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Abby 11-376
(Fostered in North Liberty, IA)

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Sponsored by:

Sandra Lynn
"In honor of my RAGOM kids Bender and Tilly"

Sharron Thomson
"In memory of Gryphon, Bentley & Hobbes"

 You are a beautiful girl, Abby!  With love from the M family.    You are a beautiful girl, Abby!  With love from the M family.


 Happy Valentines to Abby #11-376 from Jessie #13-324     Happy Valentines to Abby #11-376 from Jessie #13-324


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
Nov. 2011   Required Not tested   Optional Not tested 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.



Abby is a breeder surrendered golden girl to a good samaritan which contacted RAGOM to find her a good home. It is reported that Abby is 10 years old but by appearance and level of activity acts much older. She is very timid and shy but the 1 1/2 weeks in foster care she has blended well with the pack of two goldens and a minigolden who live here. They are very respectful knowing Abby is somewhat frail and not so steady on her feet. Abby is beginning to mimic their behavior and knows when we get up, when we eat, and when it is bedtime. She is comfortable being in the TV room lounging on the pet pad even next to them. She is definitely a follower. She will approach as long as the other dogs are at my side otherwise she moves away with head in a down position. It took a few day but now she even wags her tail. I have seen no golden smiley face but she has proven she has a voice especially at night (typical of dogs left outside all the time). Personally, if dogs get depressed, I would say she is at this point in her life down in the dumps.

Abby came to me very matted and dirty so out came the shears and scissors and then into the tub. Now Abby is the shortest golden I have fostered with the main part of her body level with my knees so I knew I would be lifting her in and out of the car or tub. She weighs in at only 50 lbs. That was her first day in our home. The next day we worked on cutting her claws hoping her walking would improve and her first ear cleaning. OH MY !!! Looking at the overgrowth of tissue in the ear tells me she has suffered from chronic ear infections which were probably never treated. I put rubber booties on her hind feet to give her stability on my wood floors. It took her over three days to figure out she did not like them and I could hear her grabbing them with her teeth and the sound of them snapping back like a rubber band. She is better on her feet now so the booties have come off for now.

Abby has completed her first visit to the vet. She of course has an ear infection, urinary tract infection, and two mammary masses. She is heart worm negative and I found no ticks or fleas when she was bathed. However, her stool was positive for hookworms and whips which could account for her overall poor health. The rest of her labs were normal. Her teeth are horrible and will possibly need some extractions. She has an implanted microchip never registered so now she is registered through RAGOM with the number of the chip in place. When we know her urine is clean and clear, a decision will be made as to where we go with doing her spay, the masses,or her teeth extractions under anesthesia. So Abby is getting an antibiotic, worming, ear antibiotic drops, and I have added a joint compound to help her hips (though the vet felt they were pretty good). She walks pretty stiff.

Abby did not eat the first three days nor was she interested in water. Her first meal was poached chicken which she enjoyed. She was not keen on dry kibble with water in it so off I went to buy canned food which she did like (of course at $2 a can) so now she is getting about 1/2 canned Taste of the Wild mixed with 1/2 cup of dry Taste of the Wild (pills hidden in the goo). I am hoping to make a transition to full dry kibble with maybe warm water in it in a few more days.

Abby will not be ready to adopt until we decide about her other medical needs. I have included a few pictures of Abby. She is the sweetest little old lady I have had the pleasure to foster. I hope after reading this you will think so too. Her life has been tough but she still has a lot of dignity, love, and companionship to share with anyone who might consider her for adoption.





     Abby is doing well.  We have finished her antibiotics for her ears and bladder.  The joint compound seems to be working as she is moving at a faster pace but still takes a few seconds to get upright.  While talking with the vet I told her after much observation I believe Abby is probably older than what we have been told possible closer to 12 years which she is in agreement that is probable true.  Tomorrow is her big day to recheck her urine and get a chest x-ray to make sure the mammary masses have not spread ( if  they are cancer which is still unknown).  If the chest is clear RAGOM will decide if we will go ahead with her spay, her teeth, and the two masses.  Abby's labs were great that much we know.  Wondering how much older dogs will tolerate anesthesia and the length of time the procedure will take is our concern.  Sometimes it is better to give them the best life possible without alot of medical intervention.  Abby is eating well with about 1/4 canned to 3/4 dry kibble with a small amount of hot water.  We are getting closer to just dry kibble with some hot water.  
     Abby gave me her first golden smile this morning.  What a icky day here in my area with cold wet rainy day looming ahead.  The girls came in damp especially the short little guy so I met them with towel in hand.  The big girls think this is a fun way to dance around and enjoy the scrub a dub dub game we play to dry off.  Abby joined right in with her quiet little manner still a little timid but I did catch a glimpse of a grin when she ventured forward for her loving.  Abby is a reserved little old lady who does not run, jump, or play but I know she enjoys being with the clan as I hear her pawing at the patio door to get back outside where the girls have finished eating.   They have  become her mentors showing her how to trust the new environment and the humans in it.  Abby prefers to sleep alot especially right next to my two goldens.  If she can find the smallest space between the wall and Gracie that is where she maintains her observation post.  Very typical behavior when you are unsure what or who may be coming toward you for whatever reason.
     Abby appears to be housebroken as she has had no accidents up to 8 hrs gated in my bedroom with the gang on a day I was gone.  I have heard her warn Finnegan (7 mo old) a couple of times when he gets to puppy horsing around and she is not in the mood yet she tolerates nose to nose and muzzle kisses, or when he decides it is time to just plop down under their chins or belly to chill out.
     Keep Abby in your thought and prayers.  What ever happens she is safe, warm, not hungry, and best of all loved for just being a golden plus she will always be well taken care while in her foster home no matter how long or short it is.


