with missing leaves, and no pine cones disturbed ... WOW. Our son did learn a valuable lesson this week - Sugar seems to LOVE an Arbys roast beef sandwich and curly fries. Who could blame her .... okay maybe our son (ha! ha!) Next time, I'll bet he puts it out of reach of the dogs. We have had no issues during breakfast, lunch or dinner though, and, she has never tried to counter surf. Even though our son was extremely upset with her, he was still willing to share his egg chair, which now seems to be her favorite lounging chair.

Sugar and foster sister, Pepper Anne, have really hit it off .... they love to play with each other. Sugar has tried to engage our Josie (RAGOM alumni) but Josie has never been one to go all out with any of the fosters. Sugar does need more practice at calming down, especially when we get home from work. It's just so hard - she's so happy to see you. She has turned into quite the snuggle bug and has even started giving little kisses.

If you would like to know more about out wonderful girl, please contact your Placement Advisor.



We held a family meeting this last weekend and it was unanimous .... foster mom must be doing a terrible job of letting you know about our WONDERFUL girl Sugar.  To quote my son "if she hadn't stole my Arby's, she would be my favorite" .... translation .... "Sugar is my favorite foster"  Sugar makes us laugh everyday.
Sugar attended the RAGOM event in Rochester and she surpassed my expectations.  I wasn't so concerned how she would behave with other dogs, she's met several and had no issues.  I was more concerned how she would be around that many people at one time and would she pull every toy off the shelf.  Well, she met every dog with a tail wag and every human (even the little ones) with a smile, and even though she smelled the toys she didn't take them off the shelf (below are a few pictures from the event) ....

Several people at the event thought she was so adorable and wanted to take her home, but they weren't approved applicants.  So, if you are approved .......
Let's do a quick recap of Miss Sugar:
1.  Sugar is good with humans of all ages
2.  Sugar is good with all dogs
3.  Sugar is now 100% house trustworthy (just put up any stuffed animals)
4.  Sugar is crate trained (knows the word "kennel")
5.  Sugar is very affectionate
6.  Sugar will sleep on her dog bed during the night (on your bed if you want) without a baby gate
7.  Sugar does not counter surf (unless you bring home Arby's)
8.  Sugar knows the following commands ... "sit" "stay" "eat" "down" "out" "wait" "come" "no" "kiss" "kennel"
9.  Sugar does not get on furniture unless you tell her it's okay
10.  Sugar walks great on a gentle leader
11.  Sugar will be your constant companion - she loves to be with her family
12.  Sugar does not bark a lot
13.  Sugar knows the golden nudge and uses it often
14.  Sugar loves to smile
15.  Sugar will gently wake you up in the morning by putting her front paws on your bed
16.  Sugar has the funniest Tigger bounce when she gets excited
17.  Sugar will calm right down when you rub her under her chin
18.  Sugar can eat right next to our girls with no issues
19.  Sugar loves to be brushed and will step in the bath
20.  Sugar is good in a fenced yard or a tie-out, we have both
Ok, to be fair, here are Sugar's negatives:
1.  Sugar is probably not so great with cats (previous experience) - although to be really fair Sugar played with an 8-week old puppy at the RAGOM event and was perfect - so maybe she just played too rough with the cat???
2.  Sugar had some medical issues - although to be really fair Sugar had her tumor removed and it was benign so it isn't an issue anymore, and, she has completed her heartworm treatment so that isn't an issue anymore either.
3.  uuuummmmm - Oh - Sugar is still learning about toys.  Sugar would prefer to never have to let go of a toy.  We have been working with her on this one and she is doing better.  She needs to trust she will get her toy back.
4.  Sugar does not like the vacuum cleaner - although to be really fair neither does mom (ha! ha!)
5.  Sugar is not a huge fan of storms - doesn't hide just pants and wants to be close
There you go ... that's our WONDERFUL Sugar
Let us know what you think.  Contact your Placement Advisor today - you won't be sorry.



May 17, 2012

Look who's back in RAGOMland... Little Miss Sugar-Butt!

