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Lola 11-430
(Fostered in St. Louis Park, MN)

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“In memory of Judy Lilledahl”

A portion of Lola's medical care was paid for by a generous grant from the Golden Retriever Foundation's April Fund

December 27, 2011

Lucky little Lola joined our RAGOM family on December 22nd, just in the nick of time to ask Santa for a present. If she asked Santa for someone to take care of her, I have to say Santa granted her wish, and none too soon. Lola is a very sweet, petite, 55 pound, 3 year old pure bred female Golden Retriever. She is a medium brown in color and is smaller in size. She is not spayed and is now up to date on vaccines other than one booster needed in a couple of weeks. Lola has had a very eventful week. She and a 4 month old puppy were found by a Good Samaritan running loose in southwestern Minnesota. The Good Samaritan took both dogs home hoping to find them both homes or their owner. She ended up surrendering Lola to RAGOM after a couple of days because Lola and the resident female dogs were not getting along. We suspect Lola was being protective of her pup who stayed with the GS. So far Lola has gotten along fine with all the dogs she's met. She also gets along fine with humans, loves to be petted and gives sweet kisses.

Lola's first stop as a RAGOM dog was at the vet for a routine exam, blood work to check for parasites/illness and vaccinations. Other than being underweight, having a poor quality coat, hearing a possible heart murmur, and pending lab results Lola was said to be in ok health. Because Lola needed to be picked up immediately from the GS, she caught a ride to Stone Mountain where she was placed in boarding while she waited for an available foster home.

All of our dogs have their routine medical exams and so waiting to hear on the lab work is normally just a formality, rarely do I give it a 2nd thought. Unfortunately for Lola the lab work results were anything but routine. Lola is heartworm positive. Lola has had her initial work up and we are optimistic for her future. X-rays did not show any heart or lung changes so the vet feels the worm load is low which is very good news for Lola. We will have the results of her blood work tomorrow and are hopeful those will be normal as well. HW can cause anemia and kidney damage so lab tests are done to make sure the HW has not caused problems already. The vet did hear a heart murmur again but does not feel it is related to the heartworm disease. We will need to do an ultrasound of her heart to make sure there are no issues. Lola will have the ultrasound before she begins her treatment. We have started Lola on antibiotics to prepare her for the start of her treatment. Heartworm treatment is painful and can cause deadly complications. Lola will need to be kept completely quiet during her treatment, usually 2 months or so. She will need to be crated or leashed 100% of the time and her only exercise will be leashed trips outside for potty breaks. Heartworm treatment is also expensive and is preventable with a monthly preventive medication. Lola will be unavailable until she completes her heartworm treatment. She is not available to meet any applicants at this time.

Please help Lola's Christmas wish come true by considering a sponsorship in her name or by donating to her care. I know she asked Santa for someone to care for her. So far her wish has come true, let's make it a real Christmas miracle for lucky little Lola. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Lola would like to express her heartfelt thanks to her sponsor for the donation in memory of Judy Lilledahl. It is because of people like Judy Lilledahl that RAGOM is able to help dogs like Lola. Donations have helped RAGOM save more than 430 dogs in 2011 alone!! Thank you for your generous donation.


Hello everyone! Lola has been in foster care since last Thursday and this is her FM’s first update, so bear with me J From the first day, Lola has been quite the snuggler. She wants to be as close as possible, even standing over me when I sit down to pet her. She follows me around to the point where I have almost stumbled on her, but at least I know where she is and that she is not getting into anything. She has had one accident since she has been in my home, but I am going to attribute that to being in a new surrounding.

She is not crate-trained, so we are slowing working on that. I placed a blanket next to my bed and she sleeps there for now. She is the most quiet dog. Sometimes, I wake up to check that she is breathing! And she does not currently know basic commands except come, so we are working on a few like sit and stay. She walks pretty well on a leash, but is a little distracted when squirrels come into play. I think all of this can be worked on with consistent obedience training either at home or through a training facility. From what I have seen so far, I think Lola would do best in a home as the only dog. She loves her humans and seeks their attention.