     Abby had her revisit to the vet this week.  She will be on two more weeks of antibiotic for her bladder for just a few white cells and some crystals.  The blood has dropped from a 3+ down to a 1+ which is more likely caused by the crystals irritating the tissue.  If the crystals don't clear completely she will be switched to a special diet that will help prevent further crystal development.
     Abby's chest x-ray was clear and the vet at this point does not feel the mammary masses are an issue requiring treatment.  This is in consideration that only 50% of these masses are cancer and of the 50% only 25% may be the type that spread to other parts of the body.  So I would say the odds are on Abby's side on this one.  
     As far as Abby's spay and teeth we are holding off to give her a chance get more healthy as her risk for surgical procedures under anesthesia is risky.  As I previously stated we believe Abby is older than the 10 years we were told so we are taking that into consideration with her potential adoption.
Abby's forever home list:
1.  Abby says she wants a older refined calm companion who just wants to hang and not run, play, or jump.  Foster mom agrees because Abby is not an active girl preferring to find a quiet corner to sleep but have another dog to follow around and snuggle close to.  Puppy mill dogs need that other dog to show them how to act 
2.  Abby says ideally she wants a home without steps but if you have a ramp that would awesome.  Abby's hips look bad with spinal/hip arthritis and will not be treated except for pain if that becomes an issue.  She currently gets a joint compound so she rises slow and getting started but I have seen her move at a trot going out and coming back in.  Abby really does enjoy living indoors and other than a few sniffs in the air or a slow check of the yard she requires little coaxing to come back in.
3.  Abby has made the transition to dry kibble but she really enjoys a little warm water added which is fine with me.  I just put her antibiotic and joint pills in the goo and leave the area and she finished every little bit of it.  
4.  Abby should avoid homes with active younger children so I prefer either no children or high school age children.
5.  Puppy mill dogs must be adopted into a home that has a fence.  Abby will never be the golden who jumps a short fence so if you have a 4ft fence that would be just fine.  I don't believe Abby will run away but but she could become spooked so this is a safety issue for her. 
Abby's special adoptive family must accept her limitations and be willing to give her a loved, safe, and comfortable environment which any one of our seniors look forward to.  Abby deserves (like all our dogs) a family who realize their time may be short with us but in return they will give us so much more in whatever time we get to spend with them.  
If you are an approved applicant and looking for a senior to spoil and love maybe Abby would like your quiet home.  Abby is available but remember foster mom and Abby especially Abby will make that big decision.  Contact your placement advisor if you would like to meet or are interested in Abby.


     Well, there are not a lot of changes in Abby's life right now. I must admit she is as reluctant as I am to go outside in the cold and often needs extra encouragement.

Abby has completed her second set of antibiotic for her bladder so Monday we will do a repeat urine check. If she continues to have some crystals she will have her food changed as recommended. I actually saw Abby try and play with my former PM girl Gracie. Gracie has such a way with timid PM fosters. She rolls on her back and gently teases till she gets a response and Abby reciprocated by putting her paw on Gracie's head. Abby then took a few small mouthfuls of fur and pulled on them. I can only surmise that she sees Finnegan do this as well as tugging on tails and thought it was the appropriate thing to do. That was the extent of her play time.

    Abby went with me to do a HV this week. I thought she would appreciate a change in scenery and I wanted to see how she acted with strangers. Abby did very well, allowing pets, but quickly found a safe spot in the kitchen to hunker down. She also met a cat by the name of Tigger who she promptly ignored. Tigger was curious and did not try to hide or run away which the potential adopters were excited about as they want a golden who will not, as we say "think the cat is a treat or toy." So, the HV went well and Abby was eager to head back home.

