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Meagan 11-412
(Fostered in Brooklyn Center, MN)

Sponsored by:

Paul and Mary T.
"It's all about baby steps Meagan and with the help of your wonderful FM, you are definitely headed in the right direction!!"

In memory of Shondra  In memory of our sweet Puppy Mill girl Shondra, we will always love you and miss you! The Johnsons
Merry Christmas!  Merry Christmas, Meagan! Matt, Jenessa, and Belle
From Melissa J to Donis G  From Melissa J to Donis G
Merry Christmas to the Golden Seniors! From Anonymous  Merry Christmas to the Golden Seniors! From Anonymous



This beautiful, gentle lady is safe, and beginning her golden RAGOM life. We picked up Megan from the vet New Years Eve Day. She is 7 years old and was surrendered by a breeder with Ginger 11-413. Thank you RAGOM transporters for her long trip from South Dakota. She was micro chipped and received the mandatory vaccinations. Other than a little peradontia and being overweight at 89# she is considered healthy. No more babies for this girl. She'll be spayed in Feb. and not available until March at the earliest.

To say Megan is scared of everything would be an understatement. She would not stand for the complete exam so a fecal test will have to wait. She crawled into the crate & was lifted into our SUV to go home. Megan celebrated New Years Eve quietly in her “house” and refused to come out, eat or drink water.

Fostering this sweetheart reminds me of the lyrics to “Bridge Over Troubled Water” “Your time has come to shine. All your dreams are on their way. See how they shine. Like a bridge over troubled water, I will ease your mind.”

Monday before work she braved the big scarey outside world. Gates closing behind her send her in a panic, but she did her business and returned to the safety of her “house.” Shortly after we went to bed and it was quiet, she finally drank some water and ate her food mixed with some beef broth.

Tuesday more progress walking around the backyard and started to run a little, always on leash for fear she may jump the fence. She seemed to enjoy a little exercise and shadowed me the entire time. To encourage her to eat more, we added cottage cheese to the food and broth. It worked, but she only eats after we go to bed.

Wednesday, in hopes that she would eat food while at work, I added the cottage cheese to her dry food with a fish oil pill. She ate the cheese and pill. Good girl! Tonite she was okay with a little brushing and I got the loving golden paws on my leg when we were outside for poddy. Good girl.

Thursday Megan let me cut a couple mats behind her ear and a clump of dried stinky stuff from her behind. She is slowly getting comfortable with loving outside her house, putting her paw on our arm when we stop petting her. She flew into her house when FD accidentally dropped her leash when he was petting her. She is running more and less afraid of the backyard but stays next to me and we run together.

Saturday. Its been a learning experience week with Megan and us. Today we went for a walk around the block with the golden girls. Megan was fabulous. We double leashed her, but it wasn’t necessary. She was more curious than scared and walked along with no problem.

Sunday is bath day. We couldn’t tolerate Ms. Stinky any longer and resolved to give this girl a special spa day. We had cardio training (running) in backyard, hoping it would tire her for the ride to her appointment. She was trembling at first, but relaxed a bit during the sudsy massage and even allowed a quick pedicure while she baked in the lavender conditioner. She was calm and relaxed after we wrapped her in a towel and laid her on a comfy dog bed.

Tonite I moved her house into the living room next to Heather’s house where the action is. The vacuum didn’t seem to bother her. First time she is taking treats from my fingers, cheese and salmon chummies.

Tuesday, Not eating food or drinking much water. Getting more comfortable going outside with her leash trailing. We play hide and seek behind the trees, trying to give her some independence because she is ignoring the girls and almost glued to me. More dry food soaked in beef broth that she refuses to eat. Nature called me at 3:30am, and her food was untouched so I tried coaxing her to eat. I put food on the top of her paw. She ate it. Then from my hand, paw, hand, paw, hand. Yea! Megan ate a cup of the mushed up stuff. Guess I need to pick up more cottage cheese ;-)

We've had this beautiful girl almost 3 weeks now. She is coming out of her house with less resistance. She is starting to explore the backyard and finally using her nose. She is still afraid of almost everything but building more trust in us. Please keep pawsitive thoughts and prayers for Kekoa.



