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Rest in Peace

Hope 11-318
(Fostered in Stillwater, MN)

Sponsored by:

Dennis and Joanne
"We wish the best of health to her and her puppies"

Judith Cummings
“With Hope for Hope 11-318”

Tom & Taryn Good

Welcome to RAGOM, Hope!
Hope became a member of the RAGOM family, and our foster family earlier this evening. Thank you so much to the transporters that helped to get her all the way from Iowa to Stillwater today! It is amazing how fast such special volunteers can work together to make things happen so quickly! Hope needed them, and they all came to her rescue.
Hope is estimated to be about 6 years old, she is an extremely sweet, and gentle girl. Hope's story is a sad one. She was surrendered into rescue not a moment too soon. She is due any day with a litter of puppies... as if that isn't enough, Hope is in very poor condition. She is malnourished, has severe ear infections, many open sores on her body, a hematoma on one of her ears, itchy with very poor coat and skin condition, worms, and even a broken tail. Despite the list of painful conditions and the neglect her body has had to endure, she is as sweet as they come. Her tail is wagging constantly, she will climb in your lap if you let her (hello?! no brainer!), she wants nothing more than the comfort of a person nearby. Hope was put into the transporters car today by her owner, she was picked up by her tail. I thought.. how could she ever trust a person, after living that nightmare... but she is the opposite. She wants to please you. She wants you to love her, and her eyes sparkle when you pet her. Hope is amazing.
I have included photos of Hope's poor condition. I know they are difficult to look at, and it is very heartbreaking. However, this is the unfortunate reality of rescue. The good news, we will help her heal! She is safe, and she will never have to go without again.
Here is our plan: Keep Ms. Hope comfortable, happy, and try to pack on the pounds! We don't know when she is due with her pups, but it won't be too long! The best guess is a week or less. So, we are busy here getting prepared for a large litter (on exam today there were 10 pups in her belly!) We will let Hope relax and eat, we will pamper her, and continue to reassure her that her life just turned GOLDEN :) 
Stay Tuned!





Puppy palace - check! Camera with fully charged battery - check! SUPER EXCITED foster family - check! Amazingly calm and sweet mama dog - check! :)
We are ready and waiting for Hope's babies to make their appearance. I keep reminding her that this is the last time she ever has to do this. After raising this litter of pups she will be able to live the life she so greatly deserves. RAGOM is also host to some of the babes from her last litter, just a short 8 months ago. Check them out: Onyx 11-209, Coal 11-207,  Jet 11-208, Shadow 11-268Tristan 11-219, and Emily 11-220, they may look like daddy but I know they have their mamas sweet golden heart!
Hope has settled in here beautifully. It is like she has lived here forever. She is a velcro dog... always at my side or laying at my feet. She just loves to be LOVED. She gets along with the resident dogs here (big and small) perfectly. She is also fond of our two year old son :) Hope has clearly lived in a house before, she has no problems with stairs, doorways, different floor surfaces, etc. She also has proven to be fully house trained. Hope is pretty darn perfect! She is going to make someone very happy as soon as we get this puppy business out of the way!
Hope will be able to her have medical issue addressed after she delivers. However, as I have mentioned she is in pretty rough shape physically. If you have ever thought of sponsoring a dog, Hope needs you! :) Her medical costs will most likely be significant.
Thanks for checking in! We will keep you posted on the big news!

Can you count how many puppies Hope is carrying?!?!