    Abby eats, sleeps, and still barks at some phantom ghost in the night. She is moving much better with the joint pills I have been adding to her food dish. Overall I think she is in a happy place physically and emotionally.

   Thank you for reading about Abby's updates and all of our great goldens we are so fortunate to get in out of the cold, find loving fosters and new families, and to the families to have to make those difficult and traumatic choices to surrender their precious companions. We at RAGOM are grateful you put your trust in us to help you with this decision.


Merry Christmas mom from Caitie Merry Christmas, Mom! from Caitie

Merry Christmas from two 10 year old fur kids to another in memory of our human dad. From Ozzie and Josey, Merry Christmas from two 10 year old fur kids to another in memory of our human dad.

Happy Holidays from anonymous Happy Holidays from anonymous

Merry ChristmasHappy New Year

Abby Dabby here as my foster mom calls me sending you a new update.  Looks like us SE IA folks are going to have a snowless christmas this year.  Foster mom says that is OK as long as the ground stays frozen so the dirt stays outside.  The bonus means it is much easier to pick up those frozen poopcicles :)) .

Abby was reunited with one of the goldens she had been living with (Murphy 11-374) this week.  You see Murphy is staying with us for two weeks in Jan. while his FM is on a business trip so I wanted Murphy to get familiar with the new digs to minimize his stress as well as my two goldens and a minigoldendoodle.  So Abby was the first to go and greet him.  It was amazing to see her response (wish I had taken my camera out with me) when she saw Murphy with immediate recognition and her running to give muzzle and nose greetings.  Abby stayed right next to him while he was doing circles in the yard.  Slowly the rest of the crew one by one was introduced to Murphy and no one took issue since Abby had already accepted him into the yard.  I think Murphy will do fine in Jan. as long as his Abby Dabby is here plus we are planning to try and do another short visit before his FM has to leave in Jan.

Abby is sending special tail wags for her Christmas holly sticker for Caitie (love that spelling).  You rock as the young folks say today.

Ozzie & Josey are two very special furbutts to think of their human Dad and send a holly sticker in his memory.  Someday they will be together again with endless days to do all their favorite activities.

Sandra Lynn, Bender & Tilly may you have the merriest season.  Abby is thankful for your sponsorship while she is being fostered.

"Thank You"  for all our sponsors and donations during the times our goldens are in foster care.  Although many of our rescues are healthy we also have some who need extraordinary medical care and help so these donations are vital to keeping our mission strong.   It is a great time of year to remember our furbutts and the unconditional companionship we receive all year long.   I often think how empty my life would be without my goldens.  Each and every RAGOM rescue I foster finds that special place in my heart and a place to call home and be loved no matter how short or long the stay is.


     Abby is sending a special note to her new sponsor Sharron as well as her anonymous Christmas token donor. We so appreciate this donation in her name. Abby is doing well. Her pesky ear started draining again so I started the drops and guess we will do routine ear cleaning every week instead of every two weeks. I am so sure she will enjoy this :(( but in the end it has got to feel so much better.

     Abby's friend Murphy has been with us since Saturday so we are knee deep in 4 big dogs and one little one. They do well together with nary a raised lip or growl which is so amazing. I put out beef bones (at Christmas) since we are snowless and temps have been in the high 40's here in southern IA. Abby could have cared less and does not even take a second glance at all the chew items on the floor. Kinda sad to think she has not had this experience that we so freely enjoy giving and watching our own dogs respond to. In time I hope she will become more curious and show some interest.

     Many doggy kisses and thanks to Abby's sponsors. We love you more than you know for your generosity, thoughtfulness, and love for our canine companions.

     Abby remains available for adoption if you are looking for that special senior to keep you company.


     It is hard to imagine it is January with the lack of snow and temperatures we are having.  It really looks like spring except we finally lost the green grass around here.  Abby is really becoming quite used to living inside and often even though the rest of the gang rushes to get outside Abby just looks at me with this "I'm not going out unless I really have to do something".  On the really windy days making it cold she actually has a running trot to get back inside especially when it's meal time.  She can move pretty quickly.  She runs right to her spot on the pet bed waiting for her wet kibble.  Abby prefers to eat without me standing over her which all my breeder rescues have done in the past.  She is also really hesitant if I hover close to the door waiting for her (always the last one) to come in so I just move aside out of her space.   Abby prefers not to be leashed as did Murphy when he stayed here the past two weeks but once it is on they are totally cooperative.  I use a leash to get her to the bathroom to clean her ears or groom her on the enclosed porch.  Once the leash is on she does not try and move away.  Monday I groomed her muffin toes and she was amazingly cooperative even though I knew this would be a totally new experience.  She is so well mannered for having lived outside which by the way there have been no accidents in the house since her arrival.
    Abby does have a couple of quirks.  She loves to drag her body along any straight length of wall to include pet gates, the 6 panel doors, or other slightly rough surface.  It must be like a massage of sorts because she makes these funny noises in her throat like it feels so good.  Reminds me of the horses, pigs, and cows that rub on the fences on the farm.  The other thing Abby does is these tiny tap dances with the front paws when she is feeling excited and spry usually in the morning.  So...I know she is happy just hanging out here with the gang :)). 
     As I had said when I wrote a quick note on Murphy 11-374 (staying here while his FM was out of town) Abby joined Murphy in his favorite place the kennel.  I guess it was comfortable having another warm body next to you.  Abby prefers to lay next to one of the gang at all times and Murphy did not mind in the least. 

