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Annie 11-415
(Fostered in Robbinsdale, MN)

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“In memory of Judy Lilledahl”

Beth Richards
"In memory of Bubba"

Merry Christmas From Team Hudson  Merry Christmas from Team Hudson!
Merry Christmas in memory of sweet Bubba who was adopted 3 years ago from wonderful Foster Mom Lou in the middle of a blizzard! (12/13/2010)   Merry Christmas in memory of sweet Bubba who was adopted 3 years ago from wonderful Foster Mom Lou in the middle of a blizzard! (12/13/2010)
From Kathy G. to Annie 11-415, Merry Christmas to a very special girl!   From Kathy G. to Annie 11-415, Merry Christmas to a very special girl!  
Merry Christmas to the Senior Goldens from Santa   Merry Christmas to the Senior Goldens from Santa  

December 23, 2011

Introducing Miss Annie. This petite, thin little sweetie, was found as a stray in South Dakota outside all alone. As you can see she is thin and also has a growth on her right front leg. This lovely little girl has been with us about a week now. Here is what we know about Annie:

  • Annie is a senior girl about 8 to 10 years of age;
  • She weighs only about 41 pounds and is obviously petite;
  • She is a very light blond gal with ‘frosting’ in-between her coat. Her coat by the way, considering she has probably been on her own a while, is quite nice – and she also did very well at the groomer when she first arrived;
  • She is housetrained;
  • She has gentle eyes which are somewhat opaque but no sight issue at all;
  • Her backbone stands out on top due to her thinness and probable arthritis;
  • She is a golden/lab (probably) mix;
  • Great with dogs;
  • Great with cats;
  • Great with kids (any age);
  • She has some hip dysplasia but gets around well; and
  • LOVES her humans

Annie is one of the most loving, gentle girls I have met. She is a little nervous at first traveling in a vehicle and of course, who knows if she was ever really experienced in one. She has come so very far since she first arrived here at our home for fostercare. Our girl was examined by our vet and is chipped and UTD of course. We still need to get the growth (some type of cyst) off her front leg which is scheduled to be January 6th. Prognosis is very good and again, is seems to be some type of cyst with fluid inside and at the present time, is harder (feels like a baseball glove), but it does not really seem to bother her, thank goodness. Considering the shape and achiness of Annie when she first came in, after examination, Annie also had a bladder infection. She has since completed a antibiotic treatment successfully and that has totally cleared up. To aid Annie in comfort, she is on a mixture of deramaxx, Tramadol and S3 chews. Also ‘good’ food which is Prescription JD.

I am so happy to say that Miss Annie is, I believe, feeling very good! I am feeding her 3X a day to begin to help her slowly put some weight on, she gets one dose of deramaxx in the morning in her food, along with 1 dose of Tramadol, and she eats it all right up. I think perhaps enjoying good meals (which we add some cooked chicken, or ground deer meat, ground hamburger, rice, or quality moist food). Both she and our resident girl enjoy their breakfast. With Annie I feed her a small amount of kibble around noon with 2 crunched up S3 chews (with glucosamine/chondroitin in it) and just plain kibble in the evening. Our miss has a good appetite and cleans up her dish every time. After the first couple days, Annie seems to be completely housetrained. She will give you ‘cues’ to watch for which are easy to read (walking around in circles, etc.) otherwise she just goes in and out with our resident dog, Maggie into the fenced back yard.

She has free roam of the house now. We did crate her the first few days of course not knowing her history and she was ok with it. As we have learned now, she is totally fine on her own and is not destructive or anything. She does enjoy 1 of 2 large doggie beds we have in our bedroom at night and sleeps like the little baby girl she is quietly all night. She is fine with our cats also (3 of them). She does great with our grandchildren inside and out in the backyard. (they are ages 5 & 7). Annie is a very gentle girl. She takes treats very nice. We have seldom heard her bark. Once she and Maggie have been outside and want back in, she (and Maggie) will let me know. Again, Annie’s little bark is not much and she perks those darling ears up and wagging that cute tail, and wants back inside again where it is warm and safe. Annie is, with the above treatments, walking great. I use a harness and she seems to really enjoy her walks and we have done about a mile with no problem. She perks her cute little ears up at a squirrel or some of the turkey which are around. A face to make you melt! She cocks her head and looks in fun.

A yet another adorable thing she does here inside is toss up her stuffed toy(s), flip them around in the air, watch them land, and go get them and do it again. I wish I could get a video of this, it is so entertaining and cute to watch. However, she cannot just ‘keep’ the stuffed soft toy and then we will progress to de-stuff it! It is amazing just how very far this little, frail, scared girl has come and she is feeling so good and all set for Christmas holiday this weekend!

What a wonderful gift indeed.


Here is a photo right after Annie came to our home; so incredibly thin and uncomfortable.

Amazing what a couple weeks can do! What a difference RESCUE makes!

Merry Christmas!



Happy Holidays from anonymous Happy Holidays from anonymous


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Wow our lovely girl has a SPONSOR! How wonderful is that for a New Year’s gift? We could not possibly do rescue without these generous givers. Thank you so much for Annie.

Miss Annie had a wonderful Christmas. She very much enjoyed the action and especially the attention from the young grandchildren who are 5 and 7. Annie always loves to welcome everyone who comes over with lots of tail wags (never barks). She is feeling so good and really lovin’ the rescue life she has now. She continues to eat well, takes treats gently (and sits for them) and is just a delight to have. She does not beg for human food while we are eating (great for a starved golden girl). She is currently just on her maintenance meds to keep her comfortable and we will then whittle these down to see how she feels. I would venture to guess she will just be on the chews and perhaps the Tramadol.

