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Jenni 11-424
(Fostered in Duluth, MN)

Here's Jenni!!! She's a petite 42 lb female approximately 8 months old. Jenni was a stray found in rural Iowa so we don't know much about her other than she is super cute. If I had to guess I would say she definitely has some Border Collie in her. RAGOM took care of getting all her shots up to date and spayed. Jenni is a healthy energetic pup.

Jenni was a very shy timid girl the 1st night she came to our house. As far as we could tell Jenni knew no commands and had no training. In the past few days she has learned sit, come, and ring the jingle bells to go outside. Jenni is house trained. She goes willingly into her crate and does fine overnight. We haven't been gone long hours during the day so we're not sure about that.

Jenni is very energetic especially when she is outside and tends to jump up on her FM and grab her coat or sweatshirt. She is a big puppy who has not learned proper manners. She will definitely need consistent training. Jenni would do best in a home with a physical fence. Jenni was transported to the cities with 2 other dogs and the foster families met at one of the homes who have 2 dogs which totaled 5 dogs in the back yard! Jenni had a great time running around with the other dogs. On a different day Jenni met a 2 year old border collie and ran around in our fenced in back yard. I think Jenni would like to live with another young dog but would also be ok as a solo dog. Cats unknown. She gets excited and jumps when people run around and people with high voices so older children would be best. Jenni doesn't understand "go for a walk" and appears to have no experience walking with a leash. This super cute intelligent pup needs a furever home that is totally committed to consistent training and continual mental stimulation activities.

If you are interested in meeting this pup, contact your placement advisor.




Jenni has been working very hard are learning to walk on leash.  She is doing very well, even learning to sit at corners before crossing the street.  Jenni is continuing to work on her indoor manners.  She is a very trainable girl, with a lot of energy.  She is a great eater and water drinker and continues to shine at house training.

Jenni is a dog that loves her people, she started out with no one and now adores her foster family.  This includes her foster dog sister, fellow RAGOM rescue Maggie.


Hi - Jenni here!  I get to write my own update this time because foster mom is pooped-out from all the exercise we do together;-)

I'm having a GREAT time in foster care although I would LOVE to have a forever family of my very own.  Foster mom says I'm really smart and I'm learning new stuff every day.  My most favorite new thing is to RUN!  Yes, I love to run!  We went running around Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet and mom says I'm an "All-Star" so, if you're a runner, I'd love to be your partner!

I get to hang out in my kennel when my humans are away and I don't have any problems - I just lay down and daydream about running;-)  Sometimes, I get the urge to chew stuff so I find myself a rawhide and take it to my room (kennel) - yum...I love rawhides:-)  I'm totally potty trained and healthy - yay me!  Since I get lots of exercise, I'm a really good sleeper at night.

Well that's all for now, check back in soon...I'm sure I'll have more to share on my puppy progress!


Jenni is such a clever dog, she did her own update last week. But we are limiting her screen time!

Jenni is spending her days here in foster care, getting a lot of exercise running around the city lakes and checking out the hipsters in Uptown. So far she has come upon bikes, skateboards, roller blades and even a motorcycle, (yes in January) and Jenni has been fine with all of the new things. She has learned to sit at every corner and waits to be released to continue walking, good dog! She is still a great eater and 100% potty trained. The counter cruising habit is her challenge now, but is learning that her 4 legs should stay on the ground.

Come meet Jenni in person at the Burnsville PetCo Sunday, January 22nd !


Jenni is up north in Duluth with us now.  She just arrived a couple of days ago, and we were surprised at how much she has matured and grown, since the last photos were posted on her website profile.  (We will post new photos soon.)  She is a beautiful, graceful dog, with long legs and a long, distinctive snout and round eyes.  Jenni's mother looked a lot like a border collie with black and white markings and sleek build.  If Jenni had black, instead of a light gold coat, with white markings, her border collie heritage would become more apparent.  She does seem to be mixed with golden retriever or lab, as well.

Jenni responds with a perked head and happy face when you call her name, and eats up any affection you give her.  She will give you a kiss right on the lips.  She is at that age, where she has all of a sudden sprouted into a bigger dog and hasn't quite gotten the gist of controlling her energy enough to stay down rather than jump up on you with happiness.  Our 2-1/2 year old golden does play with her, but there is far more action when Bongo, the 4 month old black standard poodle that lives next door, is lifted into our yard to play.  Bongo and Jenni are perfect ages for boisterous play together.  So far, Jenni has been content to sleep on the dog bed and stay off the furniture (although it would be okay with us if she got on it.)  She is crate trained and house trained.  She gets along fine with the other dogs, and has not tried to dominate or resource guard.