Sugar was adopted out just about a month ago to a very nice family that was aware Sugar had a bit of a "ball obsession" and they would have to take their time to allow Sugar to transition to her new environment and new people before the ball came out. the excitement of adopting this little sweetheart and noting how well everything was going the first few days, the family admits they moved on too fast and should have stuck with the foster's plan that helped Sugar in her foster home. Unfortunately, Sugar was not ready to have these "strangers" share her ball...and so while lying on her ball cuddling with her new mom, one of the boys came up to pet her---but of course Sugar thought he was after her ball and gave his arm a "STAY AWAY from my ball" correction. Luckily, this was an open mouth correction and while there was no broken skin, the reaction was so quick, it really rattle the family and rightfully so. Sometimes we all forget how stressful new environments are to our new fur friends and while we are excited and happy with our new addition---a new environment with new people, new routines, and new movements can be a very stressful ordeal for a dog and can cause a dog that has progressed beautifully in a foster home to regress completely until the same time, effort, and training take place to allow trust to develop with the new family as it did with the foster family.


Another thing we often make the mistake of doing is rushing to introduce our new family member to all our neighbors, our vet, and our groomer all in the first few days. I mean---we are "excited"...but we forget that our dog is not feeling the same "joy" and will often act out when he/she feels totally overwhelmed, scared, or threatened. This was also Sugar's experience and so after 4 days in her new home and a very stressful visit to the Vet in which she again reacted to too many new hands coming at her, it was decided that Sugar should return to RAGOM.

And she is .....Settling in nicely as you can see....

Sugar and her new foster brother Littlin/Leo 08-608!


Sugar has been with us for three weeks now and she is as SWEET as her name. She is just starting to let her guard down a bit with her ball.....but remove the ball from the picture and she is just about perfect....well...unless you drop a napkin or wrapper-----then..."It's Game On," says Sugar.

Since Sugar arrived----the Golden Rule is---DO NOT TAKE from Sugar. It's always our first reaction of course...especially when Sugar grabs a wrapper or a paper towel we dropped and starts chomping away...but we remind each other (LOUDLY) ----"TRADE!" For example, when she holds on to an item....we offer her a valuable item in trade. If she refuses to trade, we just walk away, but its not long before Sugar is right there in front of you doing her little dance---ready to be asked to trade again. She is learning that we are the "Givers" of good things and when she "drops" what she has...she receives a better item----be it a tossed ball (she LOVES to play fetch) or a better toy, or a yummy treat. We just "don't go there" at this point with trying to take her things directly from her----what would we gain? So, we spend time everyday as the "Givers." It has been totally cute because Sugar gives you this confused look every time we walk by and offer her a ball or a stuffed animal or a treat---whether her mouth is empty or not. She just stares at"What are you doing?" This simple practice has been very positive and has started to earn trust between us, so we will continue to grow our relationship with her in this way so that Sugar can learn to trust us as the Givers before things are "taken" from her.

Sugar is soooo worth the extra effort in training and commitment! We just can't get over what a blessing she has been to our resident dogs Pete & Jonah----they just love her! Sugar is a great girl--- cute as can be----a TOTAL LOVE BUG and the best snuggle partner ever! She IS a bit quirky...but who isn't these days?

Sugar is due (6/8/12) for her follow-up Heartworm test following her treatment. Paws crossed she is good to go so she can start looking for her "perfect" forever family.

Please note: because of Sugar's fear/reaction to people taking things from her---we want to give her the very best family scenario to ensure her future success and so we will be looking for a child-free "forever" home for Miss Sugar-Butt.

More to come as Sugar continues to settle in...


Hi Everyone!!!  Miss Sugar-Butt HERE! 

WOW!  I want to send a BIG Sweet Smile to a very special person that bought me a spring butterfly token “In memory of Milo and Shadow.”  That is the nicest, sweetest, thing ever!  What an honor!  Thank you so much for being so kind to me.