She will be going in on for her first heartworm treatment on Jan 24th. I am praying that all goes well for her. As has been mentioned on other dog’s pages who have gone through this treatment, Lola is another example of how important it is to give heartworm prevention. The treatment of heartworms is not without risk, is painful for the dog, and is also very expensive. We want to thank RAGOM for offering Lola a second chance at life and getting her the treatment she so desperately needs.


Hello everyone!

This is Lola, I thought I would give the update this time ;) Things are going good for me, getting to know my surroundings and enjoying the nice weather. My FM is trying to keep me on a consistent schedule of a walk in the morning and a walk in the evening because I have had a couple more accidents when I am left for 8 hours. I am on a tie-out and tend to hang out by the sliding glass door, but am starting to wander around and enjoy chasing squirrels. I may do better at a house with a fenced-in yard, but would not say that it is required.

I still am quite the snuggler with my FM. I put my head in her lap as she watches TV and sometimes put my paw across her as if I am giving her a hug. We are still working on the crate, but I prefer the space by her bed. My FM laughs at me because I like to sleep in the tightest of spaces. She even got worried one morning because she didn’t see me at first since I was so hidden under the bed. But once she says my name, she can hear me because I wag my tail so hard! My FM taught me to sit the other day. I like to do it because every time I get a treat.

I got groomed this Saturday and they said I was the perfect guest. I was a little scared of the blowdryer, I mean who wouldn’t be, it is so loud! But the groomer said that I did quite well. They even put pretty purple and while bows on my ears and said I could come back for any RAGOM adoption event in the future. At least one stayed on for a whole 12 hours!

I went to Saturday’s volunteer event and people thought I was so pretty. I did very well with the other dogs, just a little scuffle, but my FM thought it was not because of me ;) I think in the next couple days, I am going to meet a neighbor that has a couple cats. I think I’ll do fine, but my FM just wants to see for any potential adopters of me.

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delayed update! Lola is doing great. She is being the perfect houseguest. J We have been working on new commands, like lying down and stay. She gets better every day. She really likes the treats that come with it!

I had to reschedule the meeting with cats, but I think she had met some in her time with the SO, so I am sure she will be fine. We have been getting out on a lot of walks while Lola is able. We have not met a ton of dogs (it seems we are the only ones that brave the cold ;) ). She does get really excited though, so I think she would really enjoy a dog park sometime.

I let Lola sleep on my bed the other day. I thought I would see how it goes. At first, I didn’t think it would work because she wanted to be as close as possible, her nose literally touching my nose. But then she moved onto the other side and it seemed to work, but…she is a total bed hog! I woke up to find myself hugging the side of my bed and Lola stretched out comfortably. ;)

Lola begins her treatment on Tuesday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and she is ready to be adopted in March.

Lola has a family visiting her this weekend, she is so excited!


Rebecca Orttel From the Kluz Family; Good luck with your medical treatment. We're so happy that you found RAGOM!


Hello everyone! Lola met a great family this weekend, bringing her lots of toys, treats and a beautiful blanket and taking her on a walk and guess what? They are going to adopt her. Since she starts heartworm treatment tomorrow, she will be unavailable until at least the end of March, so fingers crossed that all goes well! I will keep everyone updated through the process. J


Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay! Lola had her first treatment on the 24th and things went quite well. They said she was the perfect patient. J I actually thought something was wrong since she was acting quite normal (I thought she would be more sedate after viewing other RAGOM dog’s profiles that have been through the heartworm treatment). She came out the vet wagging her tail and all. I talked to the vet that first evening and she said that the effects may present themselves in a few days. Few days later, Lola was totally fine. I am following the doctor’s orders and limiting her activity. I am also glad to say that she has gained some weight (61 lbs now) and is still eating just fine. And loves her treats! She is sitting now without having a treat, I am so proud!