    Abby's needs have not changed.  She requires a home with children older than 10 years, a fenced yard, and another furbutt that is confident and well adjusted to continue to learn good things from their humans.  I would prefer Abby be adopted in a home that has very limited stairs with her hip/spinal arthritis.  She is a great companion and makes limited demands except for occasional pets, finger rubbing massages for fun, and ear scritches.  She does not even mind or maybe she does not even notice when I am out of the house.  Abby no longer barks at that phantom in the night but if I get up to use the bathroom I might hear her make a quiet growl and I just talk to her and she quiets down.  Enjoy the pics.  Abby is the one with the gray face and of course Murphy is the beautiful red one.



     Abby checking in with a short note.  I think contented is a great way to describe me.  I like snoozing the day away and have no great ambitions.  We had the biggest snow fall the other day so FM took some pictures just to prove it does snow in Iowa.  I think crunching on the ice chunks is great and when we have some that is where you will find me feeding my face just crunching away.  Little Finney tries to get me to play but I just turn or duck my head and he finally gets tired of teasing me and goes away.  He can be such a stinker but he really is a good pup.  I tried chewing on an old Nyla bone the other night.  FM saw me and I stopped because I wasn't sure I was allowed to do that.  Guess I'll try again sometime and see what happens.  Sometimes FM give us treat bones and I really like them.  She lets me have mine away from the gang because they are too fast and I like to chew and savor mine.  
     FM here.  Abby has had a couple pee accidents at night but there is no pattern so it must have been those times she was crunching too much of the snow ice.  She does not give me any cues and I usually wake up when they get up and move around during the night but she must have been very quiet or I was really sleeping soundly.  Overall she is doing very well and moving much better.  I don't see as much stiffness or balance issues.  If she is in the middle of the gang and they get too revved up she will back out of the group toward the side.  She is eating dry kibble now and is as rambunctious as the rest of the crew when chow is served.  I swear she almost gets up to a run to get to the spot where she eats.  She prefers her place inside on the pet bed to eat and knows the routine so that works for me plus there is no reason to change and create stress.
     Abby is really a sweet gentle girl looking for a quiet home maybe with another older dog (another dog is required to adopt Abby) that would appreciate a quiet companion when the peeps are not home.  I know she would not be interested in a companion that is or wants to play as she shows no interest in doing that with any of my crew.   If you are interested please let your placement advisor know.


     Where has the time gone.  It seems we were in the winter mode and now we have moved to a combination of spring/summer all in March.  Many bushes and flowers are a month ahead and they are saying we may get our hard frost tomorrow night.  Hope the weatherperson is wrong so I don't have to cover some of my plants.  Dad use to say don't count winter over until we get out of April you never when it will give you a surprise.

     Abby takes one day at a time in her slow mode.  She is not a zooming kind of girl nor does she readily seek playtime with the girls.  The only fast move she makes is meal time and she has a pretty decent fast trot to get back inside.  She cleans her bowel very nicely but of course my girls lick the bowl just to be sure something was not left behind.

     Abby visited the vet and is maintaining her weight which is what I wanted to keep the stress of her hips and back.  While we were there she backed up and sat on the scale which one of the techs got a picture of.  They posted it on their board with a caption saying she was available to adopt by going to the RAGOM site.  I think I will ask them to send a copy to my e-mail so I can share it with everyone.  We laughed because her butt weighed 19 lbs :) .  We decided to go ahead and give only her the distemper shot this time and in the fall she will get her yearly rabies.  Abby as with all RAGOM fosters receives heartworm and flea/tick preventative care.  She does very well at the vet  though still shy with strangers.  I usually lift her in and out of my wagon though she acts as if she wants to jump I will not allow it with the arthritis.  Abby is a very easy foster rarely seeking attention but she does approach for gentle petting and is very good with grooming.  She lets you know she has had enough by walking away.

     If you want to meet Abby for possible adoption let your placement advisor know.   I am sending a picture of Abby with the new foster Bridget 11-118.  Two PM girls just hanging out sharing a corner.