Our beautiful girl is making progress. She is as comfortable on the couch as in her crate. Her food and water intake have improved. Her bushy gold tail is hiding less. Frequently we see a little flashing wag. She exhibits affection by sharing her paw or a gentle kiss on our hand. She flies out the deck door to do her business and bravely runs circling thru the little yard & big yard up and over the deck and back to my side until she is tired. She burns a lot of calories, while building muscle on her cardio circles.

But anything out of the ordinary like a snow blower, car engine, door closing, person next door sends her in a panic up to the door. She keeps her "crate" totally clean and has not had any accidents in our house except 2 when we didn't understand her signals.

Megan will be an awesome, loving, loyal dog when she acclimates to the golden life and bonds with her new family, For now she needs time to observe, trust and understand that no more babies will be taken from her and she will never experience neglect again. 

She will understand people, toys, treats and human affection are okay. She's moved to a dog bed in the bedroom. We don't even know she is there. She is very quiet and rarely barks. Now she has 3 safe places; couch, crate, dog bed. We are doing the happy dances. Megan recently started making snow angels and using her nose. We are so pleased. She isn't quite engaging with Meg and Heather, but she is starting to observe them outside.

Her baby fat is disappearing and she is achieving that girly girl figure. We are noticing a defined waistline.

Megan was spayed today. Imagine our surprise when the scale at MNSNAP said her weight is 65#. Dec. 31 she was 89#. Hmmm, she has been eating well the last 2 weeks. I wonder if either scale is fibbing. She was sleeping when we picked her up. But she paniced when we folded it so we made sure she followed her crate out the door. When we got home she plastered herself in the crate and 6 hours later she hasn't ventured out.

If you would like to sponsor this sweetie, Megan will give ya tail flashes and gentle kisses, I promise.

Thanks for reading about her.


Tail flashes and soft kisses to Meagan's wonderful sponsors, Paul & Mary T. Thank you for helping this beautiful girl.

Meagan is recovering well from her spay. She must have been a fantastic mommy over the years. There is worry and concern when she hears the husky puppy down the block or crying puppies on TV. She is getting a little braver. If I'm out of site, she cautiously seeks me out, spots me in another room and then scurries back to her safe place on the couch. We are encouraging her to get more independent. She goes outside without me physically accompanying her, but waits for the girls to go down with her while I watch them all from the window. No dilly dallying for this girl. She runs down, does what's necessary and comes right back.

Meagan went to the vet today. I'm concerned about her weight loss, warm/moist or warm/dry nose and her depression. She has been withdrawn and not interested in anything. Her weight is 67 and temp is a high104. The vet drew blood for a possible thyroid test. Research on line suggests that a cool pack under the tummy and front legs may bring down a high temp. So last nite she laid on one for a couple hours before bed.

Alleluia!!! Today Meagan's temp. is 101 (perfect). And happy dances---she took a treat from my fingers for the very first time!!! I think she is feeling better. I'm getting the golden paw again and more tail wags. Today she had more energy running in the yard. I'll let you know the thyroid test results in a couple days.

Thank you for following Meagan's journey to the Golden Life.


Holly Mole, I can't believe how lax I've been in updating this girl.  My apologies.

Meagan's sponsors Paul & Mary T. are diligently monitoring this lady's progress.  She'd love to meet you.  I got 4 sweet, gentle kisses from her yesterday.  (you guys get 3 and I kept 1 for FD..;-).  She is very frugal with kisses so I treasure them when she gives them up.  Plus everyday Paul & Mary, you are getting multiple golden tail wags and several golden paws.  Thank you so much for sponsoring her.  She is so worth it.  A special "thank you paw" to Ilga for the nutritious Solid Gold Sea Meal supplement.  It's mixed in her meals twice a day.  Meagan is thriving because of it.

Her thyroid test was negative.  Her temp. taken twice daily the first couple weeks was around 101.  She is doing much better.  Now that we finally have snow, she is loving it.  She runs outside and slides her belly on the ground or sits in it.  Still circling down the deck, around, up and over.

She understands 2 of the most important statements in our house:

# 1- It's Sat.--go back to sleep &  #2 - Go to sleep, 10 more minutes.  Training Meagan the basic commands ie. sit, stay, come is not a current priority.  She plants herself on the couch and stays until something frightens her or it's time to go outside.  Her other safe place is her dog bed in the bedroom.  She's spending less time out of her crate after adopting those 2 safe places.   She is not treat motivated at all and has no interest in playing with anything.  Meagan's name is on paper only.  She doesn't respond to it.  Her new family will have the honor of naming this sweet girl.