She is quite active and enjoys playing. She is very polite around everyone and the other animals. It is so fun to watch her throw one of the stuffed toys/or soft toy of some sort, in the air and perk her ears up to watch when it lands, and then go get it and do it again. She has become more spry and happier each and every day. I sure wish I had a crystal ball to know what her past would tell me. How could anyone let such a wondrous canine go? Gosh what a beautiful girl!

Dear "anonymous": Thank you for this wonderful holiday gift to Annie. J


Getting hugs from C!

Really enjoying the hugs!

Checking things outside

Trotting around outside



Talking… can I come in?


Annie and buddy Maggie

 Got my ears perked up!


Annie had her surgery and recovered very well from it. There are a couple medical issues which need to be investigated further, therefore Annie will be moving to Minnesota to a new foster so that further medical research/attention can be done.

She continues to be one of the most sweet, gentle lovely seniors I have ever fostered. We will miss her very very much. With further testing/analysis to be done, it is greatly appreciated that she has a “Sponsor!” That is so helpful and important in rescue of these magnificent Ragom rescues. Thank you to the family of Judy Lilledahl. 

Annie, we love you very much.


Annie was having some problems with breathing and was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis- a common condition in older dogs. On January 23rd she had a surgical procedure called a “tie-back”. Since then her breathing has improved greatly. She needs to be kept quiet with minimal exercise for another 4 weeks. She will need to be taking Zantac daily for the rest of her life. We have learned that she does not like car rides or going to the vet.

Annie has adjusted well to her new foster home. Her and her foster buddy Bella get along well. She is real reluctant to leave the main level of our house or even to venture onto our hardwood floors . She can navigate stairs just fine and does not slip on the hardwood floors, but gets real nervous leaving her favorite place, which is our living room. Ideally she will get adopted by a family that has a bedroom on the main level.

She is a real gentle soul and just loves anyone who will sit with her and give her some pets. She will give you the paw if you stop petting-sometimes tries a back paw if the front ones do not seem to be working.


Miss Annie has moved to Robbinsdale! She was not comfortable climbing stairs at her last foster home, so she has moved to my house where everything is on one level. She is gentle and quiet and has been calm since she arrived. She prefers to be in my bedroom which is carpeted, but has bravely wandered the house even on the hardwood floors. She does not seem to have mobility problems, so her aversion to walking on certain surfaces may just be insecurity.

She met my three resident dogs and there was tail wagging all around. She has only been here a few hours, so not much to report as yet, except that she seems younger to me than her listed age. Since she was a stray, we don't know for sure. We are happy to have Annie here, but will be even happier to see her in a forever home. If you are looking for a calm, sweet, soft girl who loves to be petted.....look no further!


Miss Annie is settling in nicely. She prefers to walk on carpet or rugs. To make it easier to walk from my carpeted bedroom to the back door I put down some mats for her to walk on. She does well on these, but has not explored the rest of the house very much. She will walk around if I put her on a leash and walk with her. I will try to work with her more on that. She goes outside easily, but was reluctant to come back inside. She would stand back from the door and back away from me if I went out to encourage her. When I hooked her leash on her harness, she would walk right in. I am happy to say that now she does not need to have the leash and comes in on her own. She is fearful in certain situations and will need some help to build up her confidence. In only a week she has made good progress here, so I am sure that she will get braver the longer she is here.

Annie has two medical issues and I want to explain them a bit. First, she had a large growth on her right front leg. It was about the size of two eggs. It was removed and the site is completely healed. The growth was a soft tissue sarcoma. This type of mass is usually slow growing. There is a possibility that it will return to the site. There is a very slight possibility that it may have spread elsewhere in her system, but only time will tell if that has happened. Currently her leg is in great shape and she has no problems with it.

Her second issue is Laryngeal Paralysis. This is a condition that causes breathing problems. In Annie’s case when she started panting heavily she could not catch her breath. The windpipe opening would not fully expand and this caused her to pant more which made the condition worse. She actually passed out at one point. She came to the Twin Cities to have surgical treatment for this condition. The surgery is called a “tieback”. One side of the windpipe was tied open so that she will have access to air. She has healed completely from this surgery and has had no more breathing crises. Annie has a few changes in her lifestyle due to the surgery. Since she is unable to completely close her windpipe she is at greater risk of breathing food or water into her lungs. She uses an elevated food/water dish to reduce the chance of breathing in her food. She should also not go swimming as it would be easy for her to breathe in water. Breathing in food or water can lead to pneumonia, so that is something to be watched. She wears a harness instead of a collar to avoid strain on her neck. She takes Rantidine twice a day to reduce the acid in her stomach which could flow back up her windpipe. Her bark is quiet and raspy sounding, but does not seem to be a problem for her. Things are pretty quiet at my house, but I have seen Annie pant when she is excited. I have been told that she pants constantly when she is in a car. I plan to take her to Chuck & Don’s next Sunday, so will see how she does.

Even after all of this, Annie is a healthy dog. She does have some lifestyle limitations that any potential adopter should consider. Here are her lists of Turn Ons/Turn Offs.

Turn On: Walks, petting, cuddling, hanging out near you, walking on carpeting, air conditioning

Turn Off: Car rides, swimming, heavy physical exertion (or really hot summer days), lots of slippery stairs

I hope that all of this is not too overwhelming. I just want to make sure that anyone falling in love with Annie will be prepared for her lifestyle. She is a loving, sweet dog and will make a GREAT family member and friend.


Annie will be at Chuck & Don’s on Sunday 3/4. She does not like riding in the car, so please come and give her lots of praise and pets for being brave enough to make it to the event!