"OOH"  Did Abby give my ears a boxing and  told me to get my act together.  I forgot to wish her fosters Sandra Lynn and Sharron Thomson a Happy Easter and a sloppy thank you kiss for being her sponsors.  She feels very special and that is true; she is one of the lucky goldens we get to retrieve, rescue, and rehome.  So I feel chastised appropriately for my forgetfulness.


    Not much is happening in Abby's world.  On May 12th Abby attended the RAGOM education greet and meet in Coralville Iowa at PETCO.  She did very well meeting the other dogs in the crowd.  She does not readily seek attention but will meander by and accept pets and scritches if you offer. Abby just finished a heat cycle which took me by surprise (thinking she is older than surrendered age) as it was short with very little drainage (old in appearance) and we are still deciding if, when, and where she will get the spay procedure.  The concern of course is her age but the risk that dogs not spayed have the potential to develop pyometra a infection of the uterus and so doing surgery at that time also increases her risk more. 

   I have enclosed a couple new pics of Abby.  One is at PETCO where she found a safe place under a volunteer and her walker.  She had a great vantage point to see everything and then decide when and who she would seek attention from.  The other photo was taken at one of her vet appointments where she decided the weight scale was "just right" for her short legs so she promptly sat down and allowed the tech to take her picture.  This is my favorite one of course.


   Abby is sending lots of hugs and kisses to her sponsors and token giver.  From foster mom "Thank You" for thinking and giving such a wonderful heartfelt gift to my special senior.  Unless something changes Abby will be attending the RAGOM Greet & Meet in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on June 16th.  Come and say "Hi" to my special girl.


Abby Fans:  Abby has had a busy week.  Week before last she developed a lot of drainage coming from her vulva.  Since I had a previous foster who was unspayed and older develop pyometra I knew what to expect.  We went to the vet the next morning (Fri.) for a check and confirmation and she was put on antibiotics and scheduled for pyro spay that Monday.  We had originally held off doing this because of her age (suspect 12 years) and the risk associated with anesthesia but we were now placed in a position to proceed with the spay.  While under I asked the vet to do any teeth extraction necessary and irrigate her always gummy ears.  Since RAGOM cannot routinely do this for all our rescues because of cost plus I knew her teeth were terrible I gave her an early senior special gift knowing how much better she would feel and  I did not want her teeth to become an issue in the future and risk anesthesia again.  Luckily she only needed one tooth pulled and only her left ear was icky (guess all that cleaning is paying off).  The vet donated the scaling which was really appreciated by RAGOM and of course Abby and me.  She is a week post procedure and moving well since we used Rimidel as a pain and anti-inflammatory medication which has helped her hip discomfort too. Depending on how she does getting around in the following weeks after this medication is done with her daily activities she may need to be on the Rimidel for hip comfort.

      I know Abby is not the most desirable golden we have for adoption because of her age and general health but she remains available if you are just looking for companionship without the need to do a lot of walking, ball throwing, etc.  She is just as happy to be in the same room as you are with an occasional ear scritch or head rub.  She is very good about allowing grooming though getting her in and out of the tub at 55 lbs. is not the easiest task  for me to do.  She does have a rare accident (urine) as she is not very good about her signals so when she wanders out from her corner in the bedroom to the patio door I take this as her way of telling me it is time to go out.  Sometimes she does not always go out with the rest so if it has been 4-6 hours since her last outing I leash her and take her out to potty and she always goes.  Abby is just a senior work of art and sometimes you have to just accept her for what she has to offer.  She is a great old girl and happy to have a roof over her head, good food, companionship, and a special place to lay her head.  Oh and someone special to love it up.  Really...isn't that all we expect of our seniors.


Abby-dabby signing in and doing just fine. Foster mom says maybe I will act more like a spring chicken if I get started on Rimadyl for my hips. She says I spend too much time laying around (she should talk) and I agree like her arthritis is a pain you know where. Maybe I will get a little jig in my step as soon as this medicine takes effect. Bridget (12-118) and myself enjoyed a bath outdoors this past week. I'm not sure it was the most fun one could be doing but now we smell super duper. Foster mom even washed the dog bed too. I sure love having a maid at my beck and call every day. Beats living outside in the rain, heat, and snow any ole day and never knowing when or what you next meal will be.

Thank you RAGOM and all my sponsors for the gift that keeps on giving.