We call her Pretty Girl, Good Girl, Silly-Silly & Meagan.  Her sight and hearing are remarkable.  The slightest noise or movement outside her space has her attention.  On the positive side, she is starting to relax and trust a little bit more.


Its baby steps every day.  For instance, I was sitting on the couch reading the mail with Meagan next to me.  She started tearing up an envelope.  Normally this would be a NO NO, but I was so happy she took some interest in something, I let her just do it.  I know me baaadd.

Meagan is fine with our resident RAGOM girls and MiMi.  There's not much interaction, but she gets along fine.  For now she is scared of kids and anyone/anything new.  I'm sure that will change with time

Last weekend we took the girls and Pippin (our house guest) out for a block walk.  Meagan did very well.  She doesn't need a gentle leader and walks great on a leash.  She doesn't pull or stop to smell the usual stuff.  Later that day just Meagan and me ventured out for the same quick walk.  I thought she did fabulous, but when we got home, she was trembling.  She flew into the house and on her couch.  Again, baby steps.

Thanks for reading about this beautiful sweet girl.  Maybe she'll write her next update.......stay tuned...;-)



Meagan sends golden tail wags to Paul & Mary T. for sponsoring her. When we meet, you will fall in love and see how truly special she is.

We decided a change of environment might help open up Meagan's world so she spent the week at Casa de Dayle with 4 other dogs, people and Phineaus 12-072. The consensus is that Meagan may need a little help overcoming her fear of "life". We believe that she wants to participate and have fun, but her fear prohibits her to comprehend that. With RAGOM approval we went to the vet yesterday for potential anxiety medication. She observed Meagan's "fear" and is researching the best way to help her. Her physical health is fine. Beautiful Meagan is losing fat and building muscle.

Her current weight is 66. Her heart is fine, no ear infections but her teeth need attention.

Whether it was the time away home or the backyard snow, there is a definite spring in her step. Dare I say she "frolicked" in the snow, not just circling the backyard. I hope the snow continues because she is having fun outside making snow angels and interacting with Meg & Heather. Someone was on the street so our girls ran from one side of the yard to the other to bark at the dog walker. Meagan was running with them. She was part of the pack. 

Big step for her. Normally Meagan would be desperate to be inside on her couch.

Inside she exhibits curiosity if I'm out of sight, flashing her tail when she finds me. I expect she'll follow me soon. I'm tethering to encourage expansion from her "safe" area. She is watching our interactions with the resident girls. She's been on a hunger strike since she got home Sunday. But, while I was preparing her breakfast today, she stepped out of her comfort zone, letting her hunger overtake her fear, waiting with the girls. If this behavior continues and she opens up, we may not need the medication. Pawsitive thoughts are needed for her to open up and overcome her fears so she can find her forever family and enjoy a golden life.

She is making progress and needs the following RAGOM criteria for a puppy mill dog:

Physical Fence
Confident resident dog of a comparable size or larger
Kids over 10
Cats are OK

Meagan's adoptive family will continue to socialize her in dog obedience classes to build her self esteem and encourage family bonding. They will need abundant love, patience to cope with her fears and the understanding that there is no quick "fix" for this behavior. It may take several months or a couple years. Meagan needs to understand that she is safe and secure while given the opportunity to grow emotionally. She needs a wire crate for a safe place and furniture privileges. She can be crated or babygated for the work day. She would not do well outside on a tie out or in an unsecured space, i.e. cabin, farm unless contained with a physical fence because she startles easily and that could cause her to bolt in fear. She needs a confident resident dog to be her BFF and teach her how to be a happy/secure family member.

Thank you for following this sweet girl.


Here I am...finally. It's Brave Girl & Silly Girl. I'm off my safe couch to say "hi" (Brave Girl). Foster Mom wants me to be a Brave Girl and hold my head up with pride so I'm in a taller new house to stretch my neck better so I can practice that. I'm slowly getting used to my new golden life. I've promised it will continue to get better when I find my forever family. Speaking of a better life, I want to thank Paul & Mary T. Sponsoring us furbutts is very special. I hope to meet you soon. Pippin and Chaz spent a week with us. 