She is still quite the snuggle bug and has started sleeping on my bed (still hogging it though!). We have a few accidents in the house, so I bought some puppy pads. I am working with her to go outside and praising her tremendously for the times I witness. We had been going for consistent walks, but I have to limit her activity due to the treatment. I think she will be fine once that resumes.


Hi everybody! It’s me, Lola, again! You know how there are two sides to every story? Well, the good news is, I beat FM to the computer (she is really busy for some reason) so you get to hear my side!

Here it goes… The truth is, we have a bit of a situation here. You know how sometimes you have a secret that no one else knows? And sometimes it is so special that you just want to keep it to yourself for a while and savor it because it seems like it will be the teensiest bit less special once the rest of the world is in on it. Well, when I came to RAGOM, I had a couple secrets like that. I didn’t share them with the RAGOM intake people, my transporters, my FM, the special family who fell in love with me, or any of the vets who got me ready for my heartworm treatment. I’m pretty good at keeping things on the down-low.

But, you know when you are trying to keep a secret, sometimes it slips out when you least expect it? Well that’s what happened here. A week or so ago in the early morning I was lounging on the couch, hanging with my FM, and my secrets just started popping out, one after the other. By the time I was done, FM knew the whole story! Then, instead of helping me keep things quiet, she immediately spilled the beans to anyone who would listen! That’s right, before the day was out, everyone seemed to know about Cupid, Valentino, Aimee, and Juliette. My four special secrets. My four beautiful puppies.

It’s hard to describe the look on FM’s face when she realized the squeaking wasn’t coming from me. Concerned. Puzzled? Stunned! Joyful awe. I think I heard her say “How did this happen?” but I didn’t answer because I’m pretty sure she can figure it out – and if not, Google is a good resource for that kind of stuff. To her credit, even if she was thinking it, she didn’t mention her couch.

What FM did mention, frequently over the next two days, was her worry about one of my puppies. I kept trying to comfort Cupid and help her nurse, but she only wanted to snuggle up against my warmth and rest. By the time we all went to the vet, I was so anxious about her that I kept carrying her around trying to find something, anything, that would ease her distress, even hiding her behind FM to see if that would help her feel better. After looking her over carefully the vet talked to the two-leggers who were with us. I didn’t understand too much, but he said something about issues that were “incompatible with life”. And then FM did something difficult, but so special I will never forget it. She told the vet to give sweet Cupid peace. After a little work, my baby girl snuggled up with me one more time and went to sleep taking my anxiety and worry with her. Please say a little prayer of thanks that my angel Cupid is flying high at the bridge and that she was blessed to be a RAGOM girl.

I would say that now you know the whole story (if you haven’t already heard it from FM – that one’s quite the talker, eh?), BUT for me, Valentino, Aimee and Juliette that’s just the beginning…


Momma Lola is doing great! She takes such good care of her pups, keeping them clean, fed and warm.

Soon they will be ready for mush and that will ease the workload a little bit and let her body start to recover. Hard to believe she can do so much, and still be such a sweet and loving girl! In fact, FM is wondering how Lola can have a significant disease (heartworm), deliver four puppies, take ongoing care of three of them, and have energy to stay awake (let alone be active) all while looking darling!

Us two-leggers get tired just thinking about it! You know it would be sweatpants, ponytails, pizza delivery, and non-stop sitcom reruns if it was us trying to do the same job!


Hi everyone! It’s me, Lola. I want you to know that in general I am doing great! I have been keeping busy cooking and cleaning for the family, but to tell you the truth, I don’t think I’m cut out to be the provider. It’s only been a few weeks and I’m getting a little tired of fixing breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the snacks in between. Seriously, do these kids ever stop eating? I’ve been trying to talk FM into getting them some cheerios or goldfish (the crackers of course, not the animals) or something they can nibble on when I need a break, but no such luck. I know all you parents out there are with me when I tell you sometimes I’ve just had enough and it’s time to get up and walk away regardless of whether or not the puppies think they are done. FM says it looks a little unseemly for me to be walking around with babies hanging off my belly (they hold on pretty tight!), but I don’t worry about it because before too long gravity does its job and they pop right off. Check out this video of one of our snack times!