Foster mom is busy chasing the other doggies here on the ranch, so I thought I could share with you all I’ve been doing.  Foster Mom says I’ve been a really good girl----I’m even starting to drop my toys and my precious ball because I learned I get GOOD STUFF when I do.  I’m also learning that these people could care less about my ball, so I tend to drop it more and more.  I even dropped it right in FD’s lap one night and FM was shocked!  She seems to love when I do stuff like this, so I’ve been doing it more and more because she gives me so much attention when I do.  And boy---do I LOVE getting attention!

One thing I do that makes everyone laugh is when I run the back fence and do my “Tigger-Bounce.”  You can’t believe all the geese that are back there and I want one soooo bad.   Foster brother Pete loves me so much---he gave me his stuffed version so I would feel like I accomplished something I guess.   Gotta love Big Brothers and I know they love me!!!  Pete always chases me and barks at me to play----we chase and have fun!  He’s a big push over and really doesn’t quite understand that I’m quite the little “Tom-Boy” and I give him a good run for his money! 

As for my other foster brother, Leo (RAGOM Boy Littlin 08-608), we have a “ball-thing” for each other.  We both LOVE them!!!  FM says I’m quite the instigator of stealing the balls away from Leo, but I don’t think she sees the whole picture.  Honestly---we’ve come to a pretty good understanding as of late because FM said if we don’t---“someone” has to go.  Hmmmm…I wonder “who” she is thinking of? So after a long “chat” Leo and I decided we better shape up.  FM made sure there are always plenty of balls outside and so we started taking turns running for them as FM & FD toss them in every direction.  See----these things can be worked out with good manners and good management.  Leo does show a little more restraint than I do---but I’m a “work in progress,” as FM says.

Truth be told---I kinda like the little ball thief Leo.  He keeps things interesting around here!  And…he’s a great cuddle partner…especially when I’m scared.   I sure hate those storms! 

FM says Leo and I remind her of the cartoon characters Wile E. Coyote & The Road Runner because we chase each other and compete for the ball but at the end of the day----we are the best of friends. 

I’m supposed to let you know a couple things if you are thinking you might want to meet me Smile……so here goes:

  • FM says I should have an experienced dog owner because even though I’m doing well at this home---- because of my past,  I need a family that understands I have some trust issues and it takes time for me to trust you with my ball and with my stuff.  I do grab food and wrappers and bars of soap (don’t ask) and you will need to be a good leader and learn how to work with me.  FM & FD have it down pat and I am feeling really good with them---but of course---I will have to begin again with my next family. 
  • No Cats----well---I’d like cats but FM says, “No Cats.”  Seems someone mentioned somewhere that I like to harass cats, but I’m pleading the 5th.
  • I do have some storm anxiety---I pace and hide and bury my head in the darkest corner I can find.  I will not go outside to go potty if it’s storming---heck—I don’t even want to come out of the bath-tub.  Yes, I hide in the bathtub when it’s storming out---don’t you?   FM gives me a melatonin to take the edge off when it’s going to storm.  I’m not destructive or anything---I just get scared and hide.
  • Other than these things mentioned above---I’m about as beautiful, loving and sweet as you will find.  I make my foster family laugh every day.  I love to meet new people and love to play with dogs----I’m a really good friend and I walk really nice too!  I have free-roam and like to sleep on a dog bed or on the couch---and I LOVE to cuddle with you!  The jury is still out on needed another dog in my home….more on that later…

OK---gotta run!  If you want to meet me….please let your Placement Advisor know.   Gotta get packed for the Lake…..What????  Who said “Lake?”   To be continued….



Sugar’s BIG Lake Adventure…best told through photos of course Smile

Sugar arrived at the Lake—bypassed Grandma and Grandpa and in she went!

Sugar and her buddy Littlin/Leo 08-608 played and played.  Sugar could barely stand to wait for her turn to chase the ball into the water.

(As you can see, both pups were on very long ropes so they could enjoy and be safe---foster rule Smile)

Sugar’s 1st dilemma!

Getting ready to discover Sugar’s 2nd dilemma!