We have PUPPIES!!! :) Hope went into labor at about 5:00 am on Saturday morning. I was sleeping right next to her and heard her breathing become labored, and then saw the contractions starting. I knew it was finally time! When dogs are close to giving birth their body temp typiclly goes down below normal, so we monitored things that way. We knew it was going to be soon when Friday morning, the thermometer read: 98 degrees. Hope kept us waiting for the action to start... for almost 24 hours! Thankfully, Hope and I had the great company of some fellow RAGOM volunteers to help make the waiting game pretty darn fun! (Thanks, Ladies!!)  When it was all said and done over 8 hours after labor began, She gave birth to 10 beautiful babies :) 4 boys and 6 girls! They will all have their own webpages soon. But for now you can follow their adventures here on Hope's page. They all have black coats and all but one have some type of white markings. A big RAGOM welcome to Hope's babies all named because of their coat color: The boys are: Guinness, Ace, Zorro and Cash! The girls are: Nero, Jetta, Oreo, Decker, Luna and Mamba! Here is how the day went:
-Puppy #1 born at 6:15 am
-Puppy #2 born at 7:15 am
-Puppy #3 born at 7:50 am
-Puppy #4 born at 8:25 am
-Puppy #5 born at 9:09 am
-Puppy #6 born at 9:28 am
-Puppy #7 born at 11:05 am
-Puppy #8 born at 11:40 am
-Puppy #9 born at 12:50 pm
-Puppy #10 born at 2:25 pm
As you can see, Hope had a VERY long day. She was an absolute trooper, a rock star, and my hero through all of this! She did get pretty weak towards the end and needed a bit of help from us to deliver the final two pups. We fed her ice cream and some high calorie supplement, and puppy food throughout the day to keep up her strength. It worked and she did it! I have no doubt if Hope had to deliver these pups outside on the cold ground as she has for the many litters she has had in the past that there would have been a tragic ending for not only Hope, but her babies as well. The few days that we had to get nutrition in her were priceless, and miraculously all of the babes were born alive and appear to be thriving. Mama looks painfully thin, even more so than she did with her inflated belly. The reality of her malnutrition is even more heartbreakingly evident now. Nevertheless, Hope's spirit is not broken, and she seems to know that life just got a whole lot better :) We made a promise to Hope the very first night we met her. We will keep that promise and do all we can do to restore her health and to give her the happiness she so sadly lacked. She wags that broken little tail and looks at us with grateful eyes, and it melts your heart instantly. Hope is an extremely special girl :)
It is also no surprise that Ms. Hope should win a "Mom of the Year" award. She is INCREDIBLE! So gentle and attentive. She knows exactly what she is doing. She is almost too good... we have reassure her it is OK to step out off the puppy palace for some water and food!!  She does her business outside at record speed so she can rush back in and make sure her little angels are just fine. She allows us to handle them, but keeps a close watchful eye, like every good mama should. I love telling Hope that no matter how great she is at this mom thing, it is her last time EVER. For the first time in her life after raising this litter, it will be all about HER! I can't tell you how much she deserves that life.
Lastly, A HUGE HUGE Thank you to Joyce for working so very hard to get Hope into rescue. Without you Joyce, Hope and her babies most likely would not have survived. We owe that to you, and we will be forever grateful. Also, did you see? Hope has sponsors!! YAAY! THANK YOU SO MUCH to Judith C. and Dennis and Joanne! Sponsors like you make this possible! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This girl will need a large amount of medical care to restore her health - your sponsorship allows RAGOM to keep our promises to these special dogs. I also want to thank all of our helpers so far: Kris, Konnie, Brittney, Julie, Allison, and Keva! We could not do this alone, and are thankful to our great friends for stepping up and helping out when called on. Thank You!
Enjoy the photos of our amazing girl and her pups! Thank you for following her story :)





Hope has now been at her foster home almost 2 weeks and her babies are 1 week old already!! Time flies when you're having fun :)
Hope is a phenomenal mama, it is a beautiful thing to watch her care for her thriving crew. The pups have been growing like crazy and all of them are now over a pound. YAY! Hope is also starting to look like she may have put on a little bit of weight. We are doing all we can to pack the pounds on our skinny girl. She basically eats as much as she wants. We also add some pro biotic powder, yogurt, and fish oil to her food. It take me longer to prepare her meals than it does mine :) Trust me, Hope is worth it.
We are delighted that Ms. Hope has decided to spend a little bit of time out of her whelping area each day. The puppy palace is down in our basement, and many times during the day Hope decides to come and hang out with us and get some good snuggle time in. I am happy to report that she even tried the couch out! She loved it!! I even took her out for a short walk the last couple days. Her little crooked tail wagged the entire time :) She loved being out and about and met did her best to charm the adoring neighborhood kids and adults alike.
Hope is a pure joy to have around, and when the time comes for her to move on and find her very own family she will be the light of their lives. The family that gives Ms. Hope her forever home will be so very blessed.
Thank you so very, very much to Hope's sponsors: Judith, Dennis and Joanne, and her new sponsors: Tom and Taryn! Your donations ensure that she will be able to have her health restored and live the rest of her years feeling like a new dog! She will be healthy and in no pain for the first time in her life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making that happen for this very deserving and special girl. I will continue to keep you all posted on her journey. Thank you for following her story and for allowing Hope to touch your heart. She would hug you all if she could! :)
Also, coming soon.... individual puppy pages! They are growing so fast and will be ready to start meeting their forever families before I know it. I cannot wait to properly introduce them to the RAGOM world :) Stay tuned! :)


