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Ruby 11-372
(Fostered in Owatonna, MN)

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“In memory of Judy Lilledahl”


Let's welcome Ruby to RAGOM World. Ruby is a female Purebred Golden Retriever, 58 lbs, 4 yrs old and fostered in Owatonna, MN. She is not spayed yet, so is unavailable as of now, but I would like to introduce her and her story.

Ruby Rose the XIII was her formal name born on 6/29/2007. Her breeder and owner are the same people, she lived in a rural area where she had acres to roam, according to the vet she has had many litters of pups.

Well recently, Ruby's owners moved to town and stated that there is no containing her in a 6ft kennel, she either climbs it or digs under it and then she wanders into traffic. So she was surrendered to Ragom.

OK. Chapter 2. A Loving Ragom Rep with many Titles marked her as URGENT and she picked her up and brought her to me personally. So on 11/20/11 Ruby started her new life as a RAGOM girl. She had no vet history, never rode in a car, not good on a leash and not playful.

When I picked her up, she had to be carried out of the car, her body was frozen in shock and her expression was flat and head low to the ground. Her tail would wag for a second and then tight between her legs. Her head was on my daughter's lap all the way home and she pushed her nose to nudge more pets.

We are now home, carried her to the door and 3 dogs came out. Her tail was wagging and she was at peace, she then followed the dogs into and all over the house and she noticed these other dogs trust these humans, so she would just go with it. She ate 2 large bowls of dry food and slurped up tons of water. If us humans got on our hands and knees she would come play and rub up on us as well. When we stand up, she would coward down to the floor. Then all she could do was sleep and sleep.

On 11/21/11 we saw a vet (Dr Heidi) for the first time. I brought my resident dog Buddy since she trusts him and follows his lead, which helped, otherwise she wouldn't get out of the car or into the door. Vets findings are dull coat, missing lower teeth, ears are inflamed and set back elbows, Her abdomen shows she has had litters of pups in the past. At this time she is in active heat and it was witnessed that she was engaged with another golden recently.

So, in 4 weeks we will determine if she is having puppies or needs an appointment to spay, She received her vaccinations, her heartworm test is negative and given Heartguard, antibiotic ear ointment and irrigations.

On 11/23/11, fecal test showed giardia, a intestinal parasite found in non treated or infected water. Now added Flagyl an anti-infective medication and I observed an inflamed growth under her tail while I was giving her a bath (which she loved the shampooing, not so much the water spout). It was an abcess, it was drained and given oral antibiotic Keflix.

So here we are 11/30/11, she has been a easy dog to train due to my other dogs are doing a good job teaching her to potty outside, walk on a leash, she does great, just be patient and do not pull on her collar, got her a 2 point harness, which is more comfortable for her. Took her to a large fenced open area. She is very confident without a chain her tail is high and she comes on command.

She is coming along nicely. Come meet her at Coon Rapids Petco this Saturday, 12/3.


Ruby's first RAGOM Event.

We met so many nice people, I think she really felt welcomed.

Thanks All.


Repeat Fecal test to check if Giardia is resolved. It's clear Yea, but found tapeworms. Yuck. She took her dewormer like a champ, she has really become a cuddlebug, she now sleeps with me. She has also slipped out of her collar and she came when called, she seems to have no desire to leave this house.

She is getting guarded of her food or treats with mainly my young foster Brooklyn, she is puppy-like and likes to play take-away. Ruby does not appreciate that, she will show her teeth and you wouldn't believe it, it's a whole other side of her. She lets us humans take treats etc anytime, she will growl a little when another dog approaches and it's over. She is still quite in love with my resident Buddy and he seems to really like her too. Cute.

"From Abby - May all your dreams come true!" "From Abby - May all your dreams come true!"
Merry Christmas from May 07-125 Merry Christmas from May 07-125
Love from 2 Chicago golden girls Love from 2 Chicago golden girls , Zinnia and Rosie
For Ruby 11-372 and her soon to be born puppies! Merry Christmas! For Ruby and her soon to be born puppies! Merry Christmas! From Kelly
For a shy mamma and her pups, in memory of Summer For a shy mamma and her pups, in memory of Summer

Ruby is pregnant with at least 6 pups. Her due date is Jan. 18, 2012.

She still has an abscess on her tail that is much smaller, but the vet drained it. It is still infected but it appears to be encapsulated and because of her pregnancy they thought we should hold off on the antibiotics.

Ruby has lost a pound since her last visit to the vet, even with eating puppy food. She has lost her appetite, so the local pet supply store gave me tons of food samples to get her to eat more.

So if anyone is interested in adopting her, you would not be able to take her home until March.