ARF!!   ARF!!   Abby Dabby here.  Foster mom says when I bark for my food bowl I sound like a seal.  I say "who cares"  I just want her to hurry up as I have learned to love my kibble.  It is so much better then what I use to eat.  I have never had it so good.  I am toasty warm, dry, have a bed to lay on, and two & four legged friends to love me up and so many ear rubs it is heaven :) .  You don't have to tell me twice to come inside when my business is done.
Abby has been started on Rimadyl for her hips and she is moving so much better she actually watches me fill her bowl and then high tails it with a little hop trot to her spot in the bedroom.  She has also started to bark each time I fill the bowls so I guess she is really excited for mealtime and she gobbles it in record time.  Abby and Bridget still eat in the bedroom which is gated.  That helps keep the my two out of their bowls so they can eat in peace.  Abby is so happy with her bowl that if Bridget gets spooked Abby is right there to help her eat hers after finishing her bowl in record time.  
Abby is a great senior who is beginning to love ear rubs so much that she seeks them out.  She is less inclined to scoot away from me and is not afraid to butt right in for attention.  The only drawback is her less than stellar balance on her back end and she sometimes looses her balance so her back end ends up on the floor if more than one dog is looking for attention.  Have no fear she gets right back up and comes in for more.  In the evening her fav place is the kennel in the family room and Abby and Katie are often seen snuggling together.  Two great seniors without a care in the world.


     Abby was able to attend the RAGOM PETCO event here in Coralville Iowa this past weekend.  As always she finds a vantage point which was under the table to view her kingdom.  She stayed there for about an hour and then it was time to get up and stretch so she ambled around meeting the other goldens and Santa Claus (sorry no pic wish I had taken my camera).  I have to remember to also take a comfort pad for her to lay on as their floor certainly can't be comfortable on her joints.  She was able to stay for the whole event but she was a tired girl when we got home so a nice long nap was in order.

     Yesterday was spa day for my residents so because my Gracie is gone I put Abby in her place to keep my three positions with the mobile groomer.  She does require lifting in and out of the van as well as the tub/table but she sure looks great and I am sure it felt really good.  I was behind trimming the toe hair so her muffin feet are gone and I just have to smooth her clipped nails.  Abby is available to adopt but I totally understand the reluctance in adopting a senior of Abby's age.  Abby is very simple to care for in that she does not do alot of walking, she goes out and does her business (occasion lapse with urine) and scoots right back in.  So her days are spent napping, dreaming, and eating.

Abby-Dabby is wishing her sponsors a very  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!


     Hello Abby fans.  Winter has left little to zero snow here in SE Iowa.  Not that I am complaining but it is nice to see the dogs play in the snow when they are let out.  Abby does not appear to be a fan of being outside since becoming a family member living indoors.  She takes care of business in record time and then comes straight back to the lower level enclosed porch waiting patiently at the patio door to be let back in.  She still give a little bark when she knows I am filling the food dishes.  She also barks in the morning if I am slow to get up to let the girls out.  I think it's because she knows food comes right behind potty time.  Abby approaches for attention but especially loves, loves, loves, to have the middle of her forehead scratched or rubbed.  She and the rest of the pack love the new Jen beds and I have included a couple pictures of her enjoying them.  Abby is by far the easiest foster senior to occupy my home.  Life is simple when you get to that age and I can appreciate her lazy relaxed way of enjoying each day.  Since starting on Rimadyl, Abby is obviously less uncomfortable and more willing to get up when called or just to wander out from the bed in the bedroom to the family room to lay on the new beds.  Abby is still hoping for a forever home but will be welcome to spend how ever long it takes for that to happen right here in my home.

     Abby is sending spring thoughts to her sponsors and token givers.  Rimadyl is not the cheapest drug on the market but thank goodness we have wonderful supporters who give from the heart to help us make life so much better for our puppers.  Thank you for reading about my senior girl and all of our wonderful dogs.



     Abby is looking forward to spring and warmer temperatures.  Here in SE Iowa we have had more snow this month than Jan/Feb all together.  Moving into spring our temps are 20-30 degrees lower than normal.  We are looking forward to temps in the 40's this week which means sloppy ground and muddy footprints to look forward to. 

     Abby's daily routine has not changed.  She was introduced to Bully sticks as was Bridget and it was a hit.  Abby is not a big fan of chewing on things to help her teeth so I am happy to see her enjoy these things. 

     Some days Abby moves slower than others but with the Rimadyl, fish oil, and glucosamine she can still get up on her own.  We visited the vet for spring vaccinations and check up.  Abby weighs 61.2 lbs and looks great.  We are excited for our SE Iowa events to start up.  The last one was in Des Moines which was too far and too long a drive for Abby's arthritis issues.

     Hoping to see some of you at our events this summer.  Abby is sending a BIG HI to her sponsors and token givers.  Life is good here in foster care so even though a forever family would be great I know a good thing when it get tossed in my lap.  HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!!