Annie went to her first RAGOM event on Sunday at Chuck & Don’s in Bloomington. It was the first time I had taken her for a car ride. I had heard that she did not like to ride in the car, so did not know what to expect. She surprised me by jumping eagerly into the front seat. I wanted her in the back seat, so I coaxed her back there. She was happy in the car. I think she thought it was a very small room with a big couch and she was fine with that, until it started moving. Small rooms with big couches are not supposed to MOVE! She started shaking and panting which she did the whole ride to Bloomington. Happily, she did not have any breathing problems. The operation did its work well.

When we got to Chuck & Don’s she was pretty nervous from the car. She was a bit overwhelmed by all of the people and dogs. I brought a mat for her to stand on since she does not like slippery floors. She surprised me there too. She is braver when she is on leash, so she had no trouble walking around most of the time. She got to wear the donation vest, but it was tricky to get a picture of her in it. When I tried to get her in position, she cowered and tensed up. Later when she was more relaxed I got a side shot of her wearing the vest. She did get lots of petting and one very kind couple bought her a big bag of liver treats which she has already been enjoying.

I think that she enjoyed herself most of the time. I hope that as I take her to more events she will get more relaxed. There were times when she wanted to be right in the middle of the action, sniffing and getting sniffed. She enjoyed the attention and the treats. At one point Annie was between to other fosters as treats were being given out. The other two fosters were not shy. You could tell by their girth that they were masters of treat collecting. Skinny little Annie was not getting her share. We had to give her treats separately so she could get some.

As her confidence gets greater, I think she will do well at events. Time will tell.


Annie has had a difficult week. It started last Monday night. I put all of the dogs out for one last potty break, and when they all came in, I went to bed and turned out the light Annie started panting and barking. She was in the same room with me and my other dogs. I did not know what was distressing her. She had been with me for three weeks and this was the first time for this behavior. Not wanting to reward the bad behavior I ignored her. The barking continued. After a while I got frustrated and did give her a couple of sharp “Annie NO!” corrections. Still no let up. After two hours I got mad and really yelled at her (BAD FOSTER MOM!). No change. Finally Truly, one of my dogs had enough. She lunged at Annie, pinned her and was growling and snapping at her. I pulled her off of Annie and saw no blood anywhere. I put a dog bed in my bathroom and put Annie in there for the night. She continued to bark and pant for hours. Neither one of us got much sleep that night. I was really stumped by her behavior and asked for suggestions from other fosters.

One suggestion was to take her to the vet, so I set up an appointment for Thursday. Tuesday night she did some panting and barking before bedtime and I did nothing about that. Once the lights went out and she made her first bark, I put her in the bathroom again. She quieted down in a few hours. The next night was better and I let her out after about 10 minutes. On Thursday I took her to the vet. She hates riding in the car and is terrified of the vet, so it was a hard time for her. She appeared to be healthy, but I noticed that one of her ears looked like it needed to be cleaned. While the tech was cleaning it she found a sore in her ear. I am guessing that when Truly went after her on Monday night she must have landed a tooth on the inside of Annie’s ear. I had checked Annie’s ear flaps, but did not look inside. Annie also has a mild ear infection in both ears. The vet prescribed Otomax drops and sent her home. I gave Annie an anti-anxiety pill and that night she was quiet. The next morning her ear was swollen and hot. I called the vet to see if they would prescribe antibiotics, but they wanted to see her ear and check her temperature.

Poor Annie had to endure another car ride and vet visit. She was severely shaking when we entered the clinic. She was so scared that her teeth were chattering. I have never seen that in a dog before. They cleaned her ear again and her temperature was normal. She is now on antibiotics. Her ear is much better. The vet wants to recheck her ear this week, but I am going to try to talk them out of that. She is much better and the trip would be so hard on her.

Here is my theory about Annie’s barking and panting. She is a very insecure girl. Now that she has been with me for almost a month she has decided that she wants to be right next to me all of the time. In a house with 4 dogs and one person, that is not possible. When she can’t get close enough to me, she barks and pants. She is calm when she is the only dog in the room with me. She is calm when she is outside, curling up and sleeping in the sun. Over the weekend she has gotten braver about walking around the house on her own, so she is feeling more secure in some ways. Annie is a sweet girl and would love to be in a home where she can get lots of love. She has been through a lot of change and stress in the last few months. She would be fine in a home with another dog as long as she got plenty of attention all for her own. I hope that as she continues to settle in with me I will get to see more of her normal behavior, so far she has been in a post-traumatic mode.


I am happy to report that Annie had a MUCH BETTER week! Her night time barking has stopped. She is bravely walking on hardwood and linoleum floors. I have removed two of the four mats that I put down for her. She is still tentative on the non-carpeted surfaces, but is definitely much more secure. I have had her on an anti-anxiety medicine all week which must have helped her. I will be talking to the vet today about whether it should be a long term medication for her. I think that it also helped that she had a very quiet week. No car rides or vet visits or RAGOM events. She was able to just have a nice predictable, low stress week.

She is done with the antibiotics for her ear (it appears to be healing nicely). At some point I will need to take her back to the vet for ear swabs to make sure that the other ear infection is also gone. Her appetite is good and she had no accidents at all this week. She has been enjoying the great weather along with my other dogs, lots of time spent curled up sleeping in the sun.

It is a pleasure to see her relaxing and feeling at home. She is a gentle, sweet girl who loves to be near her safety person. If you would like to be Annie’s safe harbor, contact placement.


Except for one night last week, Annie has been off of her anxiety medication. The exceptional night was a thunder storm. I have two dogs that get anxious during storms. Annie may have just picked up on their stress, but she calmed down with medication. She is continuing to make progress which is impressive as she is doing it without medication. I have removed 3 of the 4 security floor mats and she is getting braver about walking. She is still cautious, but now follows me wherever I go. Her appetite is good and I am feeding her twice a day. She is SUCH a skinny girl! I took her outside for a good combing session. Even though her coat is not thick and curly like my other goldens, she had a lot of fluff to lose. She likes the attention and is pretty patient about the combing.