Hello everyone, this is Lola’s FM! Sorry for the delay, the pups are a lot to handle! Lola is doing great and being an awesome mommy. Though Lola loves her pups, she is definitely getting some alone time, even sleeping up in my room at night. The pups are not weaned completely, so they attack her when she comes around. They just love their mom! Since they are not weaned, she cannot have the 2nd heartworm treatment. Though we would like her to finish, it has allowed me to take her on a few walks. Due to the isolation after the 2nd treatment and the pups, she gets over excited and adds in some barking on these walks, so another volunteer and I are going to work with her on a better greeting with other dogs. I think Lola is a sweetheart and just needs some training.

Also, the nursing is taking its toll on Lola. I am trying to feed them separate, but it is hard. She has had some vomiting episodes after nursing, so I have taken to guarding Lola from her pups. It’s strange since all do not understand, but we’ll get through it. One pup already went to its forever home (Juliet) and Amie will leave by next Sunday. I think we will be able to manage one pup (Valentino) and get Lola back on track. I have taken to feeding Lola more often during the day, but smaller portions.

The nice days have been especially nice for Lola. It is hard getting her back inside because she likes to just hang out outside. She likes to go in the shade and has proceeded to dig some holes, so she can feel the cool earth much to my dismay (oh well!). I had thought I would go through many towels for the puppies, but it seems Lola likes to add to that mix as she comes in so dirty from sitting in the cool mud!


Hello everyone, this is Lola! So all my beautiful babies have been adopted, yeah! I truly believe that they are with great families who will love and care for them all of their golden lives. J Though it was hard to see them go (maybe more for my FM, she cried and I licked her face ;) ), I am enjoying the single life again. Since I had a few days before I started my heartworm treatment, my FM had been getting me on some walks and letting me outside to hang out for some time and enjoy the nice weather. I am still a bit riled up when seeing another dog, but my FM hopes that this will reduce as time goes by from my last nursing day with the pups. I have also had no accidents in the house. My FM keeps a watchful eye though that every time, I am out, I do my business.

I started the 2nd treatment of my heartworm on today and Friday. Please pray for me that all goes well and I can finally be adopted by the G family who has so patiently waited for me with my heartworm treatment and surprise puppies. Also want to give a shout out to the Kluz family for sponsoring me!


Hi! This is Lola’s FM J Lola is doing well after enduring two shots for her 2nd heartworm treatment. About two weeks ago, she was a bit sedate, but there were no complications. Now all that is behind her and she has more energy now, though she is in heat. Though she would love to just hang outside, she goes out to do her business and gets a few minutes to hang. I just want to make sure she makes it through this heartworm treatment with no issues and she can go on to her furever home! I do take her on short walks later in the evening to stretch her legs and get some fresh air.

I know this is not the best picture, but I had to show how close she wants to be to her humans. I literally wake up sometimes to her nose touching my nose. Her new family’s daughters are sure going to love that!


Hello, everyone! This is Lola. I am doing well and eagerly awaiting going to my furever home! I know my foster mom will dearly miss me, but she knows that I will go to a great home that will care for and love me all my golden years.

I cannot believe that it has almost been 5 months since I came to my foster mom. Crazy things sure have happened since i.e. surprise puppies! J

I got spayed a week ago and am recovering quite well. During my spay, they did find a small (3-5mm) mammary mass that I will have removed next week. Please pray for me that is it benign and my adoptive family can finally bring me home!


Hello, all! I had my mammary mass removed Tuesday and I am doing well. Just a few stitches and I was running around once I got home. J I am eagerly awaiting the results that should come probably in the next few days. Fingers crossed all is well!


Hello, everyone! We got the results Thursday and the path showed both removals were benign. Yeah! The family was eager to come get her, so Lola left Friday with her furever family. It was bittersweet after all these months. I will miss you dear Lola, but I know that you have a great family to care for you all of your golden years!