It is no surprise that our sweet girl, Ms. Hope has developed quite the fan club! After all, she has an incredible story... and an even more incredible spirit. I need to start off this update my thanking all of the wonderful people that make it possible for RAGOM and Hope' foster family to give this angel and her pups the very best.
First,thanks to her sponsors: Judith, Dennis and Joanne, and Tom and Taryn! It means so much! Also, thank you to Hope's friends Beryl and Susan for the gift bag full of goodies for Hope and her pups (and even some treats for the resident dogs!), thank you to Auntie Britt for spending time with the crew when FM has to go to work, thank you to Auntie Kris for helping us with whatever is needed and even picking up some fish oil to help Hope feel her very best, thank you to our dear friend Kylie for sharing her amazingly talented gift of photography and taking some shots for us (photos below) to cherish forever, and... we just received word that Hope has a very special package sent just for her waiting at the RAGOM office... thank you to previous adopters, Alan and Chien! All of your love and generosity has truly touched out hearts. Thank You!
Hope continues to do well and is thriving in foster care. She is eating about 12 cups of food per day (doctors orders!), her ears are looking better, the open sores have now healed, and the tummy problems that were bothering her are now a memory! Hope's skin, ears, and body condition still remain a challenge... however we are definitely headed in the right direction. Through it all her eyes sparkle and her tail wags and she melts your heart instantly.
Guinness, Ace, Cash, Zorro, Nero, Oreo, Jetta, Mamba, Luna, and Decker are growing like weeds! The last few days has brought some exciting developmental changes. They all have their eyes open now and are walking clumsily, instead of army crawling. Pretty darn cute :) Ace and Zorro are the biggest pups at about 2 pounds each, and Luna and little Cash are the smallest (though feisty!). We spend a ton of time down in the puppy palace loving up Ms. Hope and cuddling her babies. Our 2 1/2 year old son LOVES hanging in puppy-ville.... in fact, it works to my advantage because I can get him to do just about anything in exchange for puppy time... Me: "you have to put clothes on if you want to go see the puppies" Max: "OK", Me: "you have to eat the rest of your meal if you want to go see the puppies", Max: "OK".... the word NO is fading fast around here! Terrible twos, be gone! :) Who knew you just had to take in a mama and 10 babies... piece 'a' cake! 
The plan for tomorrow is a bath for the babies as they are starting the messy phase... which will continue for the rest of their stay here. After bath time we have a photo shoot planned to get them all up on the site so their forever families can start to find them! Hope will also get a bath tomorrow with her special shampoo to help her itchy skin. And then we will spend time enjoying the beautiful weather. Enjoy your weekend, and thank you for following Hope's story and for cheering her on. She (and we) feel the love! :)



Hello, Hope fans and followers!
Hope is doing GREAT! :) She is at a near perfect weight... and her food is now being cut back a bit to a more normal level. The open sores she did have are now completely healed and there is soft hair growing in where the scars once were. The ears and the itchy skin are still issues, but even those have improved. Hope is truly becoming a new dog before our eyes and I get "happy tears" when I sit with her during quiet moments and watch her tail wag, with her eyes closed just soaking up every second of the love. If she only knew how special she is to me. She is truly an incredible dog, with a spirit that inspires me every day.
Hope is spending more and more time away from her crew of puppies. Very soon we will wean them completely and she will be able to spend her time just being a DOG (a spoiled dog!) and not a mom! I think she is very excited!
We will be taking Hope in to the vet at the end of this week and most likely begin her on a steroid and an antibiotic for her ears and other allergies. (assuming her pups are fully weaned). We are also beginning to switch her from the puppy food she is now eating to a grain free adult food. These are all steps we need to take to continue to restore her health and help her feel her very best.
Now for some very exciting news...  we are ready for Hope to be available to meet potential families. She is not ready to leave her foster home yet, but she can meet the family that will be hers forever... they just have to be patient (and perfect... no pressure)! The family that adopts Hope needs to be aware that she will most likely always have allergy and ear infection issues, this is not something that will "go away". A more detailed plan will be given after her next appointment.
Hope can fit in almost anywhere. She is great with other dogs (big and small) but does not need another dog in her life to be happy. She is all about her PEOPLE! She is wonderful with our son and all of the other kids that she has met during her stay with us. She knows basic commands, and her recall is great (in a fenced yard). She walks pretty well on a leash and loooves her walks. I would like her to go to an active family... she acts like a young dog and needs daily walks to build up the muscles that were left to waste due to inactivity. She would benefit from obedience training once she moves to her new home mostly to increase the bond and Hope's confidence as she begins her new life. Also, a family that doesn't allow their dogs on the sofa or bed just won't do for this snuggle bug! She loves to be touching her humans at all times... velcro should be her middle name! Please contact your placement advisor if you think you are the perfect match for our special girl.
Lastly, a HUGE thank you to Hope's sponsors! And, to all of those wonderful and special RAGOM volunteers who have donated your time, money, and supplies to help with the care of Hope and her brood! We could not do it without you!!