Abby is enjoying the weather. She prefers to do her business and grab a piece of mulch to munch on and then head right back into the house. She likes to come forward more frequently for ear and head rubs and has no problem butting in front of one of the other dogs getting attention at the same time. Abby is getting Rimadyl for her arthritic hips as well as fish oil and glucosamine. She gets around pretty well (no steps), except if she lays on the wood floor instead of the dog bed, then getting up on her feet takes a minute. She looks forward to her bowl of food and often barks telling me to hurry up and not to forget her. They all have an uncanny way of knowing when it is time to eat, so if I am not on the ball or late, I get a lot of barking reminders to hurry up, we are hungry. Abby eats in the kennel and her foster mate, Bridget 12-118, eats outside the kennel in the same room. Abby has been known to steal food from Bridget if she is not attending to her food bowl.

I have a new photo of Abby. As you can see, she is getting more white in the face since first coming to her foster home. She is a love and easy to care for, and as the vet said at this year's check-up, she did not expect her to do as well as she had since she was so frail coming into rescue.

Thank you to all of those who gave so generously to Abby. She is sending happy thoughts for a wonderful summer to all of you.

     Abby is not much of an outdoor fan and tends to seek the inside after taking care of business.  Even though I stay outside with them or I am doing yard work she walks back into the covered porch and patiently waits by the door for me to let her back in.  Sometimes she will tap the glass in the patio door just to make sure she is not forgotten.  Abby has decided the wire kennel in the bedroom is her apartment and more often than not can be found sleeping there.  When she is not napping she will come out into the TV room and find a comfy spot and just as quickly fall asleep.  She is a follower when not napping and if I leave to go to the laundry room or another room on the lower level she will follow and just settle close by.  She will seek out head or ear rubs in the evening when the pack is looking for attention but more often than not sleeps her days away in quiet contentment. 
     Abby gets around pretty well with the Rimadyl but occasionally needs a boost to get her feet up under her.  The other day she had some difficulty getting her hind legs up under her so I was giving her a boost to get up.  So here I am bent over lifting her butt up in the air, she is not sure what the heck I'm doing, she is not putting her legs down, and I'm thinking it is just like a plane with a malfunctioning landing gear.  I'm so glad we did not have an audience for that one.
     Abby is like many of our seniors spending quality time in foster care hoping for a chance to be adopted.  A dog any age is a pretty great thing to have in your home.  So...if age isn't a big issue and you just want a dog to love you to pieces please take a look at our wonderful seniors. 


    It is hard to imagine summer is ending and fall is approaching but we are loving the cool nights and for awhile cooler days.

     Abby is still doing fairly well on the Rimadyl for her hips.  She and Bridget spied a rabbit in the yard the other day and Abby was slow but showed genuine interest in trying to catch up to it.  By the time both Abby and Bridget caught up it was only the scent that lingered.  Once they determined it was gone they lost interest in trying to figure out where it had disappeared.

     Abby still spends her days sleeping, eating, and going out to potty.  She has little interest in chew bones or being teased by my little Finney.  In the evening she lays on the dog bed in the family room until it is time for bed and then she heads for her wire kennel to sleep for the night.  She is ready to go bright and early in the morning with the rest of the pack just to start her day all over again.

     Abby remains available to adopt if you are looking for a gentle soul with few demands in life.  Give us a jingle and stop in for a visit if you think you would like to meet Abby Dabby.


     Fall is upon us and Abby is less inclined to rush back inside as the weather has been so perfect here in Southeast Iowa.  Abby is doing well on her dose of Rimadyl for her hip arthritis.  She has a great appetite and digs in with gusto when it placed before her.  Abby has no interest in toys of any kind but will chew on flavored chew items.

     Activity is not her strong point so she has little patience with the puppies I am currently fostering.  If they are out of the pen she just heads back to her kennel to get away from them.  Abby's interaction with my resident Katie consists of using her rump for a pillow or doing the motherly face cleaning which Katie does not seem to mind. 

     Next month Abby will have lived in my home for two years.  Those two years have gone by so fast.  I still believe there is a forever home for Abby out there but until that time she is safe, warm, loved, and has good food for her tummy.  Thanks to RAGOM she also has vet care.  A special THANK YOU to Sandra L and Sharon T for being her sponsors.


      Abby's has a beautiful gray face and such a sweet calm disposition.  Life at this age is lived in slow motion as if to savor each and every day we are graced with their presence.  Even foster pup Auggie 13-243 doesn't seem to bother her when he is licking her face or putting is feet on her back.  He quickly realizes he can't get her to react so he moves on to one of the other dogs in the house.

     Abby remains on the Maloxacam  and it seems to be as effective as the Rimadyl we previously used.  The only reason for the switch was cost savings for the rescue budget.  Abby does not have the perfect potty habits and occasionally has pee accidents so we go out as often as every four hours when I am home.  Abby also occasionally has trouble getting to her feet and I have had to help her which occurs more frequently if she is not on one of the many pet beds but on the wood floor. 