When FM stayed home a couple days we helped supervise her landscaping project. Most of the time she had a big stick that a ball flew out of. I don't understand this "fetch" game, Why throw a ball and expect us to bring it back. Heather & the boys had a great time. Me and Meg kept our distance so we wouldn't get knocked unconscious. And another day I dug a 'big' hole for a tree (Brave Girl). That wasn't a good idea cuz they're not planting anything. 

When FM said "no no" I backed away. So I dug another one in a different place and got the "no no" again. Jeez, I was only trying to get cool in the shade and thought a tree would be nice there. I don't hear "no no" very often except when I squat on the carpet and then I'm 'encouraged' to "poddy" outside. FM is sort of afraid to scold me so I get away with stuff that most dogs wouldn't. I should mention that I only do that if I can't find FM for awhile, like when she is on the computer in another room. We've been walking a lot. I guess when people don't have anything else to do, they hook us up & we walk. Sometimes 2-3 times a day.

Sunday, FM decided we should walk around a big puddle called Harriet. I put on my "Brave Girl" pants but it was SCAREY! I heard "Brave Girl" a thousand times; noise in the sky (Brave Girl) & humans with dogs & bikes & strollers (Brave Girl) all over the place. I thought my safe couch was gone forever. I jumped on 2 benches cuz they looked like my couch, (Silly Girl) but not as soft. And when I tested the iced up beach, (Brave Girl), I thought we were going swimming (Silly Girl). I didn't care if it was ice cold. As if that wasn't enough for 1 day, they brought me to a spa. Just a fancy word for watering me down with lavender stuff and squishing it off. I didn't like that but I smell really good and look pretty. Then I got some peace and calming oil that makes me feel a little better.

FM says the leprechauns sprinkled me with gold dust. What do you think?

Meg & Heather are teaching me about the wire walking squirrels and dog "toys". This is MY chicken. FM says it is the only chicken from China that is allowed here.

I miss the snow, but I make grass angels, (Silly Girl). Today I found a bone/toy in the yard and I picked it up when I was running (Silly Girl). I keep my house clean all day and my dog bed is spotless. Me and the girls met FM at the door when she got home today (Brave Girl). Every time I do something new, her eyes get wet (Silly FM) and says my favorite new name...Brave Girl-Silly Girl.

We'll be at Brooklyn Park Petco Sat. 12:30-2:00. Please come and meet this Brave & Silly girl.....;-)


Oh my goodness. Where has the time gone? I have been here almost 4 months and FM says its time now to find my forever family so I am finally available. I'm still afraid of noises and fast moves but if you are willing to work with me, I promise I will be brave and listen to you. I hold my head up like a proud girl and sometimes I chase the ball (golden receiver). I found out that my nose is made for sniffing and I'm using that a lot more. My tail is visible most of the time. even partnered with Meg to catch Heather when she was race tracking. We cornered Heather and flipped her over. That was fun.

We walked around another big puddle called Calhoun. That was less scary than Harriet cuz there was almost no sky noise. FM took me to a class about relaxing flowers and calming wraps. I was the quietest dog there and I almost fell asleep. She's adding drops of "Rescue Remedy" in my water and doing the ear slides every nite. Those have taken the edge off and I'm a little more open to "life" around here. We decided not to try medication since I'm doing better.

Our friend Pippin stayed with us last week. FM said I should watch him so I will learn the "fetch" game. I like playing without the stick better. I've started to approach people for touching and I'm more comfortable with getting brushed. If I want attention when FM is loving my sister, I give her the "golden paw". I'm taking treats better. If Meg & Heather try theirs first, then I take one, too. I like to eat & drink in my house so my sisters don't steal my food cuz I'm a pokey eater. And I'm trying new stuff to eat and learning to trust except when I wear dumb stuff like this......NOT funny, FM. NOT funny! 


Last nite we took FM for a walk. I'm not a feather anymore. I pulled kinda hard so tonite we're trying a gentle leader (whatever that is). FM says I'm getting more comfortable and I pull cuz I'm curious and want to run. Gotta go. FM says she wants to talk about me now.