I have two dogs who like to dig a comfy nest under the bushes, and Annie does too. Yesterday I did some back filling and put down some pavers to discourage too much digging. With three of them at it, I feared that the bush would not survive. We will see if the dogs get the message.

I plan to take Annie to another RAGOM adoption event now that she is more secure. If you are looking for a gentle companion who will be your best friend, Annie is the girl for you. Due to her shy nature it may take her longer to settle in than some other dogs, but once she does, you will have a faithful friend for sure!


For the last week I have tried two calming techniques with Annie. I have been giving her a few drops of “Rescue Remedy” on her tongue once a day. I have also used the T-Touch technique called half body wrap. This is where an ace bandage is wrapped around the dog’s body to give them a greater feeling of security. She has done very little nervous panting this week. Even last night during the thunder storm she was calm. Here is a picture of her in the wrap, but it is hard to see since her fur is close to the same color as the wrap. I took the picture this morning when she was eating breakfast.

This weekend when I was working in the yard she did some of her nervous barking when I was on the other side of the fence from her. I brushed a huge volume of fur from her coat on Sunday. It is amazing how much fur she has on such a skinny little body. The more bonded she gets with me, the calmer she is. It would be best for her to be bonding to her forever family, so if you are interested in this sweet lady please contact placement.


Annie has found a shortcut from my bedroom to the back door. As I have mentioned before, she does not like to walk on uncarpeted floors. The hardest part for her is going around corners. She figured out that if she goes under the kitchen table she has one less corner to navigate. I just have to ensure that the kitchen chairs are not blocking her preferred route. A couple of nights ago she was panting heavily after we went to bed. I got up and wrapped her in a half body wrap and gave her a few drops of Rescue Remedy. She was quiet in less than five minutes! There may be thunder storms later this week. Annie did fine during the last storm, so we all have our fingers and toes crossed for her.


Annie was evaluated by a veterinarian dog behaviorist last week. The different calming techniques that I was using for her just did not maintain their power, so I was looking for more help in easing her anxiety. Dr Terri Derr met Annie a week ago. Dr Derr said that Annie is really sweet and a bit of a puzzle. I totally agreed with her and was glad to know that it wasn’t just me who finds her behavior puzzling. She watched Annie interact with my dogs and without my dogs around. We sat in the living room while Annie watched from a distance and barked at us (because Annie did not want to walk across the hard wood floors to reach us). When we went to the carpeted bedroom with Annie, she was fine and sweet and no barking. Dr Derr said that Annie’s anxiety might be a sign of early dementia, but could not say for sure. She prescribed amitriptyline as a maintenance drug to see if that will work for her. I just started Annie on the pills yesterday, so we will see how that goes.

Annie also developed a hot spot on the left side of her jaw. This required another trip to the vet which always raises her anxiety levels. About an hour before the appointment I gave her a dose of Alprazolam. She was so much better in the car and at the vet! She panted, but no teeth chattering. She was really a different dog than the last vet trip. The hot spot was shaved and Annie will be on an antibiotic for another week. The spot is much better.

Annie will be at Petco this Saturday, and she would really love to meet you. You can’t tell how sweet she is until you meet her face to face!


Annie’s hot spot is all healed up nicely. She is no longer taking amitriptyline as it did not make any difference in her anxiety. She will be drug free for five days before we try a different drug. She had a really rough night this weekend when the thunder storms were raging. At about 2:30AM I gave her an alprazolam to help her through the storm. As the night wore on I dangled my hand over the side of the bed so that I could touch her. She rubbed her head and body along my hand almost the way that a cat will rub. She wanted to be as close as possible to me.

On the positive side, she has done no nocturnal barking, so that is a really good thing. She continues her anxious barking during the day. It does not matter if we are indoors or outdoors, if she can’t be close to me she barks. I was moving plants from my living room to my porch this weekend and she barked as she could not reach me without walking on the hardwood floors. I attached her leash and walked her out to the porch a couple of times. She got braver and figured out a more secure route to the porch that involved going through two adjacent rooms and keeping close to the wall. I praised her for being so very brave.

Lately Annie has been having repeated accidents in my bedroom. Since it is my only carpeted room she spends a great deal of time there. The accidents usually happen when I am not at home, but I think they might be triggered by anxiety. After steam cleaning my carpet on Saturday, I have put diapers on Annie when I can’t watch her. I am sorry to do this, but my bedroom was smelling like a rarely cleaned kennel and I had to make a change. Normally I would crate a dog with this issue, but due to her anxiety, I don’t think that the crate is a good idea. Annie will be starting a new drug on Wednesday. This one needs to accumulate in her system so it will take a while before we know if it is working. I hope that it gives her some relief.


I have had some time off from work and have been spending more time working in my yard. Annie is happy and much calmer when she gets to spend more time outside. She likes to find a comfy spot, curl up and take a nap. Sometimes she goes way back underneath my bridal wreath bushes, sometimes she digs a little hollow out by my back door. She is happy as a clam to spend hours of time outsdie and I need to urge her sometimes to come in.

I think that the new anxiety drug is also working for her. She spends very little time barking anxiously and never at night any more. Hurray! She has had no accidents for weeks and has been diaper free for more than ten days. This is a big improvement. She is eating better. She still wants me to be in the room with her while she eats, but usually completely empties her bowl. She is still a skinny minny, but not quite as skinny as before.

I thnk there may be a number of things contributing to Annie's improvement: more outside time, more acclimated to my home and the anti anxiety drug. If she keeps on her current course, she would be a very adoptable dog for the right home. She is very sweet and loving, and who can ever get enough of that?


"may you no longer feel anxious"  "May you no longer feel anxious"  from Kathleen Guinn


First of all Annie and I would like to thank Kathleen for her butterfly and words of support!