Just like a little kid----“I wanna jump in, but I don’t wanna jump in!”

Well----she did find the courage to jump---but if you could have seen her poor face when she surfaced---you would know this was Sugar’s 1st time in over her head!  FM was VERY thankful for that long rope attached to her!  Poor thing---she managed some sort of dog paddle and survived her 1st jump---unfortunately---it will most likely be her last!

Sugar was happy to catch some sun and hang out in the shallow end for the rest of the day!

Ahhh…so this is the Golden Life I’ve been hearing about,” says Sugar!

I think she could get used to this---don’t you?

Sugar will be out at Chuck and Don’s in Blaine on Saturday, June 9th!  Come out and meet this little love bug!  She will be with her boy Littlin/Leo---and they will be ready for some RAGOM lovin’!!!


Hi Sugar Butt Fans!!! 

We have some GReat NEWS!!!  Sugar’s follow-up heart-worm test came back a BIG FABULOUS “NEGATIVE”!!!!  So we are pretty happy and wanted to thank all her fans for the prayers and good vibes they sent throughout her heartworm treatment and recovery!!!  Love does conquers all—including worms! 

Speaking of LOVE---Sugar is ready to find her forever family and just to make sure she doesn’t miss out on any good ones---she will be out at the Parktacular Parade and RAGOM Event booth this Saturday, June 16th and will also be hanging out in the RAGOM booth at the PRIDE Festival on Sunday, June 24th.

See, she is all ready to go with her PRIDE Bandanna:

Sugar has really settled in and is showing us everyday who she is and what she needs to feel safe, happy, and comfortable.  Here is what we know:

  • Sugar needs affection and patience –she is love starved!
  • Sugar needs a child-free home as we want to make sure she is in an environment that is mature and understanding---looking for a family with rescue dog experience.
  • Sugar cannot go to a home with cats---NO CATS—we are told she likes them TOO much
  • Sugar loves other dogs---ideally would like a home with another dog—but as long as she has the opportunity for good dog interaction (doggie daycare, dog parks, neighbor dogs, etc.---should be just fine!)
  •  Sugar loves to run and play---stuck on a tie-out will NOT work---but playtime at dog parks, walks with her people, and running errands would be awesome!  Fence or not is fine as long as she is not stuck on a tie out.   
  • Sugar loves to cuddle and hang with her peeps on the couch.  Looking for a home that likes to have a doggie to share the couch with!

Here are a few new photos with Sugar and her “Boys”

Littlin (Leo) 08-608 and Sugar playing after the rain

Sugar helping our new guest Bear 10-247 feel “welcome” back on the Ranch

Sugar and Foster Dad enjoying a good laugh at AFV’s Funny pets

Sugar is such a wonderful dog!  I hope you can come out to meet her at one of the upcoming events---But let me warn you---She is even more beautiful and sweet in person!


Tales from Sugar’s Super PRIDE Adventure!

Sugar and her buddy Leo had a BLAST representing RAGOM at the Twin Cities Pride Festival on Sunday.  Lots of new and old friends stopped to say, “HI!”  Sugar poured on the sweetness as usual!

Littlin/Leo 08-608 & Sugar working the booth

Princess Sugar on her throne

What a Trooper---Good Girl!

What most of us volunteers looked like after our shift at the booth!

Back at the Ranch and Ready to Roll!

A BIG BIG Thank YOU to everyone that stopped by to say, “HI” and hang out with us!  What a FUN day we had and we sure loved all the interaction and conversations we shared!  Hope to see you all again soon!

Big HUG from Sugar Butt to all her Fans!

Sugar is patiently waiting for her very special forever family to find her!  We hope they are not lost somewhere because they sure are missing out on a very sweet, silly, sensational little girl so full of love we fear she might explode!

We’ll keep her safe and sound until they find their way….but should anyone see them…will you be so kind to point them in the right direction? Laughing  Sugar says, “Thanks!”



Sugar helping with the tree trimming project...


Your Attention Please.

Sugar would like to put out a Public Safety Announcement...