My goodness, after the holiday weekend I suddenly look at my email and Ruby has a sponsor and lots of donations. Ruby and her babies Thank you all, she will need all the help she can get.

We have been calling her "Roo" like Winnie the Pooh series (the little baby kangaroo). She really responds to that name and loves being talked too, we are convinced she smiles when you talk baby talk to her. She is very affectionate and gives lots of hugs. She is still very shy of new people, but she is also very curious and she will come out of her safe spot to check out what's going on but then runs back in. She has a very happy tail, from a distance you can hear her tail hit the floor when she is excited. When our next door neighbor lets out her mini wiener dog named Izzy, she barks and goes crazy. I think she thinks it's one of her pups.

We are now on 3 times a day feedings and appears there is a tummy approaching. Out of all the samples of puppy food she likes Nutrosource, which we mix with niblets of liver sausage and cottage cheese. She walks nice on a leash, she does not walk next to you, but behind you. Thanks again for the support.


Went to the vet today, to check up on those puppers. Heidi the vet says it won't be long now. We did a ultrasound just for the fun of it. She is just full of babies, heartbeats are WNL and you can easily see them moving and squirming about. Ruby has gained 2 lbs since last visit, she is eating as much as she can take, as much as she wants, even mix with wet food to get her to eat a little more. Heidi says it's all going to the puppers for now, hoping some extra calories left over to nurse all these babes.

Roo is sooo tired, I would guess she is preparing for a long labor and delivery, so we are filling up the kiddie pool with old throw blankets, and placed it on my side of the bed, her favorite place to sleep and hide.

I will keep everyone informed.


Well it's 01/21/2012 at 2pm and we have 10 healthy Golden puppies.

Her 1st pup born on 01/20 at 8:30PM, had 4 pups, then rested till 3am, had 4 more and at 4am had 1. I assumed she was done, she nursed and slept till 8:30am. She woke me up, so we went outside and she had to go potty. She looked so refreshed and skinny, more energy this AM. She also ate a bit of yogurt and nibbles of kibble and drank lots of water. I stepped out the room to leave her with her new family for awhile and at 10:45 went to check on her and she was delivering another one. I thought this is crazy, what next, no more ice cream for her, every time I give her some she has another puppy. So needless to say 10 pups, she is quite a trooper and a wonderful mother. Just counted, she has 5 girls and 5 boys, hope no more. She has her work cut out for her.

Check up later to see more on this beauitful family.



Ruby's a great mom, she's like a super pro. and she's already getting her figure back. She appears very healthy and happy, all the pups look like her, so its hard to get a good picture. They camouflage so well with her.

Have a great day.



As you can see, Ms Roo is smiling and she is back to wanting lots of lovin' from us humans. She is now eating 8-10 cups of puppy food a day and drinking gallons of water. It's as though she nurses for about an hour, when pups are asleep she sneeks out of the pool and eats 2 cups of food and huge bowl of water and has to go outside. When I was gone for about 3 hours, I put down some puppy pads and she went poop 2 times on 1 pad perfect aim, so I think she really has the potty training down.

Milk is in and puppies are all getting little bellies, bringing them all to the vet to get them weighed tomorrow. Tomorrow they will be offically 1 week old and you will get to know them individually from then on.

Here is a video of Ruby and all her wonderful, healthy puppers. At 7 days old, okay... some are six days old. Cassie, Maggie, Princess, Lucy, Kekoa, Kainoa, Kona, Maui, Summit and Bailey. AND YOU THOUGHT YOU ARE BUSY???


2/8/12-All her pups have gained adequate weight, Ruby is sure a great mom.

2/9/12-Ruby is getting drained, her eyes and mouth are very pale, she sleeps alot and not as enthusiastic about feeding her puppies. Took her to the Vet, had some labs drawn. At this time was thinking Low Calcium levels due to such a large litter to feed and she is not a large Golden Retriever. Let's face it she is wearing low on energy. Vet states we should start supplementing pups 1 feeding a day of puppy food and get started weaning them.

2/10/12-Labs came back better than how she appears, but her Protein level is a bit low. Now feeding her High Performance Nutrisource with canned food mixed in and cottage cheese on the side. She is enjoying that and she appears to have a small bout of mastitis, so starting on 1000mg amoxicillin twice a day.

2/11/12-Pups got into her food and she was not happy about that. I was surprised, they are a bit young, thought they would need some coaxing, so no problem weaning with softened Nurisource large breed Puppy food, which our Ragom friend Mary T. brought for the pups. You would think the puppies would be exhausting for us, Ruby being she has to drink and eat soooo much, she also pees and poops a lot and at night is not a exception. She traditionally wakes us up at 12:30am, 3:30am and 5:30am. Me and my husband take turns. Being a mamma of 10 is an all time job, just 2-3 hr breaks in between feeding and cleanings.