Annie has been walking back and forth from my bedroom to the back door on her own, which is another step forward. Sometimes she needs encouragement from me, but sometimes she makes the trip all by herself! She still does some anxious barking, but less frequently than before.

Last Saturday night’s storms were hard on Annie. I should have given her storm anxiety medication sooner than I did as it takes about an hour to kick in. She stood next to me panting for about 90 minutes. I have never heard a dog pant so loudly before. I think part of the sound is due to her throat surgery. It sounds like she is panting through a megaphone! I have another dog with mild storm anxiety, but in the face of Annie’s panting, my other dog just gave up being nervous. I guess that she decided that she could not compete with Annie!

It was great being home last week and spending more time with the dogs. Annie loved being outside when the weather permitted. She is cautious and if it looks like it might rain, stays inside just to be safe. If you are looking for a very sweet, gentle and loving girl who just needs a bit of extra care, Annie would be a great match. If you have carpeted floors, she would be in HEAVEN!


I finally have a few pictures of Annie to update her page. One shows her on my porch in her favorite spot. She is now brave enough to walk out to the porch on her own. She used to sneak through a couple of adjoining rooms to avoid walking out in the open, and she no longer does that either. The other pictures show her in one of her favorite outdoor spots. It is a hole under a bush by my back door. Annie didn’t dig it on her own, but had some help from the rest of my dogs.

When I am in the kitchen and call her she will come to me. Before now, she would only leave the carpeted area if she could see me. This weekend she followed my dogs outside with no prompting by me at all. This is a big step for her. She has been on her current medication for almost a month and I think that it is working well. If you have been following Annie’s story I am sure that you are giving her a big cheer too. Now we just have to find her a nice forever home!


It has been a tough week for Annie with all of the storms we have had. She paces and pants and shakes all during the storms and for an hour or two before and after. I give her one of her storm anxiety pills if I know that a storm is coming and that helps a bit. Even though I did not have much lasting success when I tried an ace bandage half body wrap on her, I got her a Thunder Shirt. This gives a much snugger fit and covers more of her body. The instructions say that it can take a while to work, so I hope I will see some change for her when she wears it during storms.

When it is not storming, she LOVES laying under the bush by my back door. She will lay there for hours looking so peaceful.


Annie is a creature of contradictions. She can be very anxious when there is nothing to fear and yet totally fearless at other times. I was vacuuming yesterday and Annie would come and stand next to the vacuum. I could vacuum right up to her feet and she would not move. She was relaxed and perfectly content to stand by the big noisy monster that scares all of my other dogs. I had to tap her on the butt to get her to move. Annie is definitely marching to the beat of her own drummer.

We have increased her dosage of anxiety medicine as she started barking at night again. I got up to let her outside hoping that would quiet her down. She went outside, turned around and came right back inside. That was last week. She has been better the last few days. She has been happily spending time outside under the bushes, but not as long as she used to. I think that she has come to appreciate the central air conditioning as the temperature hangs around 90 degrees.


The “Annie Cam”

Over the last few weeks one of my four footed friends has been repeatedly peeing on one spot of my hardwood floors. Normally, I would suspect my foster dog in a situation like this. Annie, however tries to avoid hardwood floors, so I would have expected her to pee on the carpet (as she has done in the past). My resident dogs have many quirks, but not usually of this type. I do have an older female who has had some bladder issues, so I was not able to rule her out of the possible suspects.

I could not catch the culprit, and there was no definite pattern to the accidents. I decided to let technology solve my problem. I went on Amazon and bought a small security camera for $80. It was simple to set up, motion activated, and had night vision. I could not believe how sophisticated it was for such a low price. I set it up and waited to catch someone with their pants down. As luck would have it, there was pee on the floor the very next day. I plugged the camera into my PC and started looking at the short movies it had taken. Lots of dogs just wandering aimlessly through the room during the day. Once night fell, I saw two glowing eyes looking at the camera from a distance. A ghostly shape emerged from the shadows and there was Annie. On the first trip she just wandered through. On the second trip she was caught on camera to “Peefection”. She was busted. I was so surprised to see her calmly walking around at night on the wood floors. My dogs were happy to be off the hook for potential indiscretions.

I can’t crate Annie, as that just triggers her barking. The random barking has stopped again since her medication dose was increased. Since I can’t crate her, I have put her back in a diaper when she is in the house and not under my direct supervision. This has helped, but Annie has such a tiny butt that the diaper can fall off (with a little help from her). It is not a perfect situation, but it has improved.


Annie may be the only foster dog who is enjoying the heat. She loves to go outside and curl up in a cozy spot under the bridal wreath bushes. The bushes have lots of overhang, so she completely disappears from sight. I am sure that she is relatively cool as she is in the moist dirt and completely shaded.

On her last update I said that she was going to wear a diaper when she was inside and unsupervised. That did not work. I mentioned how it was a challenge to keep a diaper on her skinny butt. One night she escaped the diaper, which would not have been so bad except that Truly, (one of my other goldens) ATE the diaper. After a 2:30AM check on the Internet and a call to the emergency vet, I gave her two doses of hydrogen peroxide and got her to vomit up some of the diaper. Luckily, Truly has the digestion of a goat and there were no issues related to the diaper.

Since diapers could no longer be used, I closed off the room where Annie had be having her accidents. For now, that has worked! No more accidents, no missing diapers. Fingers crossed.


The last week has been accident free and with no mishaps of any kind. Annie may have finally settled in and decided that she can be a normal dog. She is eating well as long as I am in the same room with her. The only time she barks is when my crankiest dog blocks her from coming to see me. Libby has some border collie in her and she sees Annie as a sheep to be controlled. Annie is very submissive, but unlike a sheep, she barks when she is frustrated. While she still loves being outside under the bushes, she does appreciate the coolness of the air conditioning at night.