FM here - Apoligies for this over due update on our girl. And a heartflet thank you to Mary T for sponsoring this lady. Meagan melts my heart everytime she does something courageous. Meagan has made significant progress in the last month. I'm sure with obedience classes and a confident resident dog that helps her overcome her inhibitions, she will enjoy the life every dog deserves to have. She is going outside and coming back in without resistance. Pacing up and down the deck and around the yard is infrequent. Meagan used to shadow me in the yard. Now she is venturing out on her own or with the girls, visiting with the dog next door or children over the fence. She is housetrained in her crate for the work day and at nite in the bedroom, but if she is nervous and I am out of sight she will pee in the house. The only time she does this is if I'm in another room and she is scared.

Meagan continues to grow emotionally and she is shrinking physically. She could use a little tummy tuck but then couldn't we all. Everyone is heading to the vet tomorrow for the spring tuneup.....Heartworm test & pills, frontline and weight check. A month ago she was 66 lbs. We are walking everyday. The gentle leader is a big help. She is getting used to the routine and rarely tries to remove it. Meagan attended the Blaine Chuck & Don's event Sunday. She sends a special soft kiss to the sweet woman that gave her the deluxe 2 hour massage. Now she has expectations of that every nite. If you had the RAGOM criteria for a adopting a breeder dog, she could be yours in a heartbeat.

Thanks for loving her that brief time. Another special RAGOM puppy, Clementine needs your prayers and pawsitive thoughts. Please keep her in mind during your day.............Thank you


Meagan has been giving me the golden nudge to write another update for her. She is sending golden paws to Paul & Mary T., her awesome sponsors. Thank you for sponsoring and loving her.

Brave Girl-Silly Girl (BGSG) has a delightful personality. She is somewhat of a hoarder which is very ironic because Heather lived with a hoarder prior to RAGOM and she doesn't have any interest in collecting stuff. BGSG insisted on helping me with the laundry.

The best thing is that she only collects things and doesn't guard or destroy stuff.

I recently retired so we are walking daily and lots of yard play. BGSG looks forward to our daily walks. She is used to the gentle leader and comes readily when I ask if "anyone wants to go for a walk?" And she is loving the bunnies, squirrels and birds. She is showing a little interest in a tennis ball, sometimes rolling on it and chasing it. But she is a golden receiver like Meggers & Heather....doesn't bring it back ;-)

It is a challenge getting a photo of her. She still hides when she sees the camera.

BGSG is not a fan of this weather. She was born to lie in the snow and make snow angels. On these hot days, we skip the morning walk and stroll in the evening.

Meagan wants you to know she is 65.5 lbs. She has lost 1/2 lb. We haven't decreased her food at all, just getting more active.

We'll be at the Roseville Chuck & Don's tomorrow, 5/19, interviewing potential families. If you have a physical fence, a resident dog of similar size to BGSG and no kids under 10, let's talk or contact your RAGOM placement advisor. Once Meagan overcomes her insecurity issues and trusts you, she will be your soulmate. She is so worth the chance. I LOVE this beautiful lady.


Where is the time going? It's Summer already. And Meagan has yet to meet her wonderful sponsors Paul & Mary T. She extends her golden paws to them. Thanks to their sponsorship, Meagan is experiencing the comfort of the bedroom ceiling fan and air conditioning which she prefers to the summer heat. We walk at least once a day. She patiently sits for her gentle leader before we leave. If I hook up Meggers and Heather for the dog park and leave without Meagan, she protests for a quick minute and then she is quiet. She is very confident on our walks, often taking the lead.

When wildlife attracts her attention, she stops, moves forward and watches intently. But if an uninvited critter set foot in our yard, the chase is on. She runs or climbs the tree.

No more pacing and hiding for this girl, (unless I have the camera).

Beau, BJ and Marlee, friends from the Collie rescue stopeed over. She was fine with everyone.

Meagan actively seeks my attention. She offers me her golden paws, alternating them for equal massages (will be easy to train for shaking). She smiles often and her tail wags frequently. Today I got a couple face kisses. She is very stingy with those.

She gains more confidence every day. Taking her cue from the girls, she sometimes sits for treats. She LOVES trying to catch cheese balls but doesn't have much luck with her competition, Meggers and Heather. She still startles easily but her comeback has greatly improved.