Here is Sugar's "Top 3" List of Safe Places to Hide in the Event of Severe Weather---or a passing shower, or just if it is too darn hot out:

1.  If you are in a house, your safest place is in the bathtub---this is Sugar's favorite Safe Spot hands down!

2. If you find yourself without a bathtub, head for the car.  Jump through an open window if you must, or as soon as someone opens the door---leap for safety!  (Note:  Sugar was kept in a garage at her surrendering owner's home and outdoors prior to that. She always wants to hide in a car if she has the chance-----must have been a safe place for her before she discovered the bathtub)

3. And Heaven forbid, you find yourself outside during a severe weather (including 90+ degree temperatures)-----find the nearest large wood pile and hunker down.

Sugar sure hopes you find this Public Service Announcement helpful!  Sugar has become quite a Pro at finding the best "safe spots" during severe weather.  So please stay tuned for more info as Sugar discovers it :)




Sugar meets a Frosty Paw and decides she really likes it A LOT. Because of her tongue damage on the one side...she is interesting to watch when a new food is introduced---she has to "figure it out."

How do you do this?

Lick it? But my tongue doesn't work like that

How about I just chew it?

All Gone---See? May I have another?

Yep...that's our Sugar Butt! If you can't lick it clean---just eat the whole thing--cup and all!


Hi Friends---did you see??? I've been adopted!!!! I get to stay right here with my foster family and all my toys and with my resident brothers forever and ever! Can you believe it? I guess I must have done really good---right?

I remember when I first arrived, my foster family was so very sad. They had just lost their doggie pack leader--1st RAGOM Girl, Miley--and so the “Pack” had completely fallen apart and everyone was sad. FM was so sad because her “boys” were just lost without their “girl” and she was lost without her Lead girl. I guess Miley was full of “magic” and with that magic, she really helped all the foster doggies that came to the ranch…so FM was especially sad that without Miley, they wouldn’t be able to help more foster pups. It was a pretty sad place I must admit.

FM said when she saw that I was coming back into RAGOM and heading straight to boarding, she felt drawn to help me—as if Miley’s paw was on me—and so my transport was redirected to the Ranch. Lucky me---and lucky them---FM says! This family helped me so much and I guess I did some helping too! Turns out---I have a little of that “Miley Magic” myself. FM says from the time I arrived, the dark cloud of sadness started to lift from her boys and the smiles slowly returned.

Sugar with Resident, RAGOM Boy Pete/Bear

Sugar with Resident, RAGOM Boy Jonah—cuddle buddies

Sugar with “Dad”—enjoying a game of basketball together

Not only did I help the “boys” of the Pack, but I guess I’m pretty darn good as a foster sister too! Littlin/Leo 08-608 and Bear 10-247 totally love me and I love them! FM saw how good I am with other dogs and how—even though I’m about as “quirky” as they come---I’m a nice strong Pack Leader---and the boys sure know it! Feeling Miley’s paw print on me, FM just couldn’t bare the thought of losing such a wonderful girl again---nor could the boys—so they asked if I’d like to stay forever and I think you know my reply!

Yep—it was a BIG YES!!!! Here I am---with my “new” pack---with Jonah on my left and Petey on my right---ready to be a “real” pack family and ready to help as many dogs as we can together!

I love this family so much---they seem to “get” me and I “get” them. They don’t mind all my goofy quirks---and I don’t mind theirs (and trust me---they have a few!) And they love me unconditionally just like I love them. Thank you RAGOM for getting me healthy and for not giving up on me---I finally made it home to the best family for me---and you can be sure I’ll make you all very proud as a RAGOM Ambassador!

And to my sweet RAGOM sister at the Rainbow Bridge…Thank You Miley! They ARE wonderful--just like you said! I will take good care of them for you---I promise! Thank you for helping me to the Golden Life----as every dog should!

I will do my best to help as many other doggies find their way as soooo many helped me find my way----THANK YOU to everyone that played a part!

Yours truly,
Sugar Butt—Adopted RAGOM Girl 11-437