We see our two main challenges as fosters for Jenni is to teach her manners around food and to learn not to jump on people.  She is a puppy at heart who doesn't realize how big she has gotten.  These are both normal puppy behaviors that she will grow out of with proper training.  Jenni has only been here a couple of days, but our initial assessment is that she needs a furever family with at least one person who is a 'strong pack leader' and experienced with dogs, or someone who will commit to attending dog training classes with her.  Jenni will flourish if given the opportunity for active mental and physical exercise.

If you would like to meet Jenni, she will be at the Duluth Petco on Saturday, March 3rd from noon to 2pm for RAGOM's Meet & Greet.  Hope to see you there!


Here are some new pictures of Jenni!


Jenni loved playing in the snow with our other dogs last week. She is a quiet dog, seldom barks, and gets along well with all dogs and people. She walks well on a leash and has made good progress with learning not to jump on you with excitement when she first sees you after being outside. Jenni is very affectionate and loves to be rubbed and given attention. She is content sleeping on a dog bed. We are working with her on food manners, which remain a challenge. At this time, we do not recommend that she be adopted by a family with young children.

Jenni is in perfect health -- a large, graceful, beautiful and smart young dog. She needs a family with one or more mature adults that will include Jenni in an active lifestyle (walking, jogging, doggie daycare and/or dog park) and commit to dog obedience training. We believe Jenni has a lot of potential. If you think your family may be a match for her, please contact your placement advisor.


After three weeks, Jenni is settling in nicely into our home and family. She recently has shown me that she deserves more than sleeping downstairs on the dog bed, while our resident Mollie sleeps on our bed. During the day, I now will find Jenni taking naps on the bed.  First, she only tested napping on the bottom corner of the bed, and today I found her completely sprawled out in the middle of the bed.  I think she knows now that she is part of our family and likes it.

She loves taking multiple walks in the woods with Foster Dad and her three canine foster brothers and sister.  On top of that, our resident 2 year old, Cutter, is always ready for a romp, and so is Bongo the half-grown poodle next door.  So, when mid-afternoon rolls around and it is finally quiet around here, Jenni takes full advantage by napping, usually in her favorite position -- all four paws up!

Jenni wants to please and very seldom jumps on us now and is doing much better with taking treats.  We don't have a cat, so haven't been able to test that.  Jenni is an affectionate, loving dog who lived as a stray for awhile with her mom and sister.  She may always need a more disciplined eating environment, but this is easily handled with proper training.  Although Jenni's mother appeared to be part border collie, Jenni is much larger than a standard border collie, and is probably part golden retriever or lab.  She has not displayed any 'herding' behavior -- she is more laid back.

Jenni would do fine as an only dog or with other dogs.  Cats are unknown.  She is housetrained and crate-trained, and at 11 months, is probably old enough to make it through a work day in the crate.  As a young, energetic dog, she must have daily vigorous activity.  As a smart, affectionate dog, she must have lots of loving and attention, and would excell at obedience training.  Although we have a fenced yard, I think Jenni would be okay with a tie-out, so long as it wasn't for pro-longed periods of time.  She enjoys spending an hour or two outside in the morning just sitting, watching and listening.  Sometimes in the afternoon when the other dogs are in the yard, I will find her right next to the back door taking a nap.

That's all the news for now, except to say if you have any questions, feel free to let your placement advisor know and we'd be happy to talk.



Jenni went to the vet today and tested negative for heartworm and tick borne diseases.  We already have green grass and ticks in Duluth, so we plan to start our dogs early with Frontline, heartworm preventative tabs, and Lymes vaccinations.  The vet thought Jenni was very personable and a great dog.  She took the needle pokes like a champ.  The vet checked her hips and abdomen and said she is a normal, healthy dog.

Jenni continues to mature.  She responds well when Foster Dad asks her to come.  She sits nicely before she receives treats or a meal.  She has begun to keep me company at times, while I am in my workshop.  She comes to greet me good morning and is ready for kisses and a back rub.  She arches her spine in enjoyment.  Jenni is friendly with all the dogs and people she meets.  I like the fact that she is not a barker.

RAGOM will have a Meet and Greet at the Duluth Petco on Saturday, April 21st from 12 noon to 2pm.  Come meet Jenni, if she hasn't found her forever family by then.