There were a lot of walkers, runners and strollers when we walked Calhoun again. Meagan was alert, but calm. I was so proud of her. I think she will be good with a jogger or walker because she loves to get out and move. And she is equally comfortable relaxing in the house.

Meagan will be staying with another foster for a few days to "get out of her comfort zone" Will let you know how that goes. Thank you for reading about our Brave Girl Silly Girl.


Meagan spent time with Aunti Jo while I went up north with friends for a few days.

Meagan was the Queen of the house during her stay. She spent her time on Jo's couch, or in her "house" and next to her bed. What a silly girl. Habits are hard to break.

We've held off on the walks during this hot weather, preferring to stay inside with the AC. She's gotten very spoiled, almost to the point of not going out unless she is bribed.

Meagan has opened up a lot. She likes to stay close but is not velcro. She is shy and reserved with strangers but allows pets and massages after a short time. Meagan often takes the lead on our neighborhood walks. She walks proud and happy with the pack.

Meg & Heather are training to catch cheese balls. Meagan will sit for them, but has no interest in a contest. She is very laid back and prefers to "just wait for it".

We visited the vet for a weight check and July heartworm pill. She's lost 3 lbs. Dr. says she is in perfect health and body weight. For 8+ she looks much younger. She has a perscription for a generic prozac just to take the edge off but have not started her on it. Meagan is a very quiet girl. She barks when she is finished eating and if we take the girls to the dog park without her. But she is happy when we get back and she and I go for a walk. She is a very sensitive, sweet girl.

Sat. we had a communication reading with Aunti Ilga. She suggested a little water therapy may be good for Meagan. So we went to the "golden pond." Much to my surprise, she walked right into the water and laid down.

I think Meagan is ready for her forever family. If you promise to be patient, protective, understanding and love her unconditionally, please contact your placement advisor. Meagan didn't have the learning and growing "puppy" life she should have had. She is a beautiful, sweet, gentle 8 year old puppy, learning to trust in this big world.

I am in the dog house with Meagan. She is unhappy that I forgot to give her golden paw to her wonderful sponsors Paul & Mary T.

She also wishes Mary T. a wonderful birthday and hopes you get lots of people treats and kisses.

We also thank RAGOM volunteer Devon for the amazing photos posted on RAGOM Facebook. Meagan's personality shines because you see her spirit and captured her loving personality.

Thank you.


I don't know where to begin. There has been so much positive change in Meagan. This beautiful lady is ready for her family.

Could that be you? Meagan sends love and 2 paws up to her fabulous sponsors, Paul & Mary T.

Loud or strange noises still startle her, but she follows me when I mow and sits on the couch and watches me vacuum. She is fine with the never ending trail of garbage trucks every Friday when we walk. She likes to be near but is not always under foot or velcro. She doesn't like to be outside when its dark. May be the city/traffic noise or the summer bugs. But she is active and enjoying everyday outside.

The water therapy has been a GOD send for Meagan. She runs out the door, flies around the yard, gingerly steps in the kiddy pool and melts into the water. She watches the world from there. She has started chasing a tennis ball and bringing it into her pool. She gives it to me and I bounce it on the ground near the pool and she catches it before it lands in the water. She is sitting for treats. She is readily coming to me when I ask, posturing for butt scratches and tummy squishes. Meagan has been introduced to several dogs in the neighborhood or at friends' homes and she is wonderful with everyone.

She is especially happy if there is a pool in their yard to briefly dip in.

She is allowing people and even kids to pet her when we walk. Gone is the pacing from the deck through the yard and up again. She is calmer and open to trying new activities.

Today Meagan, Heather and I walked Lake of the Isles with a friend. She commented how confident and proud Meagan is. She was a little cautious when bikes or strollers passed us, but for the most part she trusted Heather and I and kept pace with us, not making a fuss with all the walkers and joggers.

A couple nites last week when Heather fell asleep on Meagan's bed, Meagan just jumped on my bed and slept at the end. She stayed there without moving both nites. This is the most laid back, mellow dog we have had the honor to foster. She rarely barks unless we are outside the back door. If Meg & Heather are outside barking, Meagan quietly watches or if scared runs away but is curious and quickly returns with more confidence.