Hope has big, big news! She has found her very own family :) She is officially "adoption pending!" Very exciting, right? Well, guess what else? Hope moved to her new family TODAY! She was able to do this because of a "foster to adopt plan" (her new family are RAGOM volunteers and fosters). The adoption will be final after her spay surgery which will be in about a month. For now, she is settling in beautifully in her new home! I promised her we would take good care of her now fully weaned puppies and we would be sure to find them all perfect homes. Hope said one last goodbye to them today and happily trotted off with her new moms (I am pretty sure she was smiling) :)
I am overcome with emotion as I write this update. I miss her so much, and I love her so much, and I am thrilled, blissfully happy for her knowing her new life will be what she has always deserved. Her new life will be full of all of the things she has missed out on her first 7 years. When sweet Hope came to us about 2 months ago I admit, I fell in love at first sight. Then, I got to know her and loved her even more. An angel of a dog who overcame so much pain and mistreatment, yet wags her tail even if you just look at her! My hero! She raised 10 beautiful and healthy puppies, she did her job for the last time and now it is ALL ABOUT HER! Finally. A new beginning!
Hope's new name is Haley (which means Hero) and her new mama's promise to keep us all updated as time goes by. Congrats to S&B on their new addition! We are so happy for all of you! Hope's new family includes 3 other dogs who are loved and spoiled beyond belief. She will now get to experience life as a treasured (and spoiled) member of a family. She will get to go on vacations, long walks and play time in a favorite meadow, will be served home baked dog treats, and have birthday celebrations every year! She also scored a new collar, a new bed, and lifetime supply of toys (among other things) Happy Haley, that's for sure! :) Stay tuned for updates as Haley's adventures continue.
To Hope: Enjoy your happily ever after! I was blessed to be your foster mom! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a beautiful journey. Thank you for trusting me to be with you as I experienced the miracle of the birth of your babies. Thanks for loving us :) I can't wait to watch you continue to transform into the healthy dog you will be. Your happiness is guaranteed now and forever. Thanks for helping me choose the perfect forever home for you! Love you lots!!
One final thank you from me to her sponsors and all of the AMAZING RAGOM volunteers that have donated their time and money to help out such a special girl. You should be thrilled to know that she is now HOME!


My friend, a photographer, captured this really special photo of Hope (Haley) before she moved to her new home. I think it just sums up the peace and happiness she now feels. Enjoy the sun, Ms. Hope... you deserve it!


Hey everyone, it's me, Haley!!!  Since coming to my new home, my humans have been calling me Haley instead of Hope.  They tell me Haley means Hero.  This word has a lot of meaning to me now too, because I think all of the humans that have helped me find the golden road are Heros too.

So, a bit about my new abode.  I have three fur sisters, and so far so good with getting to know them all.  There is a little red one that was mean at first, but she has decided I'm not that bad.  There are also two blondes, and from what I can tell they are all harmless.  I like to wrestle with one of them, and I'm also learning the ropes on pack behavior and manners.  I'm really diggin' my new humans so much too.  I have two mommies, and boy life couldn't be better with them all fussin' over me all the time.  It's pretty awesome being so special.  They tell me all the time what a good girl I am.

The vet gave me medicine for my itchy skin and I'm also on a grain free diet.  So far I do still itch, but it's getting better every day.  I also got goo for my eyes and ears, and they both are looking and feeling so much better.  All of my owies are healed up and I even have fur growing in over them!  That big old lump on my ear that was all full of fluid has plum dried up and is getting hard and more flat now too.  I had my tail checked, and the vet said it was broken a long time ago by the way it's healed.  I'm glad she told my humans it doesn't cause me any pain too, because I sure like to wag it a lot.  Oh oh, I almost forgot!  The vet said I might be younger than we first thought. She looked at my little teeth and said I am probably between 5 and 6 or there 'bouts.  I think my Mommies said I'd just be "7".  Which is good, cause I like that number.