Gender: Female (spayed)
Age: One year old on April
22 (estimate)
Golden Mix: Possibilities include Golden Retriever, Border Collie, Australian Shephard, Husky, American Eskimo, Labrador Retriever, ...?
Health: Excellent
Vaccinations/Preventatives: Up-to-date (DHPP, Rabies, Bordetella); also given Lymes vaccination, heartworm preventative and frontline preventative
Appearance: White and gold mottled color; fur is medium short, thin and dry (not oily); tall and lanky -- will fill out with age; currently weighs 55 pounds, mature weight likely will be between 55-60 pounds; height at shoulders is 25", length from chest to behind (without tail) is 25"
Sweetness Scale (1-10): 10
Personality: Jenni is not a skittish dog, but not always looking for attention either. She is generally calm and playful. She has a bit of independence, but when you give her attention by petting her, she literally melts in your arms (more than most dogs).
Housetraining: Completely housetrained, never had any accidents
Leash: Walks fine on a flat leash, does not pull Respond to Her Name? Yes
Commands: Sit, stay, come (use of eyes and hand signals is more effective than verbal commands)
Children: No children under 10 years at this time, until she learns food manners
Cats: Unknown
Get along with other dogs? Gets along well with all dogs and is not dominant
Get along with people? Gets along with all people
Any agression? No
Bark? Very little
Ride in Vehicles? Yes
Swim? Yes
Playful? Yes, sticks, balls, kong, the usual
Object to being Groomed? No, Jenni loves to be brushed
Chew Inappropriate Items? Yes, Jenni is a normal 1 year old puppy. She has more energy in the morning, and will chew if bored.
Food Manners? Jenni was a stray, and is overanxious when food is present--she is still learning how to be calm around food.
Get into Garbage or Countersurf? Yes, all food must be put away.
Separation Anxiety? No
Chase Cars or Motorcycles? No
Dig? No
Afraid of Anything? She is not accustomed to being inside commercial buildings with flourescent lights and will freeze to the floor.
Crate or Free Roam? Both
Fenced Yard? She is currently in a fenced yard, but we think she could
be trained to stay close without a fence
Jump Fences? No
Run Away? No, Jenni comes when called.

There you have the 'data' for Jenni. She is a sweet, loving, young and healthy dog. We know there is a forever family out there for her. Let us know if you might be the one!

RAGOM will have a Meet and Greet at the Duluth Petco on Saturday, April 21st from 12noon to 2pm. Come meet Jenni, if she hasn't found her forever family by then.



FOOD MANNERS.  Jenni sits before she receives food and will allow us to take her food bowl away and for other dogs to approach her while eating with no problem.  She also no longer countersurfs while we are present.  Now that she is older and has been in a consistent home environment for two months, she is far less anxious about getting fed. We have also begun feeding her an extra meal mid-day because we think she needs it due to her large puppy age and the high amount of exercise she receives. The point I want to make is that Jenni is not aggressive around food.  The reason we put ‘no children under 10 years’ is due to her large puppy stage, where she could easily knock over a young child. Although she is almost a year old, she is actually a younger puppy in terms of training, because she did not live in a consistent home environment until recently.

BREED.  Jenni is unique in that she is a mix; she does not exhibit traits of just one breed.  Although she apparently has some border collie lineage, she does not exhibit the intense eyes and does not herd people or other dogs, but she is smarter than the average dog.  Her appearance is a lot like a yellow lab, although her fur is thin and soft, not coarse.  She acts like a retriever, in that she enjoys playing with balls, kongs, ropes, and other dogs.  She is a lot like a golden retriever, in that her temperament is extremely sweet and loving.  She seeks out attention, and one thing I love, is she smiles and grins when she catches my eye.We would very much like to find a forever home for Jenni now.  As her foster parents and fur-siblings, we have given her a lot of love and training. 

She is ready for a permanent home now – might that be yours?


Jenni was briefly adopted and returned last week, when the match did not work out. Jenni needs a fenced-in backyard, another dog in the family, and high-intensity daily exercise. Although she is very sweet, Jenni is slow to trust and adjust to new environments, and so would be best placed with dog-savvy people without young children. The good news is that there is a family who meets all of those requirements, that is very interested in Jenni! We will keep you posted.


Jenni has been adopted by the J family!  Her new name is Zorah.  She has a mom and dad, two human brothers, and a big canine brother named Norm.  All of her new brothers love to play, and Jenni has landed into a family skilled in training dogs for obedience and agility.  So, keep an eye out for a big white dog with gold markings performing at agility events in the midwest!  Good bye, Sweet Jenni! 

You will be missed by your fur-sibs Mollie, Jack and Cutter and Foster Mom & Dad.