Meagan is smiling!! Her tail is showing and wagging frequently. She is happy! This is apparent in her walk and exhuberance when she sees a rabbit or squirrel. She is living the "golden life", doing what comes naturally to dogs. In the last month Meagan has not only changed, she has been reborn. I can not begin to tell you how proud I am of her.

Meagan is ready for you. She is very attached to me but she should continue her growth with her new family. She needs a physical fence to keep her safe and a resident dog of comparable size to continue to learn from. Also her family should not have children under 10 as they have tendencies to move fast and play hard, causing insecurity and a potential to run away. An added bonus for her is active squirrels, especially if they travel overhead on the lines. They would entertain her for hours.

She is over the "diamond in the rough" stage. Meagan is a jewel. She just needs a little polishing to enhance the next phase of her life. To celebrate Meagan's "coming out" the girls got new pink collars & leashes.

Thanks for reading about this beautiful "golden gem." Meagan has a beautiful soul and a golden personality. Is she the next love of your life?


Meet me at Goldzilla. I'll be following my FM around the park with my party necklace. C U there.............Meagan


Hi Team.........Thank you for updating Meagan. Please pardon this long overdue update on our girl. Meagan has made so much progress since her last update, I don't know where to start. Meagan had a bladder infection since the last update. I am happy to report her antibiotics cleared everything up there has been no more accidents. However, Meagan needs to be encouraged to drink water. She doesn't like going in the kitchen where the dog water is so she drinks the water in her "house" or by her bed. The vet gave her a clean health record but wants to watch her thyroid. She currently weighs 57 lbs. She has been getting a lot of exercise, running in the hockey rink at the dog park and flying in the backyard. We have a wiggily butt and wagging tail. She offers her "golden paw" for play, not for security. If the resident girls are getting attention, Meagan is right there acing them out for her share. She's still stingy with kisses, but occasionally will accommodate. Meagan startles easily but its less intense and her comeback is quicker because she is trusting more. She SITS automatically for treats, especially cheese balls, one of her favorite passions. Less time is spent on the couch or in her "house" and more time shadowing me. She toys with the tennis ball, often chasing after it, but not bringing it back. I'm sure she will learn retrieve with more time. Meagan should be supervised around balls and like items. She ate 1/2 ball tennis 2 days ago. She chews stuff into tiny pieces. She is stealth. We rarely hear her travel with her collections from the toy basket in the living room to her bed. But almost every nite she has collected close to 10 items. We rarely hear Meagan bark. Thankfully she has not picked up on Heather's insistence on barking at foster dad or anyone. She is such a treasure, I can't say that enough.

Meagan gives the "golden" paw to her fabulous sponsor Mary T. at Goldzilla. She loved her massage and asked me to thank you again for loving her.

Sweet Meagan is now a co-pilot. She sits up pretty in the passenger seat or moves to the back of the SUV. She hops in and out the car with little effort. 

I don't recognize this brave, happy, proud girl She was broken, scared of everything and withdrawn from life. Every day since rescue she has taken baby steps to her golden life with a forever family. I tell her every day how proud I am of her and how much she is loved now and will be cherished by her forever family.

Thank you for reading about this sweet beautiful girl. One look in her eyes and you fall in love.

Really... I am 8 years old... really


A shout out and lots of golden paws to my awesome sponsors, Paul & Mary T. We hope you had a blessed holiday and this Christmas season brings your your family peace and joy. Thanks for your sponsorship.

Well, its about time FM lets me write my update. We have been practicing everything like, sit for treats, come when called, stay off the counter and drop the poopsicle. In my defense, the last one only happened once. Its was a test for FM. She passed but I must say I laughed because when she slowly squatted to remove that from my mouth, she broke her jacket zipper.....haha, And then she saod that was her dog park jacket so the joke is on me. Sorry Meg & Heather, no dog park hockey rink for a awhile.

Another thing I'm supposed to get used to is the stairs. Do you see what I see? There is no way I'm going down there.

There is something strange about this cat.

Meggers taught me how to pull stix from the grill.

It was another "naughty" moment. I think FM said "no no". I'm not sure. I heard naughty girl but she was laughing, so I'm not sure.

We had furbutt guests over the holiday. Pippin and Casey stayed a few days. We played a lot of ball.