It has taken a long time for Annie to settle in, but I wish that someone would consider adopting her. She is a very sweet and gentle dog. She loves being petted and getting any attention that you give to her. Anybody looking for someone to love who would be happy to love back? Annie’s your girl!


Oh dear, it has been more than a month since I updated Annie’s page. I am trying to make up for it by including a photo. Annie shuts her eyes and looks totally blissed out when I scratch her on the head. I tried to capture that moment in the photo.

There is not much new to report except she spent a week with another RAGOM foster when I was out of town. They said that she was a good girl, no accidents! There was one storm while I was gone and that made her anxious. The foster family said that she panted a lot at night. I guess that I have gotten used to that behavior. Eventually she lays down and sleeps. I have not figured out exactly what triggers the panting. Sometimes it means that she wants to go outside, but not always. She was invited back by the other foster family, so I figure that is a good sign.

Annie will be at Goldzilla on 9/22. She does not like riding in the car, but I think she will enjoy being at the picnic. If you want to meet her, look for us around the foster tent. She is a very sweet and gentle girl.


I said in my last update that Annie would not enjoy the car ride to Goldzilla, and boy was I right! I gave her an anti-anxiety pill about an hour before we left home. She threw up in the car twice on the way there and then had diarrhea once we arrived. Happily, she recovered her composure after a few minutes and ended up enjoying the smells and all of the petting that she got. She was tired out on the way home, so that ride was easier.

As the weather gets colder, she is spending less time outside sleeping under the bushes. I am glad that she realizes that it is too chilly. I was afraid that she might not want to come in even if she got chilled. That is not the case. She knows that it is cozier inside. She is so much calmer than when she first came to my house. She really is a different dog. At night she sleeps curled up next to my bed, she hasn’t had an accident in months and her appetite is good. She still needs me to be in the room with her or she will not eat.


Annie had a very adventurous time yesterday. I have two gates in my yard. One of them is behind a bush and not visible from my back door. I keep that gate closed with an open padlock through it. While I was at work yesterday someone removed the padlock and opened the gate. Not knowing this, I let Annie out about 5:15PM. When I went to bring her in at 5:30PM she was gone. That is when I found the back gate open. I started searching for her and notified RAGOM that she was lost. I live on a lake with a 4 lane highway on the other side of my house. I started driving around the lake calling for her. I met a woman who had seen her near a park. I went there and saw some kids who said they had rescued her from the 4 lane highway and a woman in a van had taken her. They thought she was going to bring her to the police. I went to the police station and they had not seen any stray dogs all day. Annie had her RAGOM tag on her harness and she was chipped, so I knew she was easy to identify but I did not know what else to do. I went home and waited for a call. About 30 minutes later I got a call from the woman who had picked her up. She and Annie were at a Great Clips near my house. When I picked her up everyone in the shop said what a great dog she is. (Of course, I agreed.) The woman who had rescued her said that she wanted to adopt her. I told her to check out Annie’s page on the website and that she would have to apply to RAGOM. I will be thrilled if Annie found her forever home, but wish that she had done that at Goldzilla, and not in the middle of a 4 lane highway! Fingers crossed for adoption. I now have LOCKED padlocks on both of my gates. Not convenient, but much safer for my dogs. I am so happy to have Annie safe and sound!


Annie had a tough weekend. During the middle of the night I woke to the sound of a dog fight. My resident dog Truly was on top of Annie. I pulled her off and checked Annie over. There was a scratch on her head, but otherwise she seemed fine. The next morning when I woke up I saw that what I thought was a scratch had bled a bit over night. I cleaned the wound with hydrogen peroxide and put on some anti-biotic cream. Then I brought her to the vet. They shaved her head and cleaned the wound on the top of her head. She also had a puncture under her jaw. She is now on antibiotics and pain killers. Her wounds look good and clean today.

I don’t know what started the fight, but I am pretty sure that it was not Annie. I have put Truly in a crate in my bedroom at night to make sure it does not happen again. Poor Annie is such a submissive girl, she really does not deserve to be picked on. Santa will have to bring her something extra for her stocking.


Annie and I made a happy discovery. It proves that there can be a silver lining to a dark cloud. When Annie was at the vet after being bit (dark cloud), I was combing her while we were waiting for the vet. Annie was panting as usual when she is nervous. I took her harness off to be able to comb the fur on her back. As soon as the harness came off she stopped panting. She eventually started panting again, but I was surprised that she had stopped at all. When we got home I took off her harness and gave her a collar instead. It is amazing, but I can't remember the last time that I heard her panting. When she arrived at my house she was wearing a harness, so I just left it on her. I suppose she had the harness after her throat surgery so her neck could heal. I don't know if she associates the harness with the surgery, or if it goes back farther in her life. Annie now has a silver lining. she is wearing a lovely red collar, no harness and is not panting. Merry Christmas to Annie!


Annie has been with RAGOM for more than a year. She has made so much progress in that time. She is much less anxious than she was when she came to me. She has gained a few pounds (but is still too skinny). I am attaching a photo to show that Annie is NOT AFRAID of vacuum cleaners. She is the only dog that I have known who will not budge at all for the vacuum cleaner. I have had Annie shaped furry spots on my carpet when I was forced to work around her. I have been able to turn this to my advantage as I am able to use an attachment and vacuum her to remove her always shedding fur. She is fine with that.

Annie and I wish you a happy new year and hope that 2013 will be the lucky time that she finds her forever home!