Word is I get my spay real soon.  I will be happy when that is over, and am grateful I will be done having babies.  Speaking of, I heard  all my babies are doing great and finding homes, and that just makes my heart sing.  I now have "new babies" with stuffing and they squeak when I squeeze them.  I like to gather them all in my bed and love on them too.  Oh yes, the BEDS!  I can't tell you enough how much I love my beds.  There are so many in this house I don't know what to do.  I just go from one to the next, flopping down and having me a nap.  The couch is pretty sweet too, and me and the two blondes lay on that together a lot.

Well, that is all I have for now.  I'd like to say a special thank you to my Foster Mom Christy, and tell her that I miss her.  I appreciate all the hard work and dedication you took on when you brought me and my packed puppy belly into your home.  I'd also like to thank my sponsors and all the wonderfully nice people that care enough to read my posts.  I am very grateful to all of my "Heros" and this new life I have been granted through RAGOM.  Life is Good.  I am happy.

Love - Haley (aka Hope) or Wigglebutt



With Love from Will, age 5 and Ali, age 9 With Love from Will, age 5 and Ali, age 9


Haley here again, checking in!  I have really settled into my new forever home.  I so love it here!  My mommies took me to see a doggy dermatologist, and now they have me on a 'food trial' I think is what they called it-- my very own prescription food and yummy carrots for treats!  They are trying to find out why I am so itchy-- I do take my scratching quite seriously!  I mean it's better than it was before for sure, but I do itch quite a bit on most days.  I still have a bacterial and fungal infections in my ears and on my skin, so they are giving me orange and white pills to try and get rid of that. Pills are not my favorite, so we have this little game where they try to hide the pills in my food... I let them think they are winning... but I actually take my pills because I know they are trying to help me. We have a spa day twice a week with medicated shampoo and special conditioner. I am not too fond of standing in the bath tub for so long... FM even ended up giving me my new middle name: Haley Rose! You know how when you are naughty and your Mom always called you by your full name? Well... I shook water and medicine all over the bathroom and that is how I got my middle name!!! LOL!

I still like to snuggle a lot and sleep on my Hello Kitty pillow now.  Sleeping has become my favorite pass time and the couch has become a favorite spot, even though all my sister dogs like to sleep on it too.  We all mash on there together, and it's pretty warm and toasty when we do. FM laughs when I run and play, but I am still trying to figure out this running thing-- sometimes my back feet end up where my front feet should be... I am glad I can make Foster Mom laugh! 

I'd like to send a special shout out to my sponsors old and new! Thank you so much, Dennis and Joanne, Judith Cummings and Tom and Taryn Good!  Your special contributions helped me get the veterinary treatment I need to become a healthy and happy girl and helped me to find my forever home. Also, a SPECIAL wag and slurpy kiss to Will and Ali who all by themselves raised enough money to put up a Christmas Mitten just for me!  Thank you Will and Ali, kids like you will make this world a better place for all of us! I can't even tell you how special and loved it makes me feel to have so many people that care about me.I never knew life could be so good!

I am really grateful for RAGOM and everyone that helped me find my new home. I will sign off for now, and check back in once I have more to report. Until then, off to my couch spot for a little snooze!

Haley Rose


We are so excited to finally announce that Haley's adoption is final!!

Haley has come a very long way since first coming into RAGOM.  She came in pregnant, underweight, and full of skin allergies and infections.  She also had horribly infected ears.  After months of treating with various antibiotics, we are pleased to announce that Haley's coat is now coming in nicely and most of her infections have cleared up.  Clearing up her ears might be a life long process, as we are still giving daily drops for her ear infections and problems. She is also on allergy shots, and we are down to 1 shot every 20 days now.  Most of the bright red infections on her tail and belly have cleared up.

Haley is living the golden life now in her home with three other sibling dogs.  She has settled in quite nicely, and is a very affectionate girl.  She has learned to love playing fetch, and will retrieve the ball now with her very unique Haley trot that we've all come to love.  Her favorite past time is chewing Nylabones, and she has quite a pile of these going in by the big TV where she gnaws every night.  We are so happy and proud that we can finally call her ours.  We love her so much, and feel very lucky to have her as a family member now. 

We'd like to thank Christy W, her original foster family, for taking such great care of her and homing all her puppies.  We'd also again like to thank everyone at RAGOM that had a part in bring her home to us.


Susan & Beryl