That's me in the back right field next to the tree.

Another thing we do is "sit for treats."

If you think I'm shrinking, you're right. We have so much exercise now that I am about 57#. That is where I want to stay so I get a little more to eat now. I feel great, too.

Yesterday I was on the couch and saw something interesting outside so I jumped down and put my paws on the window sill cuz I wanted to see more. I guess that wasn't acceptable. FM said "no no" I could barely hear her, but I got right down and she said good girl and then said she was proud of me. Today I thought MiMi's food on the bathroom counter smelled good so I had a look see and again I got a very soft "no no" that I could hardly hear so I waited and heard "off" so I got down right away. FM smiled and said she was proud of me again. Kinda getting mixed signals here, FM. Are you proud of me cuz I got down or because I was naughty and got up there? I'm confused.

In another month it will be my 1 year anniversary here. While I love my family, I know I'm here until I'm adopted. Meggers and I "had the talk" If you look at the beginning of my story until now, I'm done a lot of changing. And I have a new name. Its Puppy. I know that's weird, I'm backward aging. Getting to be the puppy I should have been 8 years ago. I have another special place....the people bed. Its soft and big enough for all of us. I like the floor bed, too most of the time.

We're gonna visit Santa at the Plymouth Petsmart for Christmas photos on Sunday, Dec. 2. RAGOM gets money for every pet sitting. I'm not a big fan of cameras, but I'll make an exception this weekend. Hope you can be there. Thanks for reading about me...............Puppy.


Hi Everyone,

It's me, Puppy checking in. So much has happened in my new world. For starters, we went a RAGOM adoption event and I talked with Santa Kerry. In addition to asking for my forever family, I asked Santa for every furbutt to have a warm cozy safe place to stay during the winter. Judging from all the dogs that have been rescued lately, I think Santa worked some magic.

Foster mom says I have a holly present from the Johnsons who had a puppy mill girl just like me. And another holly present from Matt, Jenessa and Belle. Thank you all for thinking of me. Because of hollies and other Christmas presents RAGOM furbutts get vetted and micro chipped and lots of other stuff. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Mary & Paul T. you are the bestest sponsors. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas season and the best year ahead. Tail wags & golden paws.

I love love love snow. Here is me making snow angels with my booties.

And me, Meggers and Heather walking in the snow storm.

On another day foster mom mistaked and got Heather & Meggers booties mixed up. She said it was a "adventure" getting us ready for the snow pits.

FM couldn't remember the last time I had a bath. So we hopped in the car last week and I got scrubbed and buffed. And now I smell pretty. I'd rather have a bath in the pond, but I heard I won't be back there again.

Merry Christmoose from the furbutts, FD & FM. We love everyone in RAGOM land......Love, Puppy

And come back to read about me in a couple weeks. FM says I'm gonna write another story. I'm so exited.


How do say you say good bye to a "child" leaving your world to live in another? To a special new life in a family of 5 and a furbutt. Meagan's mom had tears of joy when she saw her. I had no doubt that Meagan was going Home. A special thank you to Sue O, an awesome RAGOM volunteer for welcoming us at her home for the meet n greet. Good Bye, sweet girl. I will miss you more than words can say. You will hold a place in my heart always.

My last "golden paw"

Meagan's sister and mom

Momma Tracy's first "golden paw"

Meagan is settling in with her "golden" family. She has free roam with her furbutt sister Maya and of course her favorite place is their couch. Her dad is home for lunch so she gets lots of attention. She is bonding with Maya who coincidentally was a puppy from the 2007 Bismarck puppy mill rescue that our RAGOM resident Meggers is from. She flys in their backyard and she sails upstairs to the bedroom and sleeps on the human bed. Mom has summer and school breaks off plus they have a lake cabin where Meagan will enjoy the water. Truly she finally has the golden life.

A late and special thank you to Melissa J. & Doris G. for the mitten and to Anonymous for the holly. Meagan left our house 2 weeks ago and this is first time I've been on the website. Thank you for remembering Meagan with your donation to RAGOM. Before she left, Meagan gave another "golden paw" to Paul & Mary T. her sponsors and tail wags to everyone for a Golden 2013. Thank you everyone for your interest in Meagan fka Brave Girl-Silly Girl, & Puppy.