Annie’s life has been quiet and contented. Her days are predictable and calm. She is not a big fan of the cold, so wears a coat when the temps go below zero. She is eating well and sleeping lots. She will make her discontented little “woof” when she can’t get close enough to me. I have to get Truly up on the bed to clear the way for Annie so that she can be right on the floor at my side. This morning when I was shoveling I could hear her little woofs inside the house. I think that she knew I was there and she wanted to be outside too. She is still very sweet and very loving and hoping to find a forever home.

Merry Christmas to the Golden Seniors! From Anonymous Merry Christmas to the Golden Seniors! From Anonymous
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas to a very special senior girl! From Kathy G
What a sweet girl! From Patch 10-223


While Annie does not like it when it is super cold, she did enjoy the fluffy snow last week. After she eats she likes to go out and rub her face in the snow. I could not get a picture of her doing that, so had to settle for this one. I am sure that she will love it when Spring arrives and she can once more spend time under the bushes in her little Annie craters. Knowing how she likes to dig in the dirt, I expect that Spring will be a time when she is less white and more mud colored. I love the Spring, but am not too happy about the twelve muddy paws that keep coming in and going out and coming in and going out.......


I noticed that Annie is so used to walking on snow that she is avoiding the snow free patches in my yard. It has been such a long winter that we all will need to regain our spring and summer skills. Annie has been panting more lately and I am not sure why. Nothing has changed in her schedule or surroundings. Maybe she is just getting ready for thunder storm season... 

Annie is a really gentle soul and would be a wonderful friend for someone with a quiet home. How about your home?


First of all, Annie and I would like to thank Beth Richards for her generous gift in memory of Bubba. I fostered Bubba. He was a great dog and Beth was a WONDERFUL dog mom. Thanks so much, Beth.

Annie is doing fine. She met a new foster brother yesterday when Lucky 05-064 came to live with us. Annie is a gentle soul, and so is Lucky. I think that Annie is enjoying that she is no longer the new kid in the house. As far as Lucky knows, Annie has lived here forever. Once the snow melts, Annie will go in for her heartworm test. That will be her next big outing. Things are pretty quiet in Annie's life.


This weekend was so beautiful that the dogs and I spent lots of time outdoors. I was doing yard work which included filling in some of the holes that the dogs had dug last summer and fall.  

Annie LOVES to curl up in holes under my bridal wreath bushes. I don't mind a couple of holes, but want to make sure that the bushes survive the dogs' landscaping work. As I was filling some of them in, Annie made it very clear that she was not going to let me undo all of her good work. She laid down in one of the holes and was not phased by the dirt flying around her.

I have a second foster named Lucky, and Annie appreciates his calm presence. She is no longer the new kid, and Lucky is another friendly white face in the house.  

Annie went to the vet for her heartworm test and she is clear. I weighed her, and she is up to 55 pounds. She was so skinny when she came to me. I think that she is finally at a good weight.


This morning the thunderstorm got Annie panting more than usual. I gave her some called "Calming Aids" and it seems to have helped her. She is much calmer now. She is happy that the weather has warmed up and is once more spending time under the bushes when it is dry. Sounds like she won't get much of a chance to be outside this weekend.


Last weekend I took care of two dogs for friends of mine. It was very interesting to have a six dog household. Annie did just fine with the two additional dogs. Each dog ate in a different room so that there was no conflict there. Annie is still the slowest eater in the house. Sometimes she only eats half of her food, and other days she eats it all. She loves treats, and picks the tastiest bits out of her dinner even when she does not eat the whole thing. I think that she is something of a food snob. Annie has enjoyed being outside(whenever it is not raining). The last two nights we have had thunder at night. Annie did a lot of panting during the first storm until I gave her some Calming Aids that I got at Chuck & Don's. They seemed to help the first night so I gave her some before we went to bed last night. She was calm all night long.

If you are looking for a sweet girl who loves to be near you, Annie is the one for you.


Annie went to the vet to have a re-check on her left ear. I have been cleaning it every other day and putting in the medication twice daily. Her left ear is clear! However, her right ear now has a mild yeast infection so we continue the regime on the other side. She does not love getting her ear cleaned, but is getting used to it. The vet asked if Annie has been swimming lately. Unless the dogs are having a pool party while I am at work, she has not been near water since I have had her. She keeps herself clean and has not even needed a bath. Not sure what has caused the ear issue, but hope it will be gone for good soon.


I gave Annie a bath yesterday and expected that she would be a bit stressed out by it. She is an anxious dog, and I had not bathed her before. Her pretty white feet were a dusty shade of gray from all of her time spent in the bushes. Annie was perfectly behaved during the whole bath. I lifted her into the tub and she sat right down in the water. She did not pant or appear to be stressed at all. She stood nicely when I need to wash her belly. At one point she got tired of standing and laid down in the water. She is one of the easiest dogs that I have ever bathed. 

Her fur took a long time to dry and I could not let her outside alone until she was certified no longer damp. It does not take much imagination to picture a damp white dog + dirt = mess. Today she got to spend time under the bushes again. She is still white and her fur is extra soft.


Annie will be attending the Meet and Greet Sunday at Chuck & Don's. Her foster sibling Lucky 05-064 will be with her too. Annie has not gone to many Meet and Greets as she does not like riding in the car. I hope that having Lucky as a buddy will make the ride easier for her. They will also be attending Goldzilla together next month.


Annie had a brief seizure on Sunday 9/1. She had spent most of the day outside happily sleeping under a bush. I woke her up to come in for supper. When she got up she took a few steps and then sat down awkwardly. After that she stiffened and fell over on her left side. I sat by her and patted her. She did not twitch or do any of the behaviors that come along with seizures. After about 2 minutes the spell was over. She laid there for another couple of minutes and then I helped her up. She was able to stand and walk into the house. She seemed fine after that. This is the first time that I have seen her have a seizure. 