2/11/12-She is still quite shy of new people, very nervous around little tiny peeps 6 and under but does great 7 or older. I still think she needs a confident resident dog to teach her trust. She is able to nurse a bit easier now, her mastitis is clearing up and she has a bit more energy.


Ruby is slowly weaning her babes. They are getting feisty, nippy and Ruby is too tired to play, she spends more time at the bottom of the stairs to get away from them, They are eating puppy food 3 times a day. I let out 2-3 pups at a time so Ruby and us peeps can spend some quality time without being overwhelmed.

She is trusting our family with helping care for her and her pups, she continues to frantically wake us up when puppies are overwhelming her or their is a poop to clean in the pen or when they escape once in awhile.

Oh,oh, gotta clean again, talk with you all again soon.


Ruby weaned herself of the pups as far as feeding them. She is now teaching them manners and how to play nice, and she is doing a great job at that too. Whoever has these babes will be very lucky families.

Ruby will need to be spayed before she has a new home and that will probably be sometime in April.

We are trying to see what kind of dog she will be when not pregnant or a mother with 10 babies around her. She is very confident as a mother and is telling us her needs. She really needs a confident resident dog - she does not function well alone - hopefully one in her age group, so she can bond and they can grow together.


Ruby has been a great teacher to her babes but they will soon go to their new families. The Pups have been slowly going to Puppysitters to give us and Ruby a bit of a break to help her in the weaning process. Not just feeding the pups but psychologically separating them in preparation for the BIG days ahead. She has had quite a separation anxiety if she is left alone for even a short time, she potty's on the carpet. I have been putting her in a crate when no one is home which is very short amounts of time. She does not make any attempts to leave the house or yard, I use a tie out, she does not complain or bark when outside. But she bites through cheap rope type or extend type leashes if given a chance and she runs back to the garage door to get back in the house.

To make it really easy, she does not like being alone, she would certainly jump, climb or dig to get around a fence if she thought she was alone and would go to great lengths to stay with you, she has attempted to dig under my bedroom door to see that we are indeed still physically here and pulled up some of the carpet. She has been waking me up at least once during the night, I think she wants to jump in bed with me, she seems to know she cannot if my hubby's in it, she bangs her tail and rubs on the sides of the bed, her tail is quite loud, my Hubby gets up to see if she needs to go outside, needs water? food? then she leaps in bed with me and she is content. She's kinda tricky.

Ruby's needs are not too difficult, if you are a family that has someone home most of the time and she can be crated for short periods with no problem, I recommend a wire one she can't bite or dig out of. She loves walks with the leash, so a family that enjoys daily walks would be awesome. She is quite a loyal, loving soul and she needs a family that will just appreciate her as she is.

Come and meet Ruby at Apple Valley Petco 1:30-3p.


04/18/12 - Ruby was spayed, I believe this to be be her first ever procedure at the vet. It was kinda tough on her, she was very tired for a couple days and overall wanted to be left alone.

04/21/12 - Roo had been licking on her incision and pulled a stitch out, a bit of a mess and of course on a weekend. I held pressure on the area with gauze till bleeding stopped and applied wound glue, she was very cooperative during all this. From then on our family is much more cautious and reminds Roo to leave it alone.

04/22/12 - Visited at the Rochester Mn. Meet and Greet and she was her usual self, "the perfect lady". As you can see in this pic.

04/23/12 - Ms Roo sure likes to play with her baby Riley fka Bailey and they play so good together, WOW another thing out about Roo is she likes smaller dogs, she really loves to play and interacts well with meeting small doggies at meet and greets and she is so thoughtful of their size. So if anyone has a confident smaller dog she would be perfectly at home, I am sure.


I really need to state that Ruby is very anxious around little peeps, I thought I would give it some time in all fairness. I have my grandkids over all ages between 1 and 6 years old, she paces and is very scared of their movements. My granddaughter that is 3 loves to have the dogs do tricks and she hands them treats, But as much as Ruby wants a treat she is too scared to get too close to the little people. She loves bigger kids and loves to play and cuddle.

Poor Ruby, she does not understand fetch, she has watched the other dogs do it and even her baby Riley, but she will not chase any toy. She has just learned to go in her kennel when instructed to. Before, my husband called her a donkey because she would bolt herself to the ground and felt like 100lbs tryin to get her to the kennel. Just throw in a chew or a kong and she is happy. She is really coming along, but very slowly.


Ruby has been adopted and adjusting well with her new Furever family, Mom, Dad and 2 girls and a fur sister. Thanks for giving her a chance at a great Golden life. Ruby has a lot of love to give.