     Although I don't think Abby would wander if let out in the yard alone (I have a wood fence surrounding my back yard) she is accustomed to my fence.  More often then not she potties and returns to the patio door and the inside porch to wait for me to open the door.  The only time she moseys around is in the summer when we are all out for longer periods of time. 


      Abby Dabby signing on for foster mom.  The sun is shining, the robins are singing, and it is still pretty cold.  I'm not one for all the snow but sure like crunching on the ice and putting my nose in the soft piles of snow.  Not much happening here 'cept that Auggie is getting bigger and bigger.  I think foster mom should cut some of his feed and put it in my bowl.  Personally I think he is a little out of control but foster mom says that is just a typical 6 month old pup with lots to learn.

     Talking about food bowls, I went to the vet for my check-up and now weigh 62 lbs.  Foster mom says that is way too much for my frame so we are checking my thyroid levels AGAIN since they have been low since coming to live in this fine hotel for animals.  Plus I sure don't see any extra kibble in my bowl.  So the vet calls and says I need to be on some medicine for my thyroid and I am now getting a pill twice a day.  Not so bad when it is wrapped in something called a pill pocket that is so yummy.  The vet also said my labs were pristine (imagine that) except for the thyroid thing going on.   I'm pretty happy. 

     We got two new beds for Christmas and I spend every waking moment on one of these deliciously soft beds.  We also got some bully sticks but I'm not sure what to do with these.  I also don't play with toys, balls, or rope toys.  Foster mom says I am just a peach of a golden looking for a lazy relaxed home who will love me for just me.  So come on down and meet me.  Foster mom says to mention I can't do stairs except one or two and I need help getting into the car just so you know I am a senior but I'm still pretty cute.

    I also want to say thank you to my sponsors and token givers.  You are the best ever and I think you are very special. 


       I don't know where the time goes these days but I seem to always be behind.  No new pictures of Abby but hope to get some soon.

     I would love to see Abby plunk herself down in the dry grass and give herself a good roll.  That would be such an awesome picture of this senior.  Maybe in her senior moments she has forgotten what it is like.  Maybe I will have to help her remember.  It is April and Southeast Iowa is not seeing the rain.  I hope that is not the future of our summer.  Farmers are already in the fields and the ammonia tanks are on the road in numbers.

     So to review for anyone just reading Abby's foster notes.

     1.  Medications consist of fish oil  5 capsules per day, Meloxicam 7.5 (1/4 tab) once a day, Soloxine (throid) .6mg twice a day, and glucosamine 1 per day.  The thyroid and the NSAID are put in a pill pocket and placed with her food.  She eats it without any problems.

     2.  Abby is out to potty at least every 4 hours and on occasion she is incontinent of urine at least once every couple of weeks. Predictability and pattern is hard to pinpoint so it is much easier to get her outside frequently to minimize accidents.

     3.  Abby would do well in a home as an only dog or with another senior.  She does not play or chase balls and would not be a good companion for a younger dog that like to play.

     4.  Abby like to use an open kennel to sleep though she will come out into the family room with dogs and humans to lay on a foam type pet bed.  If you are home she often will choose to be in the room you occupy.

    5.  Abby does not do stairs except two at the most.  She requires full assist into the vehicle for vet visits.

     Abby is just a wonderful senior that enjoys a consistent routine in her life and as I have frequently said "slow motion" is her way of life.

     Abby does not want to forget all the wonderful sponsors and token givers that decorate her page.  She hopes you all have a wonderful Easter with your families and send a warm "Thank You" to you all.



My beautiful senior foster Abby has passed. It was sudden, unexpected, and devastating. Abby's first life was not the greatest until she became a RAGOM Golden. All our volunteers and adopters know just how special that life is going to become once they win that jackpot!

Everyday life for a senior is often measured in how much sleep I can get or how soft the bed is, getting outside to smell the air and take care of business, or what treats might be lurking in the food bowl when they are passed out. Their pleasures are simple and undemanding as long as they have someone who loves them unconditionally.

Abby was not your typical "give me attention" all the time Golden, but, loved to mosey up for a head scratch on her short little legs with the briefest of tail wags. Then she would just turn and mosey away as if that was enough to get her by until the next time. We know time can be short with a senior, but, we seldom dwell on it until it hits you in the face. My promise to Abby is to remember each and every day that we had together. I also promise to love the next senior foster as much as I loved her and not to shy away from the ultimate sadness we all feel when it is time for them to join and make new friends waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

Abby, you are pain free and running wild in the wind so don't look back or feel sad for me because this too "shall pass" and good memories will put a smile on my face when ever I think of you and the time we had together.