Annie has a growth on her right front leg that appears to be a return of a lump that was removed about 18 months ago. She is going to have x-rays on Friday to see if the lump has spread from her leg. The growth that was removed in 2012 was a sarcoma, so this new lump is probably the same. We hope the tests will show that it has not spread further in her system. 

Too much medical stuff going on for poor Miss Annie, paws are crossed for good outcomes.


Annie has had no more seizures that I have seen. She had a few tests at the vet to check her liver and other blood work. She also had x-rays to see if the lump on her leg had invaded the bone. All of the tests came back good. She has an appointment with a surgeon on Friday to see if she is a candidate for having the lump removed. Annie will be at Goldzilla on Sunday. Come out and wish her well!


After talking to a surgeon about the mass on Annie's leg, I have decided not to put her through surgery. The surgeon said that they could not get clean margins on the mass and it would be difficult to get a good enough closure for the wound to heal. Since Annie has already had tie back surgery for her breathing problem, she would also be a risky candidate for any surgery. At Annie's age it is a lot to put her through when it probably won't prolong her life. She does not appear to be in any pain, and I will closely watch her for that. My job now is to make sure that her life is as happy as possible, with lots of naps under her favorite bushes. My sweet Annie.


Annie has been eating better. She now eats about half of her food at night and half of her food in the morning. I guess she prefers smaller servings. The weather has been so wonderful that it has been hard to get her to come back in the house once she curls up under her bush. She is SO CONTENTED when she is under her bush, I hate to make her come out. I am giving her as much outside time as I can while the weather is still nice.


Annie continues to do well. Her appetite is good now that she has succeeding in getting me to switch her to a fancier more expensive food. Princess Annie has a love for the finer things in life. Since the weather has turned colder she has not spent much time outside. Even with her improved appetite she does not have any insulating fat. I am pleased to say that I have not had to dig her out from under the bushes lately.  

The mass on her leg continues to grow. It is warm to the touch, but does not seem to be tender.  

I think that she is getting a little bit braver. My dog Libby loves to stake out an area and declare it hers. Sometimes  Annie has been bold enough to walk past the Libby zone without an escort from me. Good girl Annie!


I spent about an hour combing Annie the other day. Her fur tends to fall out in chunks and I was determined to get all of those chunks off of her. I was amazed at how much fur came off. She does not have a long curly coat, it is shorter like a lab coat. She has these fluffy pockets of fur under her belly and her butt that grow vast mountains of fur. I think that she enjoyed all of the attention and was very patient. 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I want to say that I am thankful to have Annie in my life. She has made such progress since she first came to me. She is much braver and more confident than she was then. She is absolutely sweet and loving, not asking for much and enjoying what she gets. I am thankful that even though the mass on her leg continues to grow, it does not seem to bother her. I am thankful that she found her way to RAGOM and that I can be part of this stage of her life.


Annie is sure to get a Beggin Strip or two from Santa, as she has been a good girl this year! I discovered a way to get her to eat more enthusiastically. I mix ground canned dog food with water and make a gravy for her dry food. She loves it and cleans her bowl almost every day. The mass on her leg keeps getting bigger and looks really awful. She does not react when I touch it, so it must not be painful. There has been no change in her behavior. If I did not see it growing, I would not know that anything was wrong. I hope that she will continue to have a normal Annie life for as long as possible.


Last night my other foster dog Lucky (05-064) decided that Annie looked especially cute so started licking her ears and the back of her head. He just kept at it until her fur was spiked and wet. Anne was a little puzzled by it all, but didn't seem to mind it. I took this picture of Lucky's affectionate attention.

The mass on Annie's leg started to bleed, so I took her to the vet last night.The vet told me that is common for soft tissue carcinomas. The mass is big and soft and full of fluid. From time to time it will rupture and fluid will escape. She says it can get messy and stinky, but this does not mean that it is painful for Annie. She said that Annie may have a tingling feeling in that foot, but probably not much more than that. She gave me some bandages and disinfectant to use to keep her leg clean. Luckily, Annie does not lick it or fuss at it. 
Annie has maintained her weight since last September's visit, so that is good. At 46 lbs she is still a skinny Minnie! Her appetite is good as long I as I sit with her while she eats. She likes it even better when I stand right next to the bowl. The cold weather has been hard on her. I get her in and out as quickly as I can, but one of her back paws must have gotten a touch of frost bite. I have to be a real cheerleader to get her to come inside instead of laying down when that foot gets cold. The last big snow we got I thought she had gotten stuck in a drift, but she swam her way out of it.
She is still a gentle and sweet soul who follows me all around the house. I am glad that she is still with me and hope that she will get a chance to sleep under her beloved bushes when (if?) Spring ever comes.


I keep Annie's leg bandaged all of the time now. It is constantly oozing fluid and blood. She licks at the foot and bandage, but still puts weight on that leg. When I change the bandage the leg does not seem tender, but she is frantic to lick it when the bandage is off. It is stinky. The vet was right about that. Annie will eat all of the food that I give her if I feed her by hand, so that is what I have been doing. At least she does not have to deal with the below zero temps any longer.



Dear sweet Annie-Bananie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today. She was very calm and quiet at the vet and in the car driving there. Over the last few days she had eaten less and started favoring her right front leg. I don't know if her leg was painful, but she was uncomfortable. I really agonized over this decision. I wanted to give her as much good time as possible, but not wait too long. Last night as she was looking at me I saw something in her eyes that just let me know that it was time.

She did eat a little supper tonight and several treats, but she was moving with difficulty. The fact that she was so calm at the vet was another sign that it was time. Normally, Annie panted constantly when she was there. Tonight she was very calm.

I told her that she was headed to a lovely place with lots of big shady bushes where she could curl up and take lots of naps.I will miss my sweet Annie.She was a gentle, loving soul.